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  1. We counted over 40 deer in 3 neighboring fields, last year was slow compared to previous years,no doe tags last year prefence point only
  2. Just curious,I have been hunting 9p for 30 plus years,went down this weekend to check out land for sale.I have never at one time seen that many in the fields in the area I hunt, just curious if anyone else in the region is observing more deer.had to have a preference point for a dmp.last year?
  3. Turnpike has a lot of turkey,I see quite a few during deer season
  4. Thank you for the info,much appreciated,I hunt turnpike state forest,sounds somewhat similar
  5. Looking at a camp near Jersey Hill state forest,just curious if anyone has hunted it,how's the hunting pressure ,terrain.ect.thanks
  6. Thanks guys,I should have been more specific,cva wolf,50 cal.i like the tape/ condom suggestion.I have the claw sling with tubes for powder primer, bullet on the sling itself,any experience with those as far as wet weather conditions,thanks again really appreciate the input
  7. Just a quick question,1st season with a muzzleloader,what do guys do when hunting in wet snow/ rain in terms of protection from rust, going Saturday, forecast has precipitation in the forecast.Thanks in advance for your input
  8. Just got my claw in the mail,well made like the tubes for powder, bullet,primer
  9. Thoughts and prayers to your family.I lost my brother and best friend to COVID 19.We fished and hunted over 45 years together, however people feel about the the virus I can tell you from first hand experience it's real.End of November 2019 he helped me drag a deer out of the woods Had a end of life visit Jan 8th 2021.It happened that fast he was healthy, active part time charter Capt on lake Ontario.I wouldn't wish this experience on anyone, hopefully things will get better soon.I feel your pain take care & stay safe.
  10. Thank you for the condolences,one of our hunting buddies came to camp had COVID, didn't know it, asymptomatic,gave it to my brother and another hunting buddy,I didn't take it seriously prior to my brothers death.I guess it depends on witch side of the fence your on
  11. OnJan8 2021 I lost my brother to COVID-19.No he wasn't sick prior to this,infact he helped me drag a deer out of the woods in early December.We had fished& hunted for over 45 years together.I was lucky to have a " end of life visit" with him.When you are in a COVID unit watching your loved one take their last breath you may think differently regarding the virus when they unplugged the ventilator.I know there's a lot of politics with the virus I can tell you it changed my life forever,I relive that last visit every day in my head.Ask me how gun opener was this year. I put a small cross up at his favorite hunting spot so I could say good morning as I walk by.I wouldn't wish this on anyone, one way or another we will get through this.I hope no one here has to experience this.Better days lay ahead
  12. Just courious about what you guys use for powder, bullets.I currently plan on using 50 g of White Hots for powder, power belts for projectile.I sighted in with these,I also have Hornady SST. I read where the power belts don't leave much of a exit hole? Thank you in advance
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