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  1. johnplav


    When Mrs. Plav requests a Hoegaarden... I’ll have a Leffe.
  2. We finally took down our tree, so I’m putting away the wine we got for Christmas. Not a bad haul! Apparently it’s common knowledge Mrs. Plav prefers reds.
  3. I hate seeing that crusty old fart being celebrated just for being useless... but this one is great
  4. johnplav


    Having a drink with Baby Jack
  5. johnplav


    Cheers to a 3 day weekend!
  6. Hospital cafeteria showing Bills some love!
  7. I heard you flooded him with work this season
  8. johnplav


    I'm rarely disappointed in beer, and I'll pretty much drink anything... But every Other Half beer I've had has been outstanding.
  9. I'm gonna give my wife an invoice when I get home.
  10. Is everyone ignoring the fact that an otter penis bone is worth $0.51?!?!?
  11. johnplav


    Another great Other Half!
  12. Thats a winner of a Youtube channel right there
  13. Did Favre offer any expert insight on the recent firing of the Mets GM?
  14. Sorry to hear about your slow morning Beautiful fish.