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  1. Yes there are trees that sprout from.stumps succumb to blight and resprout, each time shorter than the last , american chestnut has become an understory tree when it use to be called the redwoods of the east.. 30ft plus in diameter 200ft and taller..1 /4 of eastern forest was chestnut, half the weight of oak 2x as strong and rot resistant as redwood. Huge loss to us and it was primary food source for passenger pigeons.. ( though hunters get blamed for killing them off loss of habitat and food had much bigger effect) Another lesson forgotten..quit bringing in things from china, chestnut blight,emerald ash borer, asian Longhorn Beatle , and lately viruses... when will we learn just stop bringing things here from china....lol
  2. Allegheny chinqipin would be similar.
  3. G-Man

    Perch ribbons?

    They Look to be, they usually drape them over sunken limbs. Always fun to find.
  4. Yes the american chestnut foundation has a lot of info if your interested.. I always think of the Christmas song chestnuts roasting on an open fire when I see them...sad that 1 of every 4 trees in the northeast was a chestnut and they are just gone.. a few survivors sprouting from stumps..a shadow of what they once were.
  5. The burs(husks ) would be open showing 3 flattened nuts that would of fallen while on the tree you would see where they attached in bur, if you open that bur you would find 3 shriveled skins as meat of nut never developed.. need a 2nd tree in a few hundred yards to cross pollinate
  6. Looks non viable.. too bad I have quite a few on my place and they are prefered over everything
  7. G-Man


    The wild oysters in the aspen are ridiculous friend got over 40lbs last year.. hoping the ones I'll be doing do. Half as well.
  8. I know some on this site hunt for wild fungi,but has anyone delved into growing their own? I have a large Aspen patch that is full of oyster mushrooms, but have decided to try some blue oysters, there as well. lionsmane,and shiitake will be going in a large pole sugar maple stand, going to try log method.. any one have any success, tips tricks.. once they are established can you inoculate new logs using old established ones?? I dont want to have to buy spoor every few years ..
  9. Glad kaleida health said f that to him.. I'd lose mine like he had them in storage, mine would dissappear till needed here.. just trying to protect his voting base
  10. The state is unprepared ,mainly due to cities, the base of Cuomo's votes.. historically cities collapse in times of disease, Egypt, indonesia,maya,Inca, even the american Indian city recently discovered.. they are dependant on the rural areas . When the shipping stops so do the cities. Cuomo needs to show the cities he is doing everything he can for them.. doenst care about rest of state as he only need cities to vote him in.. his executive order to redistribute is solely to help the city ..if anyone thinks they will come back to. Rural hospitals when they are needed may as well loan 40 buck to a junkie and expect it back next week...
  11. I only protect the trunk from rubbing and while its young once limbs are pruned over 5 ft and trunk big enough the fence comes off. Commercial orchard are typically dwarf trees and deer would devour them if whole orchard not fenced. Not worried about them eating apples , have many photos of them standing on hind feet picking apples. Makes a nice spot to hunt as well. When their heads are up in the limbs.. and a simple net on a ploe let's one pick what they want from the ground safely.
  12. My deer orchards I leave as is. These will get dormant oil spray,malathion, and sevin. As needed.
  13. A little tsi today, soon to become hosts for blue oyster mushroomsorchard with trees in fencing
  14. New orchard , the ground between will serve as a mini garden till the trees prohibit it.. then it will be put into clover. trees are protected by 2x4 x 4ft welded fencing 26in long pieces formed into a cylinder. I prefer 5ft when planting in isolated areas but this is off my lawn and will be more of a human consumption orchard and deer orchard upon retirement