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  1. If it gets emergency approval .. again where is the emergency?? Less then 2% of worlds population has gotten it and less than 1 % of those that got it died.( most from other things but got lumped in with covid.)
  2. The death rate is very low and emergency use only is what it was approved for , they have no idea of extended side effects.. this is why I belive most do not want the vaccine . It's also main reason why most do not get a flushot. If your at risk or family seems suspect to its effects I understand getting it. For most there is no reason to other than fear of numbers which are given with no comparisons... just number of new cases.. ever wonder how many new cases of flu happen every day every year?? Not that they report that at all. Media keeps calling it a pandemic, but it lost that status
  3. Have you watched any TV and see all the lawsuits for fda approved meds?? Most take 10 years or more to be approved , and yet they are causing problems with users heath . If this is approved it will be years from now , if it's by fall is pure politician pressure.. watch the fda go through a lotnof driectors and employees rapidly so it can be approved..
  4. You would never get off second shot unless you spined it. Way to loud
  5. Made it to a 10 pt this year. Nice
  6. Here is study from the states as well . The vaccine causes antibodies for a spike pristine, where natural immunity causes antibodies for entire surface of the virus.. hence the reason Vax people can carry and still get covid. ( a valid member here has it now as does his vaxed wife) https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.michigan.gov/documents/mdch/Waiver_Ed_Natural_Immunity_479884_7.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjq5b3Lo4ryAhXCbc0KHVlEDIkQFjARegQIKxAC&usg=AOvVaw1VwRCMMHjcw8pIr08svlls&cshid=1627630521057
  7. It's fact you can look it up. , why do you think mask wearing is going to be forced back on those that got vaxed?
  8. This was under development for Sars 10 years ago and was never approved for sars.. it was for emergency only, this has dropped beneath pandemic standards and I have yet to see an emergency.. doubtful it will be approved ( unless it's politically pushed ) they had 10nyears to approve it and it wasn't... that alone is a huge red flag
  9. Why buy one when 2 ft below water line is safe and free. Plus I have 3 docks in my pond electric to run to far side would be cost prohibitive. 450ft of line to get to pond to begin with
  10. Depends on size of pond.. mine is an acre I'd need 5 or more to make it work and that's a big electric bill and if pond dug right completely unnecessary
  11. I'd make sure your crossbraces are 2 ft below expected.top level of water or ice will lift dock on you... I learned the hard way.
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