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  1. You roll it to break suction? I tried but couldn’t budge it. Then again the thing weighs 1000 without suction. Lol
  2. Thanks Lar. Heading over shortly with Reeltime. Even if I couldn’t get it out I suspect he can!
  3. Thanks Steve. I am hoping it’s as easy as reaching a tree and hitting the winch button but if I get in a jam, will let you know. Where abouts are you?
  4. moog5050

    Skinning a deer for your taxidermist...

    Andrew has done his fair share and once you do one you will realize it’s easy enough that you will start killing wall hangers every year for the practice! Enjoy the whole process. Something satisfying about having it caped well with just the head staring at you.
  5. I really pushed it. If ain’t riding in stuff that you lose your boot in, I say ride it. If I had enough rope, it would be home already. But some nice mudding tires will be my Christmas gift. Lol
  6. If it freezes in there, it ain’t coming out until spring. Reeltime offered to help too. Really very nice of him. Not too many volunteer for a job like this. Lol
  7. Those would get me through the muck but not tight woods. Good set of mudders should fit the bill. Honestly stock tires worked fine all year until it got really mucky - like sink to your knee mucky.
  8. I am seriously considering a second set of mud tires for when the swamp gets bad like now. Just toss em on for hunting season.
  9. Thanks Tarheel. That may have worked. Never thought about anchor line. The ropes are arriving today. Hopefully early enough to get it out. Recovery ropes just have high strength and often metal loops at end that I will use a shackle as a connector.
  10. Live from the “I hope my darn recovery ropes arrive early enough that I can get my darn wheeler out of the swamp” thought process.
  11. That is pretty lousy of his neighbor. I get not wanting trespassing but when someone asks permission to recover a deer, it’s just silly to deny it. Guy must be desperate if he wanted to keep the buck your buddy shot.