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  1. I checked the cams today and see a nice buck from a few days ago at 1130 AM. A fresh rub near the trail cam. 7h/j. Is it me or it looks earlier this year?
  2. Lots of seagulls and Canada's. Very few ducks flying. Fog burned offenough to see somewhat. I'm afraid I may have missed my only shot today
  3. Grrtrtrrrrrr. Just missed a gimme shot on some redheads
  4. Foggy out and I can't see anything flying. A few shots heard already.
  5. Ok guys and gals. I starting this thread tonight so I don’t have to type so much in the morning. Supposed to be about 34 out. Got my decoys out and made sure they are untangled, back tag is all set, ammo and gun ready.. My lab didn’t go as nuts as she usually does. Good luck to those going in the morning. Stay safe and warm. Let’s see some posts in this thread...
  6. Practice with your xbow.. Know your limits, know your distances. DO your best to make good shots.
  7. Y I agree. I wish I could count on shooting limits. Wheres the meetup point??????
  8. Im ready and raring to go. Im squirming around like crazy at work. Cant wait to leave. My spot has nothing to do with rain so Im good. This early in the season I usually see mallards, some divers, an occasional black. Blacks all over late season. Me and my lab tomorrow and maybe the Mrs will join. She asked this morning what time Ill get up. Tonight when I put all the gear out and check the decoys, my lab will start to go bonkers. Sleep tonight will be difficult because if I move slightly she will wake me up (with lots of energy) and ask if its time to go yet.
  9. You could do what my grandfather used to when he didnt want to go to school. Go try and find a skunk and get sprayed... Of course not real sure what the deer would do if it smelled skunk. I have a pretty good idea what your coworkers would do though.
  10. Whos going pig hunting with me and goose???? Check this place out.
  11. The local I met in Tuscany came through and sent me a bunch of jpegs. Not sure what the one with horns is but I wouldn't mind seeing in the woods.
  12. Flying out tomorrow morning for the states. Been a long run but time to get back. Great meetup with goosifer in Venice. We had fun over a few beers. It’s a bit bizarre-o to meet someone from the hunting list in Venice, but good fun. Hopefully I can work out the details and twist goosifers arm (and anyone else’s) a bit to do some pig punting over here. Meanwhile.. duck season looms on the horizon.
  13. I took a series of wrong turns this evening and driving down this pathway that had no business being called a road, I came up on a field with two deer in it. Check out the jpeg. Not sure what they are. Incidentally I came across a hunting store. Literally walking down the street looking for food. They did not sell 7m 08 ammo and looked confused when I asked. Lots of 308 and 30-06. I tried to impress the guy telling him I owned a benelli sbe3. He said that gun was not so popular. So much for that idea. I also asked for a copy of the seasons and regs.
  14. I’m going with honey and hens. For the others some type of amanita and then a wild ass guess of myca caps. I recognize a few good edibles and a few poison ones. Those you don’t know leave off your plate.