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  1. bkln


    That's why they call it VAN-dalism... (You see what I did there?) :-) I'm setting up a school walk out... we need to VAN-out..!!!! Where is that gay kid and lesbian chick when you need them...???
  2. bkln


    Don't do it Rob... :-)
  3. bkln


    https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/23/world/toronto-collision-pedestrians/index.html OK, people it's time to ban white Vans... it's getting out of hands. No one needs a Van that is white and has 4 wheels...
  4. bkln

    R.Lee Ermey R.I.P.

    Rest Easy Gunny, see you in Valhalla...!!! "....Marines die, that's what we're here for. But the Marine Corps lives forever. And that means YOU live forever..."
  5. bkln

    For Or Against Full Inclusion

    Shit, maybe it should...
  6. bkln

    For Or Against Full Inclusion

    That's a valid point, I wonder if DEC will ever adjust the season due to the weather changes. I mean we have 80 degrees during archery season in September and 32 in April, that does affect animal movement and things. Everything seems to pushed forward and we losing some days in the woods this way... just saying.
  7. bkln

    For Or Against Full Inclusion

    Who are you again?
  8. bkln

    For Or Against Full Inclusion

    will still do the job
  9. bkln

    For Or Against Full Inclusion

    A string plus arrow/bolt...that's archery no matter how you slice it. How did they call all people shooting x-bows back in the Vikings days? Oh yeah, archers... Not sure what's the fuss about, let people decide what they take into the woods. It should be people's call not bureaucrats, just saying...
  10. bkln


    You guys are a riot...I never laughed so hard in my life..... LOL, WOOLY "... you broke my heart..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13msSSoU7VI
  11. bkln

    Ski Lift Accident

    That was in resort in Georgia (not our Georgia, the other one :-)) and I was thinking the same thing, WTF was emergency switch, someone will lose his job over this I hope... crazy, regardless... It's allover FB too, so it must happened recently
  12. bkln

    Sometimes u just have to laugh

    Nice job Eddie clearing this up...!!!
  13. bkln

    My new tree stand

    Jesse Kauffman for president...!!! :-) There is no quitting with this guy ... and I love his Dad's hat "I hate Jesse"...LMBO. Nice story, thanks for sharing.
  14. bkln

    My new tree stand

    No way, this thing is for real...??? How da heck he got all stuff inside and the crane must have been involved. If that's his land, hey, more power to ya buddy!!!!
  15. bkln

    Taconic Hereford multi use area

    I'm late to this reply but here is my 2 cents. This place is a zoo, you will see there Cadillacs from NYC and The Orange Army from Manhattan...lol. Normally I stay away during season and only go there at night for small game furbearers during respective season. Lots of dog walkers and bikers during the day. Walks and fresh air? Nice area. For hunting? Not so much...