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  1. Hi Andy, there's a legal parking area off Pond Gut Rd for about 8 cars. It's tough to find but it's there.
  2. I've hunted squirrel at Lafayetteville and a few times there have been folks running dogs, but mostly off the Wilbur Flats Rd section where the brush is thick. If you go across Rt 199 it's pretty hilly with some great overlooks for sitting and watching. Nice place to hunt. A better place IMO is Taconic-Hereford 909 acres, miles and miles of trails with many great overlooks, open fields, wet areas, and all kinds of nut trees. Also you can drive in from multiple sides and there are many small parking areas. If you come in from the east on Pond Gut Rd there's remnants of an old farm and numerou
  3. I know what you mean. I would be the grown man crying in the woods.
  4. I've hunted small game for most of my life using an air rifle. Earlier this year I decided this would be my first year hunting larger game, probably just deer and maybe coyotes. I went out and purchased a Browning BLR in 270 WSM. It is one of the most beautiful rifles I have ever seen. I haven't fired it yet and I am so looking forward to it. I ordered a Skinner peep sight and my plan, at least for this first season, is to hunt with the open sights. Unless of course when I sight it in I can't get a tight enough group at 100 yards. It probably won't matter since I plan to attach a bipod
  5. Wow that's exciting. I appreciate the responses. I may go there this weekend and scope the place out. Of course I'll be toting the air gun just in case I come across a red squirrel or two.
  6. Hey Guys, Just wondering if anything has changed with New Forge SP. I noticed above someone mentioned you could target shoot there. Does anyone know if this is still allowed? I'm a small game air gun hunter looking for another place to harvest squirrels.
  7. I was out squirrel hunting last weekend and I saw one running off into the woods. A black and grey and a scary looking beast. I didn't have a chance at a shot.
  8. Thanks. Heading out again before my furlough ends and I have to go back to work.
  9. I've been out a bunch of mornings between the Taconic - Hereford and Lafayetteville MUA's and have seen a number of squirrels. The brush and leaves are thick out there and it does make if difficult to stalk the little critters, take your eyes off them for a second and their gone. So far the squirrels have been pretty safe from me. I don't think I'm sitting long enough between moves because there not coming out for me. I've been sticking to the trails, walking quietly stopping, moving, stopping, moving. And when I hear enough chatter I circle around into the woods to get the sun behind me
  10. I spelled it wrong. It's Lafayetteville MUA on Wilbur Flats road, between the Taconic and Route 199.
  11. Hi Feathebeard,,, still working my way up the hunting ladder, I figure I have to bag my share of wild squirrels first. Not that I haven't bagged 50'sh in the back yard but when I'm in the woods somehow the critters develop radar and go into cloak mode.
  12. Thanks for the luck, you to. I went out today back to Taconic - Hereford and sat on an overlook for an hour and never saw anything but a bird which turned out to be too fast for me. After that I left and decided to check out the Lafayette State Forest and found a parking area just off route 82. I didn't go in but did notice a lot of conifer stands with a very long hill of hardwood behind it. Looked like a place to hunt. Painting my sons house tomorrow hunting Thursday.
  13. The Air Ranger jammed. It turned out to be the polymer tip on the Polymag pellet coming loose and sticking a bit into the barrel. I didn't realize at the time but the pellets are a bit small for the magazine. I pushed it back with a small wood dowel.
  14. I've been out a few mornings and have noticed my noise may be scaring off the greys. Had an airgun jamb with a new pellet and had to walk back to my car and home to clear it. On the way I saw a grey walk across the trail, bastard, how did he know! So I know they are there. Anyway rain today back tomorrow. Did I mention I'm on Gov't furlough? So I have time to do stuff. So what's up with the knat's, mosquitos, and flies? What do I wear?
  15. Well I decided to try out the Taconic - Hereford MUA since it is so close to home, it's 909 acres. I parked right off the Taconic Pkwy and wondered into the woods away from the road. But I could never get far enough away to loose the traffic noises. For my first day of small game hunting I had a blast. Never saw a squirrel but walked all over, got into the hunting mentality walked a short bit to an interesting area and stopped and listened and watched for 5 to 10 minutes. I could hear maybe a squirrel eating something but I could not see him. I spent a couple hours out there looking around s
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