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  1. For sale, I believe it to be a mid 1950s Powermaster Wham-O crossbow. No string or bolts, needs cleaning up, some rust, missing front sight. Would make a great wall hanger for the crossbow hunter in his man cave. $75.00 OBO. Located in Lewis County NY. If interested PM me.
  2. Mathews LX 55lbs. 30" draw Mathews micro adjust rest. Gold Tip 5575 Expedition Hunter. Muzzy MX3. Truball Stinger release.
  3. I'm a member of the Glen Greig Fish & Game Club located in Greig, NY. Thought I would share their Face Book Page link. http://www.facebook....5359062?sk=info The easy way to find the club is by the link below. http://www.bing.com/...+Club&mkt=en-US Adir.Hunter
  4. Thanks Skillet, Yes sir seen a few bear this summer. Wife got tangled up with one this summer walking the dogs, twisted her ankle when she was on the run LOL. Evey time we had a bear in the yard, I told her he was just checking on her. She didn't seem to think it was funny!
  5. Thanks Dave6x6, Will jump in here soon. Right now I'm focusing on trying to fill my tag!
  6. Burmjohn, Moosemaple, Fasteddie, Deerthug, Thank You for the Welcome!!
  7. Thank You Rong, Not so good, seeing a lot of Does, and a few small young Bucks.
  8. Hello to all here on HuntingNY. I found this site from a link on ADKHunter. I'm located in Lewis County, NY, I hunt in Highmarket, Southern Lewis County and Indian Lake. So far seems like a really cool site, lots of info. and I'm looking forward to participating on the forums! Best of luck to all of you these season. Adir.Hunter
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