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  1. Curried Chicken Soup... pretty good. Well done Mrs. Plav and Cooks Country.
  2. And some seasons would have a disclaimer: MeatEater* *Beef, pork, chicken
  3. I'm sure they add in some additional "drama". Hell, if a camera crew followed my hunts there would be lots of days of very boring footage.
  4. The two Superbowls wins are huge. Looks at Matt Ryan, hes got similar stats to Eli, and will eventually be considered for HOF in the same way. The biggest knock on him will be the lack of Superbowls wins.
  5. Thanks for taking part in this! I deal with the fight against cancer everyday at work... these type of programs help immensely.
  6. Yep. And to take 2 Super Bowls over the Pats during their dynasty reign... adds a bit more to those wins.
  7. I don't know if I could skin a coyote with the poor German Shepherd watching. He loves hanging in the garage when we cut up deer, but a fellow canine might be a little awkward.
  8. For fox too? I'm debating taking on the challenge of fox or coyote with a bow, but like I'd like to have a plan if I actually connect.
  9. Hebrew National that I found in the freezer from a summer BBQ.. but if we go local it’s Zweigle's!
  10. Sometimes you just need to ignore the snow and pretend it’s summer.
  11. Congrats Biz! Welcome to the club!!!
  12. Get your finest beers ready... when we get the official Baby Biz announcement I hope see the Beer thread blow up with a statewide cheers.
  13. Could be the right knife for someone here.