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  1. I planted biologic winter bulbs and sugar beets and ill tell you what, when that snow came they were in those beets tearing it up. Took them a while to warm up to it but when the snow hit they were in it and when it got super cold and more snow they were in there like clock work every evening at the same time. The 150 I was after was in there every evening watched him a few times while in stand and one evening with the bow he came out, fed for 30 minutes at 40 yards and when he came in closer at 20 he looked up at me and walked off. Was the coldest I've ever sat in.the woods. Felt like it was
  2. Yeah I actually love the HST, I had a geared tractor but this hst has loads of power and I know it will do what I need it to do. I need it for trail maintained and food plots. Maybe digging a few holes and hauling some trees around, she has plenty of power. I just wanted to make sure it could handle the no till drill, that thing weighs alot ! I'll definitely have some updates on it, videos as well of it planting too... Thanks ! Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  3. heres a a map they a little more clear... a little steeper access, had a camper and shed on it. not sure the condition tho.
  4. Waiting for my attorney to call me back, he represents all of my real estate dealings personally.. His paralegal is on vaca so hes swamped at the moment but I have to talk to him today anyway. Ill advise what he says.
  5. Hope so too! Will be nice not having to work the ground up before planting
  6. The tractor in that pic isnt mine, it was the dealers tractor when showing me the genesis 3 when I was buying it. I have a Kubota L3400 HST with Loader
  7. Thats the plan! lol Theyre both sticking tight to me right now... those beet plots are like gold right about now. Nope, dont get to chase them that big every year, just glad I go to the first year owning it. The previous owners did shoot a 147 on me the season before I purchased. Would have been nice to get one knocked down and keep the streak going lol. The Spartan Ghosts are a game changer, have you to thank for that, I spoke to John not long ago, you better keep me in mind for that lease lol
  8. A land owner does not HAVE to do anything like that. If a purchaser buys land locked land willingly and does not do their own due diligence, that's on them... They DO have the right to try and negotiate a ROW from any bordering land owner but any land owner who owns that property in its entirety does not have to provide access to the land locked land. Unless this is a law just passed this month, Ive never heard anything like that. I have created subdivisions, split parcels, rezoned land, had to be in front of the planning board and ZBA many times and Ive never heard of a law requiring
  9. Sounds good, If you ever need any additional info on properties in chemung or Steuben, let me know. Sometimes its hard to find them on maps and see how they layout due to lack of information in the listing. I can help if you find some good ones. Im in Chemung but sell all over. Ive walked Close to 300 properties in chemung,Steuben,Schuyler over the years, I can help you when youre ready if you would like.
  10. Decided to get a bigger tractor (35hp) and bought a RTP Genesis 3 no til drill the other day! I think this is going to be a life saver for me! I have roughly 15 acres to plant throughout the farm. Corn, beets, soy, clover, switchgrass and screening. Anyone have one of these no tills? How does it work for you? Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  11. I pop on from time to time! I remember those names, the good ole days... Ive kept in touch with many of the guys on FB over the years. Both Johns, phade, G-Man , Bob and many others. I used to have an engineering job when i joined in like 2010, spent many hours behind the computer before the move up so it was easy to always be on here. then the layouts kept changing with Tapatalk and I just started falling off. Weeks turned to months, months to years lol. Was tough rooting my new business and a lot of my time went to that, FB was just convenient to keep in touch with the guys. Since Ive
  12. Thanks for the help guys, ive looked into DEC trees and a few county order forms as well. Was hoping to find something bigger than seedlings of 6 inches.
  13. Are you asking about prior land locked land or if a land owner was to to a parcel split or mini subdivision split today? If land has been land locked for instance, 20 years, an adjacent land owner is not required by law to give access to the land locked land. If a land owner is subdividing their land and looking to sell and the parcel is locked, that owner would have to provide access to that new parcel. It can not be locked and no attorney will allow a client to purchase the new land if it was locked with a hand shake for access without there being a ROW that conveys or some
  14. I usually get trees at a nursery on 86 in Tioga but curious to see what else is out there. They don't open til April 1st. I usually get 7# from them.. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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