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  1. Same bucks?

    I am with Law. June to July is a month for big growth.
  2. First discing attempt

    Looks like you have enough exposed dirt to get some germination. Good luck.
  3. First discing attempt

    The groundhog requires the weight of the ATV and lots of figure 8s to dig in. No idea how you could do that with a zip tie as the big concern is usually damaging/bending the hitch receiver or even frame. We did this plot with the groundhog but it did do some ATV damage.
  4. Ok All You ATV Experts

    What a joy doing work at the property this morning. Cleared trails and started some stand work. No long walks, no hauling in chainsaw and other equipment. Drive right up, clear or jump in stand and move on. Got more work done in 2hrs than I often would in 4 or more and I don’t feel it a bit. Good investment based on first work day using her. Took ADK suggestion and grabbed a polar utility cart to tow behind so that I can haul whatever is needed. Great combo.
  5. Got my 2017 rifle season mount!

    That is really cool. Love the real wide ones. Never see them around here. Congrats!
  6. Always SOMETHING...<<SIGH>>..

    Kudos to Sis. Explain to me again how you locked her up - and not like that Dan!
  7. Very cool Law. Looks like perfect weather too.
  8. Always SOMETHING...<<SIGH>>..

    I bet you and I can just lift it up and drag it out. lol If its the "plot" I hunted turkey in, we don't need a wheeler, my truck would do just fine.
  9. Always SOMETHING...<<SIGH>>..

    Can you chain the broken one to your truck and pull it out. Then you could cut it up into manageable pieces. I will drive down to help Dan.
  10. BEARysburg!

    I saw one that was killed that weighed 135 and the 3d target I was shooting I was told was about the same size. That bear looks real close. Much easier if you have something to gauge height/body length against. For what its worth, we were told that the 135lb sow killed was old enough to breed and "mature" - said it could be 4 years or older.
  11. First Shot Daily Pics

    Thanks DB. Shot a 276 a few weeks ago but that darn 280 has been elusive. I also shot a 267 FITA face which undoubtedly would have put me over 280 on the NFAA blue face as FITA is way more punishing on score. Get that bow out and shoot!
  12. Ok All You ATV Experts

    If you tow you should have ATV coverage that includes not only damage/theft of your ATV, but property damage and liability. If it flew off the trailer into traffic (among other things), your auto is not likely providing coverage. Its worth it for peace of mind.
  13. BEARysburg!

    Very cool. From what learned in Canada, I would bet that bear is 150lbs or less. Still cool.
  14. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    Water fleas. They coat the line. Can be bad at times or in a specific area. Seems like mid summer is when they are worst.
  15. Ok All You ATV Experts

    I can tell you already ripping around 2 up on the trails the other night, I will not regret having more power. Both a Kia and vette will get you to the same place, but a different ride for sure.