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  1. Dom

    CWD deniers!

    It is a serious issue.Also known as TSE In the late sixties the CWD was discovered in mule deer then at the time most thought it was from misfolded prions.
  2. Dom

    WNY comes to Region 3 - - Meetup

    How far from the station is this Bro Jims?
  3. Dom

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Having some Pollock Fillets breaded and baked with some buttered eggnoodles and spinach.
  4. Dom

    New world record non typical

    Yes been trying to do my research.Killed in Kansas.I found it by looking at other records of record white tails.I am a dummy when trying to post links to the information.
  5. Dom

    New world record non typical

    Did you know that there was a world record 27 point Doe?
  6. Dom

    New world record non typical

    Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude.
  7. Dom


    Just got a call gotta go sit for the elderly come on 6 am then can enjoy a meatloaf sammy.
  8. Dom


    Ice for my area was did have a little snow.I wished for all snow not this icy shit mess.Be safe eveyone
  9. Dom

    New world record non typical

    I would like a chance at one.They are some big deer down that way the only record for me is to put in my freezer.Yes I eat what I kill and my pockets do not run deep.If this offends you then move on to another state.
  10. Dom

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Not at all just a good day for making a great meal.Haven't got to work until tomorrow night so using the time with the wife.She wanted this dinner so that's what I am cooking
  11. How you gonna catch anything with Empty bait Buckets lol!
  12. Dom

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Preparing dinner Meat loaf scalloped potato and garden green beans.Meat loloaf is a mix of venison and ground beef.I also have to make gravy from the drippings.
  13. Dom


    Ain't know way I am going to pay 2600 hundred for a tool unless it will make money.
  14. Dom

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Hey I just think of the Beer as a beverage just like drinking a soda or coffee.I am a down stater also to many but who are they to judge my lifestyle.
  15. Dom

    New world record non typical

    Westchester County has got some of the biggest NY deer that have not been seen.Being archery only has made them possible to get to that size.I did alot of work at Pace and Briarcliff And have seen many huge bucks.So it is possible that there could be a record deer taken.NY is a huge state and to think we can't get a record deer is just nonesence.