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  1. Hang On Treestand Question

    For no particular reason, we tend to buy straps by the dozen at tractor supply. Rotate replacing them every few years.
  2. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    Nice job to all the hunters- youth and mentors. Way to go!
  3. Not an emotional guy, but...

    That’s is awesome.
  4. Logically it makes sense. I know people have successfully used them on deer with traditional bows too. I wouldn't due to lack of penetration. But if that's the goal for turkey, seems like it would work.
  5. I wonder if a moderate sized mechanical head would have the same effect. Stops the pass through penetration from a slow recurve but probably still deep enough to leave it in the bird with a wide cut. HMMMMM
  6. 8 Year Anniversary Coming Up

    Blasphemy Grampy! Nothing else matters!
  7. Other (NON Hunting) Forums You Frequent?

    Just breaking your chops John.
  8. Other (NON Hunting) Forums You Frequent?

    BMW and RAM - you must like repairing your vehicles! lol I had a 550ix with the dinan tune. It was crazy fast for a sedan.
  9. Geeze left field, no need to reveal that you are clueless!
  10. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    Good luck guys. Sounds like lots of birds around!
  11. Other (NON Hunting) Forums You Frequent?

    A couple traditional Archery forums and some MENSA forums when I want to slum.
  12. pic ID request. Is this a turkey?

    So that’s what they look like. Side story - I recall my first time hunting turkey with Phade and we were sitting 40yds apart and a hen walked by me at 5yds. I look over at Phade and he is frantically waiving me off thinking I was going to shoot it. Lol. Also had a big Tom at 70yds through the marsh (looked like an ostrich to me) but we couldn’t call him in. About the most action I ever had and it was hunt no 1 for me. At that point I figured turkey hunting would be easy. 4 years later and I realize boy was I wrong.
  13. Neat idea. I wonder if they would slide back a few inches. As long as they are ahead of the rest at full draw, it seems they would be perfect for leaving that arrow in the bird while still getting needed penetration.
  14. 8 Year Anniversary Coming Up

    I have made quite a few friends on this site, several of which I have hunted with and hunt with regularly. The get togethers have been fun too. Plus I have learned a bunch (mostly how to better break chops) from the members here.
  15. Boys are back

    Nice Andrew!