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  1. Just had another nice buck at 100. My friend couldn’t quite see it and then forget to fully cock the hammer when he tried to shoot as he crossed lane. Missed opportunity but I snort wheezed and pulled him back. He circled blind but no clear shot on him or other buck that came in at same time from behind. Ugghh
  2. Well we had a shot on a real nice 8pt. Clean miss. F2F participant is regrouping. Buck fever I think.
  3. I would also let them know they should not cross property line or shoot into it.
  4. Personal decision. I would give it to them if their shots were lethal. But on your property your call.
  5. I am waiting for the QDMA F2F participant. I think he is trying to ensure his socks stay on his feet if you know what I mean. Lol
  6. They have worked every time for me and leave some massive holes.
  7. Been using the rage hypos with good results. I have no complaints whatsoever. Even on a few of my less than ideal shots, the deer seem to die quick. I agree with Jeremy that you need to be sure to have the power to push those blades through and be sure that the collars are on properly.
  8. I am more excited than normal this year to bring out one of the QDMA participants. Really hope to get him on his first deer. Wind is not ideal for where we plan to sit but we do have more range with the 20g so here is hoping! I still have a good feeling he will knock one down. Good fortunes to all and safe hunting!