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  1. This got brought up in the 'Live From The Water' thread, so thought it would make a fun thread of it's own. Where do i even begin??? I've run boats since my teen years, and have seen so many dumb things at boat launches. Even committed a few myself. I have seen three different tow vehicles sunk, due to not setting a parking brake while in neutral, or leaving it in reverse. Seen boats sunk at the launch, or take on a bunch of water, because the plug was never put in. I did this ONCE!! (never tell someone else to do this, and assume they did) I've seen some really good knock down drag out brawls, where even the "ladies" got in on the action! Seen young kids swimming right in the launch itself, as their parents are passed out drunk at the picnic table. Seen enough bumpers mangled by jackknifed trailers that a bodywork guy could retire. Seen grown men cry when after 25 attempts to back the boat into the water, they still could not do it on attempt number 26. Seen so many boob flashes as women attempt to board the boat and slip, or are moving around in the boat as it gets launched. (this is not a bad thing) mostly........ Seen the skegs on so many outboards torn off by the ramp because the motor was not raised and left in the down position. Even a few lower units took damage from this as well. Seen people pulled into the water that were holding the boatline, or just lost the boatline, and the boat just floats away with no one in it. I really could go on and on, but will leave plenty of room for other comments that are sure to come. If you ever want some really good free entertainment, just go to any boat launch on a weekend afternoon!!! One of my favorites is the Mayfield launch on Sacandaga. Two ramps of fun in the sun!
  2. grampy

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    I have seen this type of idiocy so many times at the state run boat launches. I will only use state launches if I absolutely have to. Or like you said, go early in the morning and come out before some of the idiots show up. The majority of boat owners are competent, and get in and out in a orderly fashion. But all it takes is one idiot to ruin it for everyone else waiting to get in. Most launches have a sign that says 'do all preparations on your boat prior to launching'. But apparently some people selfishly disregard this and block the launch arranging PFD's, drinks, or a wide range of things, that could have, and should have been done prior to putting the boat in the water and blocking the ramp!! No others are more proficient at the boat launch than fisherman. Perhaps because they have so much more experience than most boaters getting in and out. I will pay a few dollars more to use a private launch whenever possible. The extra money paid, seems to cut down on the number of morons at the launch. Probably should start a new thread with "dumbest things you've seen at a boat launch". No doubt there would be some good stories shared! Some of the dumbest things I've seen people do over the years, have been at a boat launch.
  3. Hope we get an extended drying period soon, we really need one here. As some spots we hunted from last year are completely under water at this time. Even some of the lower hay fields are inundated, and can't be cut. Looks more like ponds than fields. We couldn't get in the summer plots. (weather wasn't entirely to blame) Hopefully by the 1st of September we can get in the WW and Oats for our late season plots. """Nice work G-Man!!!!"""
  4. grampy


    That's crazy! Never seen anything like that, and hope not to.
  5. grampy


    Letting a good one rip while working, it's a man thing.
  6. grampy

    Getting A Little Closer To My Lifetime Goal.

    Is this three or four? I saw the new name pop up earlier. Anyways, good luck making your goal "Bill".
  7. grampy

    Using A Deer Decoy???

    Was thinking of just leaving the decoy out there, nearby, stashed under a camo tarp when not being used.
  8. grampy

    2012 Ford Raptor

    Cool!!! More $$$ now for Jeep Mods!!!......................grin
  9. grampy

    Using A Deer Decoy???

    In the off season I like to think of different things, when it comes to the upcoming deer season. New spots, food plots, moving a stand, or making a new natural ground blind. Or just trying something new, we have not done before. This keeps us fresh, and hopefully the deer from patterning us too much over time. Recently I've read some articles on deer decoys. And found it interesting, thinking perhaps it may work, perhaps not? Was thinking how a deer decoy would work in some of our spots? Mostly in the spots nearby thick cover, where a buck could see out to doe decoy, and possibly come out of the thick stuff to investigate. And perhaps offer a shot that we would not have gotten otherwise? We have a LOT of very thick cover on our property. Only very seldom will we ever see a mature buck out in an open field. So most of our spots are set up on travel corridors bordering food and thick cover. We hunt our own land. Don't think it would be a good idea to use decoy's on state land. For those who have used deer decoys, what has been your observations when using them? Pro's and con's? Also, this would be more for bow season than firearms season.
  10. grampy

    25 years ago...chasing a Bronco

    I try not to remember anything about OJ. He got away with slaughtering two people. IMO. After a circus of a trial, a travesty of justice occurred.
  11. grampy

    Banned from local Facebook group

    You insensitive brute! Where's the block button on here? Seriously though, what happened to freedom of speech?? What,... just because some snowflake disagrees with you on Facebook, you get banned? How is that right? Whole bunch of different opinions on any and every subject. So the powers that be, just ban whoever disagrees with them? That is pretty messed up. I never have, or ever will have FB. I think it's a bunch of whooie, and this is just one of the reasons.
  12. No apology necessary my friend. I was just scratching my head based on my prior results, wondering if they were unusual?? As I am prone to unusual results in many things.......grin
  13. Wow, I'm surprised. Any deer I've shot with the Nosler BT's, 7mm-08 and 270, it was like a grenade in the vitals. Even destroyed both shoulders on one. And rarely get an exit wound, even at 50 yards, as all the energy is absorbed by the deer and it's lights out.
  14. grampy


    Wow! Very nice work! He has some talent for sure.
  15. grampy


    No distinct head markings. Not thick and blocky like a massasauga and no rattle. Tells me it's a variation of a garter snake. I've seen that checkered variation here before.