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  1. Interesting maybe fighting with other bucks could cause a injury that later on goes crazy on a rack maybe from a infection ?
  2. Anyone know what makes a non typical rack go all crazy like some of the ones you see in magazines ?
  3. I have only seen non typical on display some place never in the Wild . Would love to take one . Btw take a look at this painting reminds me of someone we know don't it lol
  4. I wonder if the amish like rocky mountain oysters or Carolina swing steak as I have heard them called .
  5. typical or non-typical whitetail which one like better ? I think non typical is more interesting to look at certain ones anyway .
  6. O no problem done will not post your stuff with out asking you first But just a thought incase you change your mind they say in the advertising business all publicity is good publicity . But next time I will ask first .
  7. Free publicity, That's all The video is good and since I like you I figured I give it some help getting views . Why waste this thread on childish arguments .
  8. I don't recall you posting anything here except self-aggrandizing content. And just because I called you out on that and disagreed on one or to things now you have it in for me. . You are kind of old to be doing stuff like the btw Starting whole threads about people you don't like . Are we still in middle school here fine, be that way merry Christmas. buddy . and happy new year . you seriously got some iner demons to work out , to actually spend the time to post a thread about someone you don't even know
  9. The Deer I shot with that dropped like a sack of rocks .
  10. Thats Possible but more so I think less hunter now then before . I would bet Probably the same guys that blame the shotgun because they miss are the same guys that blame the rifle now when they miss anyway.
  11. I will take the scope off your hands plus $8000 for this 100 year old stamp . 1 cent gw stamp .
  12. You want white teeth and attract deer at the same time . Use deer piss as a mouth wash. Not I joke 2000 years ago in Europe that is what they used . Animal or human works the same . hmmmmmm the good old days
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