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  1. That pic is coooool! Frame that one.
  2. I haven't had to "rechalk" my box call in 6 years
  3. My mistake. And that is a shock as I am a very avid turkey hunter. lol
  4. It was only in the last few years that e-calls were made legal for turkey and deer IIRC.
  5. Fair enough and honestly that was my response. Not needing to track is better than 2 holes but he was worried about a less than ideal shot.
  6. Do they leave 2 holes? Just curious. Was speaking with a friend yesterday who was shying away from 243 even though his single experience with 243 was a doe DRT. Not sure of actual bullet used. He is worried if tracking is needed because it was not a pass through.
  7. As long as we have been hunting (9th season) DMPs could be used in any season.
  8. moog5050


    1.5 or maybe 2.5 but he is pretty lean with long legs.
  9. I like the prison style decor.
  10. I honestly think if they are downwind, they smell you no matter what. But maybe some deer are more attracted to clean hunters. Who knows.
  11. The first deer I ever killed was a big doe out of a blind that was stomping and bobbing its head. So yes it can be done but I typically want them completely unaware of my presence when the arrow is released. it’s hard to say how long to let a stand rest. You really need to know the property. But rut activity is coming soon so all bets off then anyways. Good luck.
  12. Their hot Italian sausage was too hot for my family. But they do make some good products.
  13. Set screw. Thank you. I am getting old. Lol