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  1. Beer

    Dude...serious? Less manscaping and you'll figure it out.
  2. Beer

    Breakfast Nitecap.
  3. What's for dinner tonight?

    Thanks! Seems to work out better when I take two 1/4 lb patties and mix them together into one big 1/2 lb burger. Buy that beer with confidence!
  4. Beer

    Whoa. Willettized is wonderful! Excellent brew. Quite smooth with great coffee and bourbon tastes. This could be Goose Island Bourbon County's youger brother. A liitle less ABV and flavor, but half the cost. I'll be stocking up.
  5. What's for dinner tonight?

    Venison bacon burger with smoked maple cheddar and sauted red onions.
  6. Beer

    Picked up some singles tonight. The spices in the Xocoveza quickly kick the sweet stuff out of the way and give way to a peppery evil laugh. Good for a try, but too many will make me loco for sure!
  7. Flu Shots.. Opinions..

    Sick kiddos are never a fun situation, but you need to have confidence in your doctor. Sounds like you both have expressed concerns so consider recommendations to another office.
  8. Rifle for my daughter

    Lefty here. I was in the same boat, looking at the same packages you are considering. The Savage was "OK", but the trigger and bolt weren't smooth and the rifle wasn't especially lightweight/balanced; didn't need the included entry-level scope either. Ultimately, I picked up a .308 Tikka t3x stainless lefty and worked every discount angle possible at F&S. The difference between the rifles (to me) was night and day. F&S ended up honoring the same $649 price (versus $849) as the righty version they sold plus they honored all of he coupons I had. If you can stretch the budget a bit and have a spare scope, it would be worth it.
  9. Beer

    Glad Founders made this a year-round brew because it's not lasting long in my fridge.
  10. Fishing the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

    Looks like a great day of fishing with your new Bride. Congrats! Any keepers for dinner or all catch and release?
  11. Beer

    Won't matter, they've been tailgating since Tuesday.
  12. Attention Pistol owners

    Don't go there Doc. You're 1000% wrong calling me a "closet Cuomo supporter"! Total bullshit insult to make simply because you take offense to me calling a spade a spade. I'm not misguided in the least and attended every gun rights rally in Albany held pre and post-SAFE. I voted for Astorino and I'll vote again for the guy who runs against Cuomo. And, that tyrant prick Cuomo will still win. When the iron was hot, NY gun owners stayed home in 2014 recording a record-low 33% voter turnout for Cuomo v Astorino. Pathetic. Now you want to me to believe that Kolb can drive voter turnout and take him down? Please show me Brian's hard-hitting track record against Cuomo? McLaughlin ripped Cuomo a new one at every opportunity on the floor and in the press. McLaughlin posted the list of SAFE Act provisions that Cuomo wanted, against the wishes of Dems. He ripped him for the blatant abuse and waste of funds in StartUpNY. The point is his passion has always been on display whereas Kolb hasn't shown that fight, something any candidate would need to have a shot at winning. I think Kolb is a high character guy, but even his own party is waiting on other candidates to step forward. Hardly a ringing endorsement. It's going to take a visible profile across the state, lots of money and relentless hard punching to beat this beast killing our State.
  13. Beer

    Pics or it didn't happen!
  14. Beer

    That's a really good buddy!
  15. What’s in your home emergency kit?

    Most of my cellar brews are bourbon barrel-aged so...