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  1. https://nylandquest.com/property/lq93282/
  2. Some big deer moving mid day 11 to 3pm.. full moon and early moon rise has deer active middle of night and mid day. We may not like the heat but deer are looking for that 1 hot doe that comes in early. Many are just crusing.. young bucks are chasing but does arent stoppiñg to be bred like the start and stop run they do when they are ready to breed. They are on full out runs to get away from the harassment. Yes there are always a few early doe in oct and that is why october is fun.
  3. Seriously need to take up squirrel hunting or find someone who does... greys the size of housecats.. 6 in the trees dropping nuts... hope bunch of doe hear them hitting the ground and come to snack....
  4. Most buck activity has been after 10 and before 3.. near full moon active and midnight and mid day..
  5. Was stuck in fork in tree had to get pole trimmer to flip it out was 15 to 18ft up
  6. Porky got caught in fork of tree ..needed to get pole trimmer to get it out... friend is happy lots of quills for jewelry making.
  7. Limiting it to one entry per person..
  8. Headed back to get equipment to retrieve....sigh
  9. 1st target spotted this am.. will have to wait a bit.. i have fried that wants quiĺls for jewerly..
  10. Not a youth and if hunted as a youth then can hunt on his/her own
  11. This time of year does are in hiding. Dont care for bucks.
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