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  1. Letchworth leaks

    I get nearly sick smelling them sitting in them hunting turkey but that's where the roost is as well
  2. At A Loss, Asking For Advice

    Hen calls and a cackle the evening before and at first light soft then wait. Every so often a loud call and wait..
  3. Letchworth leaks

    I have acres of the stuff continous.. every one I see posts patches. Perhaps because no one digs mine? I mean like 10 to 15 acres of the stuff no gaps. Whole hill smells line an onion. Had buddy turn a shovel full over and ot looks like an egg carton upside down they are packed so tight.. any one else have them this thick?
  4. Plant?

    Morels have always been around elm and poplar and ash ( usually wetter edges of woods hold these trees) I have seen many nearl old large elm stumps. Being skunk cabbage like similar areas I would agree with turkey feather assessment
  5. Deer Sightings

    On 4/21/2018 at 4:10 AM, Doc said: All these sighting and glowing reports, and yet I read in the latest NYON that the DEC is reporting a less than stellar deer take this past season. Something doesn't add up. We all know what we are seeing, so why isn't this showing up in the harvest numbers? Hunter licences sales are 250k plus. There must be a ton of unsuccessful, and it also illustrates no need for 1 buck. Rule most hunters do not.connect on a buck anyway. As the saying goes 90% of game is taken by 10% of the hubters.. Second issue is access. So much land is not accessible and then some that is hunted is buck only by the hut terms themselves.. they fail to understand if they shot more doe they would see more buck..
  6. Is it hunting?

    Marksman ship is important with any weapon in hunting. Very true. But to me shooting at distance is a disconnection from the animal you pursue.
  7. Is it hunting?

    True, I just wonder if instruction of a new hunter if long range marksmanship is where I would start. Obviously marksmanship is important with any weapon. I just wonder as my friends kids are learning long range thru a school program where 200 yard shot on deer is the norm (parent doesn't hunt). I just believe the distance takes away from the relationship/awe that one attains from truly watching the game at close quarters. It seems almost mechanical at range emotion seems removed.. I've watched the youths raise their gun seeing deer 250 yards away quickly non stealthily.. that would not work at 50 yards.. patients seems to be lacking in the hunts I've seen taped by the program sit in blind watch way across field and shoot.. not sure that's how I would of like to teach my kids. Although the result is the same.. game is taken.. Just.my thoughts. ....
  8. Is it hunting?

    Gorget is a stick tied to a line sharpened on both ends its baited and swollowed then you retired as its caught in games throat. An early form of a hook, or you can ball up a whale bone and cover it in a fat ball and let it be swollowed the fat melts in the stomach and bone unveils killing the prey from the inside as it punctures internal organs.... As for this post I simply asked what people thought. And gave my point of view ..I don't berate people on how they hunt.. I dont look down upon people for shootinglong range I simply stated it just not for me.. You need to learn to read and use context.!!! I feel like I'm chatting with my niece and nephew.
  9. Apple trees

    Good job!! Grafted 4 trees today for neighbor, and planted 2 of my own, 10 more coming next week. I have several 10 tree orchards around the property after fencing to keep the deer off them both horns and browsing buds In spring. After the reached 3 to 5 in in diameter I removed fences. The biggest issue I have now is bear.. climbing them and breaking off limbs.amd or just pulling them down snapping the roots. I've found 3/4 to 7/8 whips produced in about 5 years. Larger diameter produce faster. But all 1st year plantings all flowers should be removed so they put energy into the roots anot fruit.
  10. Is it hunting?

    It teaches other ways to kill. I dont pass judgement obviously you do.. ever use a gorget?
  11. Is it hunting?

    I agree. I have killed all my biggest game from the ground.
  12. Is it hunting?

    You can take elk muledeer and pronghorn and sheep under 50 yards . Personally shooting g something so far away to me is target practice the skill is shooting imo. Not hunting.
  13. Is it hunting?

    I have had this discussion with a few of my friends. Is it really hunting taking long shots? Or is it target shooting? Perhaps is the bowhunter in me but anything over 100 yards for deer or big game is target shooting to me. The game doesn't know your there and you really dont need to be concealed that well . Under 30 yards is hunting to me ..it takes some skill ability and patients to let game get that close or closer.. shooting off a rest at an animal feeding 200 yards isn't to me. Though shooting skill may take precedence on long shots 300 yards plus to me I might as well be shooting a clanger on the range off the bench. Same with turkey it takes some skill to get a bird 10 yards or so but the push is for tighter patterns and longer shots... Are we teaching .hunting skills or shooting skills or just using technology. ?
  14. Which would you choose?

    The Henry for 1 reason ..it will shoot shorts longs and long rifle.. very versatile in getting ammo for it.
  15. I'd use with a stopper behind any head..you want the arrow to stay in unless your shooting a gobbler getter to slice off head