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  1. SilentStalker

    advice for a NY bear hunt

    They went back to bucks only a few years ago. I think Salmon hit it in the head as far as finding the Bears year to year.
  2. SilentStalker

    Xbow full inclusion??

    I have forever been a fan of a one buck a year but that is for another thread ha
  3. Started with one food plot two years ago and added two more this summer in the big woods. We are surprisingly lucky to have decent soil. We planted oats and rye the first year and some mixes this year and the deer loved them. Will Add more in some log landings in 2019 as we are also continuing to log this winter. We have 0 oaks where we are and the beech crop was not stellar. These are not large plots but we hope to attract and hold more deer. Unfortunately, we hunt in a very lightly populated area.
  4. SilentStalker

    Xbow full inclusion??

    I’m one of the very few (assuming) that doesn’t hunt with a compound but does use a x-bow (first year with xbow). I’ve shot a compound and agree that both seem to have their own set of challenges. Agree with WNY that becoming proficient with xbow is quicker. I’ve never had the time to spend the countless hours the compound guys spend on becoming proficient enough to hunt, something I respect greatly. Maybe this is why traditional guys are against? Full inclusion may affect us all a little differently depending on where we hunt - private, state, etc. so that may bring many to have differing opinions. I agree without question a bow hunter course should be required for xbow
  5. SilentStalker

    hunting/shooting distance

    I’m new to xbow as well. I practice out to 50, am confident at 30 hunting with all the variables. Been practicing a ton off hand and that has helped my confidence big time.
  6. SilentStalker


    Yep tons of cool stuff to check out.
  7. SilentStalker

    Tree stand hunting in the ADK

    I have been successful hunting funnel stands catching cruising bucks during the rut. Had tough luck stand hunting prior to the rut.
  8. SilentStalker

    Montec Crossbow Broadheads

    Thanks Core, that’s what I figured. I’ve heard the blood trail is not the greatest, but they are deadly. Time will hopefully tell for me. Good luck all
  9. I always get fired up for some reason when i see a nice rub on a beech at camp!!
  10. I always loved looking at the pics of your place, good luck with the listing.
  11. SilentStalker

    I'm a proud dad of an Eagle Scout!

    Great accomplishment
  12. SilentStalker

    Cuddeback Cuddelink

    Great review, thanks!
  13. I saw 8 this weekend east of you in Lewis County. Could have shot 4 of them if I had the shotgun.
  14. SilentStalker

    It's Big Woods Time 2018

    Making my first opener up north In a few years, like a kid in a candy store!