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  1. Agreed. It would be up to law enforcement and government to enforce. Tickets and speeches drilling in the fact if you go out you will be heavily fined. The money that is coming in... if you are caught out and about no free money. Response may have been different in that situation. But this is my bitch with trump and Cuomo for not taking stronger measures. I’m not usually one for heavy handed government. But this time it made sense. Seems this is not a popular viewpoint.
  2. it did look merganser-ish but the loon call was unmistakeable.
  3. Close... I keep saying draconian measures. Total lock downs. Not suggested stay at home. This was enforced at all levels. People took it seRiously. Enforcement was key. Nobody took it seriously until to late here. Some still are not. This is the difference.
  4. I'm going with loon on this picture. Hanging out with two Drake's and two hen mallards. Blow up the picture and it looks somewhat clear. If you look really close you can see Sasquatch. My lab tried chasing. Nice evening by the water. About time to smelt..
  5. Because it’s the governors responsibility.
  6. I’ve made calls to various hospitals. It’s a challenge to get to the correct people. I’m hoping those on this board may be connected. You would think it would be a simple call but not so far.
  7. I have some connections overseas and can get quantities of kn95 masks and gowns. I know people on here post they work in hospital or know people who do. If anyone knows someone with dire need, please pm me. Yes these are coming from mainland China. I wish I could magically have us made but right now, I’m trying to do what I can. Hopefully I can help...
  8. All drugs have possible complications... just read the label on about anything you ingest. But yet scripts are given hand over fist.
  9. How many malaria patients are there right now? I’m guessing very very very low. This drug is used off label for other rheumatology issues. Many many alternatives are available to this drug for those on right now.
  10. Sorry chef gotta disagree. At least planquinel is not like this. I know this for a fact. I was given a script for planquinel several years ago with zero heart tests. Nothing. It was a choice between me and my doctor. I didn’t have to go into a hospital full of sick people to get it. It’s used off label for a number of rhuematological issues.
  11. I may know a friend who may want to attend. He may or may not be convinced to bring some adult beverage of his own. He may or may not invite mrs bundy. I mean I mean his wife..
  12. I got a pretty good laugh from this one. I know I needed it.
  13. Talk about explosive shit... this is my still. My grandfather gave it to me somewhere around 1990. I never did get it going. But with lots of idle time now I half thought about it.
  14. Sorry I’m no help here. I can’t get daisy duke out of my head. I’m thinking of cutting one of mrs bundys old pants down real short and making her wear it. Lucky for me I know where the nearest hospital is. im also not thinking about booze this morning. I cracked open a bottle of my mead last night. It’s so good, until the morning. Chef where is your “friend” located? My still is just hanging out idle.
  15. Tell me this is a fake..... wtf..