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  1. Millennium stands

    Look at advanced tree stands.
  2. Broadheads

    slick trick razor tricks...stocked up on them!
  3. Big bag of clover

    For our region I really like the following white clovers...jumbo II, alice, kopu II and dutch. all four of them are in our Select trophy clover blend.
  4. Clover

    at $97.00 an acre for that meritseed blend is crazy. looks to have mostly red clover in it since they call for 20LBS an acre. Do your homework people.
  5. hit them with 4% glysophate. 3 oz to a gallon of water. Don't plant anything until you get them under control
  6. New plot going in

    I would plant that blend mid August. the primary food source will be the oats and brassica. clovers will take time to develop but next spring they will take off.
  7. weather has been crazy!
  8. New plot going in

    Who are you using to put in your plot?
  9. I understand your monocrop concerns. I also understand deer like diversity. However, Soybeans usually need to be in planted in excess of 3+ acres for deer not to destroy them. The goal is to get to seed pod development and have good amount of tonnage for late season. reducing the amount of soybeans by planting another crop I wouldn't do at initial planting. I do however recommend to top dress the soybeans with cereal grains later. just my opinion.
  10. if you have the acreage, there is nothing that draws better than standing soybeans. if space is limited and your deer like brassica than that's my second choice. My third choice would be winter rye and winter wheat.
  11. I Like diversity. with that said...plant soybeans, soybeans, soybeans and more soybeans! Than plant our doublebeam brassica and more doublebeam!
  12. Saw 5 Sika deer today!

    yes its the first deer in the video.
  13. When to spray a new clover plot

    if its just grass use clethodium.
  14. Saw 5 Sika deer today!

    go to deeragwildlifeseedblends on instagram and you can see a picture of a 8pt sika deer I killed out on the island.