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  1. sits in trees

    Give me a break

    Go on to YouTube and check out "Your Hunting Buddy". Now those guys I can relate to. Remind me of the guys I've hunted with for years.
  2. sits in trees

    Give me a break

    I watched a hunting show two weeks ago with that clown Mike Waddle. Couldn't take more than 15 mins of that cutsie honest fake good ole boy crap. I'm good for another couple yrs.
  3. I'm no deer biologist but around here we see the same big bucks in about a one mile area. My neighbors and I have scouted the same buck in an area of a couple hundred acres for years.
  4. sits in trees

    Better start playing the lottery

    You need to shop around
  5. sits in trees

    Red neck

    I'm a Northwoods Yankee. Rednecks freeze at 32° F
  6. sits in trees

    51 pointer may be new record

    Can't eat points.
  7. sits in trees

    Do you trust this guy ?

    Yep all while we have an entire generation in debt up to their eyeballs with nothing but a 13 dollar an hour job to look forward to, yep 1.5 trillion that ain't gonna be paid. Yep all while Mango is setting up the economy for the next big crash with the market taking daily wild swings. Never mind middle-class wages being stagnant for the last 20 years. Never mind that 22 trillion dollar national debt that your great grandchildren will be paying off while they live in poverty. Oh and that national debt thingy that's accelerating at record pace to 1 trillion, nothin. Yep ain't no thang when republicons now say they're going after your Social Security and Medicare after giving billionaires who were already having a windfall trillions in tax breaks. Oh but I'm a liberal is all you can come back with. You've been blinded by your Cheeto Messiah.
  8. sits in trees

    Do you trust this guy ?

    Trump is the wizard of Oz. Everything about him is a fraud. Smoke n mirrors.
  9. sits in trees

    Do you trust this guy ?

    That's an old crock of horse dung that's been circulating on right wing web sites for the last 2 yrs. Your facts are skewed. Funny no mention of a deficit thats climbing to one trillion or Nat debt of 22 trillion in there , eh?
  10. sits in trees

    Do you trust this guy ?

    What you see happening at Google is free markets at work. There's no conspiracy. In this age of technology it would be too simple to prove. There's a reason why Trump pops up when you search "idiot", and that's because that is exactly how most people view him. Yea they mentioned the google negativity associated with the republican "American Health Care", well did you ever really look at what they were trying to usher in to replace Obama Care. This is a new age folks. You change with the times or your left behind looking for someone to blame. Google represents American freedom in every way starting with the very first of amendments
  11. sits in trees

    Do you trust this guy ?

    Yea Mango also gave homeless vets the boot for hanging out to close to Trump Tower. Had them removed as if they were vermin. Said it didn't look good
  12. sits in trees

    Do you trust this guy ?

    I trust him more than the criminal politicians questioning him. Besides what do these old fart white hair politicians know about the interwebs? I did have to laugh when the one women said when I Google idiot, pics of Donald Trump pop up, lmao!
  13. sits in trees

    Cuomo cancelled my insurance for gun theft

    Yea see how much of your legal fees are covered if you shoot someone in any situation with a Shyster insurance policy issued by the NRA. Do me a favor and let me know when you call them and ask for that 50k retainer an attorney is going to ask for, I would love to be there for a good BaaWaaHaaHaa when they put you on hold
  14. sits in trees

    Cuomo cancelled my insurance for gun theft

    Lemme tell ya Belo ole boy, stick with me and you might just go places..
  15. sits in trees

    Cuomo cancelled my insurance for gun theft

    Yes I had to do the same with my HO Ins. Well worth it, doesn't cost much and I know I'll be paid if someone ever gets passed my security system and dogs and manages to open my 800 lb gun safe. Anything you get from the NRA is just Shyster insurance. All sounds good till you call em and tell them you wanna be covered for the 60k in guns you just lost