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  1. moog5050

    New Toy?

    Will do Bob. Love em both but it’s a good possibility.
  2. moog5050

    New Toy?

    lol - not sure Lee (reeltime) and I could pick this one up out of the muck if it got stuck. Will keep the ATV for the swamp.
  3. moog5050

    New Toy?

    Thanks Dave. I did have them pull that ugly light bar off. Hoping that I don't get bit by the mod bug too bad. And yes it has the targa top (area over fronts seats) and the whole top can be removed.
  4. moog5050

    New Toy?

    Having sold my convertible several years back out of stupidity and later my motorcycle out of fear that a teen texting would leave my kids without their dad, I have been looking for an open air vehicle to use in the summer. Got a sweet deal on this rubicon recon with only 1,300 miles. Who knows, if I like it enough, the carpeted bed sissy truck may be sold. Going to give it some time to decide whether I really need both. Might be a toy or just a daily driver. But liking it so far.
  5. moog5050

    My diet

    Being on the Keto Chef, be sure to select grain free dog food.
  6. moog5050

    Happy birthday greg54!

    Does Greg54 now have to change his name to Greg55? Happy Bday!
  7. moog5050

    FFL near Webster, NY

    It was Beikirchs and they are now closed unfortunately
  8. moog5050

    Remount for a buddy...

    Big difference. Quality work as usual!
  9. moog5050

    Natalie Don’t Play

    We hit the swamp enough to muddy everything but no real mud holes. More woods trail riding but still fun.
  10. moog5050

    Natalie Don’t Play

    And my wife’s friend from Thailand. Said it’s the most fun she has had in the US. Handled the machine darn good for a petite new rider. This toy was money well spent.
  11. She loves popping wheelies. A little too much like the old man. But man does she love riding. Hitting the trails with glysophate worked well.
  12. I have the walker razor slim. They work well and are comfy. Use them when target shooting. You will hear fine but direction of sound is not as easy to pinpoint.
  13. moog5050

    Game Of Thrones--- The Hound vs The Mountain.

    I told him the same 2 weeks ago but he simply told me to stick it in no uncertain terms by PM. Despite his age, he hasn’t figured out common courtesy. And I saw the show but i still recognized that it would be a spoiler for some. I did block him but title of thread shows anyway. Oh well. Bill will be well Bill. And stay at least 1’ away or we know what will happen. He does hunt public land however, or so he said 1000x or so. So huge kudos for that. Blast away Bill. At least I don’t see your posts anymore.
  14. moog5050

    2019 Lawn Thread

    I am in. Just cut AGAIN! Bushes need a trim already too.