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  1. Do you think it is ok for trump to tell those 4 congresswoman to go back if you hate it here so much and come back when you fixed your own country's? I think not ok if they were private citizens but they are politicians not private citizens who are supposed to be representing the USA not bad mouthing the very country they represent. And they have said worse things about president trump . They have even attacked members of there own party who disagree with them . At some point someone had to step in and tell them they are out of order .
  2. Unless you look and think like them you don't count anymore according to the left and most the media . If the left says eat dog shit because it is good for the planet. You do it or be persecuted by them for not doing what they say .
  3. Hunter007

    John Deblasio-- Karate Master.

    Lol that is not even his real last name it's his mother's or grandmother that is Italian. He used it because his farther is German and he thought having a Italian last name would get him a few more votes then Hitler or what ever his real last name is lol
  4. Squirrels are always fun.
  5. Hunter007

    WHO'S WHO HERE NOW??????

    You just called me stupid for know apparent reason a clear violation of the terms of this site I was here minding my own business so why are you not banned? In real life you go around talking like that they lock you up or someone knocks your block off , keyboard cowboy .
  6. Hunter007

    WHO'S WHO HERE NOW??????

    I don't think the donkey that guy rides to work will take him that far bill .
  7. Hunter007

    Best remedy for poison ivy!

    If you don't want to see a doctor to ask , Go into any cvs and talk to the pharmacist they will know .
  8. Hunter007

    WHO'S WHO HERE NOW??????

    Pay site lol company's like Facebook would get all the business then . As is this site probably loosing membership just from the few bullys that think they own this place and anyone who dares to post more then once a year or anything they don't like gets the shaft here . Notice how few guys actually post here on a regular basis not so on other forums. Just saying it will get you attacked.
  9. If that map is right looks like it will not be long until we have another dove species to hunt unless they plan on making this Eurasia dove that is a invasive species a songbird .
  10. Anyone notice these here yet ?
  11. I would be to !! Even though I've never seen them in my backyard it gets me excited when I see deer especially bucks not even 1 mile from me, I know exactly how you feel . But in my case I can't hunt them near me . Still always cool to see deer especially bucks close to home.
  12. Actually I find that its common even in the middle of nowhere only deer I have seen in Adirondacks where near houses for example better food sources brings them in especially if no one bothers them .
  13. When i was out in California i stopped at this place in the highlands near Sequoia National Park and struck up a conversation with one of the old locals asked him if they have a lot of deer around here . He went on to tell me that since they don't let you hunt mountain lions anymore the only place you see deer anymore is right near people's homes just like here they feel safer there . Says he thinks the deer population is way down from more lions being around he was not happy about it .