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  1. I'd go with whitetail institute white clover.. I've tried many side by side and it does out draw any seed commercial or plot developed seed I tried. Proper seed bed prep is a must!! I did spray and tilled prepped and planted. I recommend spraying again after bed prep wait a week or two before seeding and spray again this killed off the seed brought to surface by bed prep..then plant.. the 1st year I did I didnt do thus and grasses weeds took over in 2 years.. after spraying 2 weeks after bed prep then wanting I was able to get 7 years out of it before grasses weed became an issue again This is also without weed hebacide being applied just mowing..
  2. G-Man

    Age of this big 6

    Just a 2.5 year old chest/neck still defined and belly not sagging nor sway backed
  3. G-Man

    Question about breech plug bore

    yes all primer holes are tapered its to creste a hotter more consitant ignition. . unles you go to a sidelock where the nipple is tapered to have same effect on touchhole.
  4. G-Man

    Score and age?

    under 100 over 80..
  5. G-Man

    New to NYS and New to Hunting

    welcome your about an hour east of.me
  6. G-Man

    Gawrysiak 19 pt buck

    someone will fund him....ugh
  7. G-Man

    Fisher, Marten, Mink?

    fisher no question
  8. i wear it for muzzleloader season .but i do a lot of still hunting then, and drives.
  9. was the best hunting the next year though so many hunters were stuck at home from day after opener till after thanksgiving many many bucks survived and got bigger
  10. nope since my opinion cant move it ill go out and hunt. i just find it funny people love it so much when you hunt thick stuff you cant see far or well you depend on your ears more than your eyes ..snow removes that sense. for visual hunters that dont use their ears they dont know the difference only stating they can see better...with our narrow binocular vision you can miss a lot even with snow..but sound is 360...
  11. ugh.. hate it..guys take far shots..blood drops through the snow and idiots think they missed.. find lots of dead lost deer when there is snow. cant hear them.coming and it it warms up and refreezes its so crunchy they can hear you coming from next county. and its freaking cold.. uncomfortable to sit in if its not frozen under snow your boots get muddy and or wet and freeze to the stand and make noise when you move. if it hangs on the limbs you cant see and your open lanes are no longer open... drat ...id rather not have it
  12. G-Man

    Sighting in a gun

    my gun is sighted for me and i cant my.gun . im left handed if a right hander picks it up the crosshairs will be way off.. i think of it as gun security .. no one wants to borrow it even better as a left handed bolt..
  13. G-Man

    Hunting camp food

    we use to have 9 layer lasagna night before opening day. would take the whole day before and cook down the sauce before adding 20lbs if cheese and 20 lbs of sausage and ground beef and cook it up.. that all ended with the sat opener not.enough prep time when most dont get down till after work and later on fri night.. now no true meal.before opening day.. the rest of camp food depends how many and who is in camp..
  14. sounds like you have a short draining the battery..cold usually..means damp. just enough humidity to make.connnection to drain..
  15. G-Man

    Happy B day G Man!!!

    thanks everyone..i spent the day working but am on vacation now for the week .good luck to everyone opening day!