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  1. Daughter at homecoming so mama and I went to the yelling goat. Split pea soup , pasta carbonara.
  2. @TreeGuy Crappy, you spelled Westchester wrong in your location . Way to go teacher
  3. Way to go !!! limit on squirrels yesterday and a turkey today you're on fire !
  4. buried him deep I hope as others will roll on him/her and get the mange
  5. X2. Gorgeous out drinking my coffee before getting ready for work. Good luck everyone
  6. Happy. birthday @wildcat junkie @hunter49 @Jdubs @16. ga hunter Enjoy your day guys
  7. First pic a woodchuck. Second I’m unsure but bandit in 3rd will kill them chickens
  8. Daughter at HS football game. So mrs tf and I hit up good thymes south for $3 vodka teas and fish frys There’s daughter in first car of motorcade.
  9. Welcome aboard. You joined a great forum. I have made so many friends on here I consider family Don’t be afraid to ask questions were all here for you.
  10. I’ve never liked a Great Lakes brewing beer. While in Cleveland in April I walked right past that brewery to enjoy a couple local brews. Southern tier is another dog
  11. I’m out. Good luck to the afternoon shift. Daughter has motorcade today so I’m going to watch. Police car first in line , then her n friends car since they organized the whole thing. Lancaster /Depew football game. Go Redskins !