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  1. Likely out next week too, if the Chiefs should move on. Due to concussion protocol.
  2. Just like toilet paper, once the hoarders feel they have "enough" and the manufacturers step up production, eventually there will be more on the shelves. I'm stepping up my reloading, to include 223. But even reloading supplies have become hard to find. I love to shoot! And used to shoot pretty often. But I have been in conservation mode for awhile now. Any increase in manufacturing is welcome at this point.
  3. We have a shark vacume, the kind you have to push yourself. It really sucks!
  4. That's exactly how I run a bolt action too Dan.
  5. I absolutely love 270's!!! And I'm all set up for reloading them too. Great price, and I even have a VXII that would fit it nicely. But I'm on the other side of the state. GLWS.
  6. I've said it so many times..........mentoring hunters, and in hunter ed classes. "NEVER" point the muzzle of a loaded firearm, in an unsafe direction!!!! Always unload if there is a problem. This is a classic reason why! He's lucky to still have a face!
  7. Got my tickets. The biggest HuntingNY GTG in history will go down if I win!
  8. Great looking day rig John!!! And your night rig looks pretty sweet too!
  9. The light of our Lord shines brightly through Ana. And it will forever shine upon, and warm, those she loved. Also, the the countless people, who's lives she touched, that were warmed by her special light of God. She shares her light, and gifts from God unselfishly. I'm always here for you my brother. God's light shines through you too. God bless you all.
  10. What are your thoughts on placer gold deposits in NYS, left over from the last ice age, when the glaciers receded? Over the years, I've found a few small flakes of color in my pan. Mostly from cracks in the bedrock, on small streams.
  11. I had an 06 Honda Rancher that I used for plowing. Worked good on the light powdery stuff. But it blew the tranny while using it one night after a heavy wet snow. driveway then, was about a hundred yards long, and double wide. One of the reasons I moved down off "the hill". And we are now considering downsizing to a townhouse or something similar. To not have to worry about snow removal at all. Especially if for some reason I'm no longer around, my wife will be set.
  12. Great video! My hat is off to those guys, especially to the guy doing the cutting! He took a big risk doing that! Hope the little buck made it?
  13. grampy

    Ice Fishing

    I may go to a local lake to get some pan fish filets this weekend??
  14. We hand those out at Hunter Ed Classes. That is all you need. Good luck with the new hunting spot!!