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  1. turkeyfeathers


    Biz ?! You still with us or Bermuda liver transplant? Watch it ! They’ll remove and sell your kidneys while your out. Saw it in a movie you know
  2. turkeyfeathers


    No limits as usual there ? Party at Fletch’s !
  3. turkeyfeathers

    New member - rookie hunter

    Welcome aboard. Quite a few members on here yiur way.
  4. turkeyfeathers


    Meanwhile I had these two beauties Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. turkeyfeathers

    October 1st

    More than Bill hates shortened fall turkey season ?!
  6. turkeyfeathers


    Alchemist Athena is supposed to be pretty good
  7. turkeyfeathers

    What's for dinner tonight?

    If I wanted lumps I'd eat potato salad
  8. turkeyfeathers

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Might you have a potato ricer ? No lumps It looks like a Plahdoh press with holes. although those are looking pretty non lumpy
  9. turkeyfeathers

    First card pull of the year for me

    What he said !
  10. turkeyfeathers

    Anyone run cams with sound ?

    Nor did I til the other day as another friend was about to go hang one. Now this friend just text video
  11. turkeyfeathers

    Anyone run cams with sound ?

    Buddy just sent me a video of 2 smaller bucks locked up with sound Pretty cool indeed Its early yet so light antler contact. Good rattling lesson
  12. turkeyfeathers

    Favorite Whiskey Thread

    Dang, bourbon ,blues and bbq across the hall at work tonight. Not that I noticed but the bourbon girls look pretty good
  13. turkeyfeathers


    I've never had a Foam brewing beer but have heard very high regards to it. Curious on your thoughts
  14. turkeyfeathers

    In case you run into a Big Furball

    Black bears have only killed 61 people in North America since 1900 I bet almost every one of those were wounded bears and or stupid people, getting between cubs and sow. I believe only one case in NY I love being in the woods and will take my chances with bears. I'm a lot more likely to be killed on the 11 minute drive home from work tonight in a car accident. I'll still be driving home
  15. turkeyfeathers

    In case you run into a Big Furball

    another squatch thread ?!