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  1. Thanks again for the nice offer. It’s not a magpul stock so I doubt it would fit. Besides, you never know when a new rifle is in your future - maybe one that the buttpad will fit!
  2. Thanks helmut. My girth with not long arms = short lop. But I appreciate the offer. Might be nice for recoil though.
  3. 2A armament. If you shop around you can find them under retail but still expensive. The two I have have performed to or exceeded my expectations.
  4. If you like the Adrenalin of the hunt, this show brings it home.
  5. The series is on amazon prime now. I watched 6 episodes the last few days. It really does give you an idea of how dangerous hunting kodiak is. One 24yr old girl hunted solo after her dad left and killed one with a muzzleloader but needed follow up shots. A wife with her husband killed one that charged and it was the first animal ever that she shot. One poor group was harassed by the guide because they were out of shape and then missed.
  6. Had it set up for deer but never got it out this year. Honestly the 143g that I sighted in with for deer may be more fur friendly. Hole in and out. But I am anxious to see how this performs.
  7. It’s all about hunting brown bear on Kodiak Island. It’s pretty crazy including some charging bears (one on a husband and wife and husband runs out of ammo). Makes me realize how stupid my desire was to hunt one with a recurve. Lol Now I would want a fully automatic cannon.
  8. Looking forward to getting the thermal sighted on this AR10 in 6.5 creedmoor with the 95g vmax. Going to be a flat shooter out to 300. And from what I read, the ammo is a perfect match for the yotes. The rifle is only 6.5lbs so not bad to lug around either. Heavier than the 223 by a lb but a fun change up.
  9. Will ask if he is taking more clients and let you know Belo.
  10. Yes sir. I will say you need to freeze right away or they go bad fast.