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  1. My phone is always in my pocket while I'm actually hunting. But it doesn't come out much. Wife insisted on it, after I took a spill a couple years ago. From the time I was a young kid, the woods have been my escape. I never tire of watching stuff out there. Even when the deer are not moving, something else is. But it is nice to be able to tell a hunting partner, I'm moving or coming out. Or check the weather radar!
  2. grampy

    Constructive criticism please !!

    I'm just not diggin the stencils. As long as you know it's an Elite that's cool. Deer don't really care what name is on the bow that shoots at em.
  3. We will make it happen my friend! Had a great time hunting with you!
  4. Oh......I didn't notice. I only saw the left side of the picture!
  5. You are absolutely right Matt! Lots of buttheads in our area, that's for sure! Especially the ones who cruise the roads at night, and brag about the big bucks they shoot! Too many of them!!! Not sure how they continue to get away with it, when everybody knows what they do??? We gotta get together soon to compare notes! You going to the club meeting tonight? I do know a great lawyer! Lives out in Webster. Be a good reason to get him to come hunt with us! But we got nothing compared to what he's used to!!!
  6. grampy

    Is losing deer an inevitable occurrence?

    It's happened to me. As it likely will to most hunters if you hunt enough. Even with taking a good shot within comfortable and practiced range, things happen. Sure it hurts. Especially to any ethical hunter. But you have done all you could do to fine that deer. That is all that you could ask of yourself. Put it behind you, learn something from it and move on. What bullet were you using that didn't fire? Or is it a malfunction of the rifle? Would for sure get that straitened out before the next hunt though.
  7. Yup...I can see it now, right at the base of that knob, going towards the trail!! It's just below where I had that 120" eight point coming in! When I was there last year, on the last weekend in October, the rut sign was exploding! And bucks were seen all over that property! You got this buddy, get it done!!!
  8. Not sure I'd have posted his pick if he was on our land.... What an absolute stud!!! But you guy's are having a dream season out there!! This weekend should be perfect! Hope the next picture we see of this deer, is with you in it too! Best of luck Brad! You definitely have what it takes to pull it off! Best of luck my friend.
  9. grampy

    Snow this weekend in the helderbergs?!

    WooHoo! Bring it on! Activity will be picking up this weekend regardless of weather, but a little snow would be great!!!
  10. grampy

    We Grow Big Does Up Here

    Wildcat, are you up near Malone? Years ago I hunted with my uncle up there, and he shot a HUGE doe! Never put her on the scale, but that was by far the biggest doe I've ever seen. As I remember, we had to drag her four or five hundred yards. I was quite a bit younger then, but still recall that drag!
  11. grampy

    Happy birthday WNY Bowhunter

    Wishing you all the best for your Birthday!!!
  12. What a great buck! Please pass along to David my congratulations and a big high five! You guys are on fire out there! Keep it going!
  13. Not feeling too good today. Heading up to the farm now to sit till dark. Got a "HUGE" bear on cam, regularly, where I'm going. Never shot one before. Not sure if I will? But hope he doesn't temp me with a chip shot. If I do, the scull and claws will go to wooly! Backstraps in my freezer!
  14. grampy

    Just got to cabin and this younger 10 showed up

    Very cool! That will be a great buck! Best of luck to you up there John.
  15. grampy

    MEGA lottery

    If I don't win, stop by my house at 3:30 am for bacon, eggs and homefries. With strong black coffee.