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  1. If you are using a guide with hounds, then I'm sure you'll get one. My nephew told me a cute story about one of his friend's bow hunting, and doused himself with doe lure. From the side, a big cat jumped on him knocking him to the ground, and wound up pinning him down. After a bit of exchanging bad breath, the cat realized this was no deer it was standing on, and left. He got the heck out of there as fast as he could with the cat following him in the bushes I guess trying to figure out why he prey smelled right, but looked wrong .I saw a real big Mule deer 2 years ago when I was leaving Yo
  2. I guess I shouldn't feel too bad, as I got a chance to hunt them last fall. I did see a spike the fist day at 10 am with his mom, but if I am to get one, then I want a big boy. I still have deer tags coming up, either Whitetail or Mule deer, and always can try for lion. http://azgfd.com/ in case you are coming out this way
  3. Yes you sure do have a border check, but the Mexican guards will overlook minor items like ammo, if you offer them something of value
  4. I got a good chuckle while fishing on a big pool near Sparrowbush by the old canal. A guy was rowing up stream with his poles in the water in a small boat. Near the middle of the pool was a family of beaver having a good time which he did not see. When the guy got close, one did a tail slap, and the poor guy nearly lost it from hearing that unexpected big crack on the water from behind him. I hollered 'Beaver', so he didn't think something was trying to eat him.
  5. Slate Hill,

    1. nyazhunter


      Born and raised in Ridgebury , live in Phoenix for 30 years

  6. I used to live just on the other side of Port near Slate Hill, now I'm in the Arizona rim country 2500 miles away. I sure do miss that river
  7. Beat the poop out of using a stone..... which I tried using several of, and now I have sharp knives
  8. I bought a Work Sharp unit at a local gun show, and love it. It comes with 3 12" belts in 3 grits, and 2 guides to hold that proper angle. I use the middle one to get edge, and the super fine hone belt to polish the edge. Yup, you can grind away a lot of metal if you constantly use the medium belt, but I found that all you need to do is occasionally use a steel to true the blade after lots of use, or the honing belt. I have tried stones, diamond coated, electrics', and those pull the blade through kitchen ones. Oh that 3 belt, the real coarse one, you can take the guide off, tilt the belt a
  9. Dear, I am a lever gun shooter for the area I am hunting on the Mongollon rim area. Ponderosa forest, elevation around 7500 feet, and am using my Savage 99 in .358 Win this year. I carried a Marlin 95' in 45-70 for my NY hunts, and honesty, it is heavy, and I am getting older For the longer range areas, I used a Remington .338 rum for those really long shots on Elk, or my .308 S&W for deer sized game. The ground here runs from flat grassy mesa's, pine forests to deep canyons covered with scrub oaks, but mostly 20 foot high junipers/cedars. Unlike NY, you have to get drawn in a lottery for
  10. The scope is an old Weaver, and the one I am shipping it with is a weaver too. The optics, and dirty, and need to be cleaned is why I am taking it off. I switch from my Marlin 45-70 to my .308 S&W I ought years ago. The ranges here are a bit farther than NY woods. Last fall my nephew had a Elk tag, and the shot would have been more like 300 yards across the Juniper cover canyons. It snow the 3rd day, so we left. He had arthritis bad, and the cold really hurt him. I f any one want to chat about hunting here, lets start a new link in one of the other posting areas Rachel
  11. And so, I have bought guns from many states, and shipped the ones I lost interest in to people in other states. I take them to my UPS gun dealer, he packages them, I insure them, and they arrive at you dealer. I ask for an FFL from your dealer, and an ID that you are old enough to purchase the item. $35 usually cover all the ins & shipping, and you have to find a dealer who doesn't ripe you off for a transfer. The guys here charge $20 per rifle. Never had a problem. I used to live in Canandaigua( the chosen spot) for a year while I was going to the college there. Love deer hunting on the
  12. Well guys, why no interest in a early Winchester?? I sincerely hope you are all not going for the black gun market like in Arizona. The big show in Phoenix is always loaded with all kinds of AR's & Ak's with every imaginable accessory for them. The best part of living here is the ability to walk into a shop, pick out your favorite hand gun, do a background check, and walk out with it. Nice to be able to conceal carry here/ Now do I carry my .380, or my 45 ACP, I guess that depend on how I like to accessorize.
  13. Hi, I am a displaced New Yorker who is now in Arizona, and boy do I miss the greenery. I have a Winchester M70 in 06' I wish to sell. Decent condition, with a few dent in the wood, see the pics. I like to say the are teeth marks from a bear, but were there when I purchase the rifle. Bluing is good, and I believe the finish has had linseed oil rubbed on it with wear around the butt plate. Rear sight removed for the scope which is not pictured, a Weaver 2.5X8. The pictured one has fuzzy lens, so I changed it. Asking $750 firm plus $35 shipping I hunted mostly Ulster & Sullivan counties aro
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