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  1. My first hunting license says 1970, but I thought it was like fishing and you didn't need a hunting license if you were under 15 years old.
  2. Douglas Andrews The most shocking thing about this anonymously sourced hit piece by The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg isn't its incendiary claim that President Donald Trump called our honored dead from World War I "suckers" and "losers." No, the most shocking thing — the most jaw-dropping thing — is that Goldberg and his editors actually believed it would have its intended effect; that even a single potential Trump voter would read their hyper-partisan hatchet job and think, Welp, the president said our boys were suckers and losers, so Scranton Joe it is! Clearly, Jeffrey's been bit by the Trump Derangement bug. And he's been watching too many old clips of CBS's Dan Rather. But at least Rather and his "60 Minutes" crew had a source when they interfered in the 2004 election with the infamous "fake but accurate" attack on President George W. Bush. Admittedly, Rather's source was a flaky and virulent Bush hater. But, still, he was a source with an actual name — a guy whose credibility and motives could be examined. The once-proud Atlantic, though, sees fit to viciously smear this president just prior to an election without so much as a single on-the-record source. Goldberg's use of anonymous sources is especially rich since he himself decried their use in a 2016 New York Times Magazine article that embarrassed the Obama administration. "I did not find this mention of my name amusing at all," he said, "because [the journalist who wrote the story] is making a serious, unsourced, and unsubstantiated allegation against me in an otherwise highly credible publication." As for his own story, Goldberg claims his sources would be standing tall if it weren't for, well, social media. "They don't want to be inundated with angry tweets and all the rest," he says with a straight face. And hacks like him wonder why grassroots Americans don't trust the media. As always, President Trump was quick to respond. More important, though, were the witnesses — now 10 in all — who have since jumped to his defense. Said former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney: "I never heard the President disparage our war dead or wounded. In fact, the exact opposite is true. I was with him at the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion in Normandy. As we flew over the beaches by helicopter he was outwardly in awe of the accomplishments of the Allied Forces, and the sacrifices they paid." Not even Trump-hating John Bolton believes The Atlantic. "I didn't hear either of those comments or anything even resembling them," he said. "I was there at the point in time that morning when it was decided that he would not go Aisne-Marne cemetery. He decided not to do it because of John Kelly's recommendation. It was entirely a weather-related decision, and I thought the proper thing to do. I never heard he made that kind of comment about another country's forces either, no." Bolton also asserted that if the president had said he didn't want to visit Aisne-Marne because the interred heroes were "losers" and "suckers," he would have written an entire chapter about it in his book. Enough said. Time was when a publication like The Atlantic could get away with using anonymous sources. This is how former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein tried to justify it — by trying to compare the Atlantic's piece to the Watergate reporting he and Bob Woodward did nearly half a century ago. "That's the only way to do this," he said. "And we must continue in the press to do our reporting day by day by day because that's how we know who this president — what this presidency really is. The fake news is the president's news. We're doing the real reporting." But that was then, and this is now. When Woodward and Bernstein were blazing the trail for a new generation of advocacy journalists, most Americans still trusted the Fourth Estate. These days, however, 55% of us don't trust reporters. And why should we? A 2017 Harvard study found CNN and NBC's coverage of President Trump to be an astounding 93% negative, with CBS, The New York Times, and The Washington Post following close behind. As for the awfulness of this particular story, even the first lady felt compelled to weigh in. "The Atlantic story is not true," she tweeted. "It has become a very dangerous time when anonymous sources are believed above all else, & no one knows their motivation. This is not journalism — It is activism. And it is a disservice to the people of our great nation." Judge Jeanine Pirro slams the lies here:
  3. This is Delaware County this morning. Gayle Brown Lost & Found Pets Of Delaware County, NY tSpog1nsofre6hido · Hi , I am so worried, my flock of sheep was attacked by coyotes early this morning and 3 lambs were killed and the rest broke out of the pasture and are still missing . There are 40 sheep black ewes with white lambs. The ewes are wearing bells which are pretty loud . I am up on Maggie Hoag rd in Delhi/Delancey. They may have made there way down to 28 near St. James church. Or could be near Cabin hill road.
  4. I rarely ever post any more, but I'm sick of the Trump bashers. This is from my friend Angelo: “To answer all of those who would say “I can't believe you would vote for Trump." Well folks listen up! I'm not just voting for him. I'm voting for the Second Amendment. I'm voting for the next Supreme Court Justice. I'm voting for the Electoral College, and the Republic we live in. I'm voting for the Police, and law and order. I'm voting for the military, and the veterans who fought for and died for this country. I'm voting for the Flag that is always missing from the Democratic background. I'm voting for the right to speak my opinion and not be censored. I’m voting for secure borders. I’m voting for the right to praise my God without fear. I’m voting for every unborn soul the Democrats want to murder. I’m voting for freedom and the American Dream. I’m voting for good against evil. I'm voting for FREEDOM against SOCIALISM. I'm not just voting for one person, I'm voting for the future of my country! What are you voting for, a demented, corrupt, pervert and a Socialist pig who used cunnilingus to get ahead?”
  5. Right. The .325 WSM excels with 180 or 200 grain bullets. It has less recoil than a .338 WM and the short, fat case tends to offer better accuracy potential because it lacks the magnum belt and head spaces on the shoulder. Fire formed cases reloaded with just neck sizing and fired in the same rifle can be tack drivers. It is an excellent Elk round that is often offered in shorter action rifles of lighter weight, compared to the .338 WM. It's popularity is dwindling, but I suspect it will make a comeback some years down the road, like many other so called obsolete cartridges have done. Ammo can still be found online, but it is much pricier than when it first came out, but just a little more than .338 WM ammo of equal quality. Stock up on ammo and get the reloading dies for it. That should solve the ammo issue for you, as I don't think you'll be shooting that many rounds through it each year. It's not something you need to target shoot with.
  6. You guys don't condone these things? I think the original post was about being an NRA member. Doc is a member. IMO, that makes him better than most of the gun owners in NY state. Opinions vary. That's a good thing. The burden is on others to discredit them with facts. That's also a good thing. Is attacking other hunters a good thing for hunting?
  7. Do you believe Hillary is trustworthy? Do you think her experience has ever had the best interest of the country in mind? Face it, we have no choice but to vote for Trump. He may screw up this country, but Hillary would completely destroy it. Under Trump we'll probably see a lot of protests and riots, but under Hillary we would probably see a real, bloody, civil war. The reason Trump has risen to the level he has, is because a lot of the people in this land are fed up with the Left. The country is a powder keg at this moment and Hillary would love to light the fuse and end it all with a totalitarian iron fist. People who support her are truly uninformed and naive.
  8. I've seen guns made in Turkey that are plain Jane utility type hunting guns, as well as real fancy engraved and gold inlaid top of the line works of art. There is a sort of gun guild over there these days that rivals the ones that existed in Europe and Italy in the past. The quality is usually very good for the money in any of these guns.
  9. Doc, where I live there are lots of them. I can assure you I know first hand everything you have heard is true. No porky gets a pass around here. Farmers hate them too.
  10. Grouse

    Bagged one!

    Congratulations! Sounds like it was a good hunt.
  11. I don't know how you can assume this guy is a nobody with an off the wall message. His message has been reprinted and circulated by the HuffPost. That means they are trying to give it some traction. The good thing is most people see the HuffPost as a fluff organization anyway, but there are plenty of people who think they circulate real "News" and trust their opinions. I see a couple of guys on this site quoting them to try and reinforce their debates. Some people read what they print, believe it, repeat it and continue to do so until lots of fools think it's fact. That's the real danger of the internet, but it hasn't stopped liars and politicos from forcing this kind of idiocy on us in the past. Tell a lie often enough and people begin to believe it's true. Hell just look at the lies that have been repeated over and over by people like Obama and the Clintons. There are millions of fools who currently believe them.
  12. "Get the picture?" Actually, no. Are you sure that post was meant for this thread. It doesn't seem to relate.
  13. Right. And driving home from a bar these days can get you in big trouble. WHOA, now there's a good question. Will self driving cars be legal to operate when you're drunk?