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  1. How does a calliper make your suspension as it like that?
  2. Does it have air suspension? Looks like suspension collapsed. Common with dodge.
  3. I have never used that on.all the geo caching apps at free to be a member and use. You only pay if yo want to become a premer member so you can get a few extra caches and options. Neither of which are a need. If you have Android on your phone or tablet c geo is the way to go. Can download the caches you want to look for along with any descriptions and clues so you can assess the info even when you have no service. If you find a travel bug you can put its number into c geo ad see every place it has been. Ust remember to place it in another cache so it can continue it trip. After you put it back out you can fallow it and see where it goes. I have gotten a few that have been all over the world. Some of the caches are real hard to find he might have to search a few different times for them. You can read what other people have said about the fact and if they found it or not. Dnf means did not find. Tftc means thanks fr the cache. It can be addicting. Most caching is done when there is no snow n the ground. This is so other dope do not fallow your tracks to the cache and take advantage of your work. If you ever make it out around buffalo send me a message. Oh by the way most airports have geocach drop off points you can get trave bugs people have brough with them from out of state or country. Whenleavin on a flight people will grab a bug from these drop offs and take it to a new farther away place.
  4. Been caching for about 8 years. You can put out your own caches. That s ow they get out there.go-to geo you can find out how to place and register you own cach. Have placed several of them. Cgeo is the ap for geocaching. There are a few caches that only ground speak members can view. Fee to be a member is $20 Bucks for lifetime I believe. Other te member caches all other caches are available for you to search for. Cgeo works great on phones or tablets with Android. Not so good without Android.
  5. Never saw anything in one of those stores that I couldn't get someplace else cheaper. I've only ever been to a couple ducks and at both places there hunting was small to my eyes. Put them out of business lousy store with screwed up values.
  6. Compound bow,12 gauge Ithaca 37, 12 gauge Ithaca 900 spring and gas operated, 20 and 10 gauge he single shot, an 1100, 870. 7mm, 270, 243,25/06, 30/06, 308. 50 and 54 cal smoke pole Winchester model 13 12 gauge.1992 f150.I think that's it.
  7. Auto parts store. They sell suction cups for pulling dents. Can get different sizes only about 5 bucks each. They work she now crease involved in dent.hold up to dent flip handle up and it stays till handle is folded down.just pull dent out ad remove. They work great for handles on a frig or stove when moving them. Very strong. Used one on an old chest freezer to drag it out of house. Freezer was over 8 feet long made in the 60s and heave as a Buick. Suction never came off till I released handle.
  8. Mine are out all year. Check every 2 to 3 weeks. I spend as much time in the woods as I can just setting,watching and learning. Try to get a couple hours a day sometimes. I've noticed that the animals have come a customer to my presences and smells. Not like pets but. They realise I'm not a danger and do not seem to mind me being there. I've seen a big difference in the way they act when others are in the woods then it is just me. They get use to the same smells and sights all the time. Me being there does still bother some though as evidenced by trail cam footage. The trail cams let me know how te animals react to my movements in the woods.
  9. Wood chick ripping off strips of bark to chew
  10. I hope hunting season hurries up. You know it's bad when you sit around talking about weinners in the off season. Sahlens are top dog around here
  11. Old bed spring with tires on top for weight