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  1. The anti gun, left wingers, know the best way to get guns out of our hands, is to not have ammunition for those guns. Pretty sad isn't it......
  2. The only thing negative about this site is YOU, Mayor Mc'Mullet. Always all just about YOU, isn't it? YOU add absolutely nothing of value here. Never have, in all the years I've been here. Just bragging and boasting. About all the things YOU make up. Pretty sad really. I truly pity YOU. I won't indulge YOU with anymore replies. It's the only thing that floats your boat, to make YOU feel better. Being the keyboard warrior and poser YOU are. I'm done responding to your nothingness. YOU have nothing, do nothing, are nothing. Have a nice life. Hope it gets better for ya. Flame on Mayor. Flame on. No one's listening.
  3. I still have my buck tag. Will be out tomorrow. If the right buck comes in, I'll fill it!
  4. NY black bears have been steadily increasing their range in recent years. Many areas not used to seeing bears, are now seeing them. A good thing for sportsmen and hunters.
  5. Having been on more than my share of bloodtrails, I can tell you no two are ever the same. Also, even under perfect conditions, things can and do happen. Not recovering a deer is the worst part of deer hunting. It happens to most all of us at one point or another. Hope the deer the OP shot makes it. About a 50\50 chance they survive a non vital, or non gut hit.
  6. That's a great idea Al ! never thought to re-sharpen a replaceable blade. But it makes perfect sense to do it. I actually enjoy sharpening my knives. So why not these too?
  7. I'm a long time member here. But also a member of NY Woods and Water. I do both because I like both. Most members here are great people. I've made lifelong friends from this forum. As well as from NYW&W. I will continue to be a member here as long as I'm able. I have no ill will towards anyone. Here or there. And hope to contribute to both. I don't see it as a competition between forums at all. Everyone should feel free to do whatever they want. And not degrade one place or the other. We all have many varied interests, as individuals. That's what makes us all who we are. Sharing those interests with others, should not be limited to one place or another. It's all good!
  8. Tactacam Gen 2. They are awesome! PM me and I can steer you towards a great deal. I know a guy.
  9. As mowin said, the deer will be here waiting when you return. Best of luck to you and your nephew out in Illinois!!
  10. If that monster is close, I'd keep a sharp eye out for him!!! Good luck!!!
  11. Took me forever to get out of that nasty pine thicket! I cried with relief when I finally found my way out!!!
  12. Bucks are ready! But the majority of the doe won't be ready until November. But......I have seen hard chasing in October. My guess is that usually it's an older doe, building up the mating hormones a bit early. She may not stand for breeding, but the bucks smell that she may be close? Even though she may be couple weeks away? Just my take on it. I am no biologist. As said above, I have never seen fawns in April.
  13. No. The same form. On it, it also says something about the Americans with Disabilities Act. You can tell your doctor that you are too weak to pull your bow back! (I know someone who used that!) The form doesn't ask for any diagnosis from your doctor. And DEC does not care about one either. You could be completely healthy, and tell your doctor you have a sore shoulder, elbow, wrist, or something? And get a temporary one, no problem. With no diagnosis needed, the doctor is not under any legal implications to sign the form. As I stated before, the DEC has been wanting to take control of the crossbow issue, for the last few years. They see it as another management tool. Rightfully so in my opinion. But NY Bowhunters, and their lobbyists, convince know nothing lawmakers to not even bring full inclusion to the floor for a vote. This new form, in conjunction with DEC, the ADA and NY Crossbow Coalition, is the end around the know nothing lawmakers. The numbers are not yet posted of the hunters who have taken advantage of this new form. But in the end no doubt it will be thousands. This number will be used in the legislation next year to show that the sky didn't fall. And DEC managed the issue just fine. To hopefully give DEC and NY hunters the full inclusion they have been wanting. This is not a bow vs crossbow thing. Simply just a choice, for those who want to use a crossbow in NY.
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