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  1. Cut lawns but first real job at 16 was working at a gym - opened and closed weekends.
  2. I have tuned a lot of bows. And I will say that SET is a true game changer. Can pretty much bareshaft tune any reasonable arrow in minutes with a few turns of the screws. Might not mean much to those that aren’t anal about tuning but if you are, it’s a huge benefit.
  3. Congrats. SET makes tuning a breeze!
  4. Please elaborate on this concept of “kids cleaning up”.
  5. Superglue? We would use it at meets when a callus tore.
  6. You all are gonna force me to buy a black stone in addition to my grill! Looks good TF
  7. I use psyllium husk regularly. No need to fold. One sheet and done. Lol
  8. Bryan i think the hog is better for rough stuff with small trees and shrubs but the flail does a neater job on grass.
  9. Thanks all. Had a fun day in the Talon yesterday and in San Antonio now for the rest of the week.
  10. Its the panic that causes crashes. Most advisors will tell you to stay the course and ride it out. For that reason, I ignore my statements. lol
  11. Good question. I am sure it’s a combo of many things. Values have changed for the worse and technology has led to less parental influence and more peer influence. Not necessarily a good thing for youth. Then again, some parents should not be parenting.
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