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  1. G-Man

    October 1st

    no the sat operning for gun was the worse by far.. many just dont hunt bow till later but the gun change killled hunting camps and many buisnesses in southern tier..jmo
  2. G-Man

    October 1st

    was long fight to get oct 1..
  3. G-Man

    the older i get...

    umbrellas were ok but these stand fit multiple people 2 or 3 so i wanted roofs to cover both with no problems 16 year olds dont tough it out anymore and im not gonna set a how to be a harde hunter example for them either...lol plus their gf / bf can sit with them its better than having them play video games
  4. G-Man

    October 1st

    i believe moog is correct.
  5. G-Man

    the older i get...

    the older i get the.more comfortable i need to be added 3 roof to stands this year.. building them is not very comfortable but after rebuilding the stands few years ago they could.use a bit of protection as well pressure treated wood is not what it use to be ... even got a few guys from camp to help..
  6. G-Man

    Hard Mast Crop

    many acorn are onthe ground already .factor of drought and now high winds.. 9w
  7. G-Man

    You guys are a bunch of Jerks ...and thanks!

    i have many many harnesses going back to the waist strap only. i just never don them even bought several hunter safety system vest to use they also gather dust. i make my nephew wear them and most guys in camp do ..i just dont. but i never hunt more than a few hours no chance of falling asleep in a stand either . i hang 30 plus stand a year and check cables and straps.. idk just not for me for some reason
  8. G-Man

    Tractor Supply Bait for Deer

    main reason for not allowibg baiting and allowong food plots is 2 fold. 1st a bait pile/ feeder is a fixed point at which deer come to and is their only choice.and maybe only available in day light. a food plot esp large ones allow 24/7 access to it and can enter at any point and fed and be out of range. 2nd saliva and feces build up and are consumed with grain or mineral when trodden in as congregation causes a a feed site. not as likely to happen in a field or plot. another issue is bait is replentished where a small plot can be wiped out before season begins by use or enviromental conditions.
  9. i take 2 50 cal muzzleloader pistols out together no long gun required..
  10. G-Man

    You guys are a bunch of Jerks ...and thanks!

    almost makes me want to get one.. ... well i should say wear one i have about 15.. including hss vests..
  11. planted them from nuts were only 20 years old and produced bushels of nuts..i ate more than i should have.. but the squirrel seeded them all over have random trees many places now many are pure but last few years may of crossed with dunstans i planted . so i have many growing everywhere and because i cut them they have resprouted from stump and are 2 ft tall again in 2 years.. and flowered this year again.
  12. i would bet non viable. chinkapins haves similar leaves..
  13. a few pics of a more mature chestnut..unfortunatly this tree caught the blight but managed to get 14 in in diameter before it succumed .it is now in process of becoming an elegant bartop./bar i highly recommend planting them they are forst prooof as they flower in july and you cant believe the game that stands under them waiting for the nuts to fall. and the nuts are as tasty as the best candy you can imagine.
  14. 1st if they were still in husks they prolly are mature and wont be able to germinate.. 2nd how did you ever pick a chestnut hull..there are worse then most cactus. are you sure it was a chestnut and not a chinkapin?
  15. G-Man

    People suck

    happens a lot, especially when there is access via public transportation in and out of the city.to decent neighborhoods there was a reason the galleria mall didnt want a city bus stop on the property. crime has gone 3x higher when they were forced to allow them