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  1. So did you make it to an explanation of back tension? Or did you stop at DONT let go of the release?
  2. Neighbor released the release? Yikes. Could have been much worse.
  3. I recall double lunging a feeding doe with a ST at 20yds ish and she looked up and went back to feeding until she fell over dead a minute later. It was like she had no clue she was hit. They all bolt when hit with a rage though.
  4. From a compound, a slick trick standard is tough to beat. I like the VPA 3 blade for traditional, but I suspect they would be good from a compound too. Personally, I like rages but whatever works and at less than 50lbs with a compound, I would choose the slick trick.
  5. Be sure to practice from a treestand - I hear that ground hunting is illegal in CT
  6. Shoot instinctive. Peeps are for cheaters like @Biz-R-OWorld
  7. Nope - twins. Nice buck Rob. Good luck.
  8. Good luck with the sale Biz. Hope the bidding war pays off big for ya.
  9. T said it was very good and authentic. But he laughed because he only eats meat on holidays there. Way too expensive. Injera plus the two veggie sides (won't even attempt to spell them) is typically a full meal.
  10. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers for T.
  11. Yep, the rolled up stuff in the second picture is all injera. It was more filing than expected too.
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