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  1. Most of my shots could be with an xbow, but I still carry my rifle. 12 gauge is for waterfowl only now. I actually wonder about the fewer number of shots heard now vs years ago. Could it be at least in part due to hunters no longer shooting at running deer with 5 or so slugs? Taking your time to pick a clean shot using a rifle?
  2. Who you calling old guy???? I used a bucket for a good while a bunch of years ago. Before that I used an old old apple crate. With these newfangled things called stands I don't use buckets anymore. Id sit there if it looked good to me. Sounds like a good spot though from what you described. Good luck!
  3. I had ACL replacement in 1998. Mine is still in place and functioning well. (Seems like the only piece still functioning well!!) It went through about 10+ years of heavy martial arts. Donor all the way. Go with donor and don't look back.. Seriously... OP: A new knee is just about certain in my future. I am a number of years away and have not looked into it much. I do see different companies produce slightly different replacements. What is your doc going with?
  4. When I can find them on the shelf, this seems to go pretty well through my NULA Winchester Ballistic silver tips.
  5. I ordered a floating mallard decoy from Mojo outdoors. First one the paint on the duck beak was scraped off a large spot. Unacceptable to me. I dont want bare spot on the beak during late season. Ill never get ducks to come in. Returned it and a second one came with the same issue, though a bit less paint scraped off. The issue is a heavy weight comes loose from the package when shipped from China. It bounces around and scrapes the decoy. I called customer service and said they may think about the way they package and the woman told me ..."We have no control over that. It comes from China. You just need to buy some paint and touch it up." Seriously? I am paying $140.00 + and I need to go buy decoy paint to make this thing acceptable? I told the woman exactly this. Not real sure what to do. I guess I wont have a mojo in my decoy lineup.
  6. I was thinking exactly the same about preggo and docile. Seems to make logical sense. I used to abalone dive a few years back and every single time I hit the water I used to think about a shark encounter. Never did see one which I think is a good thing. I was also fishing off half moon bay in California when a MONSTER white shark effortlessly circled the boat. Not quite as big as the boat I was on but big enough. Its an amazing thing to see such a giant creature swimming so regally.
  7. An excellent great white encounter in Hawaii. I don't recall ever seeing a video where the shark is so docile.
  8. Whups Yes 11-87 semi auto compact even. NOT 870 pump.
  9. Thanks so far. Yes she does need some help on shooting form. I noticed when she shot the 20 she looked awkward and uncomfortable. That 20 is a Remington 11-870 BTW. The other is Ithaca featherlight. Ithaca has not been shot since the late 80's. The Ithaca with bird shot is a bitch to shoot? I honestly don't think I ever shot it. It was Dads duck gun in the lead shot days. I actually went along to purchase this at Creekside in 1979. Damn... takes me back.
  10. The problem is not felt recoil during shooting. The problem is felt recoil for 3 or so days AFTER shooting. I was thinking about all this and I do not know what 12 gauge gun and what load she shot to hurt her shoulder so much after. I do have some target 12 gauge 2 3/4 in she could try through a few of the 12s that are around. I feel a bit bad for her. Her father is not taking any interest, though hes a big deer hunter. The two times she sat in the blind she didn't even load/pickup the 12. Told me she really wanted to shoot the ducks but couldnt bring herself to due to the pain she has to endure after. I feel somewhat in charge of teaching her and I think her shooting the 12 will have negative consequences for long term. IE - sour her on shooting totally. I have two 20's laying around and barring finding a reasonably priced 16 with some miracle duck load, its looking like a 20 is going to be it. Hevi shot makes a 2 3/4in no lead shot I am thinking of buying and running through the Ithaca I have around. I know not the best choice but under the circumstances maybe best..??? I appreciate all comments here and ultimately she will as well.. Keep them coming.
  11. .."Not saying he’s wrong to be annoyed about it but to think he can keep it is just insane" Agreed 100%, to a point though. If its left for a certain amount of time, considered abandoned, something like this then there is a legal process to lay salvage claim to it. I don't know the law, but I do know that it does in fact exist with all sorts of legal caveats. I wouldn't even be thinking that though in this situation. You are correct this is a insane question in this situation in my opinion as well.
  12. Actually.. I hate to do it but I have to agree with stormy, a little at least. I owned a 40ft trawler for a bunch of years and private docks were exactly that.... private. Tying up to a private dock is not legal and its not ethical either. This is a known concept in the boating world and those whom violate can most times expect retribution if caught. Think about it this way. You have a designated parking spot for your car in your condo lot. Someone parks there. You call the tow truck and they are towed for illegally parking. For a boat, you pay for a slip to park. Your designated spot you pay a monthly fee for or in this case you own some of the parking area. That said not sure I would make a federal case out of someone parking there for an afternoon, though I would keep an eye on things. If that dock leads to somewhere like a house with my guns in it, I would be a bit more jumpy.
  13. My only exposure to a 16 was many years ago. I always thought 16 had a bit more knockdown power and range than a 20. But I just ASSUMED this. A 16 is being contemplated for a young female huntress primarily for ducks. Some possibility for snows/canadas. Comments??? Opinions??
  14. Live from work. I forgot my phone Saturday morning but I was out. Had a crew of 4 first year hunters with me. Ducks flew fairly well but somewhat early. 3-4 different flocks gave varying opportunities for the shooters. Got a bit of a late start otherwise would have had more shooting. One green head down but I had a long long paddle to retrieve as it was winged. Finally got it though. It tried hard to dive when we finally caught up to it. Shooters were happy and a good morning was had by all. Best part the young huntress who only had a 12 gauge shot the Mrs's 20 gauge auto with 3 inch steel (after we finished hunting she shot it). After the shots, a smile cracked on her face as she said she could easily shoot that 20. The 12 POUNDED her shoulder and made her grimace just thinking about shooting it. Next for her is to shoot a 16 gauge. Hopefully that will work. If not, a 20 will. I booked out of hunting camp Saturday evening ahead of the holiday traffic and storm. Back in a few weeks.