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  1. Jdubs

    Band of Brothers

    Watching this (again) on Amazon Prime. This has got to be the finest war story ever made, movie or miniseries. So much respect for these men and all of those who chose to go Over There.
  2. Jdubs


    Happy Easter everyone.
  3. Jdubs

    Breakfast of Champions

    Chocolate chip French toast, VT maple syrup and bacon!
  4. Jdubs


    Stellar! Canned on 4/4/19.
  5. Jdubs


    Heard that Hoppin Frog was a bit lactose heavy so I passed for more KBS. Is KBS ever a bad decision?
  6. Jdubs


    Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in!
  7. Jdubs


    Gift for my buddy, a 1st time Dad. Pop that top right now!!
  8. Jdubs


    King Sue and Edward.
  9. Jdubs


    It's a beer! er, it's Boy!!
  10. Jdubs


    I'll be hiding my own Easter eggs later.
  11. Jdubs


    Cans of Foam at the bar?! Shut up and take my money!!
  12. Jdubs


    A moment of clarity here. Both cost the same. Choose wisely!
  13. Jdubs


    Aboa is the king of all VT breweries, lol. You already know about Alchemist, but Foam in Burlington is one you want on your radar. I loved every single beer I tried from them. You might find Hill Farmstead on tap in various places, but their brewery is probably out of the way for your travels. Their Double Galaxy and Society & Solitude are some of the best DIPA's I've had.
  14. Jdubs

    Notre dame on fire !!

    You're comparing the cathedral fire to the terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people on 9/11? Not seeing it.
  15. Jdubs

    Help choosing a Tent

    First link worked for me, but the 2.5 star rating is problematic.