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  1. Max got a bird

    Max is good looking! Congrats on the bird. My husband took his dog out and got one also. Hope your husband is doing well.
  2. What happened to these members?

    Mike was exiled. Of course Larry will help you. :-)
  3. Venison at Arby's

    Why do you get emails from Arby’s?
  4. I loaded dog other night and I was pulling them off him, maybe 6. I pulled almost 10 off me. Tonight I didn’t find one
  5. There are places in Leroy and Mumford/Leroy. Maybe in scottsville, Gravel pit is one.
  6. I can still impress him....

    I am not afraid to say that woman would hurt me
  7. What's for dinner tonight?

    I believe Diners Drive in’s and Dives had that and a place close by on the show before.
  8. Sacrifice tags?

  9. Advertise him on a southern site, they use dogs for deer in some states.
  10. Hunting camp

    Love that!
  11. Kentucky

    I have a puppy that will be ready to go.
  12. Kentucky

  13. Kentucky

    By chance anyone making a trip down near the western part of the state after Dec 1st?