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  1. Good luck to you all. I went last time this morning and I am done. I'm tired and cold.
  2. Save where you can in order to spend on something else
  3. I think we got almost 6 inches in Retsof. It's heavy snow, I still haven't bought a shovel but I did get new tires!
  4. I was driving home, looking across field I could see a person in a stand with what looked like brand new orange. So if you want to be seen, get it
  5. This is last year's Doe, she was dry aged and I cooked it perfectly. I was worried because I used a garlic basting oil, thought it was going to be to strong.
  6. Wish I had a buck here, next year my tree will be a real one and huge like mowin's! That is my goal.
  7. I gave all my Christmas stuff to a nephew a few years ago, so I am starting all over and this just might be it till next year.