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  1. State needs to rethink statewide buck tags. Not many want to be bothered with shooting a doe and it doenst take long for them to take over the population..
  2. The holiday hunt can be opted out by county. They get a lot of pressure from snowmobilers. But trails are on private land i know a few land owners that said if they take away holiday hunt then they will pull the right for trial thru their properties
  3. Most is all private land in those areas.. they should go to a earn a buck tag there and no landowner tag without dead doe tagged.. hard to control population when no one has access to hunt it..
  4. They should go to kill 5 doe and get your buck tag for those areas.. This has all trickled down from bowhunters getting picky .. dec needs dead deer.. if they would kill doe early and often then this gunseason would never of happenend..
  5. Got stairs built and walls up.. need to get chair in it and sit in it and figure out exact placement for windows. Thats tomorrows project..
  6. 3 . Steaks burger . Less if you get sausage made.
  7. His son is excited !! Told his father its his..lol
  8. Windows in and batton boards. Went and got 2 adjustable swivel chairs as well
  9. Track every deer you can from before you/anyone shot it . You will learn more about bedding areas ,escape routes,feed areas, natural movements. Learn why and where the deer came from .will make you a better hunter.
  10. I may have to resort to that method as well 3 acres of corn wiped out eating the tops when young.. gonna try and kill 10 doe out of that field this fall..hope that makes difference
  11. Got base up this am,at 530 to 630 before work called at 7am.. used a couple of stakes a chain and the little tractor kind of footed it like a ladder stand then added last two legs . Should get rest done when i get home from work monday and tuesday.
  12. They finally took off terriff on canadian lumber is more likely the reason.. been hauling lotnof lumber from canada on the rails lately as well as crude oil from canada to american refineries.
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