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  1. Corned venison Reuben... only missing the kraut Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Sorta like Domingo German? Who picked a terrible time to be an A-Hole.
  3. When your baby eats better food than you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Freaks of FS update?? @Four Season Whitetail's
  5. Looks good but where’s the Before pic??
  6. I'm just hoping some of Moog's bucks get depressed from continually being passed on... so they wander my way.
  7. @WNY Bowhunter Those are studs... I cant imagine the monster bucks that you're not showing us.
  8. You better not sneeze when you're practice drawing on a doe!
  9. Thats the same approach I took as a kid... loading 5 or 6 bbs into my bb gun. If it works on starlings, its gotta work on deer!
  10. I think at this point "dropping due to loading up leg muscles" can be referred to as "ducking the arrow". It's easier to say and most of us understand whats going on. If deer were smart enough to actively dodge an arrow coming in at 200 mph... we wouldn't have a chance.
  11. Possibly a bastard too
  12. No... this is a rat tail