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  1. Smokers

    Master built electric is a good choice I was luky enough to pick one up last season at Tractor Supply for 89.00 on sale for 2 people it is great this little smoker is the best/better then the coal fired we used to use.
  2. Falling Apart

    After reading this I'm heading out to the GYm and then a cold beer.I haven't been to a gym since highschool and have no intent to,Why in the Heck would one spend the money to ride a bike/treadmill or lift weights in a gym?I myself have some issues with my leg being crushed with 10,000 lbs but am on the road to ajusting to a new way of walking and making good use of my time.
  3. Produce/garden

    I want to send my Aunt that lives in Texas some fresh goodness from our garden and not sure how to.Anyone that has shipped food by mail please give some advice thank's
  4. What's for dinner tonight?

    Thanks giving in July,Roasted turkey and all the fixings.
  5. Bears

    We been having a black bear inviting himself to cookouts and ripping down fences.I haven't been able to catch pictures but neighbors have.This is in the Amenia area of Dutchess County NY
  6. Happy birthday Dom !

    Thank you all!Had a fine day and a few cheers beers and a nice dinner.
  7. Gonna check out "Yellowstone"?

    Lazy Day here as well !Baking a chicken and boiling tatorsWatching Andy Griffith
  8. Beef Tenderloin

    Not at all you got a good deal.Considering my local Grocery store gets 4.79 for 85%ground beef/Londonbroil is 7.99.
  9. Coyote den?

    Just asking!From Coyote to ? to bashing this topic has covered most all topics a good read for sure many Beer and Popcorn eating/drinking.I my self would like to know what was found living in there/Coyote Den
  10. Coyote den?

    Did we ever find what was living in or using the Den, Coyote or fox or another animal?
  11. Beef Tenderloin

    Looks like you made a good choice buy whole and cut the way you prefer.
  12. Meat or Antlers

  13. What's for dinner tonight?

    Some bread and butter?
  14. What's for dinner tonight?

    Road kill back straps with green beans.Was on the way home from brothers house and the car in front of us had just hit the doe police officer asked the car owner if they wanted the deer and said no so I said I would take it.
  15. Coyote den?

    I'm a being a smart ass as well.