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  1. What little things in life piss you off?Mine is that little line of dirt that is left when sweeping the floors,Thank goodness for the dust buster/hand held vac.
  2. Grilled Ham and swiss cheese stuffed with cherry/hot peppers and spicy mustard
  3. Come on down pm for directions
  4. Again for/till Wednesday!
  5. The gas is no where near the amount earned.I myself do not return them to Grocery stores I have a local discount/beer store that I use and yes they even take store brands.
  6. A Buddy of mine works at/for local college and he makes an extra buck/$.He has made/earned as much as 4'000 per year turning trash into spending money.To most it's just a nickel to myself its money that is just wasted.
  7. I agree picking through ash trays/containers is nasty.You can beat me up all you want to I collect returnables,at 5cents per at 24 that is an extra 1.20 cash.At one time of my life my Aunt and Uncle would save them in a huge container and I would cash them in and purchase my school clothes with the Money.I don't think we should bash people for making money any way they can legally yes I have a good paying job and do not need to save or dig through garbage to make ends meet but the more I return cans and save is all extra money in my pocket
  8. I understand the questions posed by pollution, but this thread has gotta be moved to the politics thread.
  9. We had a good soaking twice today for awhile and now the sun is back out.It helps but we could use a good weeks worth of rain to do any good on the drought we are in
  10. Grilled turkey burgers topped with provolone lettuce tomato and red onions with a side of pasta salad.
  11. Blt's on whole wheat bread.
  12. I only keep what I can/will eat and release the rest.
  13. Grow your soil is dry like the rest of ours.What is growing in the bottom picture collards and sprouts?
  14. Just weird I no longer have my garden in that area I made /moved to an area that gets more sunlite 4 years ago.and this season they are regrowing where my garden was.
  15. While out mowing/cleaning the yard I noticed that I have a few tomatoe plants growing in an area that I have not planted them in for several years.Has anyone ever had them come back regrow?Strange to myself that they are growing again.