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  1. Good morning everyone, just got up in my stand nice cold morning. Good luck to everyone heading out!
  2. 7-9 doe so far today no bucks.. bring on the antlers! Good luck to all this afternoon!
  3. Just seen 4 50 yards to my left 3 definite does and 1 unknown, getting ready to head in for some breakfast. Wind is howling up here.
  4. Live from the stand in 4G! Just had a shot go off behind me already.. unreal. Good luck to everyone today
  5. Wow a few years back my dad was driving west on the service road and doe ran out and hit the side of my truck.. no damage tho. Seems like there's a deer problem in that area.. (I can take care of it tho lol)
  6. BigMike


    Y'all ready for rifle season?
  7. Few weeks ago I seen a big big doe dead on the LIE right after the Glencove exit heading east. Never seen deer in that area my entire life.
  8. Doe down! My first deer ever lol she didn’t take another step.
  9. Morning everyone, getting ready to head out now.. I hunted the past 2 days had a few does and spike come in opening day and yesterday I only seen 2 does and a button buck. The button buck and little doe came and bedded 30 yards in front of my stand yesterday morning. Threw a few grunts at him and he was shook lol. Good luck to everyone going out today supposed to get a few inches of snow here in 4G.
  10. BigMike


    Hey everyone whatcha got? Yesterday I had a spike come in in the afternoon with some does and in the am I only saw 3 does. Today I had a button buck and little doe bed 20 yards in front of me for over an hour lol. Didn’t see anything else getting ready to head back in soon. Good luck to everyone out here in 4G!
  11. BigMike


    not personally but I found this on the dec site..
  12. BigMike


    What's going on everyone? How's this year looking for all of you?
  13. BigMike


    Around 9 am had a buck chasing a doe haven’t came back yet. Any luck anyone