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  1. Yeah this thing is moving like crazy! Same, DWAC took a little hit yesterday and then sky rocketed. I will let it roll for a short time. DWAC Coming back to earth now though.
  2. I'm in on the PHUN as well! I missed this by 20 minutes yesterday when it was still way low before the bell rung.
  3. I’m a tweener and I respect those shotgun guys a ton.
  4. Truth. I bowhunt 4j, we all know what that is. Hi density area. I’ve had this opportunity since 2019. I shot a doe with my daughter and would again but, my sightings have been way down this year which is why I asked initially. If it remains scarce, I will definitely err on the side of caution. Unfortunately I can’t smell Bc of allergies so there’s that.
  5. Was such a nice morning, but the deer forgot to get out of bed.
  6. I have the 29th and 1st off. May move the 29th to the 2nd or 4th based upon weather situation. 11/5 - 11/15 look like my rut vacation for me. I may make some adjustments based upon my kids schedules and weather.
  7. I actually like hunting in wind as long as I can keep my wits about me!
  8. Love this picture of him... He gained mass last year. Have seen him with my own eyes 4 times... Once at 30 with no reasonable shot. No cam pics yet this year, but I'm hoping he still roams!
  9. Hunted until 9:30a this morning before I headed into work. Was hoping the coldest morning of the year would lead to more movement, but it wasn't to be. One new rub popped up since I was last at this morning's set. Checked 3 Cams on the way out, finally have a couple respectable bucks showing themselves (night activity), will try again tomorrow AM.
  10. I have the same one Biz has and after 3 years, no issues.
  11. I had a friend at Oswego who made me watch all of his games because he was the pride of B’Ville!! Brought back memories of Oswego I thought I forgot haha
  12. Still pretty green in Glens Falls.
  13. Gotcha, sucks all around.
  14. Has anyone seen any in Albany County?
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