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  1. Whole house has a cold... that calls for pasta + sausage. Hunting in the cold rain should be fun tomorrow.
  2. Correct... Bills just need to win a game to clinch it. I don't want to be watching the Texans/Titans game to see if Bills get in. We already did that 2 years ago with Bengals and Ravens. And what a difference 2 years makes with those 2 teams.
  3. I think its possible for Bills to lose the next 3 games and still make it into the playoffs. Of course... lets hope we don't need to worry about that.
  4. That's one of those grenade launchers you probably read about in the Safe Act.
  5. Reminds me of Grimes Glen... Cool spot thats worth the trip if you are ever in the area. Helpful tip: Do it on a hot day since most of the hike is in the water.
  6. Get ready... its life changing in the greatest ways. Let me know if you ever have any real-life questions... Ill be honest about what baby gear is helpful vs. useless.
  7. Looks like he killed it at night out of a car. I remember one was killed right by my house when I was in high school. I hope that most NY moose kills end up this way... but it makes you wonder how often people don't get caught.
  8. What a bad day to forget my seat cushion... cold morning and didn't see a single deer. It was still better than working!!
  9. That kinda math will hurt your brain... especially for high paid closers.
  10. Cole to the Yanks FOREVER and Didi to the Phillies. Always liked Didi, they'll be able to fill in the in-field OK without him, but he was was just a fun player to have on the team.
  11. Great work @WNY Bowhunter And there's still one more week for me to get another one for ya!
  12. Definitely my most memorable hunt. After I shot him he ran down the hill and across the road into a cornfield. As I was following the blood trail across the road, a lady rode by on a bicycle and said "Are you looking for a deer? There's a dead one right there!" She kinda ruined the excitement of following the blood trail to the deer, but I was just happy to recover my first bow deer. That was 2013 and I haven't shot a deer with a gun since. Maybe next year?
  13. Yea he was my first deer with a bow... on my second hunt of the season. He was good sized but probably only 1.5. Im not good at judging age. This area has great genetics, and nutrition so I think they all “look older”. Most bucks in the area are typical with lots of symmetry. His bases were at weird angles and close together. But it was definitely an odd rack, had some palmation. 5 main points and 2 small ones on the back.