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  1. Kids are a risk to older people, not the other way around.
  2. I'm going with the legal precedent of "My body, my choice!" The govt has already abdicated any power to tell anyone what they can do with their body. So mandating the vaccine would be violating my right to control my own body. And if you say I have to get it to keep me from infecting others, I say prove I infected someone who died and then you have a case. Otherwise, leave me be to live free.
  3. No, you showed only that you see the color of someone's skin before you look at the content of their character. Nowhere did I ever suggest this type of behavior is confined to any one type of person. I don't see what I posted being close to drivel. I'm making a societal observation easily verified by facts. If you think I'm off base, prove me wrong. MLK is turning over in his grave right now, because people are now judging others by the color of their skin and disregarding the content of their character. That does not make me a racist, it makes anyone who sees things the way you
  4. Anyone who believes the Presidency is in better hands today, is a fool. I don't care how you look at it. Nothing is better in America since the left stole the election. BTW, this Jan 6 political theater that the left is pushing on the gullible masses, is intended to distract us all from an entire year of anarchy in 2020 and the current state audits that are exposing massive fraud during the election. The goal is to convict Trump of a felony so he can never hold political office again. That is what is really happening right now. With all of the problems in America right now, this
  5. I can't see any justification for any store employee to attack and assault any customer, unless the customer physically attacked them first. IMHO, too many of these young people, and many older ones, think the way to resolve their issues, or respond to their perceived "disrespect" is to physically attack someone. Obviously a major neglect in their upbringing. A total lack of self control is obvious here, and that is dangerous to anyone in their orbit. This is the element of our society that creates the violence problem in America, and if they get their hands on a gun, they create t
  6. Can you cite the law that allows someone to do that? Who gets to decide what is too far? Could we beat up BLM mobsters when they get in our faces while out dining? Can we beat up anyone who pisses us off? Anyone who tries to say a 17 year old is justified in any way for attacking a 70 year old woman, has a lot of explaining to do. I look forward to hearing you present your case.
  7. Walmart fears a mob will come back and burn down the store. Mob rule has been legalized by the leftists in America.
  8. America needs to change it's lawsuit rules to a "Loser Pays" system like they have in some of Europe. If you sue and lose, you pay the defendants legal fees. Our system allows a plaintiff to harass the defendant for years, costing them millions. Lawyers love it, but it doesn't lead to a just ending. P.S. There is a Federal Law that says the firearm manufacturer cannot be held liable for these types of illegal events and the gun maker isn't responsible for the criminal misuse of their gun. Why have the courts not tossed the case then? Because it's not about stopping these things
  9. People need to face serious penalties for laying a hand on another human being. This is being excused, and therefore encouraged, by people in government. But if the races were reversed, the attacker would be in jail facing hate crime charges and a long time in jail.
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