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  1. Just had a hit list buck and a 1 1/2 walk by. Couldn't get a shot at the big buck. And guess what.... they were both wounded!!!!! Gotta love rifle season. Clowns
  2. VAR only goes so FAR with this season I'm afraid
  3. If limitations were in effect. He may have a legitimate chance at harvesting a big 8 point.
  4. Cannot shoot 1.5s. I thought that was clear. I know what I said, so you don't need to quote it
  5. 1.5 and up. Just protects the 1.5s allowing them to become a little more smarter. They stand a better chance at making it to maturity because trying to harvest a 2.5 is no easy task as well
  6. That'd why it would be better to go by age. ARs are designed to allow deer to mature. Again, "most" hunters should know what "most" 1 year old looks like
  7. There he is... what took you so long
  8. Well someone has to be on the other side of the fence. I think it's a great thing to push for. Wouldn't it be nice to know that there is mature deer lurking in every wooded lot. I hope it happens but I don't write the laws so I can only sit back and keep my fingers crossed
  9. No? That's not what we were talking about dude.
  10. Yes when you manage property you do make the mistake of saying "your deer" big whoop. They don't deserve to be harvested at that young of an age. Let em mature. It's way more fun. Third, letting the young ones walk has everything to do with AR
  11. Just saying an example. But let's not do anything NY. Either way rifle season opens up tomorrow and it's still gunna be just the same **** differt year. Cheers
  12. Agreed. But I'm sure the enforcer of the AR will agree with me if I shoot a 3 year old 4 point. The AR is designed to let deer mature, so that would be a loophole
  13. I'm sorry but it's the truth. I love to hunt and have much respect for the game. I'm not thinking about myself or anyone else here, only the deer. They don't deserve to die at 1 1/2, let the damn thing grow and mature a bit. I don't stand for sloppy hunters either. Went pushing late MZ season a long time back with a group of guys. Dude ends up shooting a young buck and wounding. Doesn't go down right away, so the guy says well I must not of got him and goes back in for lunch and heads out for more deer drives. Me and a couple of my buddies went out looking for the deer, didn't participate in any more deer drives, and finally finished it off before last shooting light. I told the guy your a disgrace to hunting and never hunted with them guys again. Last year, 3 of our 1 year Olds were wounded by the end of season. 3. Sorry but I don't like what kind of hunters this brings to the table with this season. Nothing will ever change my opinion on it without different regulations
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