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  1. A sirloin roast would work as weĺl but thicker so would need to adjust cooking time as its thicker
  2. You can do it with any roast. But back straps are easiest.
  3. This is my favorite recipe and have it for my birthday every year,, you won't regret making these only that you didn't make sooner Stuffed venison backstraps. Super simple and super delicious. Slice a backstrap in half for two good sized portions. Then carefully cut meat (like a jelly roll) so that it is somewhat flat. Place meat on wax paper, cover with plastic wrap and flatten meat with a mallet. Set aside. Filling is two blocks of softened cream cheese, six bulbs of freshly chopped garlic, fresh cracked pepper, and three to four finely diced jalapeno peppers. Spread on meat and cover with shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese. Roll meat length wise like a jelly roll. Wrap backstraps in bacon (I prefer to make a bacon weave) and smoke over wet hickory chips for 30 minutes. Then finish over hot lump charcoal, about five minutes per side, until bacon begins to crisp. Glaze backstraps with a pastry brush during final five minutes. Glaze consists of eight ounces of seedless blackberry jam, two shots of bourbon, fresh cracked pepper and a tbsp butter. Heat in small sauce pan and whisk until jam has liquified. Feel free to add more bourbon if not strong enough for you. I prefer to use Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon for a delicious taste. Take backstraps off the grill and let rest ten minutes to let cheese come together so they won't be runny. Slice and enjoy quickly because these won't sit around for long! Serve with remaining glaze too!
  4. Watch brothers of the bow , out and about by Barry wensel teaches snort wease and you will learn more in that video than in 25 years if hunting.. 2 volume set is around 40 bucks... one of the best educational videos ever.
  5. Just passed a 2 year old 8 pt have 5 days off needs to be bigger right now
  6. Few day off watching sun rise and sunsets.. perhaps some game in-between
  7. Direction of travel will be on one side of tree, and a second line will return several yards or more distant from 1st, so plotting your line should be all for example all rubbed on west side of tree and return rout or 2nd separate rub line maybe all on south..
  8. Rub line are along travel corridors, at.one end will be a bedding staging area with lots of clusters of rubs and same on other end there will be a food staging area 50.to 100 yards from.food source
  9. New Rub line is now well formed and easy to see and follow..
  10. Horse is very good sweet meat.. glad Canada is close
  11. Weatherman try to puff their chest out is all trying to seem important.
  12. Set my meat hunter friend in my little orchard tonight connected in under 20 minthat's exit on deflection got lung and liver
  13. I still am. Friend put this on plot he helped put in..
  14. Saw 1st good buck nudging does on food plot via cell cam last evening , the one doe is a hog. He chased her quite a bit before clearing the field and coming back to feed couple of hours later.. seems to be starting , her is working a scrapes licking branch
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