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  1. And an honest limo operator is a stretch, your lucky to even pronounce the names of most limo company owners.. And I have nothing against stock limos, it's the stretch limos we're discussing here
  2. You Like these stretch coffins, then put your whole family in one and see what happens when a Ford F-250 t-bones it at 45 mph. Those things snap in half like pretzel sticks. I believe in public safety over some middle eastern business owners right to make a profit. The majority of these limo outfits are run by dingbats who are masters at slipping crap past DOT, combined that with a thin sheet metal unibody over extended sheet metal beer can and you get the results you'd expect.
  3. No your nuts, are in your mouth Dimwit. Never seen more "yep I'mz a mechanic" than on this forum. Probably all working with harbor freight tools and husky tool boxes...
  4. Your displaying your ignorance by making any type of comparison between a school bus and a stretch limo. What type of school bus are you even talking about, a C, a B. And if you wanna prove your mechanical genius than don't brag about being a school bus mechanic. Anyone who cranks a wrench for a living knows a mechanic who works at a school bus garage is nothing but a flunky wannabe
  5. Yep worked for Chevy for 18 yrs. Oh and if you really know anything about DOT inspections which you sound like you don't you'd know the problems and failure rates stretch limos have. NYS DOT puts those things out of service constantly. So insert you head back up your rectum, think a bit, and try again
  6. I know a company that builds these stretched out rolling coffins. They should not be on the road. I've seen damage to the stucture just by lifting them. Dealerships who ultimately have to work on them hate em. Mechanics hate them because they are next to impossible to get on even a drive on lift
  7. My Ladd, I'm sorry to have to be the one to break this to you but the Manly Mens club for Men is dead. We live in a new time. You mustn't feel threatened by the opposite sex. I know women cops that would have you face down, ass up on the ground before you could say, Yaa Bitch. Besides prove you're a real man by stopping this childish chatter and hatred of women, it's not what real men do. Women are in power everywhere, the law, the courts, Gov, politics, education, the medical fields. When you need life saving surgery and a woman surgeon is the one who going to put the knife to you be sure to tell her about your panty collection before she puts you under.
  8. You should go back to the 18th century, a safe place for you where you'd probably be wearing tights and a powdered wig telling all of your tales of manly-ness to your buddies who also wear tights LMAO
  9. Women Judges, Women attorneys are all you see in the courts anymore. Get a divorce and see how masculine you are in front of a female judge and female lawyers who decide how much of your life will be spent eating Ramen. Female cops are pretty good at showing manly men where it's at too. LMAO
  10. Yes for a last ditch effort like it's you or the bear. In that case I would prefer something that is going to kill what's trying to kill me. A 9mm handgun is something I would use to scare off a bear who seemed too interested in me being in his woods, which in most cases would be sufficient. But if I were in any way concerned about any large animal, like a bear actually attacking me I'm sure as hell going in with more than a 9mm or .45acp. I go by you bring the right tools for the job. I wanna get out to my spring turkey blind in the dark while they're still roosting I carry my 9mm just to scare off a bear if he becomes too nosey. Heck you can scare off any NY black bear with just a yell a stomp of your feet. A 9mm shot at his feet will no doubt make him run like hell.
  11. 9mm for bear is insane if just not plain stupid. Don't know about you but when I shoot something I want it to die.
  12. Geez, just get a rifle that will Kill a bear and that is meant for A Bear. 3006, .308 come to mind
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