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  1. Wow amazing!! :-)
  2. I liked this. I am having nephew bring some back. I knew I should have grabbed more.
  3. Happy Happy Birthday Larry Have a wonderful day.
  4. Mango IPA
  5. I think it might depend on where the state land is. From what I have gotten from comments here is, a lot of state land hunters don't scout or put work in to the hunt. They show up by the truck loads. Most of them go into woods a short distance and hunt there, they don't hike into the woods. That's all I got.
  6. Flys
  7. If your uncle is a lawyer doesn't he know what your looking for?
  8. I know on NY Dec site there is a permission slip. Look to see if there is something on Connecticut site
  9. WOW
  10. First ones look like they would be trippy
  11. Looks amazing, I am sure it looks much better in person! A lot of work to be proud of
  12. I really like it! Did you keep the mud flap on the front fender?