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  1. Jdubs


    TF 12 Beers of Christmas, #4. Abundant coffee flavor with this one! Good brew, but finishes a bit weird. I'd have to pour a few more to figure it out. TF, so far you're hitting 4 for 4!
  2. Jdubs


    TF 12 Beers of Christmas, #3. This Short's Brew is nearly identical in smell and taste to the Mean Max Lower Wolfjaw DIPA made in Glen Falls. Wonder if there is any connection? Another good one, TF.
  3. Jdubs


    Nice haul! That's most of my favorite stouts all in one shot! Been waiting on the Willettized to finally drop here. Pretty sweet that you found some 2017 Black Note. I scored a 4 pk about a month ago and don't think my guy has any left.
  4. Well, that's a wrap on an equally disappointing regular season. Just not seeing any deer in the woods. From my house is a whole different story! lol Hopefully, I can get a tag filled here during late xbow.
  5. Jdubs


    TF 12 Beers of Christmas, #2. Loving this Christmas Bomb! Excellent imperial stout, pairing well with Bruce Wiilis' 'Death Wish'..
  6. Jdubs


    TF 12 Beers of Christmas, #1. I can tell why Big Ditch is a WNY favorite. This Hayburner is a very tasty, juicy IPA. Pairing nicely with a pizza right now.
  7. Jdubs

    Shooter from the great room

    Holy smokes. Beauty of a buck!
  8. Jdubs


    Wishing a very, very warm 'Thank you!' to TF for this awesome beer mail assortment. After a long week, this was a real pleasure to unwrap. It's like the 12 Days of Beer Christmas all in one! All brews are new to me so this should be fun. The Westbrook Mexican Cake is one I've been trying to find locally with no success.
  9. Jdubs


    Love that one. I think it's better than the 2017 release.
  10. Jdubs

    I've FALLEN and I can't get UP !!

    All jokes aside, that takes grit to crawl your way back to the truck, stay in the game and flag down help. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  11. Adding insult to injury, they avoided me in the huntable area (no fur seen), but one was back feeding in the neighbor's garden when I got home! There is also deer poop on my front walkway. Fantastic.
  12. They circled back to my neighbors garden and busted me coming out of the garage. :/
  13. Lunchtime visitors. I haven't been out to hunt in almost 2 weeks, but now its go time.
  14. Jdubs

    Said goodbye to my best friend today

    Thank you. I never could have imagined what the next 16 years would be like when I picked Jake (or he picked me) from that litter of 6 adorable yellow lab pups jumping in my lap.
  15. Jdubs

    Said goodbye to my best friend today

    Fortunately, we have 2 rescue dogs, Mindy and Brody. They both paused and were totally still and silent at the moment Jake passed. I have no words to explain it.