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  1. G-Man

    Should be a good one

    Hard to tell if its same buck but maybe, I have one I think was s 9 pt.last year. I base it on size of rack d.split for brows is exactly.same as in hard horn last year as far as position on beams..time will tell
  2. G-Man


    Egg laying season.. I like seeing the box turtles will go out of the way to move them out of road..can pass on helping snappers and painted...
  3. G-Man

    How high is too high?

    Hens are nesting now in those fields.. .. I'd worry about losing a nest more than getting a bird... just find a plowed and planted field
  4. Lol like he hit a brick wall ..idiot
  5. G-Man

    Remount for a buddy...

    Quite a difference.
  6. G-Man

    Post Season Trail Cam Pics

    A couple of bear photos same spot 2 different bear.. apple tree is one they pulled over a few years ago and I pulled upright and staked..a few buck doing well with growth so far..
  7. G-Man

    How does your garden grow 2019

    Got the ground plowed, maybe disc this afternoon
  8. G-Man

    N.E. Allegany county

    All of allegany county is productive. Some days have more pressure than others ..this year opening week is week before Thanksgiving so both 2 weekends should have a lot of pressure. But because opening week is not Thanksgiving the rest of opening week will be quiet as many take 1 or 2 days to take the full week of Thanksgiving off
  9. G-Man

    It begins again

    It will but there is no way to grandfather in so they best be looking to take bow course. This is in fact the only legislation I believe will pass. Imo it should be bow required as aiming and tracking during bow is much different during gun.
  10. G-Man

    It begins again

    It is still a challange, I do not find drawing my bow a challange its 52lbs, has 80% let off and I have not been busted drawing ever in 30 years of bow hunting. Moving into position for a shot yes. Drawing no.. same as you state above it's not as easy or hard in this case as some make it out to be. Every piece of equipment has it's own challenges. That in fact is the truth of it. As for full inclusion of crossbow and required bow course for it with the course required I'm all for it .. without course I'd leave it alone.. jmo
  11. G-Man

    Sharpening chainsaw

    It's a different shaped tooth have gone thru about 30 trees with it so far . They way it clamps on and grinds the tooth its effective. I dont know longevity of chain yet though I have bought 2. One extra. No need to swap out a full chain just clamp on run 15 to 30 seconds and sharp..
  12. G-Man

    It begins again

    I have mono pod works in a permanent stand,not in hang on style.
  13. G-Man

    It begins again

    My stand has elevated seat ,no rail and I do not sit shooting nor could i have my knee bent to rest stock on it like Turkey hunting. To have it resting on bipod would.limit how i could move and swing to get in position for shot.. fine in a blind , cant see it in a hang on. Your stands must have large solid or mesh floor.. mine are slatted and only 24x 32 .
  14. I do 4k miles a month mostly middle of the night . I've killed 33 deer since I started driving 33 years ago. Head on swivel works I've missed hundreds and a lot are deer running into me. Last one I was stopped deer.walked to shoulder I started moving and it ran and crashed into my.driver door.. crazy.. it was fine door skin popped in and back out..
  15. I have killed more deer with vehicles than many hunter I know have in 20 years.( hit 5 in one year in 2014) . that's not bad damage at all. A quick search on line can find you new grill and if family can pound out hood reasonably well your all set. Main thing is your ok. Prolly.best you didnt see it as slamming on brakes can cause front end to drop and deer come up over hood... I actually release brakes and hit gas if I know I'm going to hit one. Raises front end and forces deer under vehicle. Bumper takes 90% of damage that way..