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  1. Jdubs

    Left-handed Rem 700 .270?

    I feel your lefty pain. Searching locally for a quality LH bolt gun was like trying to find water in the desert. I ultimately went with a Tikka T3X stainless in .308 and love it.
  2. Jdubs

    Never before....

    crappyice, is that you?!
  3. Jdubs


    That is just beautiful right there!
  4. Jdubs

    What is there to hunt near las vegas ?

    My current xbow situation stinks, actually. I won't field the Barnett Jackal again and do not have another xbow; at the moment other priorities are dominating. However, like you, it will not be the end of the world here either if my hunting is limited to the regular season and the 3 tags I have to fill.
  5. Jdubs

    What is there to hunt near las vegas ?

    Ok, I'll play. Where are you traveling to to hunt wild horses, if legal, to feed your family? What does that cost and how is it possible that that money could not be better spent on other common food sources close to home? Do you raise rabbits or chickens? Do you forgo shopping at grocery stores and source all of your own food? When will you cut off your internet to reallocate the funds for food procurement? Why not just shoot stray local dogs? Wolc, the alternatives are nearly endless before you or anyone else in NY will ever be forced to hunt wild horses to avoid starvation. So to say you'd consider hunting wild horses, if legal in the U.S., and justify that as a necessary means of procuring food for your family, is about as ridiculous as anything you've posted here. Thanks for the laugh!
  6. Jdubs

    What is there to hunt near las vegas ?

    I swear, you post the most ridiculous shit on this entire forum.
  7. Jdubs

    Warning - Check Those Tow Ropes!!

    I also use 550 paracord and a small carabiner. One rig goes in a cargo pocket, others are left up at regular stand locations during the season. I'll be long gone before I ever run out of 550!
  8. Jdubs

    In case you run into a Big Furball

    Oh, ffs, I just realized this is the same guy who started the squatch thread last year. Light dawns on marble head.
  9. You might want to hunt that apple tree spot!
  10. Jdubs

    In case you run into a Big Furball

    Yes, my user name there is JW1069. The bear spray/bells threads are fairly entertaining. lol
  11. Jdubs

    In case you run into a Big Furball

    Wow, that was fast. All I did was ask you, "Why?" and you folded like a cheap tent. By all means, if it makes YOU feel more comfortable, then carry bear spray. In my experience, black bears are food scavengers and a nuisance, not human predators or threats. Making a blanket advisory for all hikers and campers to carry bear spray sounds more like fear mongering than safety advice.
  12. Jdubs

    In case you run into a Big Furball

    You started the thread, TwoSeventy. I hike quite a bit so please explain why I need to carry bear spray as protection against black bears in the ADKs?
  13. Jdubs

    People suck

    Are you at a hotel? Any chance there is security cam footage?