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  1. I did have the opportunity in boot camp to qualify expert with iron sights. That was pretty awesome. Shot the highest in my platoon. Have the certificate somewhere. Once I got to the fleet it was 4 times with glass. Managed to hustle 20 bucks off a SSGT one time. Always wondered what I could do with a little heavier round and a good set of high powered optics. Not to mention I had to shoot in 29 palms with 20 mph cross winds using Kentucky windage!! And I appreciate it, Cap.
  2. Lol absolutely. No disrespect intended. Couldn’t help throwing some friendly trash talk down given the easy opportunity
  3. No these were some boot soldiers down in San Angelo. I’m just poking. Def some top flight dudes in all branches without a doubt. And the Marine Corps has its fair share of Shit bags. And I’ve been to the range with plenty of Marines that couldn’t shoot lol. But don’t you dare get me started on those sailors!! (Grin)
  4. Hey man, don’t mess with a 5 time rifle expert! Used to drill head shots at 500 yards with that ‘ol M-16 and an acog. I was really just kicking the tires to see if there were some salty Army vets on here lol. But trust me, I spent time with some Army soldiers and the hype is very real. Leaving their weapons laid on the floor of the chow hall? I think not! Not knowing what condition your rifle is in with magazine out, bolt forward and ejection port cover closed... Better get on your face, Devil.
  5. Well they still need the marksmen to make it work... And we Marines know the Army can’t shoot worth a shit.
  6. I had a bought a Remington 700 270 wsm and was stoked to have it. But it wouldn’t chamber a round smoothly. It would tear up the end of the brass while trying to close the bolt. Loved the way it shot. Absolute cannon. But sold that junk.
  7. Dude shot a buck with a baby strapped to his back... show me something more badass... I’ll wait.
  8. Really hoping this late rut activity happens in my neck of the woods today... I’ve had a glimpse of only one shooter buck so far this gun season. Good luck guys and gals. Let’s put some bone on the ground today!
  9. I would try and make moves on them. Hunting the same stands seeing the same results should indicate the bucks are moving elsewhere. Right now you’re hunting with the hopes of a good buck trailing one of those does past your stand. Invest in a climber. Move around to different areas that have good sign, climb, hunt, scout, all at the same time. I hunt from a climber 90% of the time and my buck sightings have increased ten fold. Be unpredictable. You will get on them. I have climbed in random spots and found bucks. Over hunt it and they won’t show up. Scout and move and you will be on them again. I always try and hunt where no one has sat in a while. Stands get burned out and the deer re route. Good luck! Lots of good advice in here.
  10. Least you put your hunting clothes on for the picture lol. Good buck! Congrats.
  11. May be a brisket shot also. They bleed like a mother when hit there. Sounds like he’s hurting. Hopefully he beds for the night and you can at least catch him in it in the morning. Good luck WNY.
  12. You can be stealthy in crunchy snow. Just get on your belly and slide like a seal. Works every time.
  13. Not saying I have the balls to do it ..but anyone ever think of wearing pure white with a picture of the front of a deer printed on it? I think this could be epic. Just walk among deer