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    Barnes bullets

    I finally got some blackhorn 209 and the new breech plug. Everyone says Barnes I was trying to get the T-EZ 250 grain can these be bought in person anywhere? Having trouble even finding them online bass pro o could ship to store but takes like 2 weeks.I live in Fulton / Oswego area thanks in advance
  2. My grandson just got his bow license he’s 13. Either sex tag and a doe tag is what he got. For doe tag needs done before October 1, only 9 bucks total
  3. It’s finally coming along actually rained a decent amount In the last week I’ll see on Sunday how it’s looking
  4. We planted corn 2 weeks ago today and it hasn’t rained at all since. At what point is it In trouble or will it be fine until it does rain?
  5. We didn’t hear any birds at all today.At 9:15 i looked behind and here comes a jake up the hill .I tell him to get ready he hits the field he’ll walk right to us ,which he did.At about 12 yards he stops he pulls the trigger and misses and the turkey runs out to 40 yards and I call he fans out comes back the other side 30 yards I tell him him shoot he says I can’t there’s a branch in the way.Now the turkey goes behind us maybe 5 yards he pulls the trigger it clicks .I didn’t realize the shell didn’t eject had to get my knife out and pry if out .I look at the boy he’s shaking I said what’s wrong , he says I don’t know must be cold lol. Oh well try again next week
  6. We didn’t hear any gobbles anywhere but I’m sure they’re there. On a positive note we saw over 160 deer in the loop around camp best field had 41
  7. We’re just packing up for Steuben county see if we can roost one for the morning. Oldest grandson turned 13 today he’s be waiting for a month hopefully I don’t screw if up for him lol
  8. Powers taxidermy in Canisteo was 75 this year don’t think your to far from there
  9. We took 13 bucks,2 bear, and 2 doe off 235 acres. It’s 4 different parcels within a few miles. Best year ever probably see nothing next year.
  10. Not the bear he witnessed a very illegal deer harvest
  11. Bob, Did you hear from nick after he hunted the last Sunday of the season? He’s got one heck of a story.
  12. My wife thinks I’m nuts for getting 13 pounds of something we’ve never tried . I said if we don’t like it I bet I could find a few people that would take it!
  13. Well I made my first trip to constanzas on Monday . All the samples were really good especially the banana pepper mozzarella slim Jim’s. Got 13 pounds of maple blueberry sausage, some pepperoni, Cajun sausage , mozzarella banana pepper slims and jalepeno cheddar slims.
  14. Just a question I’ve never been there will they take ground that had no fat mixed with it? I’ve got a bunch I haven’t decided what to do with and the maple blueberry sausage sounds good!
  15. Were in Howard seems to be a great year we’ve kept Jim at hitching post meats busy this year. I think our group has taken 8-9 over so far . Jim’s a great guy couldn’t be happier with his work.Best we’ve done in years lot of quality bucks.
  16. After watch the neighbor shoot a big one this morning on their side thought I was wasting my time at 1:45 he walks right to me
  17. After 31 archery hunts I was starting to think it wasn’t my year as usual but finally Saturday morning it worked out. 20 yard shot and watched him go down.
  18. Yup 8 t is a tough draw I got lucky and got one this year. He’ll have opportunity to take both buck and doe unless he’s really picky on the size