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  1. Sorry to hear, hope your better quick
  2. That's why Im going with new. I didn't realize that you still had another cost for the repair of the chimney. Your furnace might last forever but if it's an 80% you can get a much more efficient one. I always have such a hard time making decisions when it comes to spending money. LOL
  3. It's my understanding B vent is not out of the chimney. I need mine replaced and it's cinder blocks not brick. The last quote I got was $4,500 that is to remove the debris and put up a new one. I chose to go the route of new furnace and hot water tank and B vent. I think $2500 to repair and bring you up to code doesn't seem bad.
  4. I found this, wasn't looking but a great price. It's over kill for my yard but I still have fun. I was hoping to cut one more time but I don't think so.
  5. Paula


    Dam, that's too bad
  6. Paula


    We aren't even a yr in yet. I am getting a new furnace soon, it should help save me a bit.
  7. Paula


    I only see ads for home improvement stuff I have shopped for
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