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  1. No matter what the verdict may be........it won't end well........
  2. I'll tell ya where ya can put this......... But I'll be nice........
  3. Nice to have ya back my friend!!!! What a great hunt story! Awesome buck! Beautiful mount!!! He looks so good up there! I just gotta say, this forum is so much better with you in it Jay. You are the un-offical Mayor of HNY!!!
  4. Was real nice to meet you! Glad someone will get some use from the stand. Please send me a picture of the first deer killed from it!!!
  5. Great looking buck and mount.
  6. Just for fun.........my 223 AR with FMJs.
  7. If I make a sound at all, it's just a Baaaaa.... like a sheep sound. And at different volumes, very soft, to loud, depending on the situation, or how far away the deer is.
  8. I agree to disagree with you Belo. 40 years ago, when I started bowhunting, I started because it gave me More Time To Be In The Woods Hunting!!! Simple as that!!! I did not look at it like being an elite hunter! Just that I had more time to hunt!! The equipment used today by bowhunters, far exeeds any of the equipment I started with bowhunting. But that is a moot point, because nothing ever stays the same. Everything progresses, or is left behind. Just like bowhunting is in a numbers decline. Why is that? If someone shoots ANY deer, I am truly happy for them!! My first question is ne
  9. This here, is my main issue with with the whole crossbow debate. One group of hunters calling another group of hunters "inferior" because they choose a different 'legal' hunting implement, or tool, to kill a deer. Does it really matter how another hunter goes about putting deer meat in their freezer? As long as the rules and laws are followed, I honestly don't believe it does. Just hunters bashing hunters. And for what gain? We are ALL inferior in some ways. Why not dwell on what makes us ALL stronger? Unity.................
  10. Doing your homework has, and will pay off for ya! Sounds like really good parcels, in really good deer country. And not too far from home, so that you can get down there more often. Perfect! Best of luck!
  11. Hey man....I respect your right to yawn...............
  12. Sometimes when I read something, I just have to chuckle a little. This is one of those times. I have been, and continue to be a bowhunter for almost 40 years. Did my mentality suddenly change, the first time I shot a crossbow??? I certainly have never noticed a difference in solitude in the deer woods, when using a bow or crossbow. Yup... after surgeries on both shoulders, my shoulders DO hurt sometimes! But I have re-habbed my butt off to get to where I can "sometimes" draw my bow. I am, and HAVE been a bowhunter!! I like crossbow too! Is only one or the other acceptable
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