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  1. Rifle for my daughter

    My hunting partner bought the Axis in 243 and pink trim, for his daughter. She loves it! I have an Axis in 7mm-08, and it is a very accurate rifle! I say go with the Savage. For the money, they are very good.
  2. Flu Shots.. Opinions..

    My wife and I get one each year. My Doctor told me this year, the shot is only 10% effective. Also told me, as of right now, they are developing the shot for NEXT flu season. And they are never sure what strain will be making the rounds next year, so they just give it their best educated guess, and hope they hit it right. Most times they do a good job, this year they were off. We also get the pneumonia shot every three years, as we have both had that a few times as well. Outside of a sore arm for a day or two, we have never had any ill effects from these shots. I hope your daughter will be fine. And as my Doc said, "even though it's only 10% effective, you may be one of the lucky ones". But the best advice will always come from her Doctor, of course.
  3. You guys had a great fishing day! Its all about making the memories that are so precious. Time well spent! And way to go Gavin!
  4. We were at a small lake in the hilltowns, called Onderdonk. And fishing with you at LG sounds sweet!
  5. Fishing the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

    Great video! Congratulations to you and your bride! Looks like you have a lifetime fishing partner. Nice!
  6. Dads latest toothpick creation.

    Awesome! Can't imagine the patience and time involved with something like that. Looks so cool.
  7. Ah...youth!My grandson came out with me for a little fishing today. As always we had a great time together! Even caught a few tasty tid bits.
  8. Antler burr cross..

    They look awesome! Your artistic talents, never cease to amaze me.
  9. Finally arrived

    Very nice! Why so long to get it?
  10. What’s in your home emergency kit?

    And bourbon! If things get really bad, I can drink it warm or cold.
  11. C'mon.......You could pull it off Larry!
  12. Belfast Maine Turkey Callmaker Gerry Bilodeau

    Thanks Bill. I watched one of his videos and was impressed how he made the calls. The black walnut does sound sweet! And his prices are very reasonable too. Think I'll pick one up.
  13. New Bow for Next Season

    I hear ya Doc. My MQ-32 was purchased in 2000. Set to about 53 pounds now, It still kills deer. Got another one with it last year. A complete pass through at 8 yards. As long as my shoulders allow, I will keep using it. This year it gets a new string and cable. I have thought many times of getting something new or newer. Then, I just shoot the old Mathews, that just feels like an extension of my arms and say, maybe next year.
  14. Hey Biz, don't know much about these. Would the vid be good to film hunts? Looks small enough to put in a fanny pack. Been thinking of filming, when I take my grandson out. Or is there better options for doing this?

    I know they are super expensive. But I bet a bunch of them will be sold. I can't afford one, but do think they are pretty cool.