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  1. stubby68

    Implements you’ve killed deer with ?

    Compound bow,12 gauge Ithaca 37, 12 gauge Ithaca 900 spring and gas operated, 20 and 10 gauge he single shot, an 1100, 870. 7mm, 270, 243,25/06, 30/06, 308. 50 and 54 cal smoke pole Winchester model 13 12 gauge.1992 f150.I think that's it.
  2. stubby68

    Dry ice....

    Auto parts store. They sell suction cups for pulling dents. Can get different sizes only about 5 bucks each. They work she now crease involved in dent.hold up to dent flip handle up and it stays till handle is folded down.just pull dent out ad remove. They work great for handles on a frig or stove when moving them. Very strong. Used one on an old chest freezer to drag it out of house. Freezer was over 8 feet long made in the 60s and heave as a Buick. Suction never came off till I released handle.
  3. stubby68

    Dry ice....

  4. stubby68

    when do you start getting serious with trailcams?

    Mine are out all year. Check every 2 to 3 weeks. I spend as much time in the woods as I can just setting,watching and learning. Try to get a couple hours a day sometimes. I've noticed that the animals have come a customer to my presences and smells. Not like pets but. They realise I'm not a danger and do not seem to mind me being there. I've seen a big difference in the way they act when others are in the woods then it is just me. They get use to the same smells and sights all the time. Me being there does still bother some though as evidenced by trail cam footage. The trail cams let me know how te animals react to my movements in the woods.
  5. stubby68

    Buck rubbing already?

    Wood chick ripping off strips of bark to chew
  6. stubby68

    Which hot dogs?

  7. stubby68

    Which hot dogs?

    I hope hunting season hurries up. You know it's bad when you sit around talking about weinners in the off season. Sahlens are top dog around here
  8. stubby68

    Homemade Harrow?

    Old bed spring with tires on top for weight
  9. stubby68

    Did I ACTUALLY find leeks???

    Yea Arcade and portageville are full of them. Love walking in words and smelling them in the breeze. Been digging them for about 1 1/2 weeks.
  10. I never get past wash and pop in mouth. I hate onions but will eat every leek I get my hands on. Makes it hard to use mouth call with mouth full of them but I manage.
  11. stubby68

    best movie to watch on a snow day !

    Only the brave. Very good movie Worlds Greatest Entertainer another good one
  12. stubby68

    First trophy you hunted

    My trophy isn't one I hunted or shot. My first trophy was my father getting a little 6 point buck. His health has been bad for a long time and he doesn't go out very much. When he does get out he never is able to get very far and it is never for very long. Had been years sence he had gotten a deer or even seen one. Open in day about 5 years ago he got a little 6 point and the look in his eyes and happiness on his face was the best thing in the world. We all knew it was probably be the last deer he ever shot and we gave the woke day too him. We got that deer out of the woods and listened to him tell the story over and over that day. This started at 8 a.m. on opening day and we didn't go back out the rest of the day. Just sat and enjoyed his moment with him. Heck the second day was only a half day hunt because he wasn't finished when we all called it quits the first day. Best trophy ever.
  13. stubby68

    Hunting related sayings or thoughts...

    Shoot the deer not the rack. Count the points after it is dead And when someone says they missed or made a bad shot yet knows the number of points the buck had. If you had time to count the points you had time to make a good shot. One more. Don't just shoot aim.
  14. Don't lose your cookies Doc. If you shoot with both eyes open none of of it is the hard and oh will see that orange before you squeeze. A so sounds like you are saying deer always leap when running. That s not thaw case. Running is different from leaping. This is just how I was thought and it has worked very well for myself and many others. That orange you speak of could just as easily pop up during he squeeze while you are shooting at a standing deer. Or maybe there could be a guy in full camp hiding in brush on other side of deer. If we never took a shot just because there might possible be someone on the other side then no deer would ever be shot at. If you do not like to take running shots that is fine. Do what you are comfortable with.
  15. With running deer swing gun. Keeping cross hairs on spot you want to hit fallow deer with gun through the trigger pull. With loping deer wait till deer is at high point of lope aim just in front of chest squeeze trigger when you first see Brown enter into scope. Deer will fall into line of bullet and when it lands will crumble to the ground dead. At least that is what I was taught and it always has worked for me.