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  1. 9th grade for my oldest and 7th grade for my twins. Everyone is happy to be doing some school sports this fall. The twins are doing different sports which is wreaking havoc on my scheudule, but I'm happy they are not reliant upon one another.
  2. So my oldest was in 8th grade last year and she was taking regents Math and Earth Science. She struggled throughout the year in part due to effort issues as well as just not understanding the material. She passes the courses for the year, but just fails the ES regents. The district said they could "pass" her as though she passed and it wouldn't affect her regents status because she passed the course for the year. We made her take review classes all summer and she just passed the regents - 20 points higher. Needless to say, she was ulitmately happy she participatd in the review classes and "truly" passed. I can gurantee you, there will be no effort issues in the future, but i was kind of appalled the district responsed the way they did. She has been a high honor student all of middle school and at the first roadblock, they wanted to push her through, not a good precedent in my opinion.
  3. I think ensuring that you are tapping the bottom on the drift is imperative. I'd rather be having to re-tie often and be in the game then never be in the game at all by drifitng halfway down the water column. You can learn a lot by wathcing the guys who are consistenly hooking up. I too prefer a lighter line as WWJD stated - like 10lb P-line or Maxima. But there are guys on here that are way more legit than myself, that's just what works for me.
  4. Rob covered it pretty darn well. I am in a club up off Partridgeville Rd. Like Rob said, few deer and that time of year is tough if the foliage is still hanging on, which it will be with the Beech... I have never bow hunted up there, but finding the food at that time has led me to a few ML kills in that early season. I would imagine you would have most of the woods to yourself (hunter-wise) as ML season starts the 15th I believe this year. We uually fish for a bit, hunt for a bit etc., on Otter and the Independence, especially on the warm days. Good luck!
  5. As an Oswego alum, you have to try Oswego Sub Shop - Specifically the Texas Hot Cheeseburger sub
  6. Bow only zones... Having hunted the finger lake region as a yongster, to the ADK's for almost 20 years and now more recently a bow only zone, i have found that there are many 4.5 harvested that no one ever hears about. Very good bucks too that would easily mnake the books... I have unfortunately lost the bow access, but I know those that still hunt the area are extremely secretive/selective about what they harvest and see year to year. My time in stand and trail cameras confirmed they are out there in all areas of the state, but the bow only zones allow for more 4.5+ deer for obvious reasons... And I also found that midday movement for mature bucks during the rut is a very real thing as they move from bedding area to bedding area in their search for the next one..
  7. My buddy has a spot up there, I heard its quite the place, enjoy!
  8. Sorry, I meant what team affiliation?
  9. Oh nice, my girls are 12u and 14u. Which program if you dont mind me asking?
  10. What age group is your daughter in?
  11. This Saturday, daugther's team will be in LI for the state-semi's against Vestal (section IV). The other semi is Mepham (Section VIII) VS Webster Shroeder (Section V)
  12. I know i'm on the opposite end but posted a while back so I figured I'd give the update to keep us all motivated. 6 months working out tomorrow! I am trying to gain and started at 145-150. Up to 165 eating clean. Been stuck there for a while, its been hard to go from one meal a day for the last decade to 4-6. Contemplating trying a gainer, but dont know enough about them. KEEP GOING!!!!
  13. Daughter's team got past Section X Massena last night in Sub-Regionals. Scored her first Varsity runs which was exciting. Playing Section III winner New Hartford in state quarters tomorrow at Carrier Park. Any of my softball guys in CNY have info on New Hartford lol
  14. She is enjoying it and the girls have been extremely welcoming. Now to get that W!
  15. My oldest was called up for Sectionals and Troy Softball (Secton 2) is in the final this evening against Burnt Hills in Malta. If it is anthing like their first meeting (12 Innings), it will be an excellent game. Although she is only pinch running for the catcher, it has been a good experience for her and I hope she can contribute today. If anything, it will motivate her as she has never rode the pine before.
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