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  1. Dom


    I agree somewhat but have yet to have any issues with eating fresh ground Beef not store ground for sure.I have eaten a sliver of backstrap but never tryed Tartare from venison.
  2. Dom

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    Most times Dec will ask you to take to where your shot was from.I had a lady call and report that I was hunting to close to her home,I was on State land and the officer wanted to no where I shot from and didn't asked me to show him to gut pile.He did use his wheel measure and proved the lady was wrong for the report
  3. Dom


    Anyone have a good tartare recipe for venison?
  4. Nothing but cold feet today.I'm good with that gotta love the woods.
  5. Heading out soon for my mid day walk exercise.Had most of my sightings middle of the day.This time of the season I dont find sitting on post to be effective.Gotta get in their bedding areas with no more pressure on state land sightings will be low to no movement.
  6. Build blind and mow the field Going to fertilize and adjust to the new property.Just gained access to 400 acreas of private land.
  7. Yep Biz still Deer season.I have a Buck tag that is still open untill Dec31 with my bow in Westchester.
  8. Dom

    Venison for dogs

    I'm a glutten could I get some toast please.Looks great and if your pups wont eat that then they are spoiled rotten JK
  9. Dom

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Pan fried tender loins eggs over easy and rye toast.
  10. Headed out soon.Swamp Donkeys better look out gotta fill the freezer mission.
  11. Dom

    What's for dinner tonight?

    I will have to put it on shopping list.If it's not on my list I don't purchase.Thanks for the info.
  12. Have no way of posting wished I could share pictures with eveyone
  13. Dom

    Why.....why do you stay?

    I say and still live in Dutchess county why you ask cause this is my home.I stay in the area cause of the family.if you do not like this state then move or live your way .
  14. Thanks Big guy. I had a blast all weekend with my nephew and he shot a doe/his second sunday morning.I wasn't gonna go this morn cause of the fog when it cleared off did a little walking and she/the doe gave me a great broad side shot and I let it bark/and she buckled no tracking
  15. Dom

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Chicken Tortillas with all but not as the good sauce/hot from T feathers.Had to use franks again was good