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  1. grampy

    Happy Birthday WNY-Hunter

    Happy Birthday!
  2. grampy

    Fox pro crossfire

    Nice caller at a great price!!! Having just bought a bow from silent death, I can say he's a real good guy. Heck maybe I'll sell the E-caller I have, and buy this one? It's better than what I have now.
  3. grampy

    Tree stand

    Where you located moose?
  4. grampy

    Jayco Jay flight

    Nice!!!! You and the family will have a great time making memories!
  5. grampy

    Guess who got a new/used bow?

    Way to go Mike! Nice bow! I too upgraded for a new to me bow this year. I'm loving it!
  6. grampy

    Bearded Hen At 6pm-4/23.

    I've seen both. But never at the same time...............grin
  7. grampy

    Bearded Hen At 6pm-4/23.

    A woods road! I should have known there would be turkeys there!
  8. grampy

    Brought my 2017 crossbow buck home!

    Beautiful mount. Great buck! Congratulations John.
  9. grampy

    2 for 2

    Simply awesome. Congratulations to you both, again! Euro's look fantastic. Now keep it going you two! I wholeheartedly agree Jay. This forum has some pretty special people.
  10. grampy

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Never heard of, or used the 'trout magnet' so I googled it! Looks like I may have to pick some up! Thanks Rob! Just something new to try, after I run out of tippets that the trees and bushes ate..........
  11. grampy

    Youth baseball thread

    I feel ANY youth sports is a great thing. With all the negative stuff out there these days, trying to influence kids, to see them get motivated about ANYTHING is a positive. Just the social interaction, and team bonding, its a huge character builder, that will serve them well later in life.
  12. grampy

    Youth baseball thread

    That's great! You got a good ball player there! That was a heck of a game! He must really enjoy playing. Is he playing Rec, Travel and Fall Ball this year? My grandson is playing JV, he's 14 and a freshman. Along with A team travel. He's hurt right now with a winged scapula. Doing PT and hopefully will be back next week. He was pitching in the low 80s until he got hurt. (Not a throwing injury). He's also a catcher and infielder. 6'5" and 215lbs. Big kid for his age. Love watching him play.
  13. grampy

    2019 Lawn Thread

    Nice work moog, looks great!
  14. grampy

    School me on propane grills

    Congratulations Paula. I'm so happy for you!
  15. grampy

    AR 15 charging issue

    Yah dahn need ten boolats to kill a deahh !!!