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  1. Clutch. It is an 1985 , so new clutch pressure plate , throwout bearing, resurface flywheeel... did a lot of work in it's time, way more than a 12.5 hp tractor should ever have done.. its relegated to mowing trails and deer/ hunter retrevial last few years
  2. You can make a good combo trip as there are many caverns nearby including the luray and endless caverns, and many other battlefields and winery's.
  3. In. Reality the right angle Chamberlain formed was pressed back. To. Nearly 180* if not for his lost company on big round top joining during his bayonet charge , things may have gone very differently. Dont forget the wagon supply behind little roundtop was captured and destroyed during this battle. The book. Really goes into detail of the. Actual battle. Using reports and diaries as well as archeology from the site. There are sketches of the arrangement of lines made by soliders as well. It really was a last ditch effort that succeeded.
  4. We have never cured a virus and more than likely never will. The problem with all the numbers are they are presented by themselves, nothing for comparisons, you have to dig to find flu deaths, or even sars numbers from that plague. When dealing with large numbers we cannot comprehend 370 million people in this country, 100k dead. 100k seems like a lot but not compared to hundreds of millions. Tiny % overall. People at risk should take precautions, but I feel this is much overblown , I have friend that looks at new cases every day and he feels the need to post on social media, honestly they are testing a lot more. And should find more , yet the death rate continues to drop. ..
  5. The battle of little roundtop was nearly lost. The ny boys next to the 20th maine were taking fire from their rear as well as their front , they thought the 20th was lost not folded back against themselves. The monument to Cole Oates ( Confederate) his furthest point of advance know as Oates boulder. Really puts into perspective how close they were to losing that flank, if not for the severe hot weather more than likely leading to exhaustion of confederates going up the hill several times they probably would have. Stand firm yea boys from Maine ( 20th maine reg.) Is a very good detailed read of how close it actually was, years after the marking of the boulder was contested by the union men as to not be embarrassed how close it was. , the road thru the park had to be rerouted to. Accurately show the advance limits.
  6. 200 lb of rye? 4 acres worth? Rain prolly just pushed clover into dirt. Unless you see washouts, over seedingrate is worse thing for a plot by far
  7. Grilled summer squash and zucchini, steak with a steakhouse rub.. and mashed potatoes
  8. Had a friend and his father go , they said there were so many you couldnt shoot them.all. left a lot lay, guess they are just a nuisance there.. I wouldnt be happy about letting meat lay ,but they killed 80 or so in their group of 4..
  9. Looks like rochester got more I was , in the eye of the storm.and missed a lot of it but lack of sun let.it soak in
  10. Trip. 13 will work but most fall plots require a higher p,k content and not as much nitrogen as you want roots( bulbs) to develop and not tops. No if you have a spreader you will be fine. An acre is a big area. And 4, 50 lbs bags will go faster than you think.
  11. Still have time for ,Winter pea,any of the brassica family, clover ,or winter grain ,around 1st week in august , 200 lbs of 10_20_20 fertilizer per acre and you will have a good plot.
  12. Couldnt plant early at all as it snowed several.days mid may.. top of hill is very shallow soil always a gamble there but when it works it's a very good draw