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  1. Does anyone want to guess why he is doing this now? It can be summed up in 2 words. Safe Act. Everything in here is already I the safe act already. When the safe act was thrust down our throats, it was a trial to see if it would!d hold up. Our king Andy was promised a shot at the white house. Well now2 years later, residents have become so complacent, they expect little resistance. As most sat on their collective butts, they waited to see what would happen. Well this is the result.

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  2. I don't hunt big game on state land, or often hunt state land, because of all the (small and big game both) gun Hunter issues and concerns experienced..... So you and your dog did not upset me.

    Kudos on the single shot and being a Hunter with a responsible description posted... A bunch of Bowhunter suck too (showing fairness through posting) but it just seems our majorities are inverse in such regard.

    Actually the majority of shooting incidents are on private property and the parties know each other

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  3. And again the big picture is missed. This is not thin. Since the California shooting, all that has been said is terrorists on a no fly list can buy guns. Now he talks more intense background checks and hiring over 200 new FBI agents to do them. How many gun toting bible thumping constitution lovers who have already been labeled terrorists by the king will end up on that list? By the way this list is done without due process. I know two people who are on the list. No criminal history. Many more will be added. Now on to mental health backgrounds. You know all that information the govt can not access. Not any longer after this. If you took welbutrin to stop smoking, well guess what, It is antidepressant. All this is exactly what I have been saying for over a year, and no one wants to listen. Well here it is. Good luck all.

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  4. The answer just bow hunt. News flash not everyone can. And the minute crossbow or a bow that stays drawn be used, everyone goes off about their traditional compounds. There is no win. If you want to see how it works, in the NZ we start on9/27 with a bow. The same time the bird hunters start. Our rifle season starts 3rd week of October. The week before regular season starts, we have a week of early muzzleloading is in place. Everyone shares the woods and no one whines. It is not a bow or gun thing, it is a mentality setting by region. My biggest point all the time I have been on here is the difference betwen attitudes between the NZ and SZ and the sense of entitlement. SZ gets a lot more bow season than I do. I survive.

  5. You guys make this sound like new technology. There have been places making breechplugs like this for a while. I had one for my encore and my huntsman that used 25 acp brass. The key word was had. They honestly did not work that well. Just a fad to sell you a 1000 dollar gun

  6. I carry most of the time. Hard to conceal in scrubs at work. It is hard to conceal anything in scrubs. Plus it is against policy where I work. I feel very vulnerable there, but I follow the policy. But I never find it an option to tell anyone when I am carrying. If it becomes necessary for them to find out, then they will know. It just adds fuel to the fire to be announcing it. Just my opinion

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  7. Actually I think it is the efforts to keep bow hunting pristine and not allow anyone else in their woods during bow. There have been organizations that work hard for the bow hunters That causes a lot of animosity among some who do feel there is strength in numbers. The bow hunter groups have done their part to keep bow hunters separate and privileged in NY. To now be upset someone wants equal billing. Now suddenly we all need to hold hands is foolish. If you want to make a road trip to my place, come on over. The beer will be cold

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