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  1. G-Man

    Does anyone know much about jetskis?

    I'm 5 min from the lake and boat launch..
  2. G-Man

    New decoy??

    Perhaps wolly can start a buisness very durable I bet...
  3. G-Man


    I am in zone 3/4 I usually get a few night of -20 here and am high enough to have snow on top of the hill while it rains at the bottom. I cant grown many trees plants that say they will grow in ny, the 2 lakes closest to me are the 1st to freeze every year.. case/ Cuba. A few degrees may be the difference, I've seen shows where ticks attack moose in its southern range because the climate is warmer and the thrive in warmer winters.. I've seen keds on my deer but never a tick.. cold isnt a bad thing it seems.. I'm always in shock hearing about all the ticks members deal with...
  4. I had a charles daily the firing pin kept giving me problems was fixed .lasted a bit and returned.. junk imo. Browning, the fit, mill work is top notch, action always smooth, imo the fit is what matters, length to trigger, trigger pull.. if those are right on so is rest of your shooting.
  5. Interesting article showing success and different levels of failure..https://www.mossyoak.com/our-obsession/blogs/deer/antler-restrictions-good-or-bad
  6. G-Man


    Phew.. I have not ever had a tick on me in 25 years at my place.. have only seen 1 on neighbors dog at bottom of hill about a mile away. I feel bad for every one that has these around.. glad my place 8s sub zero in winter seems to be reason they are not here
  7. G-Man

    Does anyone know much about jetskis?

    Just on Cuba lake maybe 1x a week they are 97 ski doo xp.
  8. G-Man

    WTH is this?

    Apparently you know someone named b, and they are that persons father... just stay away if he asks you to join the darkside
  9. Have a chance to buy 2 gen 4 ski doo xps and trailer . Both are winterized and have a decent package deal.for 3500.00 does that sound decent?
  10. G-Man

    Shed Hunting 2019

    Couple on a quick walk today..
  11. G-Man

    Farmer pissed Off-- Gone Crazy!

    Lol , empty trailer he was demolishing it is all. Better video of pissed off farmers doing things
  12. G-Man

    Happy Spring !

    Welcome to mud season....
  13. Hope to finish cutting new road into my one field this weekend, been dropping Aspen, only have 200 or so to go.. hopefully I can get another 20 or so down each of next few weekends..
  14. G-Man

    How would you rate yourself as a turkey caller ?

    I also use an elk bugle and a dog whistle..but horn is 1st choice