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  1. Anytime! glad you liked it. I will be making some more videos about it and posting videos of the progress during the first year.
  2. VIDEO BELOW (click the gear icon or 3 dots for settings and put in 1080 HD) Here is an inside tour on my personal property where I have created a 1 acre hinge cut bedding area located right off of a small hidden pond and within a 130 yard proximity of some great buck bedding on a large point. This bedding area is 1 month old and will grow pretty quickly with the reduced canopy. There is a great deal of sun light reaching the forest floor and new shoots from the hinge cuts will grow vertically. This spot creates loads of natural browse while creating a safe haven for deer to bed in at all times of the year. I have 2 more 1 acre locations on this parcel strategically located, very similar to this one. I will have to maintain this bedding every year with trails and beds during shed season / spring time to ensure proper usage. In the process I released some very nice white and red oaks to benefit them and reduce their growing competition. I can see the light is already producing some good ground cover along with many, many white / red acorns sprouting with beneficial light that will aid in their growing process. stay tuned for more videos and feel free to reach out to me with any questions regarding improving your land or buying and selling land. PS: I do not recommend hinge cutting for everyone. Some parcels should consider starting out with some TSI and some select harvesting first. Its a good idea to know your tree species on your land and the value they have before reducing your canopy.
  3. Yes, chemung county excited man, been a long time coming! 8w in chemung and thanks!
  4. Hello Everyone! Its been a long time coming but less than 2 weeks ago I closed on my own 90 Acre Farm. To say I am extremely pumped, is an understatement. I have laid out my final draft on the property for this years improvements including 3 hinge cut bedding areas totaling roughly 3 acres along with 4.5 acres of foot plots (took 20 renditions lol). My many years of habitat improvement researching will be put to good work. I have some great points that are being used by some good bucks with a thermal hub on the adjacent property less than 100 yards from my property line, naturally, there is a lot of bedding going on there. My property has been timbered over the years from the previous owners, which Im happy about as the new growth is coming up real nice and has thickened the woods up with some real nice Re-gen. There has been many 130s shot on the land over the years and a 140 during bow season last season. It has some great bones to work with and has the makings to be some some great ground. Access is real good and its easy to walk. looking fwd to enjoying this for many many years to come. Also looking fwd to getting back into some LI hunting these year also lol. Ive only just started this week and after each bedding area is complete, I have to go back in and clean trails and beds. Hinge cutting can be an instant gratification but it is a long term plan that will require me to go on there during shed season/early spring and re clean trails and check beds. Food plots will be all Biologic: I have all the seed Non typical Clover Spring Protein Peas Deer Radish Winter Bulbs / Sugar Beets Sweet Corn ( biologic)
  5. Mathews Switchback XT in 2005 Mathews Monster MR5 in 2012/13 ? Mathews Triax 2018 (supposedly 2019 model) won at white tail banquet, highest bid Each setup has its own, nothing swapped
  6. I plan on making that banquet! My buddy told me about that QDMA deal also. Im going to do it. Id like to find a recommended Corn blend that will be good for deer though the winter.. I think im going to do deer radish and winter bulbs and sugar beets. I have everything laid out on paper.. roughly 6 acres worth of food plots for spring - summer - fall
  7. Hey Guys, Picking up a new farm soon and Im planning out my food plots for this spring. Id like to see where some of you order your seed from that you would recommend for upstate NY. (Chemung County) Looking for: Corn - Soybean - PTT I have some great tillable on this ground and Im looking for something cost effective and that others have had great results with, assuming proper soil test, fert/lime weed control were done correctly. Also, what type of soybean would you recommend? and would it last through the fall if deer dont totally mow it down and does that variety produce a bean pod? Thanks for the advise!
  8. What an opportunity being offered right here. Amazing property for hunting / recreational with a few areas to build your home! Click the link below and feel free to call or text anytime for more info! (South Port) Listed at $223,500 146 Acres Taxes = $6767 Geno Costello 1631-484-7830
  9. Newly Listed!! 5 building lots listed at $24,900 These are conformed building lots and once surveyed by sellers, will be ready to build. amazing valley views! 2 larger parcels below lot 1…/lot-1-Beardsley-Hollow-… lot 2…/lot-2-Beardsley-Hollow-… lot 3…/lot-3-Beardsley-Hollow-… lot 4…/lot-4-Beardsley-Hollow-… lot 5…/lot-5-Beardsley-Hollow-… 85.62 acres listed at: $143,500…/0-Beardsley-Hollow-Rd-V… 78.62 acres listed at: $131,600…/0-Beardsley-Hollow-Rd-V… Proudly Listed by: Eugene "Geno" Costello NYS Lic. Real Estate Sales Person Warren Real Estate 3493 Corning Road, Elmira NY 14903 C: 631-484-7830 O: 607-398-6416
  10. We put this property UNDER CONTRACT 2 weeks ago!
  11. thanks guys, this is a slammer of a parcel. Please, if anyone is interested , call or text me anytime! id love to show it. Ill walk every sq inch of it if need be. but to qualified buyers... if anyone is looking for bank financing, i work with some great lenders .
  12. thanks! yeah i cant get the A out of my head for some reason lol