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  1. How About Some Rain

    got a good t storm last evening..looks like more on way for mon tuesday.. got 2 turnip fields in yesterday before rain. have 2.5 more acres to disc i hope before tuesday... so i can get them planted as well
  2. youth hunt 2019

    its usualy the last full weekend before may 1st. giving a week off before regular season. if the legislature votes we have a season next year...
  3. Putting in new food plots

    nice job.. unfortunatly the work never ends
  4. 2018 cams

    it will still blur on a full run animal but 99% are clear. uses 3 different ways to take pics a twilight, dark and full sun.
  5. Oak Trees ?

    yes they are frost proof and produce every year as they flower in july amd drop their nuts early october. i have many as well as pure american. i would still plant oak preferably white. diversity is a good thing in natures buffet
  6. Oak Trees ?

    ive gone theu the american arbor association for 3 to 4 ft trees they have done very well but thats larges ive bought
  7. 2018 cams

    bought four of the new browning strike force hd pro love them prolly but another 4 shortly .qould recommend them to anyone
  8. imo big motors are a waste. who cares if you can do 100mph where you gonna do that? yes they are to light and lose traction so all you do is burn rubber off the tires. 400 or 500cc is plenty big enough imo
  9. Brush hog

    well with out an over running or shear on the brush hog you can twist the new one . again i know your not mak8ng trails as much as maintaining but i hope it holds up for you
  10. Brush hog

    the only issue you would have doijg that is on uneven ground you will scalp..fortunatly where you are is flat like a pancake
  11. just make sure if you use any spreader for fertalizer to clean it very well as its very corrosive
  12. o bought a spreader for atv electric pro series by swisher from tsc on line ( they will deliver to stores but dont stock them 300.00 ) gerat for lareger seed and fert.. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/swisher-commercial-pro-atv-spreader?cm_vc=-10005 but will not do clover or brassicA as you do not have enough control as hand spreader gives you
  13. drive over it 1st or use a roller/ cullipacker. a lawn roller works well behind atv. even a pallet with weight on it..you want firm seed bed. you can also make a planker which ix 2x8 or larger overlapped by anout 1.5 in 3 to 4 deep insert eyehooks and put rope through so the little step edges face forward. will smooth and firm bed..can add cinder blocks to to or rocks for weight. if you use pressure treated will last for years with minimal investment. i only use a hand spreader for brassicas. put half the amount of seed recomented for plot in it on smallest setting and crank hard and walk fast and cover entire plot. put rest in and do same..over seeding brassica leads to most failure.
  14. was chatting with neighbor hes been watching 2 hens with 17 poults between them.. hope there are more around. 1st decent hatch in years here