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  1. Thats a "trophy" goby. I think that guy probably got big by eating a buncha small ones. Thanks God they don't get bigger... they would be fun to catch, but they would eat everything.
  2. Lake Ontario was nice and calm this morning. Baby Plav fishing report: 5 perch and about 1000 gobies.
  3. Hit up Hemlock this morning. Took home 30 bluegills and 3 big rock bass. Fish fry tomorrow!
  4. johnplav


    My wife said... “I got you that beer you like as backup, so when you guys get drunk and run out of beer in the cooler you don’t need to drink your strong basement IPAs” Keeper!
  5. Grilling up pork tenderloin medallions for the masses tonight, but I had to wrap up some button buck backstrap with @Bionic cow rub to throw on as well.
  6. Starting out healthy... this weekend is all downhill from here!
  7. Yep... same number could win multiple guns
  8. For size reference on the 22... here’s A couple dozen chicken wings from Fathers Day. You can also put in a smaller top rack to increase space.
  9. Yea, my wife just surprised me with it for fathers day. She consulted my buddy who has a big traeger. They decided that size was fine since I wouldn't be replacing my other grills, only using it for smoking. Plus if I ever wanted to smoke something huge, I could just use his. I've only used it a few times, but there was more than enough room to do two 6lb pork butts the other day. Costco has 33lb bags of maple, hickory and cherry blend. I'm starting with those. I've been impressed so far. It does a great job of keeping temp.
  10. Yea I love it... all the work is done by the lottery.
  11. My anniversary is the 25th and my birthday is the 30th... so I’m all but guaranteed a new .308, right?
  12. Real odds, I think we’re only looking at like a 50% chance of one of us winning a gun. BUT this a special group and I think there’ll be at least 2 winners... so I’ll give an O/U of 1.5.
  13. johnplav


    I tried grabbing some ruby red tonight for my visiting friend. They didn’t have it at the gas station by the hospital which usually does, or at Brighton TOPS... so I abandoned the search knowing I had better beers at home.