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  1. Gotta love the green tongue too! Rasslin, was fun to watch back in those days.
  2. Trail Cam Questions

    Cams are like anything else, everyone has their likes and dislikes on certain ones. Myself included. And you usually do, get what you pay for. We've upgraded to a couple of Brownings. Anxious to see how they work with video. But the Wildgame cams we've run, have never failed to trigger, always took clear pic's, and can be set to trigger at one second intervals. Also at an affordable price. There are many brands of affordable, starter cams out there. Most will do the job of getting a picture of critters passing by. For anyone on a budget, shop around, and get the best deal possible. Then upgrade when you can. phade, is my go to guy on trail cam info here. Always gives solid advice. And usually has a very good deal, on a good cam. I've also pick up slightly used cams from members here. They have worked out pretty good too.
  3. Gotta love it.

    No doubt it's the same buck. And he's added quite a bit of bone in one year! Even though most hunters, (myself included) would shoot him at the first opportunity. He has the potential to be something Very Special next year for sure! I truly respect your management practices. You have some great genetics going on that property! Having him continue to pass those genetics along for another year or two, will only make the future brighter! Whenever you do decide to kill him, it will be a very special buck. Especially considering the history you have with him. The number one buck for us this year, is one we have been watching for three years. His time has come, he will be a great first buck for my grandson?
  4. We got a lifer

    Way to go Jeremy! Start em out young! You and Archer, (such a cool name) are going to have so much fun together!
  5. 1 Coyotes 2 Turkeys 3 Small Game
  6. Trail Cam Questions

    Wildgame Inovations is a very affordable cam that takes great pictures and seems to last. We have used them. If you have a Tractor Supply near you, they have some on sale there for $89 that comes with batteries and the SD card. Once you get some deer on the cam, you will be hooked! It really is fun, seeing what you capture on cam. You will get to looking forward to checking them. We've only been doing it 3 or 4 years. Got started with phade sending my grandsons a cam. Then we added more each year. Got to have at least a dozen now. But usually only run 4 or 5 in different aeras of the property, to just see what is out there. Except for one spot, none are actually on a hunting set up.
  7. Hunter harassment

    It does seem to me, that the majority of the harassers are women? I am sure there are just as many men out there against what we do as hunters. But by far the most vocal and visible, seem to be female. Curious as to why that is?
  8. How About Some Rain

    Seeded last week. The ground was and is very wet. Already getting some growth. WW, sugar beets, radish, forage oats. Getting pounded with rain again now. Ground has plenty of moisture, could really use a drying out period.
  9. whats your first date for hunting this fall?

    Bow season opens Oct. 1st, but the first good cool down after that, is when I will hit the woods. I don't like to hunt with daytime temps in the 70s.
  10. 2018 Baseball Thread

    This Yankees team has no spark or drive at all. Not going anywhere. To lose 2 out of 3 to TB at home, this time of year, is not good. Pitching is down the toilet. Yet Boone continues to paint a rosy picture. I don't want to look at his picture any more this year. They will be lucky, to even get the chance, to lose a one game wildcard.
  11. Some ADK Bucks from late 1940s

    I'm trying to make out the rifle he's holding. Any idea of what it is, or if it's still in the family?
  12. Some ADK Bucks from late 1940s

    Really cool pic's! I love those old photos. I really have to say, you resemble your great uncle. Wouldn't it be great, to sit around a fire, listening to some of the stories from those guys? Thanks for sharing!

    Heck, I could have made a better showing than that guy! Just so you know, I did watch the Kung-Fu TV show, and I saw Karate Kid twice! So sign me up!
  14. R.I.P Aretha Franklin

    Man, that girl could sing! RIP
  15. Hunter harassment

    Thanks for sharing the story and pictures of Quad! Gotta say, it made me smile!!! Any idea what may have happened to him?