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  1. I predict the mount is much prettier than the hunter.
  2. Cheers to great neighbors and kiddie pool parties.
  3. Yea. It’s too bad. Iv been to Bayside when the docks and lawn were under a foot of water… food, beer and music were all still good!
  4. Yea it definitely won’t be the same. I heard they are reducing the number of parking spots on both sides of the road too. Odd decision for sure.
  5. Just the Costco essentials…
  6. Good night to throw a few back.
  7. NOOOOOOOOOO! @Nomad https://www.whec.com/news/bay-side-pub-set-to-be-torn-down-to-prevent-flooding/6137480/?cat=565
  8. I could shoot that tree over, no problem.
  9. New cannon ammo! Sportsman’s warehouse only had odd calibers, and this was one of them.
  10. Mrs. Plav made some smoked chicken enchiladas… came out great!
  11. I can’t wait til I can lose track of what day it is. Cheers buddy!
  12. Today’s restock… bring on weekend!
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