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  1. This showed up in the bathroom today… apparently my wife is getting pumped for bow season too. If this doesn’t attract deer, nothing will!
  2. “I took my backpack off, got a drink of Coke, and just settled in."
  3. HOT pistachios and some wings to finish on the grill.
  4. The one in the background is offering a better angle to that stand... but given these 2 opportunities, Id shoot the bigger one.
  5. This is the only picture I got... looks like a decent sized deer, with a gnarly scar.
  6. My daughter wearing her mask at daycare. Protest away little one!
  7. I had my fill of heat and mosquitos today. Felt good to get out in the woods, but I’m done with the early season. I’m happy to wait till 10/1 and just be “on call” to help drag and butcher for my 2 buddies who plan on hunting the rest of the week.
  8. Me too… They are great gifts. Each of my brother in laws got a different color Spartan for Christmas. It’s a good one, like the camper but without a saw.
  9. Picked up another Swiss Army knife… I wanted one that was a little smaller than my “camper” but still has the weekend essentials. The “waiter” is a great little knife that has bottle opener and corkscrew.
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