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  1. lol - been off this site and the competitor for many months. Glad to see I missed nothing. Hope all are well.
  2. RGE. In fairness, the house is bigger than many but probably not out of line per sq ft for others. I always laugh when I get a $200-300 estimated because I know a $700 plus actual is coming soon. They suck at estimating.
  3. Honestly no idea - I am not likely using it when it drops to 35 out.
  4. I have the30” masterbuilt. Works fine and does the job. Less than $300.
  5. The pup is killing me. Maybe i should just bring him to a blind.
  6. Oh you discriminate against 1 antlered bucks. Thats not right.
  7. Hang in there guys. Kids had covid 3rd time this week. I had it twice. Before and after immunizations. I think this is just something we gave to deal with. Hope yall recover quickly.
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