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  1. Been hunting a spot now for 4 years. Multiple birds always gobbling. This year it appears only 1. And did have a fisher come almost into my lap.
  2. Given to me by Stay at home nomad a few years ago. Thank you again Larry
  3. That also is a beautiful cutting board ! I’m afraid to use mine much. Keep that baby treated well. The knife too.
  4. Loved my Trident so much I ordered a custom Ultra XR . Trident is a little big and heavy to carry all the time and causing havoc on my back right pocket of jeans and shorts wearing holes lol. Have carried a knife since I was 8 ( 45 years ago ) . There are better knives out there but been extremely happy with the Trident and the edge she holds. This new one is super light too. Buddy made cutting board knives displayed on.
  5. Buy some Mikes hot honey and drizzle some on the pb n j Game changer.
  6. My Blackstone comes in this week. Can't wait. Googling recipes right now
  7. Happen to check out rooster fish ? Killer belgian quad beer and purty dang good food
  8. Way to mislabel the cam name of "Pines" to throw us off on location. Not a "pine" in sight Next up algorithm on dates and times like growalot used to do? And yes i know a few people seeing newborn fawns around
  9. What in G Wilikers ?! Daughter took this pic at Geneseo yesterday. Ever seen this ?
  10. She’s coming home from college today. Tuesday we’ll have that pic
  11. I’m sporadically calling and hoping for the same.
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