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  1. Yep was 6 am after a rainy night..that or he was sweating so far from water....
  2. That is the 1st beaver ive ever gotten on camera.. not even a ditch there that he was possibly following...
  3. There is no water within a almost half mile of that beaver... crazy i would assume young male looking for new territory.. maybe he was heading to neighbors pond... idk
  4. Got base set up, have to level and secure it ..
  5. Not that i have energy just no one else to do it...lol
  6. Started base for new boxblind, posts are black locust, framing is red pine. built a set of stairs for barn loft.a new shelf in barngot storm door on barn man door Now onto food plots...
  7. 18 or 19 , 103 page manifesto ,self proclaimed white supremacist.
  8. Peas, cucumbers ,lettuce up , sweet corn just starting to show above ground
  9. Some doe are bred in october around Halloween, so they should be born while the majority will be next 3 weeks..
  10. Its not what you know but who!! this guy i gave my old bow and he killed his 1st deer with it a few weeks later.
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