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  1. Wear a thong for all I care team mate!! But you don't need pictures....
  2. I'm good with that too! Let's do it!
  3. Sorry to hear this. But seems like the idiots have us outnumbered these days.
  4. Unequivocally....... NO ! Final Answer.
  5. Wishing you and the dream team, a safe and successful tracking season Tom!! And thanks for taking us along with you!
  6. Yes very well. I lived right around the corner from John and Jolanta. John was my tracking mentor starting in 1998. Great people. John is getting up there in age now.
  7. We were out doing our last set up checks. Found this. Anyone else find any yet?
  8. Both are cool critters! Hope you see them this fall! Be nice to see you get a homegrown bear!! And I know you'll see some big bucks!! Best of luck my friend!
  9. Welcome nice to have you join us! There are a number of LI and NYC hunters here. I'm sure some will chime in. Best of luck to ya in all your hunting adventures!
  10. My sincere condolences rachunter. They will live on in your heart. May you always smile when thinking of them. RIP.
  11. Way back when I lived in South Carolina, I was fishing a backwoods pond. I got chiggers on over 70% of my body! It was by far the worst itch I ever had!!! I put a dab of clear nail polish over every bump, as that is what my local buddies told me to do. It worked! They also said that chiggers like yankees better than them, as they didn't get bit at all!!.....
  12. There will be no noticeable difference in terminal performance, on deer between 150g and 180g bullets of the same composition. Just check the POI, to be sure your rifle shoots the same after the change.
  13. Yes they are! And Yankees got pounded again tonight by the Jays. They will be lucky to make it past the wildcard round. Definitely don't see a championship for them this year. But they just aren't playing good enough to go all the way. And it's a shame with the line up they have! The under achiever season!!! Starting to feel like a Mets fan......
  14. A hearty congratulations on a spectacular 2019 season! Thanks for sharing a very good story with us! I really enjoyed it! We live fairly close by. Sometime I'd love to drop by and see that moose!