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  1. moog5050

    True Story..........

    My wife thought it was funny.
  2. moog5050

    Coyote hunting

    Good luck zeek
  3. moog5050

    Hypothetical Question.....

    I did not realize this was a serious question. In that case Meerkat wins.
  4. moog5050

    Hypothetical Question.....

    Meerkat alone wins. For sure.
  5. moog5050

    I’ve had it!

    ahh - they use the dogs to push. I was thinking like a rabbit but rabbits circle back. I assumed that was not the case with a yote.
  6. moog5050

    I’ve had it!

    How does one kill the coyote when its run by dogs? Its not like a bear, coon or cougar that trees itself. I feel for you buckmaster. It would annoy me too having someone else's dog chasing game on my property. Its still a form of trespassing.
  7. moog5050

    Going to need a bigger boat

    And I always wanted to pet a wild lion and tiger. Be a blast. uhhhh no thanks.
  8. moog5050


  9. moog5050


    Go with Morrison max 6 limbs and whatever ilf riser you prefer. Seriously, they are outstanding, durable, quiet and will shoot a heavy arrow fast at light draw weights. You can also keep an eye for the max 5s which are close and around for sale used. I have owned most of the high ends one and the only ILF limbs I have kept are the Morrison. Border is also great but durability sucks!
  10. moog5050

    Going to need a bigger boat

    Yep - now every crazy there wants to swim with her and take photos.
  11. moog5050


    That is one expensive crossbow. Then again, I have blown money like that on bows that shoot arrows at 180fps. lol
  12. moog5050

    223 sighted - new scope

    It is - stag 15 with the varminter upper. I have been happy with the two stags I own. So far they are proving to be better shooters than my dpms but I do need to spend more time with all of them.
  13. moog5050

    223 sighted - new scope

    55g hornady. That rifle and ammo will shoot better than I can as I don't consider myself a better than average shooter with a rifle. Look forward to shooting that combo off a bench at 200.
  14. moog5050

    Sitka Gear My review

    Holy smokes, you go that deep to hunt.