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  1. replaced mine a couple years ago. The coating was coming off and slight rust occuring.
  2. Tailgating! Jamaican jerk chicken , banana Mayo , fresh pineapple with Chile lime seasoning and Mexican street corn. Let’s go Buffalo!
  3. actually the ex used to make them often. So good and dip buttered baguette in extra sauce
  4. Love love my Savage axis 2 in 7 mm 08. Upgraded the trigger spring for $11 and put a Leopold v3 2.5x8 on it Its available in 6.5 Creedmore too
  5. Pork tenderloin, bacon wrapped asparagus and snacks
  6. had a fisher definetely coming in to kill a hen , me this spring. he was on a mission and had i not yelled hey,hey would have climbed right up me to climb tree i was against to get a better vantage point. he wasn't much farther than the end of my 12 before i yelled at him
  7. you have young friends
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