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  1. We use a 22 Hornet, at the farm pond in front of my hunting partners house. Will have to try my AR in 223. That should work well too. Same deal. The snappers took over the pond. Some real big ones in there. I used to stock it with LM bass, and for years there was some nice fish in there, but they're all gone now.
  2. Great buck my friend! Hope to see you in a picture with him this fall!!!
  3. Looks like some nice clean, down and dirty fun!!! Good save on the box turtle too!!
  4. How about the 7mm/08 die set? I'd be interested in that one.
  5. Well, certainly you guys get a tip o the hat too!!! Hopefully as more time goes by, we'll see more of us getting together!
  6. I applaud you guys for having the first HNY, GTG since Covid began! I know you'll have a great time, with lots of laughs! Take lots of pictures to share with us! Way to go guys!
  7. You have a valid point my friend!
  8. Is this the third or fourth year, you have a secret AJ bro crush Biz???
  9. Wasn't the PA chest girth measurement around back in 1988?
  10. This parody is so true. Seems like no matter what you do or say these days, you offend someone, somewhere. Even with no malice intended.
  11. Wow! That is really cool.