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  1. How hard was it to clean? I seen on a cooking show a place that offered the heads, I read up on it since I had ordered a pig. Lots of cleaning of teeth, ears and nostrils I think. Eww. Did you eat an eye, I think they said they are creamy like.
  2. That's great of you both to bring home dogs. Good luck with the cuties
  3. He is cute and sounds like he is going to be big. Just knowing a dog has pit scares me. I know it shouldn't, my boyfriend's dog is pit mixed and I love him to death but he still makes me nervous. This is Elvis
  4. Paula


    Congratulations, it looks huge! Great pictures!
  5. Paula


    Looks like a nice place. Have fun and good luck
  6. Pretty cool, take her! She is a hit on FB.
  7. I don't think there is one around here. That's one thing I haven't looked into
  8. Eggplant was shit! Had to throw it out. Mine was much much better than my friends. I bought these thinking I could put in oven, but nope they had to be fried. I put pepper jack on it
  9. Eggplant, spegetti squash with venison sausage