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  1. Sat in a redneck ghili blind a few times this year. Snow will not take it down nor wind. Great zippers n windows Pricey though I think. Easily fits 2
  2. Dishwasher safe ! Yup , let’s put a toilet seat in with plates I’m going to eat dinner off of.
  3. Technically in pot smoking terms. That’s a “ shotgun “
  4. Work lunch. Cuban sammich and hot pepper soup.
  5. sst's in rifle but the GMX look like they might be better upon what I'm now hearing and hornady whitetail sabots in ML
  6. Wasn't aware there was any 9H in Erie county
  7. I’ve never killed a wall hanger but have shot a lot of deer. Pretty safe to say but when I hit the trigger with whatever gun or round I choose something’s going to die shortly after my ears stop ringing