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  1. G-Man

    Great video on tracking

    Very true ,I've called a dog in 3x, once on bear I shot with bow, and 2x for deer, went much further than i could track with no blood. I exhaust my own skill and then call in to have every chance to recover the animal. I stopped watching hunting shows in the 90s but no scent control is perfect ,pioneers and Indians did it that way as well.fred bear didnt spray down with scent killer..
  2. Anytime you have to wear a 5pt.harness it's a young dumb person toy...
  3. G-Man

    School me on tractors

    For example an 8n.. note no hp for.motor just drawbar and pto claimed and actually tested..
  4. G-Man

    School me on tractors

    Old tractors were rated by hp on drawbar. New are by motor.. farmers buy by hp on drawbar as motor hp is misleading , yours shows 30 hp but is really only 23
  5. G-Man

    School me on tractors

    All depends how you write it off all in one year or over period of years.. my friends father bought a new gun for Turkey, vest,calls, ammo, camo, ect.. figure 1st bird cost him about 75 bucks a lb. After that they were next to nothing a lb
  6. Gf killed a 13pt non typical between hunting camps while everyone was out deep in the woods...
  7. G-Man


    If you get ph up high enough it will not grow as conditions are not right for it.. bonus your clover grows better as well
  8. Some of the biggest buck lay close to barns and houses..people just walk on by on way to the woods....
  9. G-Man


    Lime ,more lime , mow ,lime, mow Or spray, lime ,mow ,more lime, mow
  10. G-Man

    School me on tractors

    35 to 40 hp is minimum i would look for, 2 wheel drive is fine if your fairly flat terrain. Loader is nice but you will need counter weight if your not use to tractor, Geared!!! Not hydrostatic Ag tires !!!! Not industrial or turf.. if you want a lawnmower those are tires for it they dont belong on a tractor!! Look at gallons per minute on hydraulic pump the higher the number the more you can lift. That being said ....If you doing small plots 1/4 to 1/2 and brush hogging you may get by with a Ford 8n. A 2 bottom plow , small disc harrow and brush hog. They are common and are 25 hp or so and low to ground for woods work . They are a good starter tractor. Jubilee, 9n , are new slightly more hp and available. Old internationals if converted to 3pt hitch like the 300 or 400 utility are 30 hp plus and are effective and have wide front ends lower to ground and more stable..if not converted for 3pt the 2 pt quckhitch equipment can be hard to find or you can find deal where everything comes with.. . If your not sure what your looking at the Nebraska test will give you tons of data on older tractors and show true hp tested on. Draw bar and pto... https://tractortestlab.unl.edu/
  11. I'm find doing that , just driving this time . Lol
  12. Started the same way. Use to feed corn then dec.said no feeding so planted an acre.. and that was the beginning of this problem..... now I seem to never have enough time to do what I want..
  13. Got turnips in and blind set up, made wooden frame inside it as them damn poles collapse far to often. Especially with early snow. one plot left to work up and plant and I'm done for year...phew
  14. G-Man

    Bear on camera

    Marking territory good spot to know as it will return frequently on a schedule like clockwork