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  1. If that map is right looks like it will not be long until we have another dove species to hunt unless they plan on making this Eurasia dove that is a invasive species a songbird .
  2. Anyone notice these here yet ?
  3. I would be to !! Even though I've never seen them in my backyard it gets me excited when I see deer especially bucks not even 1 mile from me, I know exactly how you feel . But in my case I can't hunt them near me . Still always cool to see deer especially bucks close to home.
  4. Actually I find that its common even in the middle of nowhere only deer I have seen in Adirondacks where near houses for example better food sources brings them in especially if no one bothers them .
  5. When i was out in California i stopped at this place in the highlands near Sequoia National Park and struck up a conversation with one of the old locals asked him if they have a lot of deer around here . He went on to tell me that since they don't let you hunt mountain lions anymore the only place you see deer anymore is right near people's homes just like here they feel safer there . Says he thinks the deer population is way down from more lions being around he was not happy about it .
  6. That's common the deer feel protected from predators and find tastier food sources near peoples homes .
  7. Hunter007

    Any History channels , Alone fans

    To bad you can't just hunt and fish when you want I would like to and see how long i could last just living off the land like that . If anything it be a great way to lose some weight I bet lol
  8. Hunter007

    Biz Truck

    Not as bad as if you drive a car over them right ? Depends how much time you spend off road or on bad roads I guess .
  9. Hunter007

    Biz Truck

    What physics? Lowering the center of gravity doesn't make a vehicle handle better?
  10. Protesters replace American flag with Mexican flag outside ICE facility
  11. Let me guess the postage stamp is in 3s , and the 55 is someplace else .
  12. Hunter007

    Biz Truck

    What no 3000 watt window breaking speaker system ? Got to have that if you plan on bringing the truck to spring break in Florida next year you ever see those guys down there on the beach
  13. You ever look into leases old man river . Especially if you don't mind traveling there prices are not to bad if you look around far west and north parts of the state .