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  1. I understand your monocrop concerns. I also understand deer like diversity. However, Soybeans usually need to be in planted in excess of 3+ acres for deer not to destroy them. The goal is to get to seed pod development and have good amount of tonnage for late season. reducing the amount of soybeans by planting another crop I wouldn't do at initial planting. I do however recommend to top dress the soybeans with cereal grains later. just my opinion.
  2. if you have the acreage, there is nothing that draws better than standing soybeans. if space is limited and your deer like brassica than that's my second choice. My third choice would be winter rye and winter wheat.
  3. I Like diversity. with that said...plant soybeans, soybeans, soybeans and more soybeans! Than plant our doublebeam brassica and more doublebeam!
  4. yes its the first deer in the video.
  5. if its just grass use clethodium.
  6. go to deeragwildlifeseedblends on instagram and you can see a picture of a 8pt sika deer I killed out on the island.
  7. yep. they are out there!
  8. no need Grow!
  9. curious to see if you food plotters read the seed label and understand it or do you just buy based on the buck on the bag?
  10. that's Ed Spinazzola trick. it works!
  11. depends on the purpose of those grains? if you are doing it for a plow down, than it's fine in my book. If you are doing it for fall attraction than I say no. if its for your front lawn and you want grass than don't plant cereal grains plant grass.
  12. only heard good things about Kubota but I went with the other orange tractor Kioti. Extremely happy with the Kioti.
  13. if you want seed production I would mix the forage soybean with an ag soybean.
  14. you can store seed in a cool dry place and have very little issues with germination. Some dealers do offer better pricing now for seed.
  15. 70% RAPE SEED...I WILL PASS.