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  1. Just checked these out and they look really nice! And will hold up to snow! I really like that over the Amerastep Vanish blinds I have! Thanks!
  2. I have a doghouse blind too. Only drawback is you can't shoot a bow out of it. It's OK other than that. I haven't used it much as I picked up a couple of the chair blinds for solo gun hunts. I find them to be very comfortable, and easier to set up and take down.
  3. Yeah...that was pretty crazy too!
  4. Holy Moly! What are the odds of that? What a buck!
  5. Wow! I'm definitely in the wrong line of work!
  6. All the best to you my friend on life's journey. Our lives lead us down many paths. May the ones you walk, always lead you to happiness. Try calling a local van and storage, moving company to move your baby. They do that kinda stuff all the time. And are fully insured. Shouldn't be too expensive if you are only going a short distance.
  7. And let me add that you are the one of the most unselfish hunters I've ever met. You host many, many others each year, to hunt the bounty of your properties! I don't think the majority of people with deer hunting property like you have Brian, would be near as generous. Says alot about you as a hunter, and a friend.
  8. The one the Sawx didn't get, or could afford. And Better hope Mookie doesn't get $400M, because the Sawx won't be able to afford him either.
  9. And saw some nice bucks there this year too??
  10. It's late season now, and most of us are done hunting. This has become "our" community buck!!!! You have got to kill him, for all of "us" now!!!! Some great advice throughout this thread. Good luck! We are all riding with ya on this one!
  11. Try using a doe decoy within range of your stand.
  12. Welcome! Nice that you found us. We're glad to have ya! Just pull up a seat and join right in!
  13. Very close, and almost identical to the Nosler BT. Dinsdale sent me a bunch of the Winchester silver tips for reloading. I used them for practice, and they shot exactly where the BT's did.