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  1. Test

    Test?Glad to see your back You have been missed by lots of folks.
  2. Favorite Whiskey Thread

    Yes I would say I'm healthy other than some busted bones and not being able to walk on both feet.I wish we could go back to those times.Gram used to give us a little port wine or brandy if she thought we were Ill
  3. Favorite Whiskey Thread

    I remember my Grandpa drinking Seagrams and hot tea with honey everyday allday and never seemed to be sick ever.He got me drunk when I was 7 not even knowing he did he let me drink out of his mug thats funny
  4. What's for dinner tonight?

    My Kinda cooking.Pigs feet and knuckles are yummy!
  5. Cookstoves

    Does any one here still have or use a wood fired cook stove?I have one from my Grand Mothers house and been worried about hooking up in my house,so it is still sitting in the barn
  6. What's for dinner tonight?

    That is where I get my cooking from My Dad,he put together some awesome meals no matter how many times I try to make or cook what he did it still never the same.
  7. Grow Alot

    The Head of the table has to pay the tab
  8. Rifle for my daughter

    How about a lever gun maybe 30-30 or 35?I know they are not long range rifles but good starters I think.Maybe recoil is to much
  9. What's for dinner tonight?

    Cooking up a pot of great Northern Beans flavored with hamhocks carrots and onions served with Italian bread and butter.
  10. Beer

    Cayenne hot sauce double shot of vodka and celery stalk and a touch of sea salt.going down good may need to mix another.
  11. Beer

    Nice glass of V8 juice
  12. Beer

    High Jacking !
  13. What's for dinner tonight?

    Country style barbeque pork ribs with a macaroni salad with tuna chopped onions and green peppers.
  14. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Was a great day to be out!If I was not still in a leg cast I would have been out.Sat on the porch and watched the birds pecking at the food I tossed out to them while drinking a beer and wishing I were in the woods
  15. Watched a dog take down a deer today

    I would have been interested as well if I could not eat it it would make for some good fresh meat for my dog.cooked of course.Not that I cant feed my pets just ashamed it was wasted.