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  1. Try handcockseed.com or harrisseed.com if you want specific seed. Best if you can buy bulk and split with others. Always follow recommended seeding rates. And to ensure proper planting cover area you want to plant with half the amount called for 1st( this may include very fast walking or super slow seed opening. ) then cover again from different direction using other half . After you do. This a few times you'll learn what setting to use on your seeder. I always walk when seeding brassica seed. As machines tend to send to much. A good earthway seeing bag is a must imo.
  2. Lot of stateland to explore, with the exception of opening day or phesant release sites if found most public land devoid of hunters especially off main access roads. I enjoy a walk thru local state lands for fall Turkey and never see another hunter.
  3. Radish is a better in season draw in my experiance , purple top is next. Followed by appin. The whole planting brassica Is less is more , they will look scattered and like you missed whole areas till the tops fill out. You can mix yourself . But radish seed is much larger than radish, so use half suggested rate for area and seed one and then do same with other seed .
  4. Can take his emergency power but he wont resign, be months before investigation, he said " I'm not resigning, the people elected me no the politicians "
  5. Vote isnt till fri or monday as all Bill's are supposed to be on floor for 3 days
  6. Easiest way to get old snowblower or any old carb to run with gummed up carb is toss it in pot of boiling water with dawn dish detergent, dont touch settings , shake out water and put gas in it and shake out a few times, works well. If you already took carb apart then this is a no go.
  7. I think it would have a big impact, if 1 nursery ow or removes 12 a year on his own now with nuisance permit, and they re looking to remove 100 or so. A doe 1st or 2 doe before antlered , guys would be killing them , and allow baiting definitely would be effective ( I am also thinking x bow use) Compare 1 or 2 baited site with sharp shooters vs 30 or 40 baited sites with 50 or more participants and deer would be killed. As after sharpshooters start killing over bait deer become skittish, spreading that out over more sites and take would increase. Corning elmira area allows a spec
  8. Survey on how to control deer herd in west seneca.. now is chance to perhaps get permit archery hunting there vs ,paid sharpshooters and baiting at taxpayer expense http://www.westseneca.net/news-and-events/community-interests/public-surveys#gsc.tab=0
  9. Yes if air flow blocked to carb it will die with choke off may have a seal over new carb air I take that was left on or air inflow to box is blocked by debris.
  10. Maybe but no engine has a direct air flow to carb ( it would suck up snow or water or ice) ,there is an air box or combo with filter, with choke on hes running pure gas , when releasing choke less gas is used as it mixes with air. If it cant get air to vaporize gas it won't run. Will simply stall out. If air way is restricted it wont run off choke.
  11. Has to have air cleaner box or filter. If it's missing it's your problem.
  12. Few years ago there were 7 at the bottom of 219 bridge over catt creek must of been startled and jumped off bridge, was long way down. Smell was atrocious. Been there awhile
  13. Air filter, Fuel filter , low idle adjustment. My best guess.. If sat out air filter could be plugged from mice. Cant get air and is running rich on full choke, dies when looking to pull more air in. As its unavailable
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