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  1. That makes sense and frankly confirms on this design why I have little concern. The blades have no choice but to open on contact.
  2. I bought some nap 3 blade mechanicals 1.5 diameter cut on amazon to use with my bow. When they arrived, they say crossbow 400fps (not advertised that way but I will admit to not doing any research). I just wanted some 125g. 3 blade mechanicals that don't use a collar. The bow is rated at 340 but you know how that goes. I still plan to give them a run. No collars as the design forces the blades back and open on contact. They will open and I have to believe my bow will drive them through just fine. Anyone use a crossbow broadhead with a bow. Logic tells me it will be just fine and I will put a big hole in deer.
  3. I like to try to shoot 3.5 or older but I certainly would have shot him too. Then again, I never verify age. Nice buck. Thx
  4. I told my stepson, he won’t bite just pick him up. “I don’t want him peeing on me”. Oh Lord!
  5. Well today was a first. Woken up by my stepson because there is a frog in the house. Yes I have dealt with bugs or rodents but never amphibians. He was too scared to pick up the little bugger. Tree frog of some sort. Has anyone else ever had a frog in the house? Not going to lie, I tossed it off the two story deck. Hope they land like cats. Just seemed really odd to me. And I pay for regular pest control. mostly posted because I am bored. Best all!
  6. No idea but I would say at least 4.5. Good luck.
  7. You sitting all day on 10/1? Props to you!
  8. Zweigels are great but honestly my favorite dog is the Costanzas venison pepperjack. Culver creeks is equal to that.
  9. Ok but if you shoot the wrong buck you owe me $3000
  10. If we have learned nothing else over many many pages of one particular thread, its that cull bucks are all but un-killable at times. So he should move right the top for the challenge alone.
  11. By hand with recurve and mechanicals out of box for compound.
  12. Looks like ole Wiley has retained defense counsel. Lol
  13. Assuming Fido don't get him first! lol
  14. Maybe it’s just coincidence but … I think he should be charged.
  15. Pretty crazy. That’s what some may call a little too much of a good thing. Lol. At least if you like natural bucks. Kinda like other natural assets vs fakes.
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