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  1. That is disgusting! Were they cuddling with that pig? I would do this I think. I would be so paranoid that one would crawl on me. A few of those looked like Chihuahua size. I can't imagine you would ever get anyway at the rate they multiple
  2. I missed that you had fallen. Sorry about that, glad you're ok. A friend of a friend smashed his leg falling out of stand. 2 huge rocks at the bottom. I now always look at what is at the bottom. As we get older we don't heal as quick.
  3. My house is only 813 sqft. My last electric was about $50. When I run the electric out to the dogs I will be like $100 a month, I think that's what it was when I was running my central air also. For me that seems like a lot for a small house and my gas bill averages 80
  4. That is nice shooting. I enjoy watching these. How far are you shooting in the woods?
  5. I don't think it's a long arm picture
  6. Agreed, time with son worth it. Although he could at least pay the visitor fee
  7. I started in 9h, snow up to my knees. Switched out the gun now in 8h
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