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    WNY but hunt primarily 9H/9W

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    Western New York but mostly 9H
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    Turkey/1187 SPT : Deer/Winchester ML/Super BlkHwk .44
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  1. Oh ya. I’m up. Passed 3 doe on way in close. Perfect wind. Few pics of this guy but not the droid you’re looking for ( Star Wars )
  2. Do you know the difference between an oral thermometer and rectal thermometer ...... the taste. Godspeed to you and mama and you can get out in a stand soon!
  3. nicely put up pelt curious on hole, knife slip or fighting scar or predator ?
  4. It counts you can’t spell Boone and crocket buck correctly
  5. Working til 3. Stand by 4. Hopefully I can say I got you
  6. Venison cubesteaks with pepperjack cheese of course
  7. Was great seeing a bunch of members for sure. Mama did a great job of organizing it
  8. you and @dinorocksshould meet over a beer sometime. Very knowledgable trapper as well and WNY
  9. My Pop used to target skunks way back in the day. We're talking like 75 years ago or so. 1's - 4's they were called depending how much black theyd have versus white
  10. If she can do both at the same time she’s definitely a keeper
  11. Might need thermal but here’s 2 Morgan’s at 40 yards tonight
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