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  1. Nice looking knife, I may have to look in to getting one for myself!
  2. I do admit, Pygmy has surely been a big influence on me since I came to this forum.
  3. I remember an old girlfriend from back in the day, who would make that same noise when the windows of the 67 Comet got steamed up!
  4. Yeah, no big deal to just pull the charging handle a few times to unload. And load with a speed loader from the top. I'm not taking it into battle. Just some fun range shooting, a predator hunt now and then, and another home defence gun for another part of of the home. From the few AR's I have handled in gun shops, the pistol grip always seems to be the most comfortable to me. That means a fixed mag in NYS. I can live with that, given the other options of being NYS compliant. Still sorting out the options, and advice given here, and haven't 'pulled the trigger' yet.
  5. KTP is my favorite place to shop. We usually go up in May.Thanks for the tip Larry, I'm sure I'll find something.
  6. Looks fantastic! Great job for a great cause. Any Bills fan would be very happy to have that set!
  7. For almost $60 per three heads, I think I'll pass. My Muzzy's and Thunderheads work just fine at less than half the price. Interesting design though.
  8. Unless you are "SUPER" good at hunting coyotes. You will never kill too many.
  9. Great topic! My hearing isn't very good anymore either. And I've been considering a Walkers Game Ear too. So I'll definitely be following the comments here as well.
  10. Congratulations Larry! Great news! That brings you one step closer to being a Grampy!! You'll be a great one! My FIL was one of the greatest men I've ever known. He was like the father I never had. He was tough as nails. And when I asked to marry his daughter, he looked me dead in the eyes, with his beginning to water, and said "nothing would make me happier son". When he passed, my hand was on his shoulder.
  11. Yes, they moved to where I lived for a time, in Summerville SC. My brother still lives there, and tells me a few of his buddies use the ATI's and they all love em? And he also knows a couple others who work there, who say it's a great place to work. Thanks for all the help and comments guy's. Will give some thought to all the great advice! Will stick with the fixed mag though on whatever I get. Just more comfortable with the full grip, after handling a few of the stubby ones. And will take Nomad up on his gracious offer for the speed loaders!
  12. My feelings exactly Belo. This is just a "fun gun" to me. The fixed ten round mag with the ejection port speed loaders, will be fine for what I want to use it for. And the main reason for going to a gun shop for the purchase, instead of ordering the components online, and building one myself. Is to be sure I have a totally legal, NY compliant AR. For me, it's just not worth taking a risk, for something that is only used for leisurely fun. That said, I still think the Safe Act, is a big stinking pile of BS! So does anyone have this particular rifle, to give me some feedback?
  13. Never had facebook. Never will have facebook.