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  2. The kill is just a part of the journey. Everything from responsible firearm ownership, to scouting, to butchering and cooking is how I fell in love with hunting. I think its important to share that with people. I don't think I'd ever take anyone out who just wanted to kill something. While it may not be true for all, I'd like to believe that as hunters we are all conservationist at heart.
  3. I will be using mine this season. Going with #6 shot after a bunch of advice.
  4. Thanks! I picked up a Marlin XT-22 VR. Waiting on the scope to arrive and I will be taking it out to the range hopefully this weekend. I got two of my friends to sign up for hunters ed this summer which I'm proud of. I'll be trying out the buddy system with them. I think small game is a great way to get someone introduced into hunting and everything that comes with it.
  5. I plan to have days where I just use the 22 to focus on squirrel but after all of your comments I think the best bet is to just bring the shotgun to maximize the chance of putting some food on the table. Hopefully I'll be asking around for some recipes soon.
  6. Thanks for all of the advice. I have a 12 gauge and after some research I hear #6 shot should be good. BKHunter where did you hunt rabbits last year?
  7. This season I plan to focus on small game hunting in southern NY. I just picked up my first .22 and I can wait to get out there. Any don't plan on using dogs for the rabbits but I wanted to see if anyone had any tips or advice for southern NY small game hunting.
  8. Yes I bow hunt. To be honest, I wouldn't feel great about taking a shot over 25 yards. I need to spend more time at the range.
  9. Nice to meet you. I've done most of my hunting in Tennessee (mother lives out there) and New Jersey (I have a friend who guides out there). I've also duck hunted in Alaska. I've only hunted in NY once in Sterling Forest for turkey and that turned out unsuccessful. Looking to get more time in my home state.
  10. Hey there, Brand new to this site and was hoping to meet hunting partners in the NYC/Westchester area. I've been only hunting for about 2 years now but its slowly consumed my life. Looking to learn and enjoy the outdoors with others.
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