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  1. I am aware that I am mostly the odd man out. To most I live in the you do not count part of NY,and I deserve to be told how I should think. That is fine. But I guess I am to the point of being tired of defending how I think and feel. In other words, I am not having fun here any more. Time to move on. Take care and best of luck to all.

  2. I don't know if thats fair Bubba, just because someone isn't interest in politics here (HuntingNY) doesn't mean they are not active elsewhere in some other political forum or out on the streets.

    I seriously doubt it.
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  3. I was a long time moderator on another outdoors site. It was a full time job with the amount of rules they had. If anyone disagreed they. We're gone. I quit moderating and rarely visit the site. My opinion if you are not interested in the political stuff, which by the way is crucial to the survival of our country, then start your own site. Rules are rules.

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  4. All the more reason to elect anyone but Bernie and Hillary. She said she would appoint Obama. Only chance we have is neither of them. But we could not even get rid of Cuomo when be strippdusofour rights. If this does not light a fire, nothing will. But of course no one wants to see the political posts and possibly learn something. End of rant.

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  5. Hey guys, forget about this whole God Dam written request. You have already turned it into a big joke.

    I,m getting ta-hell out of this Hunting N.Y. Forum Never been in one like it. You write in a serious request and your immediately shit on as a joke.

    SOLD LONG FOLK all return E-mail,s I am blocking. Hope your moderator reads this.

    sole long Beachpeas my friend.

    . Huh
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  6. The guys I know locally work hard. Part of the problem is getting approved for over time to finish the jobs. If you have to do it in 8 hours, it is not possible. Believe me if it were that easy, everyone would want to do it.

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  7. Rob. In the first place.the comment was not directed toward you. But since you decided to interject, I will explain it to you. Internet balls simply means that tough guys on the internet would not be so tough in person because they would get their asses kicked. People use internet names because there would be a ton of people with the same name, which becomes very confusing. I have one name I use on all sites. And by the way, I get called that name in person more than my given name. It is a biker thing, and you would not understand. I explained once why it takes time to organize a ride. It is not so the police will protect us. Fools rush in Wise men plan and organize. I also know that people who act sdo bad ass on here had their asses kicked routinely and now they act bad on here to make up for it. As far as the ride, the tough guys on here and other sites would not go to it anyway. They talk a mean game, but do not play at all. I hope that explains it, but I doubt it will.

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