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  1. Watched a dog take down a deer today

    Dogs will.do what dogs do...
  2. If they are shagbark or shell bark nuts I'd plant them all over .. pig nut or bitter nut let the animals eat them
  3. Grow Alot

    Idk but my feed goes Chinese quite often..or is it Korean or japanese.. it's annoying and crazy
  4. I have no motivation to hunt .it's just a autonomic response. I enjoy seeing someone get game out of one of my setups.. I enjoy the scouting far more than the hunt.. I do kill but it's anticlamatic. At some point while sitting i just decide I will kill. That's it.. I enjoy the meat but give much of it away.. big bucks I kill from time to time but I kill small deer as well.. it's just in my dna.. And I'm pretty good at it.
  5. Maple Syrup Season

    Yep weather looks good for it ..Hope producers get a long season with beautiful light sap
  6. AWD vs 4WD

    Sorry best I can do on. Phone is 6 sec gif
  7. AWD vs 4WD

    Good choice ..my outback went thru the Erie blizzard 2x Christmas weekend.. no problems and it will still be worth more in 15 years than any other vehicle you buy
  8. AWD vs 4WD

    Few from 5 -6 years ago.. the red truck was actually street legal trying to edit video down enough to post.. tough on little phone screen...stand by
  9. AWD vs 4WD

    Mudding I'll see if I can upload a video
  10. AWD vs 4WD

    Military axles 9 gear plenary system. Rims custom made.. bought them off auction in new jersey..still had price stickers on them 30k and 25k out of a tank retriever. .. axle shaft is 4.5 in thick. Special tool to remove hubs . Gear system is incredible. Weakest part on whole truck is tranny.. got sick of fixing solid shafts snapping in the mud pits..
  11. AWD vs 4WD

    780 hp motor is in bed.. reverse transfer case 40 ton front axle and 45 ton rear..plenary gear system.. nitrogen shocks for custom lift and ride.. 54000. And it's yours.
  12. Best MOVIE coach

    John candy in cool runnings...
  13. Your hit list buck finally shows up...

    No fixing a rack has nothing to do with shooting it busted.. fix if you want I just stated that a broke. Point is not a reason to pass a Nick has it can be easily fixed if that's your reason for passing it. Points don't matter a mature deer with a busted rack is that same as if it's rack is complete. It's still mature. Grammar police aside I'm happy for him and still feel bad for you .. something so enjoyable causes you grief when someone else is successful.. I'd never feel that way and I have had several friend take their best buck off my land.as well as neighbors after a buck wandered over to them. never have i been upset they killed a target buck of mine. I am truly happy they got it and usually cant wait to hear the story.. many times I've even gone over to cape it for them to take to taxidermist.
  14. AWD vs 4WD

    I do have this available in 4 wheel drive and it will handle any road you want to travel...
  15. AWD vs 4WD

    I have a Subaru awd and I go all over in it.. it has the best awd system and has it heavily pattented. I would buy all wheel.over 4 wheel for 99% of all driving..neck I go places in a 2 wheel drive most.guys cant take a 4 wheel.