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  1. First, nothing has been banned. It has been returned to the voters where it always should've been. Planned Parenthood was always a racist organization and should be eliminated. Check the history of that place. Not sure why you think defunding it will hurt kids. I don't know where you get what I said as not caring about children. I think starting off as not wanting a child is the epitome of not caring about a child. If you do not believe families, male partners and others talk women into getting abortions, I don't know what to tell you. They do not keep stats on the reasons women get abortions. But when women are interviewed, that is what many say. But ask yourself this: If killing a child is OK because it might suffer in life, how much of a leap is it to the idea anyone who suffers in life should choose death? Would that be a good thing? You either believe in the sanctity of life, or you don't.
  2. Lots of assumptions and accusations there, but no truth to any of it. If I'm wrong, show me the statistical analysis that proves it. Most abortions are done because women are pressured into one by family, boyfriends or other influencers. Adoption has a huge waiting list. We already foot the bill for Planned Parenthood and everything that abortion entails. I'm not worried about these babies living a horrible life. I'm worried about these babies not being allowed to live at all.
  3. If it is not clearly stated in the US Constitution, it is up to the States to legislate and enforce. That's called Federalism. No one lost any rights. Nothing was banned or outlawed. The people and their elected representatives are responsible for deciding what is and is not legal, in all of the States. In one particular supreme Court decision, that power was returned today. Because the original decision was unconstitutional. You live in a Republic. Be grateful for that. Pick up a copy of the United States Constitution, and a copy of your State Constitution. Read them carefully and understand them.
  4. DeSantis Points to the Real Problem as His Former Opponent Is Hit with a 21-Count Felony Indictment Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis slammed the mainstream media last week for how news outlets handled his 2018 rival, Andrew Gillum, during their hotly contested campaign. The former Democratic gubernatorial candidate was indicted Wednesday on 21 federal charges including conspiracy and 19 counts of wire fraud. In the aftermath of Gillum’s indictment, rather than going after Gillum, DeSantis actually pointed the finger at the mainstream media for making Gillum’s candidacy possible. DeSantis pointed out how the mainstream media had fawned over Gillum and said that they “propped him up”. DeSantis Points to the Real Problem as His Former Opponent Is Hit with a 21-Count Felony Indictment (westernjournal.com)
  5. And that is precisely why the SCOTUS reverted the power back to the states, where these issues can be put to a vote by the people, rather than imposed by a court.
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