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  1. If possible a dedicated snow tire is ideal. I've plowed with different truck and tire combinations and blizzaks were amazing....it's like a turf tire vs ag When used seasonally they will last for years. Even a good all season is better than a mud tires. Mud tires and snow tires are designed oppositely. Snow tires hold snow in the tread and sipes, mud tires(are supposed) clean out.
  2. Its not brand specific, it's the front solid axle.... Jeeps for example can do it too. Dodge is known for it due to poor design poor components. Ford does it too when they wear. Every brand has hit or misses, from snowmobiles to lawnmowers...first year vehicles usually have their share of recalls, some were just bad ideas. Chevy and toyota have the highest resale value for a reason. Even names known to most people as the best have their issues, in their flagship vehicles. Honda's cr-vs all wheel drive system fails, they finally fixed it...issues with accord transmissions.... Manufacturers get deceptive with recalls too....for example fords transmission not going into park or falling out of park and running the owner over gets "fixed" (or atleast they try to over and over) while they fix a seat switch that will set you on fire gets "fixed" too...these are called batch recalls... so they only get listed as having one recall while having many issues. Chevy motors power our world, most of the boat market, hotrodders(ls swap) ski lifts(double chair gore mountain) the list goes on and on.... parts are everywhere and they are considered bullet proof. They are even fords most favorite engine swap.
  3. Sounded like an older 3spd w/od(80- or 60e) being a 16'Could be a solonoid, or numerous tsb's like fluid flush due to moisture build up etc could fix it.
  4. What make model? Sounds like the 3rd gear clutch pack is gone. Rebuild or replacement.
  5. Even if they steal the election with a corrupt Biden win, they have Harris has vp so if Mr c'mon man goes down they still win.
  6. Mrgunsngear had a breakdown of the lefts insane unconstitutional plan. Just in 2020 there were over 2 million ARs sold.
  7. Not familiar with the finger lakes area as far as pricing, but it seems to me to be way too much. We've been looking(to possibly sell and buy or just keep and buy) and the china virus and riots have jacked the market. Houses are going for 40% more over asking. We made an offer at 30k over asking and lost it, a dumpy house with land. I doubt a cidiot is going to buy a unimproved place like that, but there is little inventory so someone else might. Others are spot on with value and access- utilities. I had my land assessed and road frontage that can be broken into smaller lots is worth alot more(7 times more) than larger less accessible acreage. I'd offer less than half in today's market... 50k( more like 35k in his instance?) most could easily finance and pay off quickly like a truck. Like someone else said have your agent do an assessment. You will probably be surprised how little it's assessed for. Remember just because you see things listed at a certain price doesn't mean they sell at that price. I think alot of people (sellers)are taking advantage of the market right now. It's grown frustrating looking, when something comes up by the time we schedule an appointment it's sold. After looking and looking we are probably going to wait a year. Good luck don't let any emotions over rule your logic when making a purchase!
  8. Maybe offer to lease it from the farmer, instead of everyone just using it he can make some money. I would atleast talk to the neighbors to get mutual recovery.
  9. Ive had people ticketed by going around a rope blocking a trail. I don't believe The penal law uses the conservation law as definition of "posting". If you read the entire section, Trespassing is intentionality invading someone's property, that's all you as a land owner have to prove. So signs other than the traditional posted works, signs by themselves show an improvement. Also the unimproved portion works if you have anything done as far as signs gates felled trees trails etc.
  10. I saw the proposed law, blazing purple with a spray can would be much easier than signs, it would be less unsightly as well.
  11. Because the posted sign requirements that everyone keeps regurgitating off Dec is the paraphrase of the environmental conservation law or "ecl". There is also nys penal law, Wich is more broad and explicit to trespass. Dec officers as well as other LEOs enforce the penal code. I think Dec does this to broaden discretion and the abuse talked about of someone else posting property that isn't theirs. Its all weird and kind of stupid. I compare it to doing 5 over the speed limit they can still charge you...I called Dec about a bridge/culvert in a waterway, it's permits and clarification of regulations and they said we don't enforce it....I imagine if a developer did something it's on the books if enough people didn't like it. I found this looking for the actual penal law and ecls. http://www.girvinlaw.com/personal-injury-lawyer-albany/what-the-law-says-about-no-trespassing-signs/
  12. I've been told no you don't need name and info... by different officers. Trespassing is trespassing if it's posted or not. If it's posted and you get caught it's an automatic ticket. If it's not posted its a verbal warning then a second time you can press charges. I'm willing to bet" private keep out " signs would work also. The signs act as you/your agent in your absence. Its the same as you being there telling someone to leave.
  13. I have several Nikon's, my last monarch made me decide to try the fx1000 6-24. For 5xx and change what an awesome scope. The turrets are accurate and smooth, the numbered parralax is about 50 yards off 99% of people wouldn't notice. Imo Glass and overall quality TRUMPS vortex g2s. I'm probably going to get another before they are gone.
  14. If you are serious about 220 longevity would you be willing to loan the rifle? I'd be more than happy to put it through it's paces.
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