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  1. I like vertical pins but they do block a lot of the target if you are shooting multiple vertical pins past 40yds. For hunting it wouldn’t make a difference to me as I don’t shoot deer that far.
  2. Creates an angle that will vary at distance. Not a good Idea. But try it and confirm for yourself.
  3. Cadwalader started the cuts. No partner distributions for now.
  4. Cadwalader started the cuts. No partner distributions for now.
  5. Hope you are right. Being profitable is expected. Without that owners couldn’t be paid.
  6. I assume you have seen the cost savings measures being taken by many large NY firms. Travel and lunches ain’t enough. Everyone will be taking a big haircut this year. I know of firms that laid off all staff.
  7. So I billed less than 1/3 of my normal hours today, but did cut the lawn, edge the sidewalk and driveway, throw some grass seed in any thin areas and sweep out the street gutter. The yard is spring ready. And dropped the roof and doors on the jeep for the first spring run topless run. Got to look at the bright side.
  8. I find stretching the calves and tendon helps avoid PF
  9. I don't know anything about building rods, but this sounded like a fun project until I heard $1200 for a rod. Holy smokes. I primarily fish trout and salmon trolling Lake O but I don't think I ever spent more than $100 for a rod. Yikes! I assume fly rods cost way more. In any event, that rod you posted is beautiful.
  10. So cool to have all that land close by. Good luck. You are doing it right by scouting now.
  11. Read clearly Paul. Not singling anyone out. But I also think you are smart enough to know that personal attacks never really bolster an argument. In fact, they tend to undermine credibility and detract from the intended point.
  12. I would hope as adults, we can conduct ourselves with a little civility and maturity despite differences of opinion and despite the current crisis. This is getting a bit absurd. Hard to blame politicians when the people can’t have a civil discourse. I guess they are just giving the people what they want. Sad really.
  13. I don’t have the joist concern. You just need to shoot off your knees.
  14. You know I will now put three in that 4x4 next attempt. Lol
  15. Over the years and even occasionally now a wild one is loosed. I try to forget them immediately. Lol. But thanks for the reminder.