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  1. #1 See my 13 year old grandson, kill his first deer! #2 Shoot a deer with my bow, after shoulder surgery in May. #3 Shoot a deer with my new to me Sako 85 Classic in 270. #4 Enjoy every second that I'm out there.
  2. The hand warmers!!!!! What would I do without them! They have literally sent deer to the freezer, by keeping me out there, "just a little longer"!
  3. Finally! I get to contribute to this thread.
  4. One of these times we have to meet up! The Rusty Nail on Rt. 9 has good wings!
  5. You get the full bow season using a bow. Crossbow, only the last two weeks of bow season. Can be used all of firearms season if desired. Learning a bow will take some time and plenty of practice. If you started with a bow now, and practiced at minimum, three days a week, you could probably be proficient enough to hunt this year. Anyone could buy a crossbow, sight it in and be ready to hunt almost immediately. Effective range for both is about 30 yards. Good archers can extend that a bit. As well as crossbow. But for myself I keep my shots at deer, 30 yards and under for both. But it's definitely fun to stretch it as far as you can during PRACTICE! Cost for both are about the same. No need to start with the most expensive. But you generally get what you pay for quality wise. Some very good used bows out there, at a decent price. But find one that fits YOU and is comfortable. It is a wonderful time to be in the woods during archery season. Deer are for the most part less pressured, and the weather tends to be nicer, compared to later in the firearms season. I use, and have killed deer with both. The bow will always be my first love. But the crossbow is easy and fun to use. Try going to an archery shop that stocks both and ask for a demonstration or better yet, shoot them both! See what will fit your needs and choose what makes you happy. You are the only one you have to please. Good luck! Hope to see you in the early season deer woods!
  6. Thank you sir! Must have been the lucky "One Man Wolfpack" tee shirt from the grandsons, on fathers
  7. We had a great day! Well over 20 bass boated in six hours. A couple decent ones mixed in. Just to be out on the water was awesome therapy! My buddy Bill had me laughing till I cried. He's quite the character. Icing shoulder now but it held up!
  8. Yes I've done good there many times. China town and the south shore from stonie point, to browns beach, has been good to me over the years too . High 60's is what I'm hearing for water temps. I'll know more tomorrow.
  9. Thanks!
  10. Thanks buddy! If I bomb out, I'll have to call Joel for advice! Bass! May hook a northern or two though. Fishing mostly with jigs and 10" worms on the main lake humps and weedbeds . Some crank baits off the weed edges in 12 to 15 feet of water. Along with a spinnerbait here and there. And thank you too sir. I'll post back here after the trip with a couple pic's. If no fish then, a couple old buds, laughing their butts off!
  11. Heading up in the morning. Taking my neighbor from our lake property to renew my exclusive hunting rights, on his 75 acres. First time out for me this year, hopefully the repaired shoulder holds up! Reports I'm getting, say the water is high and the bite has been off a bit. Anyone fished up there recently? At least I won't be working! And I know the laughs will be plentiful, even if the fish are not.
  12. Wow! That would be perfect for my grandson and I for rainy days! The price is very good too.
  13. Under Armor base layers, no matter if it's warm or cold, those things do their job! Snow Camo! Three inch folding Buck Knives. Nikon bino's and range finder.
  14. Hope it all goes well for ya Grizz! Get it done and get feeling better!