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  1. So, you heard footsteps coming and got ready, yet still took 3 bad shots at the bear? Then, had to reach for more bullets? Have you ever practiced shooting before? I'm thinking you haven't. Also, your cousin shoots when it is way too dark? Or were the 2 additional shots not from him? I'm thinking they were. Finally, since they stop selling bear tags before the season opens to prevent the taking of a bear, then the tag, did you even purchase one since you didn't even think there were bear where you were hunting? I'm thinking you didn't. For someone who has been hunting for at least 15 years, your actions were pretty irresponsible, dangerous and just plain dumb. I pray you do not "hunt" anywhere near me.
  2. Been hunting in 4F all week and besides some weak scraping activity I have not seen any rut activity. No seeking or chasing at all. Wasn't this supposed to be a hot week? Anyone have a similar experience? The moon, timing and cold snap should have the bucks bonkers by now, no?
  3. Hunted out of a stand a few years back where my hunting partner took a doe the day before. The doe had a fawn with her which ran off after the shot. Right at sundown I hear this horrible screaming, which sounded like a human baby. It was the fawn coming back, looking for momma, distress calling all the way. Nonstop for about half an hour as it wandered around the woods. It was really hard to sit there and not feel bad watching and listening to this clueless fawn wondering where momma had gone. I didn't have the heart to shoot does with fawns before that. After telling my buddy, neither did he.
  4. That stinks. Sorry to hear. I probably put more Delta Ag into the seed mix than I was supposed to as well. I have a bad habit over overdoing everything. But like I said, I think there was some rain in those 5 days it was down, but nothing much. If it wasn't the Delta Ag, I don't know what caused the quick and strong germination as the seed was not coated with any kind of jumpstart product. Just regular old seed.. Haven't been up in a few weeks but dying to get up this coming weekend to see how it has been doing.
  5. Used it on a fall/winter plot mix a few weeks ago and it was sprouting 5 days later when I went up to check on it. The mix contained brassica and turnip. Not sure what caused it to sprout up so fast and strong, but I did use the Delta Ag seed coat on it for the first time. Didn't get much rain at all in those 5 days either. Dry as a bone and super dusty the day I put it down. Was worried nothing would come up. Would like to think it was the Delta Ag, and will be trying it again, but you never know. I have heard great and bad about the product. Figured it was worth a shot.
  6. I just picked up a bag to see what they would do for me. Need something that lasts into and after the rifle season.
  7. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I didn't feel like searching around the forum too long. Anybody try these ever? I planted some in a test plot last weekend and don't really know what to expect. Well, I expect good things, but sometimes what you expect doesn't happen.
  8. Those sites do not accurately give a localized total.
  9. Thanks for the help everyone.......
  10. Howdy. Can anyone tell me how much rain Region 4 got last night? I have heard there were some areas upstate that got 5 inches or more of water. Just wondering if my fall plot seed got washed away...... Thanks!
  11. How much did everyone end up with?
  12. How much? Region 4F.
  13. Nothing form anyone? I am heading up this weekend and was hoping to hear that they are moving a bit at least. Any pre-rut going on??
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