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  1. Homemade Harrow?

    Old bed spring with tires on top for weight
  2. Did I ACTUALLY find leeks???

    Yea Arcade and portageville are full of them. Love walking in words and smelling them in the breeze. Been digging them for about 1 1/2 weeks.
  3. I never get past wash and pop in mouth. I hate onions but will eat every leek I get my hands on. Makes it hard to use mouth call with mouth full of them but I manage.
  4. best movie to watch on a snow day !

    Only the brave. Very good movie Worlds Greatest Entertainer another good one
  5. First trophy you hunted

    My trophy isn't one I hunted or shot. My first trophy was my father getting a little 6 point buck. His health has been bad for a long time and he doesn't go out very much. When he does get out he never is able to get very far and it is never for very long. Had been years sence he had gotten a deer or even seen one. Open in day about 5 years ago he got a little 6 point and the look in his eyes and happiness on his face was the best thing in the world. We all knew it was probably be the last deer he ever shot and we gave the woke day too him. We got that deer out of the woods and listened to him tell the story over and over that day. This started at 8 a.m. on opening day and we didn't go back out the rest of the day. Just sat and enjoyed his moment with him. Heck the second day was only a half day hunt because he wasn't finished when we all called it quits the first day. Best trophy ever.
  6. Hunting related sayings or thoughts...

    Shoot the deer not the rack. Count the points after it is dead And when someone says they missed or made a bad shot yet knows the number of points the buck had. If you had time to count the points you had time to make a good shot. One more. Don't just shoot aim.
  7. Don't lose your cookies Doc. If you shoot with both eyes open none of of it is the hard and oh will see that orange before you squeeze. A so sounds like you are saying deer always leap when running. That s not thaw case. Running is different from leaping. This is just how I was thought and it has worked very well for myself and many others. That orange you speak of could just as easily pop up during he squeeze while you are shooting at a standing deer. Or maybe there could be a guy in full camp hiding in brush on other side of deer. If we never took a shot just because there might possible be someone on the other side then no deer would ever be shot at. If you do not like to take running shots that is fine. Do what you are comfortable with.
  8. With running deer swing gun. Keeping cross hairs on spot you want to hit fallow deer with gun through the trigger pull. With loping deer wait till deer is at high point of lope aim just in front of chest squeeze trigger when you first see Brown enter into scope. Deer will fall into line of bullet and when it lands will crumble to the ground dead. At least that is what I was taught and it always has worked for me.
  9. I don't get the video. They could be killed at any moment and they go into video mode instead of survival mode? What does that say about our kids? Or us for that matter for not teaching them how to survive? Have things gotten with the whole pics or videos or it didn't happen that the first thing people do in a tragedy such as this is make sure they get it on video? This kid needs to be knocked in the head for even thinking of video taping instead of survival, his parents need a knock in the head as well for teaching him to think that way. This is why they are mass shootings.the victims are more worried about getting the tragedy on film then they are about saving themselves or others that they end up dead trying to get their video. My son was caught in the middle of an active shooter situation. He survived because he kept his phone in his pocket and only used it to call me after he and 3 others had gotten out and to safty. Only 2 things you should think of in that situation. Try to stop it or get away from it. When bad things are happening you either chose to do something or do nothing. Taking video or pictures are doing nothing. We have become a nation of people who do nothing. This is why so many of these types of things happen lately. It is easy to commit these acts when you know Noone will do anything other then take a pic or video. The ones who do these things are looking for the fame that they saw the last guy get. If people fought back and the media stopped reporting on these things there is a good chance they would stop. Or at least slow down. Try this hay folks this happened today. End of story. Don't give them there fame. Don't talk about it all day everyday until the next nut job get talked into doing the same thing. Also has anyone noticed that every report starts with ar15 was involved. Some reports state other types of weapons then 2 hours latter they say nope we were wrong it was an assault riffel. They report what they are told to. The more these things happen the more reporting on them there is. Kinda of fuel to the fire.
  10. What we need is for parents to go back to teaching there kids respect for others and giving them as whooping they need when they need it. Kids are not displayed anymore. They are put in time out or the phrase kids being kids is used and there actions are ignored. I don't know anyone who got a few whooping when they were young that does not respect other or would even think of doing things like this. When I was a kid if you were seen doing something wrong or disrespecting someone the person who saw you gave you a whooping and then called your parents. Hay I just caught little jammy doing such and such and whooped him good. Parents reply was good let him know he is getting another whooping when he gets home. You didn't dare screw up because you knew better. It really does take a community to raise a child and that is the way ito was. Nowadays you can't do anything or say anything to a kid because there parents get pissed that someone tried to make there kid be a decent person. Between that and people just saying that's not my problem we ended up where we are today.
  11. Odd But Serious Question

    To add to my last post. You can buy sights that clip onto vent ribs that are some what adjustable. Although they raise your sight plain and does away with the quick line up when getting on target.
  12. Odd But Serious Question

    Many have shot slugs through a vent r in barrel. Myself included. Any barrel I have seen with a vent Rob was always a shot barrel with Choking of kind and beads in a fixed position. No real need to adjust sights when using shot. Slugs can be used affect through a vent rib barrel but to be accurate you need to adjust your point of aim. Slug barrel is straight no choking and has adjustable sights. No need to adjust point of aim to be accurate just move sights until you are hitting where you want. I have always called and heard others call vent rib barrels bird or shot barrel. The vent rib barrel will always be better for shot then for slugs. However both can be shot .
  13. Odd But Serious Question

    Think of the rib as a string between beads. Actually helps you get on target faster. Look at one bead fallow string ( rib) to next bead. Your eye will automatically follow the line of the rib between beads helping you to line them up faster. At least that is what I know of it. Could be bs but I know for me it works that way.
  14. Wear the bunny suit.
  15. Diets

    I'm lucky that the kids always copied mom or gramma instead of dad. The kids have always been harder on me then adults. Even from very young the always yelled at me for eating all that bad food and have always eaten better then me. Someday it will catch up to me butt until then I eat what makes me happy. I like going to a party and watch people eating off the veggie tray. I always nobody likes weeds and parties prove it. The first thing people say is where is the veggie dip. If dip is all gone no more veggies get eaten. They like the dip or dressing not the weeds. I know I should eat better but I just can't eat things that look like pig slop or have the taste of cardboard.