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  1. He did break the strike out steak though!
  2. Chinadermics just like the past two years... You got me very curious to try these on our crossbows. On my compound, I'm down to maybe a tick above 50 lbs. Not sure if thats enough push for these. And the fixed blades I use have done well for me. But the crossbows have more than enough push. For the cost, I may have to give em a try.
  3. Dang! He's bigger than my last two deer. Together!
  4. Between my grandson and I, with two bows, 100gr Slick Tricks and NAP Thunderheads or possibly, Muzzy's. Depends on what shoots best from his bow.
  5. No doubt, Joe McCarthy is rolling over in his grave! Growing up, we were taught that if you were communist, you were not American! The pansy's and pinko's are running main stream media now days.
  6. Looks like your hard work will pay off for you and your daughter! Nice job! And great pic's!
  7. Yup, darndest thing I ever saw.
  8. We've had four struck by lightning in broad daylight this summer. One after killing a chicken. Usually only have one or two a summer meet that fate. And they are sounding off almost every night too. Along with more than normal cam pic's as well. The deer numbers have been up over the last couple of years, so perhaps that coincides with the increased coyote numbers?
  9. What an awesome project!! Holy smokes, how cool would it be to take a deer with dads "old bow"! What size limbs are you putting on, what poundage and draw length will it be? The riser looks beautiful! I'm hoping to get back in to traditional archery again, perhaps over the winter. This looks really cool! moog5050 has been a great source of info for me as well, when it comes to the trad archery stuff. He's given me ideas that may work with my old shoulders. Great guy that moog!
  10. It looks in good shape. Any chance the doe is coming at night to nurse?
  11. All hype. Heard a comment, "lets all watch the eclipse and get back to nature". Spoken from someone who probably has never spent a whole day in the woods! I just shake my head and go back to work.
  12. Congratulations man, nice gator! Way to go!
  13. Speaking only for myself, NYC has nothing that appeals to me more, than sitting in my own woods on Thanksgiving morning, hoping a deer comes by. And thinking of all the wonderful smells that will greet me when I get home. Sharing the warmth of a fire with family, before and after the wonderful dinner. Though I have enjoyed watching the parade on TV a time or two, when I was tagged out by then! I've been to NYC many, many times for many different things. But was always more than happy to leave the hustle and bustle, to head home to my quiet rural home. I just know, I would wither and die if I lived in ANY city.
  14. We were back out this morning, brushing in ground blinds. These two have been very productive over the years. Both are in the hemlocks with natural funnels bringing deer through the area. The last pic is a box blind overlooking a field we let grow over. The field borders a very thick swamp. A great gun spot. Being out, doing stuff like this with my grandson, passing the torch to young capable hands, is almost as much fun as hunting !
  15. 410

    Absolutely gorgeous shotgun Paula! Bad day for all the rabbits in your neck of the woods! Wish I could see the smile on your face, when you walk up on that first rabbit this fall!