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  1. Good article on why the decline and the pressure hunters put on biologists to make seasons easier though the change would be detrimental https://www.fieldandstream.com/conservation/declining-turkey-populations?utm_medium=social&utm_source=Facebook And the new Pennsylvania study.. https://trib.al/lVUzc9z
  2. Cuba is read for this round , snow sculpture up and Beasley the bison out on the lake
  3. Friends are either 10 years older or 10 to 20 years younger, as for concerts got way to expensive to enjoy same with most sports.. 20s were big change getting 40 people to go to bills game was easy by 25 was lucky to get 2 to go along.. priorities change
  4. G-Man


    201 after how many years of drying.. Jordan buck was only 206.. .. top five for how many years if it was scored and entered... sure there are more monsters in grandpa's garage , attic , ect
  5. G-Man


    I'm sure there are many more ,my neighbor has an impressive collection in his house basement , never scored any of them just kept some of the big ones .. most are easily over 140 in.. who knows what he has in baskets elsewhere.. wasn't popular to show off a big buck back then as deer were scarce and hunting spots kept a secret
  6. Still have and use my browning bps game gun ,for deer for turkey from time to time and for deer killed a bunch with It including my personal best in 2000. I started talking a gun out of cabinet and use it for the whole season this year was a savage model 99 in 300 savage.. both coyote and buck were taken with it this year... next year will be a browning blr In 30-062000 buck..
  7. 12 in or more total over 2 days is not much to worry about , daily totals should be only ones given the rest cause unnecessary panic.. like list 80 in of snow possible in next 6 to 8 weeks
  8. I think I'm dead... inside ....lol
  9. Included in all archery if you meet the 3 criteria, over 55, Dr note, youth. ...so not for all, bur once this is in the dec should be able to control other changes the big thing is getting it made archery equipment.
  10. Basically.makes crossbow archery equipment .. amd archery course will then be required, the rest is just stating who can use them and when.
  11. We just received word that Senator Mannion introduced S7747 this week, It is the same as bill to the Woerner A 1299 Bills. These Bills will 1) Change from Muzzleloader Privilege to Archery Privilege, 2) Change Longbow Season to Special Archery Season and Include Crossbows 3) Allow 55 and older to use Crossbow in the Special Archery Season 4) Allow crossbow use in Special Archery Season with Dr Certification 5) Allow all Jr Hunters use a crossbow beginning at age 12 6) Reduce crossbow setback from 250 to 150 ft 7) Remove arbitrary 17” width and 200 lb max draw weight restrictions.
  12. Bills practice inside a covered parcatice facility, I seen no benefit to the weather being in out factor as patriots practice outside.. all this plus price of tickets is more than enough to build a dome/ retractable dome.
  13. The ball will be hard as a rock ,hard to catch , completion percentage drops 10% or more and chances of a tipped ball i crease as well...
  14. Its well within historical standards and is not even close to un projections... https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/USA/united-states/death-rate
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