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  1. Mathews switchback XT ($450) 28"/70# Right hand Solocam Probably one of the smoothest/most forgiving solocam mathews has ever made! Sad to sell this but I just bought a 2019 mathews triax and already have an Mr5 (I don't need 3 bows) Comes with: Drop away rest, sight, tube peep, d-loop, quiver, mathews dead end stop and newly installed mathews zebra string. The dead end is 70 bucks on its own... Bow is a 2006 and is in perfect condition. If you want a smooth drawing, quiet and very forgiving bow with speed, this is the bow for you. Draw can be changed by swapping the cam. Iam located in horseheads and I can meet halfway if you're coming from a 2-3 hour drive. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. Geno C

    Pistol Recertification Reminder

    Crazy... Yeah I had mine for a long time, then transfered to another county, upstate and went from restricted to unrestricted. The new dates states 2-19-14 I have to find my old license. Such BS Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. Geno C

    Pistol Recertification Reminder

    is every license holder subject to recertify? or just ones issued on or before a certain date?
  4. Geno C

    And Tagged out

    Good job Greg! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  5. Geno C

    Bringing a NY monster back to life...

    wow, you do good work man.. how long have you been doing this? the work looks good. I dont have patience for that lol, id mess it up
  6. Geno C

    Looking to Lease Hunting Land

    so you lease land by the day rather than the season?
  7. Geno C

    buck chasing a doe...

    Does have been known and documented to cycle multiple times in a given season. Not all does take on he first shot, they will cycle again and buck will be back on them, even if and after their antlers have dropped. it can be as late as march and you can see that behavior
  8. Geno C

    2017 Shed Thread..

    Found my first shed, ever! I've gone shed hunting many many times and always came out empty handed. The other day I was walking a potential lease and while scouting out a thicket, I found this nice 4 side.
  9. Many shots throughput the day by me. Been sitting all day and have not seen a single deer. Very dejecting Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  10. Geno C

    The BEST Counties in NY?

    There are some sites you can follow that actually post deer, size, location and so on. To me, very informative. I think you're looking into the technicalities a little deep in regards to people reporting, not reporting. some of that is irrelevant. You can find that info on the web and whether the hunter reported that harvest or not, that info is still there. I hunt areas where there is large amounts of agriculture. Doesnt always produce big buck... Theres more than food in growing big deer. Cover, hunting pressure QDM principles and so on. One thing i see on those farm lands (by me anyway) is every Tom, Dick and Harry hunts them. Deer drives up the wahzoo and shooting everything and not tagging anything. I dont think you need to get numbers and statistics from DEC to gain information to see where typically, big deer are harvested. A little cruising the net and following the right sites will be a pretty good guide for that. Dont get me wrong, there are many guys with their deer who dont make these sites and im sure some other counties might stack up pretty good as well. But when I see the same 5 counties with over 20 each in deer over the 130s and 140s by Oct 15th, pretty good indication on what that county is about. I haven't heard of any big deer shot in my county thus far nor see hardly any posted from my county on sites. maybe one here and there. But, again doesnt mean we dont have big deer in my county, because i know we do. but the pressure does something to them...
  11. Geno C

    The BEST Counties in NY?

    that one, livingston, wyoming, erie, genesee and so on.. theres many out that way. I was curious incase i wanted to buy land out of my county which im looking to do. I was curious what else was good aside from my home town area (suffolk) since i moved upstate 3 years ago. (chemung county)
  12. id get down from the stand and run after him with a knife in my mouth and jump on his back... lol
  13. Geno C

    The BEST Counties in NY?

    basically lol
  14. Geno C

    The BEST Counties in NY?

    perhaps you miss the point entirely for the question... i can care less what other guys do or harvest. it was a basic question in its entirety. actually a rather simple question but theres always one guy with a smart answer that proves nothing. carry on...
  15. Geno C

    The BEST Counties in NY?

    No, neither... this is an old post, but my question was which counties consistently tend to have a big buck harvest, private or public. doesnt matter. Iam also not talking about harvest numbers in regards to bucks and does either. Just counties that tend to harvest big buck. Since this post is a few years old i have a pretty good idea of those counties.