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    long island afton ny
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    Killing stuff and than eating it !!!!! Yumm

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    300 wsm
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    I shot it with my PSE

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  1. Iam looking to rent a mulching head for my skidsteer.or rent the whole machine or hire someone to do it.also looking for someone to log out a few acres.HELP!!!
  2. Does anyone know where I might be able to rent a mulching head attachment for my skid steer or someone who does this work
  3. johnnydirt

    wild pigs

    Walking on the side of rte 17 just outside Hancock right by the rest area.last year I saw a guy hit one right in the same spot.
  4. I have a place in afton and I can tell you that by me locals shoot anything and everything. Rules at my place 1.you must take a doe before you can take a buck 2.eight points or better 3.must be at least 3 years old In addition to my food plots I plant at least twenty trees a year.oaks,cedars,honey locust and other native species.if you follow basic guidelines and really stick to them you will see improvements.
  5. So basically you were out breaking the law and you were going to destroy someone else's stands?
  6. You know what happens when you assume!!!!! Hahahaha good call...not really!
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