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  1. I am aware that I am mostly the odd man out. To most I live in the you do not count part of NY,and I deserve to be told how I should think. That is fine. But I guess I am to the point of being tired of defending how I think and feel. In other words, I am not having fun here any more. Time to move on. Take care and best of luck to all.
  2. and as I said there lies the problem with the entire country
  3. I was a long time moderator on another outdoors site. It was a full time job with the amount of rules they had. If anyone disagreed they. We're gone. I quit moderating and rarely visit the site. My opinion if you are not interested in the political stuff, which by the way is crucial to the survival of our country, then start your own site. Rules are rules.
  4. Never mind. It is going. It is warm. I am hsppy
  5. My pellet stove going. At -27 this morning, it felt good.
  6. It will only cause every bozo to want to be a volunteer. I could see it for anyone after 10 years of service. But, it will never get out of committee. They tried it for volunteer hunter ed instructors a few years ago and it never got off the ground. If you need to be bribed to volunteer, you are not interested in the first place.
  7. The debates are designed for the fighting, and the participants fall for it. The bottom three really have no choice. It is their only chance is to make the others look bad, as they are not looking good or getting any numbers.
  8. It will never happen for volunteer firefighters emt or volunteer instructors. Everyone complains about lack of officers and the short monies to enforce the laws. Now we want free for everyone.
  9. Damn it. The authorities were just here. I got questioned about making a fool look foolish.
  10. All the more reason to elect anyone but Bernie and Hillary. She said she would appoint Obama. Only chance we have is neither of them. But we could not even get rid of Cuomo when be strippdusofour rights. If this does not light a fire, nothing will. But of course no one wants to see the political posts and possibly learn something. End of rant.
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