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  1. Al Bundy

    Visited again by DEC

    Just when you think its safe to actually hunt legally on your property.... Quite a few shots this weekend. I didn't happen to be a lucky one and did not fire a shot. I did wonder where the close shots were coming from so walked to the edge of my property. My wonderful asshole neighbor called DEC again, likely because he saw me out in orange. I think this makes something like 9th time in about 7 years. No I am not baiting, no I am not shooting before hours or after for that matter. My neighbor simply does not want me legally hunting as he can see me and thinks its to close. Well its not as DEC usually comes and looks where someone was on stand and boot prints in the snow. They never even measure as its so ridiculous. Never been ticketed, never even had to try and talk a way out of ticket. Nothing even hinted to anything illegal. I know lots of you guys are of the mindset just cooperate and let DEC trounce around etc. I usually do but honestly how many times do they need to come and do this. After a while enough is enough. The guy who showed up this weekend was actually a pleasant sort, much different than most of the others. He didn't try and pressure my other neighbor to revoke hunting permission within 500ft of his house. Yayyyy!!! He came, said he was called "because someone reported hearing a shot". He saw a buck hanging when he pulled in the driveway, taken miles away, and asked if anyone got anything. Obviously we did and he was doing his job to see if there was anything to hide. He looked at the legally, properly tagged deer and said thanks and left. This guy was our friend as Grampy pointed out in another thread. He seemed almost apologetic. I guess finally they realize this neighbor has nothing better to do but look out his window and call if he sees orange. Good news is my buddy shot a really really nice solid 6pt. The rack on that thing was so thick. We guessed an older deer that was going downhill.
  2. Al Bundy

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    Seriously? You want DEC walking your entire hunting area? poking, prodding, leaving scent, disrupting deer during hunting season? I sure don't. My better half missed a 6 pt last weekend in a giant corn field. No, corn in deer teeth don't raise suspicions in many parts of the state. I'm getting her a new rifle and scope btw.
  3. Al Bundy

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    a while ago a heard a story someone built a corn blind in a wheat field , for goose hunting. I dont think the corn was removed. Hopefully nobody got a ticket for "baiting". Also.. Its a well known not so secret that farmers take some steps to hide sweet corn, such as plant cow corn the outside visible rows and sweet corn inside. Two kinds of corn very easily in the same field. I wonder if deer like sweet corn over cow corn.
  4. Al Bundy

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    Wrong answer... They are asking you to help prove a case, not cut you a break on some possible other ticket. You have no legal obligation to allow them out on your property, hence why you are ASKED if its OK to go out.
  5. Al Bundy

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    The answer is NO you do not have to show him your gut pile. He is asking your permission as he has no legal right to go onto your property, unless he sees a violation. In which case he wont be asking..... If you tell him no, I THINK what would happen next is he would attempt to get a warrant. But if you tell him no and land is all legally posted and gated, he cannot go out there.
  6. Smokin hot deal on Leupold Vx3i on the boards. You should snap up the VX3i 2.5-8 X 36.



  7. Al Bundy

    New rifle.. What scope??

    What a question.. Seems to have elicited quite a bit of responses. I keep reading this thread and going out and checking reviews. I've found good reviews on the Vortex Razor HD LH and this seems a great candidate. 2-10x40 or 1.5-8x32 is the question. Weight diff is small but there. Not sure if the 32 is a bit small. Leupold is very much in the running as well. I am not much of a gimmick kind of guy and one of the things I saw written about the Razor was its simple and easy to get a quick shot off. I like this. Also like the warranty, though Leupold is holding its own. I am looking into the gimmickiness of leupold. My wife is threatening to put me in the dog house due to all this outflow of cash. I say whatever.. I got a -20degree mummy bag!! Ill miss my dog though.
  8. Al Bundy

    New rifle.. What scope??

    Rifle is 7mm 08. What other compact lightweight scopes are out there??? I'm not stuck on Leupold. Ill look at bushnell and red field. Zeiss looked great but the price tag seemed like there are others out there that will do the job for less money. That vx r is looking pretty sweet.
  9. Al Bundy


    All deer I or hunting partners take are infested with ticks. This for the last 5+ years. I have found a few crawling on me this year but have not had one attach yet.
  10. Got the call I was waiting for.. Melvin Forbes called and said my NULA is ready for painting. Now its time to get serious about a scope. I need some serious schooling in scopes though as I don't know jack about them. I am old school in that I had a 12 gauge no choke that knocked down everything I needed it to. (upgraded my 12 to a new SBE3!!! pick up Friday night...) I been reading and reading about scopes and think I come up with a good candidate. Some back ground. Im getting the model 20 mountain rifle and want a lightweight/compact scope to put on it. I have one spot that I can shoot about 250 yards max but other than that its all going to be within 100 yard range until I can actually find a piece of land to buy. I don't ever see using this at 800 yards type shooting. Thinking this scope: with a boone and crockett reticle. The reticles are driving me bonkers with different types and kinds. Comments??
  11. Al Bundy

    Ground blind recommendations

    My buddies blind had rods break and he cant find a replacement supposedly. Anyone here have luck finding replacements?
  12. Al Bundy

    Ground blind recommendations

    Good stuff here! Thanks. I have never shot my xbow out of the windows with the screens in place in my blind. I know adds say you can shoot out of it. Anyone actually shoot through the screens??
  13. Al Bundy

    Adirondack snomobile rental??

    Good to know. Thanks for the tip.
  14. Al Bundy

    Ground blind recommendations

    The early snow piled up and destroyed my ground blind so time for a new one. Don't think mine is made anymore. What is anyone else using??
  15. Looking for a weekend place to go and rent this winter. Any suggestions??