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  1. Has anyone used those sonics that go into the ground. I have chipmunks under a concrete piece by garage. Think they will work? I need help with this one. Thanks in advance.
  2. The other game I have here in our neighborhood is....DEER!!! OMG!!! We actually have to many. I've ssen 21 in a group is my largest. You can drive right up next to them and say HI!!! Last season here I got to see a 10point looking for a Doe or Does to have fun with. I got a picture of him to. I'll have to try and show you. Pretty cool. Not worried about running out of meat around here.
  3. I've been shooting chipmunks for 3 years now. Never ending, but fun. I also use traps with peanut butter. BB gun out the bathroom window to. I also have an abundance of squirrels. Girlfriend set up long pole with soda bottles on it. They jump on it and fall 12ft down. I also have Bats in the garage. I had some last year and this year to. Thought I closed up seems. I have a Bat slide in the window of the garage. Mice in the attic is never ending. It's fun to hunt year round. Good practice.
  4. Bummer that I couldn't make it. I'm nursing a hamstring and walking was tough then.
  5. I'm in. Hey Cynthia, if your car isn't fixed, maybe I can swing by and pick u up. Not sure of your location though.
  6. HI !!!!!!! Everyone. Yes I'm around still. Nursing a Hamstring right now. I'm off till friday, just maybe I'll get out there and Bark at the moon a few times. Tis the season Boys & Girls !!!!!
  7. Not sure if your on the site or not, go to "Bark at the Moon." It's an awesome web site. Your in prime territory to.
  8. Congrats on your Catch. Awesome feeling
  9. Sounds good to me. I've been working so much that getting out is tough right now
  10. Hi everyone!!! Hope all is doing well. Yes I'm back. Been busy summer working way too much. Thanks for the great posts on the house. If you can pass it along that would be great. That's the meeting house for the parade every year. Great seats!!!!! I haven't been in Deposit in a few years due to work. Hornbeck is an awesome guy. I always stop by for a visit. He has great trapping scents I use for cover when Predator hunting. I enjoy going to Deposit. Small town with lots of Hunting/Fishing options. Happy Hunting and be safe out there.....Marty
  11. House for sale in Deposit. Girlfriends sister is moving to Canada soon. Getting word out for her. Good school district if you have kids. Walking distance to Delaware river for AWESOME fishing. Short drive to state hunting land. Price to sell but will take offers.
  12. martin

    Racoon Hunting

    I'll be back soon for discussion
  13. Hello Everyone!!!! It's been busy for me. I was on a 6 day off stretch when our night shift guys Wife has a stroke. I still had 3 days to go. I am now the new night guy until May unless something changes. She has a long road to recovery at this time. The other baad news is we have no saturday night shift covered yet and he did most of those. I'm working 6 days a week with only Friday off. I may have a 2 week stretch working with no days off coming up soon. My hunting season pretty much ended with that Text last friday. I would join you in White Plains to. Enjoy Monday's outing and I'll stay in touch....