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  1. @Buckmaster7600 nailed it. And West Marine has hose flusher for $10.
  2. Smoked lamb roast with a side of lamb sausage from Rubino’s
  3. And just to show I’m a southern tier fan… I’m drinking one as we speak.
  4. What are you’re thoughts?? We have a running joke about how bad that is (compared to the rest in the 15 pack). Yesterday it was eloquently described as a “a bud light with a splash of equal parts chlorinated water and urine”
  5. Horrible news… I’m seeing 10 people killed.
  6. Better late than never… added a few more plants to the herb garden with the help of my free laborer.
  7. Had the neighbors over for pizzas. 16 pies came out great.
  8. She knows if Dad came home early to make dough then set up the Ooni… $hits about to get real.
  9. I'm sure there are plenty of able bodied people who would struggle with 55lbs. But isn't minimum draw weight 35lbs anyway?
  10. Capped off the night with a walk over to Tom Wahls for dessert
  11. One of our recent weeknight favorites… ground pork “eggroll” bowls.
  12. If you don’t like that @Jeremy K… check out my wife’s chickenman art
  13. Apparently this local hawk is a fan of the "pond". He chased off a squirrel and a deer.
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