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  1. Thanks for all the post Sent from my Z750C using Tapatalk
  2. Don't see very many tree's . Were due you hang your tree stand for peasant hunting
  3. I use to go out around the 20th of Aug. Haven't done that in a long time. Thanks
  4. Sorry for not exsplaning it better. Just wanted to show that. The hornady LE ammo. Puts new life into the old 30/30.
  5. That the hornady ammo is faster and flatter shooting as they clam It is. I loaded there bullet to the Maximum allowed of powder. And it is a lot slower than there's Almost 300 ft. PR sec. Slower . And that is the Dif. In poi. So it looks to me that all there claims are tru. Its much better ammo for the old 30/30. Sent from my Z750C using Tapatalk
  6. I know nobody cares about range reports so here's my last one Took the 30/30 out to test the factory LE. Ammo To my reloaded ammo with the same bullet 160 gr. Ftx. Loaded to the max. You can see it shoots quite a bit lower compared To the factory ammo. Have to wait till deer season to see how it does On meat and bones. The white target was at 100 yd. The other was at 75 yd.
  7. I have a old bolt ac. Mossberg 12 ga. That I just redone and put a red-dot sight on. Never used it for deer..but got a lot of small game with it. Mine has the single screw on chokes .that was before the Polly choke. Sent from my Z750C using Tapatalk
  8. Nothing worse than a bunch of trap shooters making a bunch of noise when Your trying to shoot. Just kidding, I used to run the trap range. Very happy with my old K98 Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.
  9. A rainy day is when I dig out all my dirty Brass and punch out the primers and fire up the Tumbler and due a load of brass. And enjoy a adult Beverage.
  10. I brought some cast reloads but never shot them That was all a new box of 180 gr. Sp. Remington s.
  11. That's all the shots it took to site it in. The holes I coveted Are the first shots , it was bore sited at the gun shop Then I fired from 25 yds. It was high right then I kept Truning it down and left.got it close then moved the Target out to 50 yd. Still shot right moved it over. Then moved the Target out to our 75 yd. Witch is Really 78 yds. Fired the last two rounds in the 10. So now I got a backup to my backup deer rifle.
  12. Got a new surplus hunting rifle ready to Go today 1898 US Springfield 30/40 krag came all the way From Honolulu. HI. I was a little worryed about the bore. But it shoots Great
  13. I don't expect it to work like a 308 165 gr. Balistic tip. But better than what I am use to seeing a 30/30 due.. You hit them a little high and they can go a long ways before you pick up a blood trail.
  14. Not just 10 gr.. Its a spitzer not a flat point bullet And 2400 fps. It its suppose to make the 30/30 200yd. Rifle. Not saying it does .its what they claim. The deer I have got wit a 30/30 broad side shots none of the bullets were pass tru's. The bullet was under the hide on the far side you don't get much of a blood trail. I like a pass tru. With big holes on the opposite side. that's what I hope to see out of this round.
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