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  1. They'll eat.... Cats and rats, and elephants..... And sure as you're born..... They'll even eat a unicorn.....
  2. You are certainly on a roll Larry. Very cool and heads up sightings! Next thing you know a grouse will be sitting on the handlebar of your Wheeler?
  3. Moving the virus around from hot spots, to not spots is a dumb idea. And if I should get the virus, last thing I'd want is to be moved a hundred or more miles away from my family. Even though I'd be quarantined, I'd still feel better knowing they were close.
  4. Minimum age is 12 for Jr Hunter for turkeys.
  5. Are they a foster type slug? Or a sabot type? Back before 4H became a rifle WMU. We killed a whole lot of deer with the Remington Copper Sabots, out of our Ithaca Deerslayer II shotguns. An accurate and deadly combination.
  6. Hate to see that. Hope all those fine back strap cutlets don't go to waste!
  7. Well, I was called to go back to work on a "half day, limited basis ". No close interaction with colleagues. Only a small fraction of staff allowed to be there at any one time. Will be doing information packets to send out district wide. Will also finish up some projects that were already started. Cuomo has just now given all schools to April 15th to be off.
  8. People like your son are the true heroes in all of this mess. God bless him! And all the medical responders who are laying it on the line.
  9. Looks sweet!!! Bet it's going to be a sweet shooter too! I like the looks of the side charge also. If you don't mind me asking. What was the total cost of this build?
  10. grampy

    Fly Fishing Gear

    Probably need to replace the tippet. Main line should be OK. Cabelas\ BasPro should have what ya need. I order from Orvis, when I don't get over to Manchester VT. I love their stuff. Even though I suck at fly fishing!
  11. That makes too much sense to happen in NY! Jr. hunters at the ages of 14 and 15 can be close to their licensed mentors, to hunt big game here now. There is no hunting course out there, that will ever come close to a good mentor!
  12. She's a chip off the ol' block! Nice shooting young lady! Natalie will be successfully hunting soon enough. So make sure you set some funds aside for all the taxidermy work she'll need done! That 204 is no doubt a sweet gun!!!