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  1. I reach up and cut esophagus, and I ring the anus /vulva/ penis. ,i do not split pelvis not cut up past cartilage on sternum, can gut deer in a min or so this way.. the key to this is a 2.5 in blade preferably a drop or clip point
  2. The county law I enforcement will not enforce un constitutional gun laws... what will happen eventually is a case will have to be tried before supreme court ( thankfully trump is making it conservative) and hopefully all the gun laws we hate will be struck down as unconstitutional and removed.
  3. So now we need to know what the state defines as loaded.. powder or projectile or both... seems like removing primer unloads it in vehicle so I would gather its powder and projectile...
  4. 4 to 5 year old clear.cuts and Aspen/poplar stands. The proper habitat is key for grouse If snow is deep enough will be on ground under snow and will go up into trees to eat buds and catkins. I never hunt early for grouse in winter as they dont seem to be out and about till later am.amd disappear by mid afternoon
  5. I use to put plots in for neighbors down the road , told them they were small and wouldn't make it to season, stopped making them when I saw them with truckload of apples late in fall that year.. now they have no plots and no help...
  6. You would have to look up the legal statute, I remember is use to state propellant and projectile loaded from muzzle.
  7. You will see loaded from muzzle required in hunting syllabus and these will be illegal...
  8. Looks to be same one. Amazing how they can survive from year to year.. I really believe our biggest bucks die of old age never seen by hunters after they are 4 or so..
  9. If someone was buying feed for deer to begin with I dont think a label on a bag or feed block will deter them
  10. G-Man

    Selling mounts

    Have to watch illegal to sell a lot that are now protected
  11. A coating that invades seed and makes corn fix it's own nitrogen. This should cut down on timing issues of fertilizer and increase yield in plots. Reducing costs of planting and growing
  12. Read a lot of Clive Cussler, and sci fi fantasy, david eddings, Anne mc caffrey.. time to time I do his historical books on civil war, ww2.
  13. Any time it's over 35 or so they will go an a stroll. Especially if fall was scarce on food.. I always get them on camera during thaws...
  14. G-Man


  15. That is biggest problem with climbers , need a tree that fits stand . Not the best tree to kill a deer. Cover and wind direction are most important. Followed by your entrance and exit route. Yep leave on ground and haul up rope if you tie knots in it at present measurements you will know if your 10 20 30 ft high. Also put a clip on rope to attach ( carabiners) wrap in tape to quiet it. Nothing worse than trying to untie bow when deer is standing under you