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  1. Jdubs


    I have not, but will give it a shot.
  2. Jdubs


    After this insane work week, beer o'clock means right now.
  3. Jdubs


    First time scoring a variant of the Bourbon County stouts! Can't wait to crack open the Café de Olla stout tonight!
  4. Jdubs


    Still here, just jammed up with work of late.
  5. Jdubs


    Pre-turkey day brew. My last one and I'm kinda glad. The excellent coffee flavors have faded from when it was first bottled. Good now, but not great. On the flip side, my daughter and I picked out a Christmas tree today and the lights made for a cool background.
  6. Not that you need luck, but I hope you have a great season out there with your grandson!
  7. Outta likes (seriously, we should have unlimited likes for Opener!) so congrats to your dad!
  8. Not a deal breaker by any stretch, but I forgot to swap the sling off my xbow and onto my rifle for the SZ opener. It just made for a less than graceful walk in while holding a rifle, climbing stick and red light. Please tell me I'm not the only dummy who put on camo today.
  9. Busted 3 coming in then had spike under me for 10 min. Passed.
  10. Game on! I've been out xbow hunting a new piece of land with a buddy who just started hunting. What a switch from just a few years back when I was the new guy! We won't harvest any monarchs, but we'll have a great time out there. Good luck to all and be safe downrange.
  11. Jdubs


    I couldn't find this last year and was very happy to grab a few today. Great tasting barrel-aged coffee stout for $10/4 pk. 12.4% ABV.
  12. Jdubs


    I see you grabbed a new CBS.
  13. Tikka t3x stainless Lite .308, Lefty! NF 2.5-10x32mm glass and Hornady Whitetail 150gr ammo. I'm debating using Nosler 165's, but so far the Whitetails are batting 1.000. If it ain't broke...
  14. Who has 2 thumbs and left his quiver of bolts at home? This guy! Luckily I had a couple practice bolts and spare broadheads under the back seat.