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  1. I’ve been going there for years as well. It’s a clean, well run operation. It does get very busy during the first two weeks of firearms season and they’ve had to limit how many deer they take each day. A few years ago I dropped off a big buck that I needed caped for a mount and had to wait almost a week to get it even though Ed told me it should only be a couple days. Weather was warm and my taxidermist wasn’t sure the cape would be usable. It’s definitely first come first served and they don’t move a deer up in line to get it caped, which I understand. I think they got some complaints so began limiting intake numbers.
  2. Wildman

    Anyone seeing rut action???

    I had a 6pt chasing 11 does for a while in front of me Sunday in 7j. None of them were interested and he ended up wandering off. As of last card pull on Sunday, still no bigger bucks cruising like in past years at this time.
  3. Wildman

    Syracuse area hunters?

    Hello to the NY hunting community. I've been following this website for a while, but finally decided to sign up. I live and hunt south of Syracuse (Pompey), but hunting time is pretty limited. Any other members in this area? It would be fun to compare notes on deer movement and rutting activity. Good luck this season.
  4. I didn't see a thing this morning in 7j. My dad saw a small 6pt. Overall it's been a very slow season is so far and deer activity on my trail cams has slowed over the past couple of weeks. Usually I have a few random bigger bucks on cam by now, but nada in the past 2 weeks. Strange. Heading to a different property for the afternoon.
  5. Wildman

    Syracuse area hunters?

    I feel like the buck activity seems to lag behind on the property I hunt in 7j as well. Usually don't see bucks cruising and scrapes starting until the first week of Nov
  6. Wildman

    Syracuse area hunters?

    A beauty from CNY.