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  1. I've always found the most accurate slugs for smooth bore are breneke . Many different versions I happen to like the original felt was. But k.o. are good as well and inexpensive comparatively
  2. Nope lots of chicken of woods around though
  3. Start getting up. Now and watch for it, then add a few min and you be fine.
  4. Cant be much can get ,the nra for a hundred or so . A few other hunting groups offer insurance as well
  5. Allegany township I believe in cat county . Boarders it.
  6. As long as your not one with him you can bow hunt, if your other nephew is old enough to hunt with bow then you just need to be in a place to supervise him if under 16.. heck if your lucky may be your nephews will get a double the same day
  7. I watched a video on youtube on showing white privledge they all line up. For a foot race.. Complete bs... the 1st 3 questions set up the whole thing and it's not about color it's about having a family.specifacally Mother and father.. the only privledge anyone gets is being raised by loving caring parents. If your being raised by a single parent your at a disadvantage regardless of color. Financially, and emotionally , it's not my fault 60% or more of colored children are in a fatherless home.. nor s it privledge my parents stayed together.. if coloreds can fix that issue then all the bs will stop.
  8. Fine and confiscate, then auction it next year to raise funds.
  9. If the population is low and 1st rut ends. Bucks will return to feeding to put on weight for winter, I can see this in the dacks. Unfortunately most of New York's deer population is so skewed that bucks run for months trying to breed does, though I do believe some buck just sit breeding season out, participate minimally especially if they are older
  10. Found some giant puffball today , didnt get chance to pick them as I had no way to carry them . Anyone have a good recipe for them? Pretty tasteless last time I had them.
  11. If it froze below 26 degrees for a it will kill the tops. It will grow down to 26 like corn is safe with a mild frost , but this was a freeze warning lot of stuff froze. Was 27 degrees here I lost some.corn thankfully not all , was spotty but heavy frost fri night, sat sunday cloud cover prevented it here but was 34 for hours till sun burned thru by 9 am.
  12. Nope, had a friend tell me that years ago in ohio when Ny opening day was the 15th.. he said his busdy told him dont bother big ones dont move till the rut late oct early nov.. I insisted that he go out as season in ohio started oct 1st.. a few hours after work I got a call he killed a 10pt that came in with 4 other bucks!!! His buddy was all confused and said it was a fluke. But hes done it many times since and his buddy goes out early oct now as well...