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  1. Not bad in general, me and friends got some big boys there in the past.. Is that you Dennis? this is Mark from viola club...
  2. I don't think East Fishkill Provisions will take a whole deer, but if you have both (or one) hind quarters de-boned they make a "killer" schinkenspeck. I use them every year, never disappointed.
  3. Few shots before light, now quiet... Sent from my SM-G970U1 using Tapatalk
  4. Tough call, everyone is taking them differently. My son got actually motivated by one and learned how to hit and avoid them. I on the other end was boxing at the young age but quickly understood that wasn't for me (being knocked out few times get your priorities straight). I would talk to your son first and see what he thinks/feels about it. At 11 he understands well enough and is able to comprehend what future might hold for him. Don't scare him but be honest and tell him what you think and why. Kids learn quick, you might be surprised. Just my 2 cents.
  5. The are Sighthounds so they will run forever tiring the pray, yeah they will run rabbits just fine. But nothing can beat pack of beagles for hare... just my 2 cents
  6. Thanks airedale, they get pricey, they want $100 for vol1 since they are no longer in print. John Wick BTW...made me laugh a little :-) People are raving about it so it must be good. Thanks for the tip.
  7. Folks, anyone here running hounds before the season (as in train and such) I have a new girl 6 months old coonhound/rottie mix and I think the best way to get her to learn is to run with other older more experienced dogs. Anyone knows where I can tag along?
  8. Not sure where the op is coming from and he means by alone. Maybe he is European like myself where hunting is really, really organized and are driven hunts that's totally different and I mean transport to from the stand/spot, the beaters in place, official start/end of a hunting day, after hunt celebration, etc. In the US though I would say 95% is hunting alone as in "no one in your near proximity" and you start/end the day at the camp with buddies. I actually prefer it this way and like other have said, I'm addicted now to see "the day wake up" no better feeling in the world and sneaking in, in the dark gives me chills. I never really "hunted" in Europe, I was way too young for that but was aflield many times pushing the game to hunters, that's the deal over there and I doubt that "hunters" in Europe ever skin their own deer, that's more for the service people to do. Over here though it's more survivalist/hunter loner attitude and I love it, that is real hunting IMHO. Your mileage may vary of course. I can't imagine nothing better than tranquil solitude and being in peace with nature, listen, observe and learn. But that's me... :-)
  9. This fella must be awfully quick if he runs after the tree rats. Good looking pup, have fun. On the flip side, does anyone have a dog they want to part with, I don't feel like paying $1000 for GSP (since I'm a cheap a$$ :-)) any hunting type, I ain't too picky. Dog will be coming to a quiet house with fenced yard, plenty room to run around and someone is always home. Let me know.
  10. OK, I got it, you have re-do it to see the other options. I miss the days of sportsman license, one for all and be done with it.
  11. where is ML and Archery I see only "Annual Hunting Items" whatever that means.... confused... looking for a friend :-)
  12. Sorry to hear that. I hate to be Mr. obvious but how about the state land? That have to count for something...
  13. bkln


    That's why they call it VAN-dalism... (You see what I did there?) :-) I'm setting up a school walk out... we need to VAN-out..!!!! Where is that gay kid and lesbian chick when you need them...???
  14. bkln


    Don't do it Rob... :-)
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