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  1. Had this little guy visit our middle school yesterday. He was chased off, and school went about things normally, except for a short lockout. He likely had a good breakfast before being moved along. These young bears are only looking for a place, where people and bigger bears leave them alone.

    Pretty sure that Triceratops would've made Boone and Crockett!
  3. What is this

    The ears are a dead give away. Fox.
  4. My off grid journal

    Good stuff here. Keep the updates coming!
  5. Happy Birthday Fletch, moog, and Joel! Nothing but the best for you fella's. Today and every day!
  6. 2018 Baseball Thread

    You did such a great job with Judge last year! You da stat man!
  7. Capital District Rendezvous

    No entertainment from me, I only play the campfire tour now. Will look into and set a date. Been told a time or two, that I'm quite entertaining after a couple beers? Would be honored to have you there Dan.
  8. Theyre like crack!

    On Saturday was over in Vermont for my grandsons travel baseball game. Afterwards I suggested we go to Orvis to feed the trout there. You guessed it, walked out with a few streamers and $60 lighter. Just love it when my wife gives me that "really" look!
  9. Been thinking of doing this for awhile. Would really love to go to The Goat gathering, but with so much going on, it's just too far for me. So I'm thinking about Maple On The Lake. In the town of East Berne, on Warners Lake. Google it for menu and beer selection. I've played music for the owners many times. Good place. Even has deer antlers over the entrance door. All are welcome! From anywhere! I know a couple members live nearby. I've met a few members from this area, all great guys! Would be great to see em again and hopefully meet some others! Lets do this! Will be a great time! If it's nice, we could sit on the deck overlooking the lake. If not, the inside has a beautiful view. Let me know a time frame, and I'll set it up. Lets call this one ......Makin The Maple!
  10. Yelling Goat rendevouz part deux

    Let me call over there to see if I can reserve a table for us. On the deck overlooking the lake will be nice. Will set a date. All are welcome! Should make a new thread for this, as I don't want to take anything away from The Goat gathering. Just thought for us guys on the other side of the state, it may be more doable.
  11. Theyre like crack!

    Good smallie lures! I do the same thing at Wally World! Wife will be picking up a couple things. I always say "heading over to sporting goods". Meeting back up, I drop a thing or two in the cart, as she rolls her eyes, and gives me the "really" look....hehehehe. Do I need em? Heck no, but I gotta have em anyways! Yup, I'm addicted.
  12. Oh yeah......thought about that after rereading. Now I'll develop a flinch, thinking about it!
  13. Yelling Goat rendevouz part deux

    Off topic, I know. Sorry. Maple On The Lake, has good food and a decent assortment of beers, on Warners Lake, for Capitol Region members that can't make The Goat?
  14. This was brought up in another thread, so I thought I'd ask the question. Have you ever been "scoped"? Did it draw blood? A trickle or a gusher? What gun were you using? Target shooting or a hunt? I've been "nicked" a couple times target shooting. But got it good once, with my Ithaca Deererslayer-2 in 12g. Was hunting the bottom of a ridge, when a big doe stood up above me, and started to go over the top, at 75 yards. She got there and stopped, giving me plenty of time to line her up in the scope. Shot was freehand, as there was only tall weeds around me, nothing to rest on. So shooting at a good uphill angle, at the shot, I see a bright white light! Look to see the doe rolling downhill and blood on the back of my right hand. Swiped at my eyebrow and my hand came away covered! Went and recovered the doe, that was DRT. and I think I bled more than she did, during field dressing! Should have gone for some stitches, but my partners wife is a nurse. She applied a few steri strips and sent me on my way. I'm guessing the combination of shooting uphill, with a relaxed grip, led to this? Never been scoped with a rifle yet! But it could happen I suppose.
  15. 2018 Baseball Thread

    Honestly, how could Sanchez have possibly gone to the ASG, and keep a straight face?