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  1. Congratulations to you and your wife! Welcome to the club!!
  2. I don't have a link to the thread, but I did screenshot his specific stock recommendations. How any actual money was invested is anyone's guess, but Apple (up 85%) certainly dominated and the worst pick (DUK) had a total return in the mid-mid-teens.
  3. This was yesterday. Thinking the same today.
  4. Jdubs


    Nice! How was it?
  5. Jdubs


    I like it! How about a Players 2 or another specialty EQ stout for an encore?
  6. Jdubs


    Snow started and I'm not going anywhere so...
  7. Welcome aboard! Here's a thread about stogies: https://huntingny.com/forums/topic/51557-stogies/?tab=comments#comment-784225
  8. Jdubs


    Total bullshit. FUAC and NY's liberals fn suck dead moose c*ck!
  9. Be patient, she will figure it out. A kennel will help; you can use a divider panel inside of a large kennel to help with training as she grows. I miss my Jakey Dog more than words could express. Love is so much greater than the minor inconveniences of house breaking.
  10. Special coffee. Half booze shown, half dark roast coffee. Add whipped cream and shaved chocolate.
  11. Jdubs


    Out with the old (standby brew).