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  1. Reed Farms in Savannah does a great job. He is on Facebook.
  2. Sounds great! We used to do this same thing every year at camp when all the boys got together over the summer. I made sure to volunteer to watch the grill - couldn't leave my chair for those 8 hours or the temps might change on the grill. Sure was thirsty work, a full cooler right next to me was mandatory.
  3. Cons

    Another lurker

    Appreciate the warm welcome everyone!
  4. Cons

    Another lurker

    Thanks everyone Slow thumbs lol I'm just a back of the class kind of guy, I guess - probably should have said I was in the woods.....
  5. Hello everyone - finally got around to signing up. I've stopped by just about daily for the last 10 years or so and figured it was time to make it official. Looking forward to sharing some stories and pics with folks that I feel like I already know - lots of good people here. I'm just east of Syracuse, hunt and fish all around the area as much as possible. Good to be here.
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