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  1. Another reason I dont like them...wonder if he will ever use one again..... https://www.newyorkupstate.com/outdoors/2019/11/dec-forest-rangers-others-rescue-deer-hunter-hanging-by-his-feet-in-tree-stand.html
  2. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes!!
  3. Over 300 plus acres .. could use about 10 more
  4. Know the feeling running 19 cams at the moment
  5. I'd still go with the lever
  6. Almost got shot on the big 10 pt, by himself came across neighbors wood 200 yards to 35 40 yards then circled down wind around 60 yards out. To thick.. ... still some time left.. ..
  7. Nice I get my 2 sealed tomorrow I weigh the big female then looks about same as yours.. 18 to 20 was my guess
  8. Hope to get a few young hunters into spots where they will see and have an opportunity at a doe or buck. Fortunately all the youngins got doe permits. For myself.. idk not.really in mood to shoot anything. Season is so long......
  9. G-Man


    1895 guide gun topped with a 2 to 10x leupold scope with hornady 350.grain reloads. Taken many deer and bear. My favorite gun!
  10. Guy that moved to iowa that hunted with us for years use to make a 9 layer lasagna on sunday before monday opener... took him all day too boil sauce down ...wish it was still mondays....and he didnt move away...
  11. Strip steak,mashed or boiled salt potatoes,green beans, pie for dessert
  12. Our hunting numbers continue to dwindle.. https://buffalonews.com/2019/11/12/the-lost-hunting-season-western-new-yorks-diminishing-hunting-culture-in-five-charts/