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  1. The Jews weren't at war with the Germans, whereas native Americans were at war with whites, as well as other tribes. The two scenarios are not even remotely similar. Pushing that narrative is all part of the left's plan for America to kill itself though.
  2. Mine is avocado and from 1974 with an internal freezer that needs defrosting. Still works fine and at this point I keep it to see how long it will.
  3. Because to do so would shatter your illusions. Funny how inane comments continue, but intelligent rebuttal never does.
  4. LOL! Why is it none of you guys ever posts a refutation to what I post? Is it because you can't? If anyone see's in absolutes, it's the leftist Progressive that tries to tell everyone else how they must live their lives. BTW, hunting for red squirrels never closes.
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