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  1. Thanks evryone for tremendous tips
  2. I have scope on it and the gun shoop did the sighting when i bought.but it seems somehow sight is not aiming Ther target properly..i will have to fix that
  3. Yes i did my hunting education course I fired my gun last year few times I use Winchester bullets
  4. Thanks evryone a ton for all good informatio... I will start sighting. What a good distance to sight my rifle....70 yard??
  5. Thanks...i will definitely try
  6. Hi everyone!! This is Norman.I am new to hunting.i got my. 270 Tikka Rifle last year but not able to hunt. i live in Upstate, Buffalo,NY. I really want to hunt and want to know where should i start hunting as i do not know any hunter around my area. Any help with information will highly appreciated from senior members.
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