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  1. Won't hurt to give it a try Joe. I do think there is probably some kinda science to blind calling. It's just that I'm probably not smart enough to figure it out? No surprise there right? But I always felt that after I was done, every deer in this area knows where I am. Weather that's good or bad, depends on what happens next. With me, nothing ever happened. I just let the deer know where I was, and they weren't buying what I was selling. Being quiet and still, with wind in my favor, I have a better chance of them showing themselves.
  2. I prefer to sit quietly. Unless I happen to see a deer that will not pass by within range. Then I'll try anything! Grunt Call, Snort Wheeze, Rattle Bag, Can Call??? Nothing to lose at that point, because I won't get a shot anyways, unless he changes course. I never had much luck, or results from blind calling. But seems others have.
  3. Being sick at this time of year only compounds how bad you feel!! Believe me I know. After your injury a couple years ago, you also know that all too well. Wishing you a full, and speedy recovery my friend.
  4. That sucks!!! Glad you are going to be ok. Happy that you have started down the road to recovery, and hope you heal up fast and fully. In the meantime, we will try to keep you involved by taking you out with us in this thread!
  5. Always wanted a skunk pelt hat made for ice fishing.
  6. I've followed the Wensel's since the mid 80s with 'Hunting October Whitetails'. These guys are the real deal.
  7. We seem to have quite a few smaller bucks this year.
  8. Not sure how others do it. But I put my top teeth on my bottom lip, and blow three times phhff.... phhff....phhffffff. Drawing and holding out the last part.
  9. From now until middle to late November, is the best time to see bucks up and moving.
  10. I have used a dry spray lubricant. Leaves no smell after drying. Can find it in any hardware store. I spray my bow cams and other hunting related gear too. Also works great for creaky doors at home!!!
  11. Yup. Four together in a group at first light. A fork horn later in the morning. And the small eight while I was coming out at the end of my hunt. Passed on a decent buck on Saturday at 20 yards. Reason is, I never got a shot angle I was completely comfortable with. Just quartering to. When he did get broadside he was in brush. Waited patiently, for the shot that never came. That's ok!!! I got time, and hopefully will have another opportunity? We seem to have quite a few younger bucks running around this year. And a couple others that get my heart racing. I have yet to hunt the Pine Bush property. Waiting until the first or second week of November. 'Anything' could happen down there??
  12. Very good point Brad. A lot of validity in your words too. Not being there myself, I could only come to my own conclusion.
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