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  1. Dropped This 8 Pt First Light Ran 40 Yards And Piled UP .. My Biggest Yet Makes It That Much Better .. Middlesex Ny
  2. Damnit the big one came back but no shot at him he got behind me down wind and then trotted off when he winded me ... so frustrating
  3. Can't beat them bridgers #2dogless Hell of a yote trap
  4. One doe seen then 15 min's later it got spooked by yote and ran
  5. daylight saving got me this year but I'm still going out that deer was too big to miss today ..
  6. Down in my hunt club today this beast was slayed ... 9 point 185 lb buck ... mine wasn't any smaller but I missed mine hopefully he comes back tomorrow so I can connect ..middlesex ny
  7. Just seen the biggest deer of my life. He made 2 scrapes then came straight in on me and I shot when he was almost under me only shot I had at his side and it was a clean miss under him he didn't even spook and continued to freshen 3 scrapes as he left ... think he will be back?
  8. Well first hunt cut short due too some stomache rumblings but it was nice to check out my stand and make sure it was good and hunt for 2 hrs .. had a yote go trotting by couldn't get him to stop or I would of dropped his @$$ .. found a line of scraps all the way to my stand the last 40 yards so I'm pretty stoked about the next hunt whenever it is .. good luck guys it was a perfect day down at my land
  9. What a morning barely woke up made it down late couldn't find harness caribiner for 20 mins then had a brain fart and couldn't get my harness on for the life of me finally did headed to my stand and the last 40 yards had a doe blow at me .. yea first sit of the year starting rocky...down in middlesex
  10. Lol sorry officer rob i was just wondering thanks you guys that answered
  11. Trying to figure out if I want to go out in the morning for my first sit of the year .. I don't know if 70° is to warm to expect to see anything ?? What do you guys think
  12. Good for you and way to keep at it this time of year .. I'm finished I have 2 traps I can see from my back window and those are to be pulled when I get out to it but it was awesome sharing all my memories with you fine gentlemen and women but as life gets tougher it's time to get back to the everyday grind of work and healing up for next year .. good luck to you all and hope you guys have a great year leading up to the long awaited dirt season .... Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  13. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  14. No otter report ... awesome day for me today pulled 3 of my last 4 k9 traps and I got this prize for pull day magic ... #20!!! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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