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  1. Jdubs


    I am very bummed about missing this EQ release, but have a weekend filled with daughter's activities and time with my stepson before he leaves for boot camp on Monday.
  2. Jdubs


  3. Jdubs


    This would be taunting.
  4. Jdubs


    You must be psychic! I just broke my last Ommegang Hennepin glass and am now down to the Sam Adams glasses, plain pints, and a couple of Three Philosophers tulip glasses. One more incentive for visiting the EQ Brewery soon.
  5. Jdubs

    WNY comes to Region 3 - - Meetup

    TF taking The Goat public?
  6. Jdubs


  7. Jdubs

    WNY comes to Region 3 - - Meetup

    I can't swing that particular trip, Biz. Weekends work way better if I'm driving 4-6 hrs round trip though. Let me know if you guys are driving through Albany and I'll coordinate a good spot for a pit stop.
  8. Jdubs


    TGIF triple.
  9. Jdubs


    "Anita Nother"
  10. Jdubs

    Happy birthday reeltime!

    Happy Birthday!
  11. Jdubs

    New world record non typical

    Consider that it's a big world out there and hunters pray for much more than the biggest rack to present itself. In fact, I actually do say a prayer before each hunt and the ONLY thing I pray for is to make a clean harvest to honor the deer's sacrifice. It's sad to think how many hunters consider their season a complete failure if they didn't harvest a beast of a 200"+ mature buck. I'd guess that leaves over 99% of the hunters pretty miserable each year.
  12. Jdubs

    New world record non typical

    You're obsessed with antlers and have a business that caters to hunters obsessed with antlers. I get it. Your passion for antlers is clear for all to see and I find that admirable. Successful people usually don't get that way by accident. It takes passion and committment. However, 26 pages into this thing and I am equally amazed that you cannot see or respect another hunters point of view. We aren't all as obsessed with antlers as you are. Moog has tried to convey that to no avail. Personally, the hunt itself is why I'm out there; harvest or not. I enjoy the brotherhood of hunting with friends and sharing in the harvest any of us is fortunate to make. We don't drop the deer off with a butcher, we process those deer together from start to finish, making use of as much meat as possible. Then, over the coming months, we'll enjoy fires, some beers and the many tasty varieties of that venison. No one cares who shot what. All of the stories are about the hunts themselves.
  13. Jdubs


    I tried that one a few weeks ago. How did you like it?
  14. Jdubs

    New world record non typical

    Those BB's also provide the tasty fried balls you crave.
  15. Jdubs


    Updated my status to: In a relationship with Beer. ❤