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  1. I say go to the vet, how is it going now? Check to see if there is something stuck in teeth, roof of the mouth.
  2. Congratulations to you and your wife. Love the name
  3. I'm surprised at the big difference between red and grey fox. Only going by the guys that hunt coyote on this site I hoping prices would be better.
  4. Is that price range for coyote good or bad for this year?
  5. I think today is going to be the best games out of this season! I'm excited and confident SF will be in Superbowl with KC
  6. Blueticks are gorgeous! My dogs only bark at what they should or what critter might be in the yard. It's not as bad as people say. Yes my house dog is always looking for the next meal, I think it helps if you don't give in! Here is my house dog Chester, all he cares about is a car ride, any food and staying warm.
  7. Is that the bridge that was considered for license plates?
  8. Not sure if you seen this
  9. It's fine, not a big deal at all.
  10. A question is giving you shit? You seem a bit sensitive, it's a harmless question.