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  1. Wait, you didn't just leave it hanging in your stand from last year??
  2. So we've learned that it takes, at best, an average of 14 days for a package to get between ROC and NYC. Good luck with all that mail-in voting next month.
  3. My only real goals are lots of time in the woods, quick/clean kills, and meat in the freezer. Some years I've shot the first deer that presented a good shot, other years Iv waited for decent buck. Plus between work and family situations, this season could be a boom or a bust for me as far as time in the woods.
  4. I'm seeing 51 degrees Thursday morning and 41 degrees Saturday morning. Now I just need to do some planning... does first legal deer get it? First legal buck? Or do I sit back and relax during the first few weeks and wait on a decent buck.
  5. Come on now... you're exaggerating. He'll also beat up on his pregnant girlfriend.
  6. Yessir, and I would’ve beat everyone else this week you SOB! Can’t wait to see the Chiefs beat up on the Pats next week.
  7. There’s your fantasy win @Biz-R-OWorld
  8. First half was all KC. Without that return, Ravens did nothing.
  9. Shovel pass to the fullback... c’mon man!
  10. johnplav


    The view from my favorite stand. Can’t wait to get back up there.
  11. I'm pretty sure those are the trophies for HNY fantasty football!
  12. I'm just hoping for a hell of a game.