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  1. I agree. When someone can no longer afford to purchase meat, to put on their family's table. Do think that same person will spend the money to purchase a hunting license? When a lame governments decisions makes you poorer, you do what you can with what you have.
  2. In most every other state, game laws are made by a game dept. like DEC. Not by a bunch of "brilliant" politicians, who could get lost in a one acre woodlot. As mentioned in this thread, "some" older guys on private land, will disregard these "brilliant" lawmakers decision. Can't blame em. This state is way beyond screwed up.
  3. Get zipped up and then heal up quickly. ER is never fun!!!
  4. Congratulations Bill. Nice gobbler! Great teamwork with Cynthia!
  5. Happy Birthday my friend!!! Enjoy all the good stuff today, and every day!!!
  6. Makes complete sense to me.
  7. To get the cover off the bass boat! And start getting ready to get her in the water. Was thinking of doing a couple tournaments this year? But with the price of premium gas, will probably stick close to home and fish the Mohawk. May go up as far as Saratoga Lake.
  8. Can use this for a harvest thread! We have seen only one gobbler and four hens on the farm this year. So I won't have any harvest to post. But do enjoy seeing others post up their pictures.
  9. Great set of informative video's! I look forward to watching them all. Nice work!
  10. Ahhh.......I remember Jarts well!! A heavy steel spike, tossed high into the air by adults consuming lots of beer, with kids running everywhere! Was so much fun back in the "good ol days" !!
  11. Congratulations on the sale Brian. Time now, to make some lifelong memories in the new place!
  12. You've been close Jay. I see you holding a nice gobbler very soon my friend.
  13. Be 65 this month. Been through a bunch of medical stuff. My wife too. Just taking it one day at a time. Every day is a good day! God will decide when it's time to go home. For now, I got stuff to do!!
  14. I do indeed sir. I guess the point I was trying to make, is that there are many, young and older. Who may not be able to draw the minimum weight poundage for a bow in NYS. This thread, along with the many others like it over the years here, will seldom change others stance on the crossbow debate. Just keeps running over the same old ground. At this point if it passes fine. If not that's fine too. This could be the first year of me not hunting with my bow. If the law stays as is, perhaps I will buy a better camera to take out "hunting" for early bow season??
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