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  1. martin

    Southeast/ region 3 meet up

    After seing those food pictures, I like that spot. Let's do this often in different area's. This way if someone cannot make it, they can go to another one. We need to determine our range, then go from there. Spring fishing one is a good one to all meet at.
  2. martin

    Southeast/ region 3 meet up

    If I'm off, I'm in for a meet and greet. I'm in Wappingers falls.
  3. martin

    Racoon Hunting

    Wondering how many racoon hunters are in this area. Does anyone know how the Farmers respond to Racoon hunters? Just getting a ggeneral idea. I'll be pounding pavement for access.
  4. martin

    What Does Everone Else Think

    I use to think about chores as well to be done before nights falls. Well, just wear a head lamp while cutting the grass or raking yard. Think of it as practicing hunting at night. It's about what Time it is that need yard machines need to be off for the night.
  5. martin

    Best public land you've hunted in ny...

    I've hunted Partridge run and it is a great place to go Hunting.
  6. martin

    Weird Wet Fall Hunting

    You hit that one on the head "RATTLER". Not a good fall for hunting. Need a good frost to knock everything down. Warm nights stink for Predator hunting to.
  7. martin

    Best public land you've hunted in ny...

    I grew uo in Oswego county and liked hunting "Three rivers area". Now that I'm in Dutchess county, I like Layfeyetteville.
  8. martin


    I plan on going out monday when I'm off
  9. Hey Water Rat,

     Just saying hello.. Were in Dutchess County you live. I'm in Wappingers Falls. I live in Hillside lake by the lake.

    1. Water Rat

      Water Rat

      Good morning Martin. I had a friend that lived on Hillside lake in the late 1970's. Nice area.

  10. martin

    Remember these ?

    Yes I do remember. Boot camp in the Navy. Sometimes in both arms at the sametime. They said " Don't move, or the shot will tear a hole in your arms"
  11. martin

    Khabib/McGregor Fight

    Totally agree with you. I hate Dana White. I remember watching the 1st couple UFC's when it first started. Now it's to watered down. If you watch the first couple of them, they were very enjoyable. Horce Gracie beat a 600lbs guy in one of them. They should of gave him his belt and announced it so he could enjoy rubbing the win in Connors face.
  12. martin

    Scent Free Alternatives

    I do the samething. I use Arm and Hammer scent free and do not use Dryer to dry them.
  13. martin

    Khabib/McGregor Fight

    I watched thru a friends feed posted on facebook. Glad Connor got whipped. He talks to much. I had a feeling that Khabib being a ground guy, he could man handle Connor, in which he did. I loved the fight afterwords. It's not over, Kbabib will find Connors crew someday on the outside, and destroy them, 1 by 1.
  14. martin

    Don't See This Much Anymore.......

    When I Bowled my 1st 300 game, in 1989, I tried calling my parents. My mom use to talk all night. By the time I got a hold of her, we where in the 7th frame of the 2nd game. Now party lines were a lot of fun. never knew what you were going to listen to.