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  1. 1 hour ago, left field said:

    We landed 10 big fish in a matter of an hour, including a 16" brook. 

    Sorry, I don't really take fish pics, but here's a couple of screenshots of the release video. That net's opening is 20". This was a monster fish.



    Wading in the dark is next level!

  2. We just booked lodging for a family gathering in Gulf Shores (Orange Beach, Alabama) for next year. I'd like to book a charter to take the family out for red snapper as the trip will coincide with the season. I'm also interested in potentially doing some flats fishing for redfish with a knowledgeable guide. 

    Since this is primetime, I need to book the charters soon. Any input on guides or resources for fishing in this region is much appreciated.

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  3. Yeah, it looks like I’m wearing it properly. Perhaps the strap that Matty referred to would stop it from riding up on my neck. Curious whether this is standard for most sling packs or whether a pack with a better (asymmetrical) geometry would prevent this. 
    I was planning to order a replacement online but perhaps best that I stop by a fly shop and try some on. 

  4. I wear it like LF suggests. But shoulder strap slides up to neck. I wonder if the asymmetrical models are better at preventing this. There’s that Velcro loop on the center of the back pad. Maybe that’s supposed to go around the wading belt but that seems like a pita

  5. How do you wear a fly fishing sling pack? I've been using the Trout Unlimited sling sent to me with my new membership and the strap slips up to my neck and attempts to tear it up. It's brutal. Is this common with all slings or is there a trick to them that I don't know about? 

  6. 17 hours ago, kpkot said:

    Yes after talking with a local he confirmed the same. I ended the trip with 3 spot and 1 whiting. Didn't fish super hard but it was fun.

    You eat them? Any good?

  7. On 10/5/2018 at 7:46 AM, crappyice said:

    Greensider is a real solid dude for making that effort - very much appreciated!
    The first number was the “old bird” who seemed confused. Unfortunately the second number was an unsuspecting person(maybe a bit hung over from a good Thursday night!) and had no idea what Craig’s pheasant is all about!

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    Did you ever track them down? Birds any good?

  8. 26 minutes ago, kpkot said:

    Tell me more about not doing laundry? That seems  crazy to me. You have kids? EVERYTHING is subbed out? I hate doing laundry, but quite the necessary evil.

    I support a @Chef laundry avoidance thread to learn how his utter distaste for laundry shaped him into the successful man he is today. Did his parents rub his face in dirty clothes, like @rob-c did with his children? Precocious @Paula awoke one morning and said, “no more beatings” and then she left home. Did @Chef do the same but instead proclaiming “no more laundry!” ? 

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  9. 2 minutes ago, ATbuckhunter said:

    Some allow it and some don't. Some allow you to use birds and train dogs, but some don't. Technically you're not supposed to harm a bird in training on state land...even the chukar's you buy. I suggest you come to NAVHDA training days up at Stewart instead, where you can actually have birds shot over your dog. 

    I train with a club too and I believe permits are obtained for that. I’d like to do some extra work on my own, that’s why I was wondering about the firearms regulations. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Paula said:


    We got our ass beat for everything that we did wrong. I had my own apartment at 16 because I got sick of getting my ass beat.


    The good old days!

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