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  1. Footage from a scary hole....

    From the title of this thread, thought for sure, I'd see Pygmy, wearing nothing but a smile and a spelunking helmet. .........hehehe.
  2. Footage from a scary hole....

    Awesome footage my friend! Fun to watch!
  3. gramp's Reloading Journal

    Almost ready to get to work!
  4. Off to Canada, Eh ?

    Just curious, do you end each calling sequence with, Eh? For those canuk gobblers?........hehehehe. Best of luck to you and ol' gator, my friend! And safe travels too.
  5. Is it hunting?

    Using a different analogy, if someone catches a fish by trolling a lure 100 feet behind a boat. And someone else catches a fish by dropping a lure down a hole drilled in the ice. Are not both considered fishing? Both anglers were successful. Both were enjoying fishing in their own way. Legally. Applying this fishing analogy to hunting, is very easy. Do it anyway that makes you happy. If it's legal. Things sure would be boring if we all did everything the same way. Embrace what makes you different in hunting. Respect the different ways, another goes about doing "The Same Thing".
  6. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    My hat's off to ALL the young hunters and their mentors! Nice going guys and girls! And an extra tip of the hat to the ones who got a turkey! Congratulations! Each and every one of you ROCK!!!
  7. I have a pair of Nikon bino's, great quality at a good price, and I'm very happy with them. Good to know if I ever have a problem, they stand behind their product!
  8. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    Congratulations to young Miss Haley! And to a very proud Dad too! Great hunt, great team! Way to go!
  9. Not an emotional guy, but...

    What a beautiful story. Got a big ol' lump in my throat while reading it. No doubt in my mind, that there were some smiling faces from above. To go along with the smiling ones down here. You my friend, are the definition of the true hunter spirit. It really is all about making and keeping memories alive. My hat is off to the young hunters, past and present. And also to you sir. Congratulations!
  10. Other (NON Hunting) Forums You Frequent?

    I always thought metal detecting would be fun! I've watched tons of utube video's on this. Now that you are retired, sounds like a great idea! Go for it Larry!
  11. Bump! Good luck to all the youth hunters! A big thumbs up to all their mentors!
  12. 8 Year Anniversary Coming Up

    Jeez....No one's credibility, or self worth, should be based on a set of deer antlers. Too bad, but this kind of crap, does crop up every now and then.
  13. Other (NON Hunting) Forums You Frequent?

    I'm on a couple guitar/music, tabs and chords forums. Anytime I can't figure something out I UTube, looking at lots of reloading video's these days! Will check out the albanycraigslist for music, hunting and fishing bargains. This is the only hunting related site I visit.
  14. She makes me laugh

    Yes.... she has very good technique and a nice touch on that call!!!
  15. Best of luck to ya!!! It's all in the "hunting", that makes it fun! Come back to let us know how ya do!