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  1. Homemade fish fingers , tilapia dredged in taco seasoning , flour , cayenne pepper , egg , corn meal and onion rings with siracha Mayo. Spicy ancho chile brownies with spicy chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. WTH man, you didn't quote one book or drop one name
  3. ah. Ommegang 3 philosophers One of my favorite Belgian quads
  4. Watching Jeopardy Birthplace state origin of said beer Sam Adams/ Cigar City/Yuengling /Sierra Nevada/ Shinerbock oddly I got them all right
  5. ah , the one right across the street from Scores !
  6. Didn't grab any Killarney too ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Read em and weep. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Congrats. Soak it all in, that's one of the best parts.
  9. I'm listening for a "kaboom"
  10. So do you think the way birds have changed over the years is a hereditary trait. Something they're taught as they grow up and it's morphed from generation to generation?
  11. wouldn't know what to list as my best hunt : There were sooooo many epic almosts that had the heart a pumping and something went wrong or just wasn't the day In no particular order : Brother and I worked a bird all morning, that ole boy took his time coming up that hill. Brother was set up about 30 yards above me. We both called. Finally dropped the hammer on him and get "wondered when you were going to shoot him" My response was "enjoying the show" First bird I killed hunting with my brother. Had a bird gobble 100x across the creek . Everything I threw at him. All of a sudden I hear this crashing sound. That bird came in crashing thru the branches on wing across the creek and dang near into my lap. Quick snap shot and I wiped off half his beard, oops. We ate a few pellets with that one. Woods erupted with half assed gobbles at first light. 7 jakes came running into me tripping over each other. I let them walk. They meander off and I hear the typical guy waling on the box call as loud as he could. I wait about 10 minutes as the birds are now headed to this guy and I call again. Birds reverse direction and eventually right back to me. I stop calling and yup, box call Willie starts the decibels again. Birds start his way again. I wait and call them once again right into my lap. Birds see no hen and start heading back to his calling. Look at my watch ,it's 11:55 . I stand up and yell "it's almost noon , gotta go" Nephew just returned from Fallujah (serious combat and carried the SAW) Hadn't seen him in years. Next day after arrival home I arranged taking him out . Had hot birds prior so knew we'd be into them. I wasn't going to even raise my gun when a silent strutter came in. Nephew just couldn't get on bird. Bird got a little spooky and I hear a "shoot" so I crumpled him. Really wanted him to shoot that bird but the hunt was awesome sharing the woods with him after not seeing him and thankful he was alive to share the moment. Killing the 4/5+ year old triple beard ( and some long spurs) after having oh so many close calls with him over the years. I mean a dozen times "I had him" so I thought. From on a string and then it started pouring without a cloud in the sky so he shut down, had him at 15 feet just over a knoll and all I could see was top of fan, he was coming in racing triple gobbling and a 2 year old got to me first The 2 year old gobbled only feet behind me, I jumped out of my pants, scared him, he putted and all went quiet. I shot that bastid 2 year old days later and that ole boy lived again. Killing my old tom this year was pretty cool. I had sent a text the night before 'I'm going to smash that dominant bird tomorrow" Surrounded in turkey, deer ,wood ducks . At 23.75 pounds,11" beard and limbhanger hooks Guessing he was 4/5 year old Believe he was dominant bird of our woods. Early season 3 gobblers were in field and only one was allowed to gobble. He doesn't gobble anymore. Any hunt with daughter has to be top for me. Those moments are by far the most special to me. By previous posts you probably already know that. Been taking her in the spring woods since she could barely walk. All scouting in April up until 3 seasons ago. Took her with me and I killed a decent 2 year old. We got a chuckle out of the other 2 toms beating their dead comrade up after he hit the ground. I still get the "my years are still ringing from that morning" comment periodically. Now the best hunt is still on the horizon......her first bird. No other hunt will compare to that !
  12. At the thought of drinking a Narragansett while getting a lap dance from Roseanne ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Omg. With that line up and that on there. It's almost gotta be a joke and bar tenders have a pool for the week on how many are ordered. It would be like going to a premiere strip club and getting Roseanne Barr for a dance ! Although she has slimmed down [emoji2] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Dang , that tuna looks good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I got burned on Ithaca flower power at a gas station out in east jahunga. I also should have known better. I looked at dating but it's coded with no actual date. It had the same hopless flavor you describe. But deep cut is 16 oz cans lol. Hayburner is a go to for myself and a lot of my friends. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk