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  1. Since they plan to use the proposed taxes to strip us all of our 2nd Amendment rights, it might just as well go to the DNC.
  2. But that tax is dedicated to wildlife conservation. The taxes being proposed by Democrats today are not!
  3. We need to understand the government is spending tax dollars to destroy a Constitutional right. And the people in the government voting to do it are on the left side of the aisle. They're Democrats. So any vote, for any democrat, is a vote to destroy the 2nd Amendment. Keep that in mind when you vote for a Democrat for some other reason. They are a package deal. Is your legal weed or privilege to have your girlfriend get an abortion, more important to you than your 2nd Amendment rights?
  4. Not sure what you believe the system is trying to do. But many people are not happy with what it is trying to do. The people who care and are concerned, are being attacked for caring and being concerned.
  5. An educational system that promotes and graduates people that stupid, is not doing society any favors.
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