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  1. This is a great ? Being the parent of the hunter/shooter I see no problem with transporting the Deer for her/him properly tagged and hunters ID numbers should be all that is needed.Just my thought's.
  2. I use a Kabar with a 4.5" fixed blade
  3. pasta sauce

    Grow.Carrots work well to reduce acids from sauces as well as grape jelly.I myself I'm Italian and prefer olive oil and garlic traditions I guess.Many ways of making pasta sauces/gravy
  4. Doing Fine

    Thank's Grampy I sure hope so.How is the leatherstocking region?
  5. What happened to these members?

    I was off the grid for some time myself.Been trying not to derail topics with personal stuff.I have not been able to hunt nor fish for the past 11 months been layed up with busterd leg
  6. Doing Fine

    Update going on 10/20/17 for pre operation for total ankle replacement.My season/hunting has been Zero thus far/still non weight bearing Crutches suck ASS not very good for the Hunting that I like to do.I might have to let some one else help fill my 2 Doe permits this year so not a total loss.
  7. Doing Fine

    The pain was bad/still The counter balance side is what crushed my ankle/lower leg.Thank god and myself for PPE otherwise I would have no lower leg.
  8. What kind of camo is this ?

    Swamp River coverer LOl
  9. Doing Fine

    Cant say good/bad lawyer.I hope the firm is good/I gotta talk to Deerthug/Jordan he may be able to help me
  10. Doing Fine

    Hey All been doing fine since being run over by a forklift.been a long road have to have ankle replacement/fake.Since December 2016 been down non weight bearing I had 1 surgery with screws plates but recent CT scans show non union witch means my bones not healing the way it should.My Hunting Season looks not so good.
  11. What ya drinking?

    I like to drink Tea, Cold or hot is good hold the milk.
  12. Little things?

    What little things in life piss you off?Mine is that little line of dirt that is left when sweeping the floors,Thank goodness for the dust buster/hand held vac.
  13. What's for dinner tonight?

    Grilled Ham and swiss cheese stuffed with cherry/hot peppers and spicy mustard
  14. Home alone

    Come on down pm for directions
  15. Home alone

    Again for/till Wednesday!