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  1. What you did for those two pups will be repaid time and time again, as long as they live. Warms my heart to know there are people like you and your wife out there.
  2. A fine group to be sharing a Birthday! Happy Birthday one and all!........
  3. What a spot! Even more reason to send you an extra dose of luck, to have one of the BIG guys come cruising by!! That stand has some good memories!!!
  4. Good luck!!! Is that the hill near the bowl in the background? That whole property is amazing!
  5. That scrape is tore up! Looks deep too! Is it starting to bow up in there? Hope the buck that made the scrape ambles by before dark my friend !!
  6. I think we have the pieces in place to go to...... and win a WS. But those pieces just went cold at the wrong time this year. It happens.............. Yes, Boston has some outstanding young talent right now. But for how long? No way will they be able to pay what some of those guy's like Betts, will get somewhere else. Yanks will have the same problem too at some point. But have a much better farm system to fall back on.
  7. I'll swallow my bitter medicine this year with a bit of sugar. Yup! The Yankees blew it this year! But at least finished better than the hated Sawx. And will for the forseeable future, as the Sawx have gutted their farm system.
  8. My grandmother was born and raised on a reservation. She never drank a drop in her life. Nor did my great grandfather, great uncles, or my mother. Sorry man, to lump a group of people together the way you did in that statement is hurtful to those people. And a bit racist at the least. No group of people on this earth, is responsible for the actions of certain individuals. We all have good and bad. Just sayin..................
  9. There was a time at the peak of my hunting career, when I was in my 30s and 40s that I took hunting way too seriously!!! Glad I outgrew that phase. Honestly, I could care less if I shoot one or not anymore. Though I hope I do? It's all about just having fun now. Seeing others have success. And just being thankful that I get to participate at all!
  10. What an awesome team you guys are Tom!!! Though Luna and Kunox are spectacular tracking dogs, your experience and common sense as a handler, completes the "Dream Team"!!! Way to go! You guys are having a great season this year!
  11. Major leaf drop going on now. Should open up the sight picture a little more in the woods for this weekends hunting. And will hopefully give us a bit more time to prepare for the shot.
  12. ^^^^THIS^^^^ Many times I have seen good rutting action at one spot, and just a few miles away, see bucks together, and with doe feeding unmolested at all by the bucks. Mostly seen the difference between down off the hill in the flat lands, to up in the hilltowns. But have also seen this happen between my two hunting properties seven miles apart!!! Of course I'm not seeing every deer in the woods. But I have never figured out why one area has bucks dogging the doe big time, and the doe standing for a buck.. And just a short distance away, the doe want nothing to do with the bucks. Then a week or two later, the area situation reverses.
  13. Just seems to me, that when things get as regimentated as this guy is, you lose the fun of hunting. I don't care if I'm hunting 150 class deer. If I'm not having fun, it means nothing to me. That guys method doesn't look fun. But hey, whatever floats your boat!