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  1. grampy

    New world record non typical

    YES!!!! You're right!!! I will happily admit my own inadequacies. I know one who can not......
  2. grampy

    From the woods to the wall...

    Super nice buck and mount work!!! Hope you gave the guy that did that beautiful work a real nice tip!!!! That really was a cool looking buck. I've never seen one like it before.
  3. grampy

    New world record non typical

    Here are some FACTS for ya.......... Most hunters would like to see or shoot a big buck while deer hunting. Most hunters don't mind if they don't kill anything on a given hunt. Much more to hunting than killing. Most hunters would still be out hunting, even if they couldn't shoot a buck. Hunting is something different for every individual. Not a one size fits all. Sometimes intelligent people, have not a clue. As they refuse to listen. Some self proclaimed deer expert and his know nothing, stormy little yap dog, are really annoying. Some people really are totally blinded by their own misguided sense of self worth. The self proclaimed expert just loves to argue a point. That after a while loses all meaning, to anyone but himself. That FSW will come back with a snarky remark to this post, while I laugh my ass off. And feel sadness for his sorry ass. Those are some facts as grampy see's them. And I too think it silly to talk of myself in the third person.
  4. grampy

    Happy birthday reeltime!

    Happy Birthday reeltime!! Sit back and soak up all the good stuff surely coming your way!
  5. grampy

    New world record non typical

    No doubt we can hoe another row or two today.
  6. grampy

    New world record non typical

    Nope....not everyone. "If".... NY passed a law this spring, banning the shooting of ANY buck. I'd still look forward to opening day just as much. Would still spend just as much time and money in preparation. Would take the same amount of vacation days to hunt. My alarm would still go off at 3:30am on hunt mornings. Would still anticipate, and enjoy hunting, with friends and family. The sights and smells of the deer woods would be just as spectacular. It's the HUNTING, that gets my gears going! Not what I kill. Count me among the 99.9 percent please.
  7. grampy

    New world record non typical

    I don't need anyone telling me what I should shoot. I shoot what I like. And like what I shoot.
  8. grampy

    Valentine's Day Tomorrow (Thursday)

    Gave her some flowers and a card tonight. She can enjoy them during the day tomorrow. A nice dinner out this Saturday. We really are best buds.
  9. grampy

    OH NO.......

    Walking Dead Deer!
  10. grampy

    New Camera Lens

    Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!
  11. grampy


    That wouldn't happen to be a banana tree print on those shorts would it???
  12. grampy


    Got around 5" of snow here, but it's changed over to sleet now. I'd rather have another 5" of snow, than this icy stuff.
  13. Was just told two hour early out for all staff. Students are now on the way home. Just starting to snow pretty good here.
  14. grampy

    New world record non typical

    If by some chance, I ever shot a true booner, it would never be entered in any book. And outside of family and a few friends, a few from here no doubt, no one would even know. I've killed my share of mature bucks (none even close to B&C) that were perhaps among the best deer on the property that particular year. And each one has a story. A story that I'm happy to remember myself, or with my hunting partner. Other than that, if you weren't there, then the story is kind of boring. And the number of inches on his head doesn't really matter. Cause it's just another deer. Any deer I have ever killed, means more to me than anyone else. No matter how many inches of antler it had, or didn't have. Also, I truly never feel any jealousy at all, towards any hunter that kills a beautiful buck by fair chase. I'm always all ears, if he wants to tell HIS story! And I really love seeing the ones posted here each season, from the monster bucks to the spikes and doe. And reading the stories. Deer hunting to me, really is more than gross and net scores. So much more. That being said, Congratulations to the young man and his World record non typical!!! That is quite an honor to have killed the largest buck ever killed by a hunter!!! Can't wait to hear THAT story!!!