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  1. I mean after it’s done. And I guess it depends what is meant by “celebrate”. To say “Well... it coulda been much worse”... to the unaffected it won’t matter and to those lost someone, it probably won’t matter much either. But right now if you watch news or read articles the left and right are both starting to politicize the number of deaths, and dispute if they are over or underestimating. I’m fine with analyzing and reporting the numbers... but once they are used to take shots at the other side, it seems wrong. I honestly can’t blame the politicians for their early responses because this was like nothing we’ve seen before. Even most experts were wrong. How they adapt during the crisis with updated info is what matters now. After the fact, I feel it’ll unfortunately be back to nonsense politics.
  2. I certainly hope not. But we have few politicians who like going on camera and tooting their own horn.
  3. It’s bad and people are dying. Hospitals and many families have a tough road ahead. No sense in getting caught up in the numbers... the only number that matters is the # dead, and no matter how much lower than expected it ends up, it should not be celebrated.
  4. Na’an pizzas tonight... buffalo chicken and broccoli pesto.
  5. johnplav


    Delivered a case of beer to my brother in law... obviously had to tax him one.
  6. Very nice gesture from Mark's Pizzeria... They donated 100 sheet pizzas to URMC hospital staff today! I think they deserve a shout-out:
  7. Be more like Biz... got it.
  8. In an attempt to get away from political/personal nonsense... Any advise from those of you in the areas that were hard-hit by Coronavirus? I'm in Rochester and we are dealing with it... but we are no where near the likely apex. (570 cases and 31 dead) Obviously it has played out worse in the NYC area than anyone expected... and helpful tips, or things you wish you did differently? Unfortunately I will be heading to work throughout this whole ordeal, so staying home and hibernating is out of the question.
  9. johnplav


    We bought one of these geode puzzles for my wife's grandfather for Christmas. It is pretty cool, and very complex. The plan was to help him work on it whenever family went to visit him. Sucks now we can't visit. At least he has something to chip away at in his spare time.
  10. 8H, Rush. (Where I'm hoping the turkeys are dumber than normal)
  11. Looks like he was strutting just out of the frame. And I’m assuming this is the same one? Pics are from the same day.
  12. There was a lone hen on camera last year. Other than that almost no turkeys. I’m not sure why... There’s are no close water sources (within like 500 yards) besides occasional puddles. Do turkeys even need a consistent water source?? Also, the place is overrun with foxes and raccoons, so that may keep the turkeys away.
  13. For whatever reason there’s rarely turkeys on this property. Might have to give turkey hunting a try this year. Also got a pic of my trail cam helper.