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  1. thats my go to gun opener sammich in the pack
  2. Lil 3 point at 30 seems to be whiffing the ground
  3. Red squirrel with a burst of speed through the leaves certainly got my attention. Nice morning out. Cmon deerz.
  4. Headed in. One never knows when a dumb one shows up.
  5. Roasted garlic marinara , shrimp , calamari and scallops pasta. And goose pate and ghost pepper tequila margaritas after snack.
  6. had a bobcat at 11-12 yards for a good 10 minutes last day of archery 2 years ago. Grooming itself. Took pics and video. Never saw one before so did not send it either
  7. Ermine. Not albino but white phase after he changed from brown. Surprised he’s white already
  8. Live from Lowe’s. #48 of doe filled up fridge freezer pretty good. Ex got the stand up freezer. Should fit a couple in here
  9. keep in mind Wolc enjoys eating deer nutz and says smallmouth bass are better eating than walleye
  10. Monday 11-7 I suspect is the 11-2 of a couple years ago
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