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  1. Thank you all for your really kind thoughts and expressions. May God bless each of you as he has blessed this family.
  2. I know we don’t all share the same beliefs, but I invite my HuntingNY friends to join me in celebrating the life of my truly beloved Ana who was called to the Lord yesterday. While we grieve her temporary loss, we celebrate her eternal life with Jesus in even greater measure. Shortly before her transition to her new home, Ana raised her hands in victory praising God - not because she beat cancer and COVID - but because Jesus has already defeated death on the cross at Calvary. So we continue to be grateful and give Him praise. Ana is an unbelievable mom, wife, evangelist and ambassador of Christ who will be sorely missed. But the loving mark she made on so many lives will continue. She did the work she was called to do and did it well. I know Ana was greeted by our Lord with a “well done my good and faithful servant.” Some might wish her to Rest In Peace but Ana isn’t resting. She is rejoicing! So no tears allowed! Love you mi cosita. Until I see you again, we celebrate with you from afar. Thank you to all of you who have offered support throughout her battle.
  3. I understand. 6.8 is easier to find than 223 right now but still hard.
  4. I have this varminter upper. Very accurate and in stock. I like round enough from an accuracy perspective (and that’s it’s plenty for both deer and yotes) that I am building a second 6.8 upper. but once you add in cost of a 6.8 bcg and charging handle you are in the 650-700 range. Not sure your price range.
  5. Similar idea. Not as heavy duty but it looks like it would work.
  6. Places that hold heat and provide shelter. Pines are a good example. Or the local holiday inn.
  7. Sorry. I can’t find any. This is a picture of the plot that was plowed with it. The angled plow teeth really rips it up and you can add weight if needed. We strapped a log to it just to test it and it did dig deeper but not required. Then after spreading seed, flip it over as a drag. Culver’s design was awesome and he thought it up and welded it up the same day I asked if he had an idea on a drag to put in a plot. Lol. Only stress on ATV is towing type stress. No big deal. Unlike groundhog max which puts stress on the tow receiver never intended by manufacturers.
  8. Scary part is I know most of who they are and some I never met. Lol
  9. All honesty, we had a ground hog and it broke the ATV. This looks similar. If you can weld, ask @Culvercreek hunt club. In one afternoon he welded up the absolute best plot implement for an ATV o have ever seen. He should patent and sell them. No pressure on ATV as it is towed but it has teeth that that dig in as you drive. And you can add weight if needed although the teeth angle is solid and digs in without it. Make one. Seriously. and after you till it all, you can flip it over as a drag. It’s what they should sell commercially.
  10. And some counties are notorious for denying them to most applicants.
  11. They don’t ship to NY unfortunately but thx
  12. Got an email from buds that 6.8 vmax was in stock. I opened the link and they had 16 boxes. Tried to buy 10 and no more available when I tried to check out. I did grab the last 5 boxes. Win! All sold out in less than 2 minutes. Lol.
  13. I tried the trigger stick with my reaper grip mounted. Because the trigger stick attachment point is all plastic, it felt like it was going to break with the grip and gun mounted whenever I moved it. Not stable enough for me. Wish it worked because I do like the trigger aspect. Works fine with the V attachment that comes with it but I want something to hold the gun hands free. I prefer my slik tripod with the reaper grip but to each his own.