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  1. Al Bundy

    Trunk locking mechanism in my pathfinder???

    Thanks. I’ve actually tried google and 1a auto vids are good but that vid shows how to replace when it’s open. ..I’m stuck shut. google failed me this time.
  2. My rear trunk/gate is stuck shut in my 98 pathfinder. I removed the panel and sprayed the shit out of it hoping it would release. I cant figure how to get this thing to unlatch though. It releases initially then moves half inch or so, but that is it. Something is not letting go totally and its not clear how to get this thing to budge. The mechanism is in the back and really hard to see. Any ideas?? Facing view and top view..
  3. Al Bundy

    2019 Fungi / Wild Eats

    Funny this topic should come up. I just returned from vacation in the Caribbean where I was offered a local mushroom variety, among other fine wild herbs. It tasted kind of shitty but I laughed about it for some reason. Seriously.. I am looking forward to mushroom season this year. Hopefully Ill get out enough to find some.
  4. Al Bundy

    Recommendations on rototiller’s guys..

    Last time I used my tiller was to plant about 75 grape vines in a swale field. It was a wild jungle of thorns, goldenrod, small trees, etc. My troy built horse plowed through and didn't skip a beat....
  5. This link shows some history in the US. I find it interesting.
  6. Al Bundy

    Recommendations on rototiller’s guys..

    You good with engines? Look for an old Troy Built. I think they are also models horse and pony. They were once upon a time built SOLID. I do not know about current troy built. I saw them in Lowes for a while semi recently. I have one from 1979 I think it is and its a tank. I see them now and again on craigs list.
  7. Al Bundy

    Service dog scam

    Well Put Storm!!! I mean... whats wrong with people?? Doesn't anyone care? ME ME ME. I don't want your service dog around, even though it could kill you....
  8. Al Bundy

    Service dog scam

    Welcome to the laws of the United States of America my friend. Kudos to you having the uncanny ability to look at a dog and make a medical assessment of the owner. Hopefully your medical prowess would have come in handy if the person had an epileptic seizure, hypoglycemia, or a host of other legitimate medical conditions.
  9. Al Bundy

    Service dog scam

    On first thought, this sounds appropriate. But... think about it. There are two schools of thought on this topic. Some of the people with legal working dogs encourage more people to bring their dogs places. The thought being that the more dogs, the less harassment they receive from people who are uneducated. Other thinking is its a right reserved only for those who truly need it.
  10. Al Bundy

    Service dog scam

    State laws vary, but at least some states allow an owner to train a service dog so the answer would be NO. There is also no requirement in the law that says the dogs need to have a vest on, carry papers to prove anything, act the way that someone else thinks they should act, or answer ignorant questions. Matter of fact, the opposite. If you start harassing someone because you are playing doctor, you could find yourself on the losing end of a very real law suit. Emotional support animals do not have the same privs as true working dogs. EX Military may have some different special rules associated, that I don't know. The dog grabbing someones food is clearly a violation, in my opinion. The dog is not under the owners control at that point and would seem to be legal to ask for removal of the animal. EDIT: As for papers, though its not a legal requirement, nobody knows this. If a person with a legal working dog does not have papers and is asked for them.. a large argument would likely begin. However, if papers are carried and shown, it gives the appearance of being legal.
  11. One of my teachers used to say two things.. "The best place to be during a fight is anywhere else". Meaning avoid if you can. And "The only fair fight is the one I am winning".
  12. This reminds me of a story. A real story.... My si-gong (masters master) sparred a top ranked BJJ from Japan in about 60's or 70s. High level Japanese General, ranked number 1 in Japan. My sigong was 71 or older at the time but gladly accepted the challenge from the man at least half his age. General whomever steamed his flag ship to hong kong and the fight was on. It was literally over in 30 seconds, with the 70+ year old Kung Fu master victorious. He cleverly brought down the opponent without hurting him. Si Gongs speed and skill was apparent even at that age. I thought the response from the general showed his lack of skill. Generals response was close to... "I didn't think he would do that (move)". WTF? Thinking in a martial arts fight? You lost already. I wish my body didn't shit the bed on me. I loved martial arts.
  13. Al Bundy

    Keeping ducks, someone please talk me out of it

    Suggest chickens instead?? Least you will have good fresh eggs.
  14. Al Bundy

    Does anyone know much about jetskis?

    I have a pair of Polaris 780 SLX on a trailer I am going to advertise for sale here soon for 3K. Engines rebuilt before I bought them. I didn't use them much. 3500 for what you are looking at is not a smoking deal, but doesn't seem outrageous either.
  15. Al Bundy


    Haven't had to hardly shovel this winter in NYC area. Small amount but by far much more mild than last winter. BTW - I was out hiking one day and took a shower after. Woke up in the morning with one of these bastards burrowed into my arm pit. Casual shower does not remove them...