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  1. Dry ice....

    That's funny, I was going to suggest a plunger
  2. Beer

    Dam hot out
  3. Vintage Hunting Photos (Good Old Days)

    There is a page on Facebook that has old pictures, love seeing them.
  4. Beer

    He almost looks the same! Remember the commercials? Buzzo buzzo buzzo buzzo ....... Lol
  5. Freaks of Four Seasons.

    Great pictures and information
  6. Beer

    I need to try this!
  7. Beer

    Not yet
  8. Anchorage Alaska

    Beautiful pictures
  9. Beer

    I was given today Mississippi mud as a late birthday gift
  10. Girlfriend has a Tag

    Wonder why they tagged her
  11. What's for dinner tonight?

    I'm holding off till we get some good toppings and rolls
  12. What's for dinner tonight?

    Save a lot in Genesee
  13. Freaks of Four Seasons.

  14. Happy Birthday Paula

    Absolutely, we still have fireworks and beer