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  1. I use the .22 for challenge/practice. They are all over in my neck of the woods as well. But they always are due to the black walnut.
  2. Agree that these guys are great. I was just turned on to them a couple months ago. My favorite part about these guys is that they always have a smile on their face and are doing what they love. Too many folks who have made it big turn into robots and advert specialists which is too bad.
  3. Congrats and nice story! Did you spend the evening in the woods?
  4. My bro lives in B-Port and he was talking to me about it as well.
  5. Took a walk with the kids on Sunday. Found a good cluster of rubs and scrapes in the Oak flat we scouted. (4B) Checking cams this week after soaking for almost a month, will report back then!
  6. I posted this elsewhere, but i saw two bucks sparring in 4j last Thursday 10/3. Definitely have seen a few nicer bucks in 4b/4j during the cold snap we had.
  7. My hunting camp more or less butts up to Stony Lake. Not very deery but beautiful nonetheless!
  8. There was a younger fella by the name of Lowell on Rte 20 in Princetown/Duanseburg that processed a deer for me a couple years ago. Did a good job, i just asked for basic cuts and ground. I got his number from here i think. (518)231-3301.
  9. So I made the upgrade to the Nikon Prostaff P3 and am dialed in. I am very happy with the upgrade and like I believe Core? said, the Nikon Spot on App is easy to work with although the calculations were not exact, albeit very close. Shooting Pile Drivers with G5's. While i am comfortable at 50 (farthest practiced), my hunting range will be much less.
  10. Saw two bucks sparring in a field in 4B this morning. I was not hunting, but it was a very cool first for my daughter and I!
  11. The Montecs are very consistent for me. But I started with Muzzy Trocar and they were not consistent at all. Its interesting how some of us can run with almost identical setups yet our POI's be so different sometimes. I am a newby, but have many friends who have bowhunted for decades. They are primarily fixed guys so i steered that way.
  12. I just wrapped the front portion of the butt and also where the number is for the length the adjustment. Hold it vertically from the foregrip and shake it a little, you will see/hear where it rattles and needs to be taped.
  13. I just took the sling off all together and taped up the butt. Year two with my CP370. Shooting Pile Driver with Montec G5's. The field tips and BH don't shoot the same but the BH are right on the money. How often would you advise restringing? Based upon visual wear or do you all have a set time frame or number of shots, etc... I faithfully wax the string.
  14. They went back to bucks only a few years ago. I think Salmon hit it in the head as far as finding the Bears year to year.