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  1. That is spooky for sure!!! What the heck!!
  2. I'm still getting pop up adds here. The only one who can make changes here is burmjohn. And he hasn't been around in quite some time unfortunately. Who knows why?
  3. I have an MQ32 down in my hunting room I bought in 2000. Still shoots just fine! Though I haven't taken it out hunting in a couple years. The bow I have been toting is an Obsession Phoenix that I bought from Moog.
  4. Looks to be very healthy and eating good!
  5. I would say he's likely a four year old. Would score in the mid 120's and dress out around 185 lbs. A beautiful buck by all accounts! Hope you het a crack at him this fall! That would be epic!
  6. Any pic's with you and the deer??
  7. I'm tongue tied over this topic.........
  8. Is there a website we can go to to view the deer breeding and upkeep of these freaks?
  9. I honestly don't understand the venom being thrown at members here who just choose to be on multiple forums?? When YOU are the biggest detriment to this, or any other forum with your bragging about nothing posts. Because YOU are just a poser, who needs to come here for an audience to boost your fragile ego. I figured you out long ago. I've mentored kids who in "real life" are twice the hunter you CLAIM to be. Anytime you want to go head to head with me in the woods, in any capacity, you give me a call! I will wait for your lame response for a good laugh Mayor Poser. How many others here watch only one TV channel? Listen to only one radio station? Never use FB, Google, or any other online medium?? This is 2024! Everyone goes from place to place! What's the big deal about me or anyone else, being a member of multiple forums?? I have been a member here for a long freakin time!! I don't come here to disparage this place!! And I NEVER have! I add content in a thoughtful manner. Unlike a certain AH member here does!! So now, other longtime members who I've respected for years, are calling me out because I am on another forum??? Look back at my content over the years I've been here!! I have been nothing but supportive and added positive posts to this place! I am not the absentee owner who ripped off members of this site! And who refuses to help out his own moderators in any way. With even a simple E-Mail! Or could give two craps about this place!!! I actually care! You couple who want to see me leave for making a free choice, can go pound salt! I am every bit as much a member here as you are! I will stay a member here to the end! I have done nothing to be banned! I will continue to post in a positive way! Just like I always have! If I am to be banned for speaking my mind here, then there are a couple others who should be as well for speaking theirs! This is all so childish and needless. Get over it!
  10. There are still some good people here that I'd hate to lose contact with, should this site suddenly disappear. I have no idea why Burmjohn will not contact his loyal moderators?? They are the one's keeping the flame alive for now. I have been a member here for years. And will stay and contribute to the end. Not to be disparaging to this site. But there is another NY site. And ALL are welcome should you choose to check it out.
  11. That's about right. But no set pace. Depends some on how far ahead you can see. Wind? Rain? Snow? Open hardwoods? Hemlocks? Swamp edges? You take in the conditions. Remember.....if you think you're moving too slow. Move slower!!! That was the best advice I ever got. This is different from big woods tracking. Where you are on a track, and can move much faster at times. Still hunting is moving slowly through the woods, trying to see deer that may or may not be there. And before they see you. You definitely get better with practice. The amount of tail flags you see, will be a gauge in how well you are doing. Sorry to the OP. I didn't mean to get off topic.
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