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  1. G-Man

    Deer normal

    Yep either you knocked the horns off when you hit it or it recently dropped.if it lived they would of scabbed over and grew into new antlers this spring
  2. Nope labor involved with that. Closeout prices couldn't beat them. Boxes of 12 ga for 1.50 a box . Most rifle ammo was bough the same.. I should be set for next 20 years.
  3. G-Man


    They purchased right to that design from ravin just like the reverse limb from scorped so licensing fee is added in I'm sure.
  4. G-Man


    To narrow on limb width.. uncocked 15 in required it's only 12.5, and poundage is 225 by regs say 200lbs..
  5. I've done over 5000 trees and shrubs on mine as well as heavy forest management .. edge is key for many species... remember anything is better than nothing
  6. 300 plus of owned, probably 800 or more that friends own in various parcels.. problem is I'm to lazy to drive to any of them .. I. Just walk out the door and hunt..
  7. Get planting shrubs and trees ..transformation in only 5 years
  8. G-Man

    What Kind Of Tree Is This?

    That would be the cell tower on transit in Lancaster.
  9. G-Man


    Nice ,illegal in ny
  10. G-Man

    Mid level crossbow

    I like to think they are happy hunting here..idk but they keep coming back...
  11. Tech is old but mint maybe 1000.oo personally snowmobiling unless you trailer around here is waste of money