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  1. Thanks for the reply Store where I bought licence told me last years license is valid till Oct 1st and thats the tag to use I can't find anything in the regs. to verify either way. Anyone know where this is actually written? Thanks again
  2. Hi, question from an occasional lurker. If lucky enough to get a bear in early season do you tag it with tag from last year or do you use this years tag? Thanks
  3. Hunted with this guy last year. He runs an outfit out of South Africa with camps in Namibia also. He is only 20, strong as a bull as you can see and a hell of a good kid
  4. Sorry, not too computer savvy, still trying to figure out how to attach to posts. That's some good shooting redneck, freezer should be in good shape. I have owned property in 3H for about 15 years. Always been productive. Not many monsters like the Northern counties but we do see a lot of deer and we all fill our tags .
  5. Not too bad on the stripers. We caught a few keepers. We porgy fish a lot ( it's a Greek thing)
  6. Hello fellow hunters, I have been reading this forum for a couple of months but never posted. Very informative stuff, always picking up new tips. I have lived in N.Y.C. all my life but fortunate to have been introduced to hunting at a young age. Love to deer and turkey hunt, also salt-water fish on east end of Long Island. Hunt primarily in Sullivan County, in the Bethel area. Anybody else hunt that area?
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