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  1. Oldest hunter in camp 72 last day he could hunt before knee replacement , shot his spike and doe together ( doe is under jay in his truck)
  2. My Freezer is full from bow. I just run camp, camp cook, deer retreival for gunseason. Honeslty more fun to see other get them at this point in my life.
  3. Was scarred over hairless old injury over a year i would guess
  4. I think hes still in shock...
  5. Jay having trouble posting pics so here he is in all his stunned glory. Always fun to see a friend get one!
  6. Slept in everyone gone home till Wednesday just me next 2 days and my freezer is full from.archery. will head out later and seek out new neighbor who had someone walking thru my place yesterday a freind caught and sent on his way. After he promised they would be on their place( he bought 10 acres 9.6 acres is field and have 4 guys hunting.) Guy was in his bix blind rattling andngrunting all day yesterday smh.. well time to be an a$$hole,
  7. Almost all mine were killeds 730 am to 930 am
  8. My place opining day is typically slow, the bigger bucks are usually taken mondays and tuesdays. Just a factor of bucks heading for security cover after hiding opening day weekend, the buck jay got was on a beeline to a 30 acre piece we leave as a sanctuary and do not enter except every few uears in winter to drop trees to keep it thick and nasty. Deer know they are safe there. In actuallity jay sbuck needed to go 100 yards more and would of been safe...
  9. Opening day had 4 guys miss 2 buck and 2 doe, today has one guy shoot his buck and doe, another a button ad another a very good 8pt . Including archery that is 6 buck and 3 doe off the land this year or about half our yearly average, lots of good buck left i have had on camera so lots of hunting.left to do.
  10. It wouldnt make it this year as would need to be in syllabus, the offical release states future i havent seen any referance to this year except fot the comment period this year.https://www.dec.ny.gov/press/121333.html#:~:text=The New York State Department,26 through Jan.
  11. Its for next year ,proposed future hunt..not this year, comments were taken this year
  12. If it did it wouldnt be till next year 2021 anyway.. as of now the snow outlook is not good and trails wont be open til febuary at this rate..
  13. G-Man


    The only round im low on is 30 30 and that 1 and a half boxes after i sold 10 rounds to a freind for his friend. My primary gun i have 10 boxes and enough to reload 7 more. Most of my other calibers i have between 5 and 7 boxes..as well as capacity to reload more
  14. I have a 30.30 , was sent back and they did trigger job on ot as well at no expense as compensation for the recall,. Its 1.5lbs pull now was a bit heavy before , ive taken a buck with it as has my nephew and a doe by my youngest nephew this youth hunt the last was at 95 yards.. I really like the gun works well and carried very well in the field. A hammer extension is needed with scope. Id reccomend it to anyone, and customer service was top notch. My youngest nephew will be using this gun for Saturday opening day and for the season.
  15. 1st year hunting was open in nys after being closed for decades