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  1. grampy

    Glory Lighted Nock

    Were you using the Glory nocks or a different brand?
  2. grampy

    Glory Lighted Nock

    To turn off the Glory Nocks after shooting, you just place the nock back on the bowstring, then simply press the button on the side, remove arrow, and it's off?? Says no tools needed? I'll see if it's really that easy once I shoot them.
  3. grampy

    Pulled the trigger on a deer rifle

    I've run both of those through my Axis, and they both shot well. The trigger spring certainly is a big improvement for accuracy. Try some Federal Premium ammo too. Looking forward to your range results Jay!
  4. grampy

    Looking for a new Pickup

    Good luck with your research. I'm certain you will find something that fits exactly what your needs are. I would suggest though, that with a growing family, the four door option on whatever you decide.
  5. grampy

    Glory Lighted Nock

    Yes sir, after I bought them, I did research them, and that is exactly what I found too. Hoping to put them on this week and shoot, to see how they work for me. Want to narrow down what arrows I'll be hunting with as well. Then go from field points to broadheads, for practice until the opener on October 1st. Will certainly update this thread to give my opinion on the Glory nock. Even if I don't have anything to compare them to. With this new to me bow, I'm trying some different things this year. Drop away rest, multi pin sight, dual cam, lighted nocks, perhaps going back to NAP Thunderheads from Muzzy. It is light years ahead of my 19 year old Mathews! So after having gone through the bow, top to bottom over the weekend, and shooting last night, I haven't looked forward to a bow opener this much in years!! After shoulder surgery, I felt like my bow hunting days were about over. With this bow I can shoot more, with less pain, and It's made a huge difference for me. So perhaps I will kill a deer with a bow again?? moog has drawn fist blood with it. But I'm hoping not last.
  6. grampy

    2019 Season (Biz-R-OWorld)

    Got coyote pic's??
  7. grampy

    Meet Stella

    Great looking pup! I know you will have many hunts and happy years together.
  8. grampy

    Happy birthday rotorooter23

    Happy Birthday!
  9. grampy

    Glory Lighted Nock

    While in Browns Archery shop yesterday, I asked about lighted nocks. I have never used them before. He had Luminocks and a couple of other brands, but told me "use these Glory Nocks, I think they are awesome" so I bought a pack. I will give my opinion after target shooting and hopefully killing a deer with them. Supposed to be lighter, brighter, and easier to turn off. Anyone out there use them?
  10. grampy

    Browns Archery

    I was in Browns Archery(I bough a Martin Lynx from the original owner back in the 80s) yesterday having some work done on my Obsession Phoenix. Something just seemed a bit off to me. Was in there almost three hours, going through the bow, axel to axle with the owner Rick. A great place to do business and a great guy! Nothing major, just some minor adjustments on the drop rest string, added a longer string loop, sight alignment and peep adjustment. Bumped up the poundage from 48 to 52lbs. Decided to go back to 400 spine arrows from the 350. (I have plenty of both) Paper tuned it, and it's perfect. He really took care of me big time. 100% confidence in this bow now getting ready for bow season. Any of you capital region guys looking for a great bow/pro shop give Browns a try. I think you'll like the service there. I know I did.
  11. grampy

    From The DEC

    Still not giving up my Nosler BT's. They just work too good. Dead right there equals no tracking. Most times the highly expanded bullet is recovered from the off side of the deer.
  12. grampy

    Latest Pull

    Great pic's. Great looking bucks! Jeez, if you are ever looking for an old, stinky, balding, fat guy as a back up hunter, I'm your guy! And I can cook and clean too!...... Best of luck out there this season Jerry!
  13. grampy

    Anyone Have A Tip To Share?

    After every other mowing, I jack up the front of the tractor and use a two inch wide putty knife to scrape off the underside of the deck. Takes five minutes. Also clean off any grass from the top around the belts. After the last mowing of the year, I remove the deck, scrape it clean and apply the used motor oil, after changing, with a brush. Then store it upright next to the tractor in the garage. Learned to do this from an old guy when I was a youngster. Never had a mowing deck rot or rust out. The tractor would be used up before the deck. Usually after fifteen years or more. For many years I was cutting eight acres weekly at the lake property.
  14. grampy

    Happy birthday Gbj !

    Happy Birthday!! Good luck with the elk tag draw!
  15. That was the first book I read cover to cover. Read it to my grandsons while they were on my knee. Love that book still. I average a book a month. Sometimes more. I'll read most anything.