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  1. moog5050

    Does anyone know much about jetskis?

    I know that I almost blasted my coyoles off learning to ride a real jet ski (not the wave runners everyone uses now) as a youngster.
  2. moog5050


    Good question. I never checked whether he was wearing his open toed stilettos.
  3. moog5050


    Now imagine she was a 6’5” lanky guy dressed like that. That was my Tacks visual. Yikes!
  4. moog5050


    Hence your offer to Pygmy?
  5. moog5050

    Would you shoot a sleeping lion?

    depends on where the lion is sleeping
  6. moog5050

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    as I think about it, I may not be as versatile as Tacks with his white pants and open toed shoes.
  7. moog5050

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    Belo I am the chameleon of the forum. Have met presidents and hung at the local biker bar. Thus, a carpet in the bed of the baddest truck ever made fits me perfectly. lol
  8. moog5050

    Happy Birthday Otto!

    Happy Bday young man
  9. moog5050

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    black ford with a steel body v8 - wise man he is!
  10. moog5050


    The white pants and open toed shoes visual is almost worse than Dan and Tommy boy showering juntos!
  11. moog5050

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    cool - enjoy the new toy!
  12. moog5050


    Not too picky - I like all coffee - even the lousy single packs you get in a hotel room. Better than nothing. I think the wife buys the wegmans Columbian.
  13. moog5050

    Biggest buck from last season...

    Those G2s have to be close to 12”. Great buck!
  14. moog5050

    How would you rate yourself as a turkey caller ?

    Do you change to a different horn if the first isn't working?
  15. moog5050

    One of a kind buck...

    We basically age bucks by general body characteristics like most hunters, or we have a few that we have had history with. But honestly, I am not sure any of us really care that much. The jaw bone of my best buck has sat in my basement I think for 3 years and I am not 100% certain I could even find it. Whether that 4pt is 10 or 3-4yrs, its still the same cool buck and it ain't getting any older. If we did care, I agree Dan that a lab would be the best option.