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  1. You leave.it for days and it explodes 4 hours and you pretty.much have to shoot it only a few have way to let it down.. can put draw lock on a bow and do same so again same as bow not a gun..
  2. Omg a scope for a bow?? Now they are just like rifles dont let nybh know about them...lol.. seriously they have been around for quite a while but were very expensive. They do even have scopes for bows as well ,for myself they were cost prohibitive, I do have them on my turkey gun and deer shotgun and like using them
  3. 243 hitting point of shoulder may not penetrate, I've seen it on deer and bear, a 270 , or 7mm 08 will still penetrate. ,plus bullet selection is much more important on .243 vs larger cal for deer. A light 243 bullet ,will not perform like wanted in larger game, active reloaded and shooter know this as most active participants on forum, in general the aver hunter is buying a box of bullets off shelf and dont know about grainweight or thick or thin skin game. Heck right bullet right shot a .22 will kill a polar bear.. but I would prefer a margin more beneficial to a hunter killing and re reco
  4. It has 1 thing in common with a gun a stock, everything else is same as a compound bow
  5. Why you dont reload at max capacity at.max pressures..
  6. 7mm 08, or 270, 20 ga. .243 are bit light if shot is off or possibility of a bear
  7. You do realize nothing is grand fathers all those orange army.would have to take a course ,instead you let the orange army out uneducated and unqualified . To not.make it archery equipment and course mandatory you lust let more and more get involved and make bowhunter look bad as a bolt or arrow look the same
  8. I have a 835 with a jugged barrel 15 inch forcing cone and a .62 choke, will. Kill dead to 65 yards if need be I prefer 30 yards pattern is about 15 in and it will. Dust a bird every time
  9. As a fellow left handed, I am.happy.for you I've only.owned 4 compound bows in my life, I've kept the last two, a mathers mq32 and my.current drenalin. Hard to try one to upgrade though I havent seen any major.technology change.that warrants a new one
  10. It's not a gun, guns projectile propelled by explosive or compressed gasses.. it's a crossbow. You do nothing for.your cause trying to call it.a gun except.look dumb and redneck( no.offence) I do not support.any group I do not.entirey agree with in cluding the nra
  11. That is exactly.why crossbow needs to be made archery equipment so a course is required,help to explain kill zones , shot placement plus is a course ma, are to lazy to take it , it's a travesty people think you can shoot it like a rife ,it arcs much like a arrow from a bow ,deflects the same and kills the same, nothing like a rifle at all. At worse it should be a seperate tag with course required so dec can actually track what is being shot with cross bow vs muzzleloader
  12. Sun joe 40 or 20 volt , I have the 40 volt ,8 years old and wouldnt be without it ,clear shooting lanes , cuts for hours , thru oak amd maple
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