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  1. What age group is your daughter in?
  2. This Saturday, daugther's team will be in LI for the state-semi's against Vestal (section IV). The other semi is Mepham (Section VIII) VS Webster Shroeder (Section V)
  3. I know i'm on the opposite end but posted a while back so I figured I'd give the update to keep us all motivated. 6 months working out tomorrow! I am trying to gain and started at 145-150. Up to 165 eating clean. Been stuck there for a while, its been hard to go from one meal a day for the last decade to 4-6. Contemplating trying a gainer, but dont know enough about them. KEEP GOING!!!!
  4. Daughter's team got past Section X Massena last night in Sub-Regionals. Scored her first Varsity runs which was exciting. Playing Section III winner New Hartford in state quarters tomorrow at Carrier Park. Any of my softball guys in CNY have info on New Hartford lol
  5. She is enjoying it and the girls have been extremely welcoming. Now to get that W!
  6. My oldest was called up for Sectionals and Troy Softball (Secton 2) is in the final this evening against Burnt Hills in Malta. If it is anthing like their first meeting (12 Innings), it will be an excellent game. Although she is only pinch running for the catcher, it has been a good experience for her and I hope she can contribute today. If anything, it will motivate her as she has never rode the pine before.
  7. I was doing full body workouts when i first started Mid-December, but as I got stronger and added more exercises to the fold, it was starting to take too long and I wasnt allowing for proper recovery time. So now i do splits Legs/Shoulders, Back/Biceps, and Chest/Triceps. I mix in 3-4 days of core which is usually planks, russian twists, and flutters. In a perfect world I work 6 days a week allowing for 2 days of each split. I do minimum of 3 sets and sometimes 4-5 of compounds. I am working out at home with body weight, pull-up bar, and various dumbbells. it was very humbling to start but now over 4 months in, its like i need it everyday. I think I shared in Chef's eat healthy thread and i have gained almost 20 clean pounds since then. Eating is the hard part and still is. Mind over matter they say.
  8. Stopped fly fishing when my oldest came. Three in all now and between two jobs, kids and thier interests, you have to pick and choose. I have however picked up golf after a twenty year hiatus now that my kids are a bit older and have the bug. Getting the kids involved as well has been enjoyable.
  9. Lots of Tiger haters here, everyone makes mistakes, some bigger than others. His kids genuinely seem to love their father and really that is all he should concern himself with. I'm not even a Tiger fan, but i can respect someone who has been to the highest peak and the lowest valley and is still out there grinding. Just curious, I thought nothing was found as far as drugs, alcohol regarding the crash? I know the investigation said he didn't try to correct, but I dont remember proof of substances?
  10. Cam fell apart, still dont know why he didnt or couldnt take a drop when he was next to the grate and sprinkler system early in the round. Then Scottie chips in and that was that imo. Scottie is as cool as a cucumber, his driver swing is like none i've ever seen!
  11. I must say I was impressed with Tiger's play. Moreso because of having not competed in so long and then doing it on the biggest stage. Good for him, now he has to button up that short game.
  12. I know there are a few other golfers on here... who do you all have? I like Cam Smith this week. My American choice is none other than Brooksy!
  13. Hopefully you have someone to do your lawn, that hill is gonna suuuuccckkkk haha. Good luck with the birds!
  14. Yeah, I like them because they can win without the 3 ball. Very hard for teams that shoot a lot of 3's to string together 6 straight games of shooting lights out. That is why I believe the Duke's of the world who don't win as often with all the talent they have. Too heavy on the 3.
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