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  1. Welcome !! Ranges near you, just do a Google search they should all come up what ever is near you .
  2. Thanks Yea that thing floats over rough terrain I notice the difference right away compared to other vehicles I have driven . Pretty cool still keeping my old car for around town .
  3. O and by the way that is the story the guy put out did you see the police report ? Guy can spin it anyway he likes . Just saying. But what do I know I have no idea what I'm saying as usual Like someone is going to admit it .
  4. I was generalizing not talking about this particular incident per se.
  5. Maybe because they would not let him have it with out the tag and he didn't know that beforehand. Who knows .
  6. Makes you wonder if the driver didn't hit that monster on purpose just to get that thing . I wouldn't risk my car thats for sure but some guys really are that crazy. I bet it happens.
  7. O sorry made the correction just now was doing something else at the time not paying attention.
  8. Yea because those Scandinavian people don't drink like fish lol And are all saints Like the Vikings right . You find good and bad in every group .