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  1. Friend visiting from PR. There is practically no one at the Monroe county Airport and they cancelled his flight from DC to Roc and rerouted him to Chi and then Roc because of lack of passengers. I know it’s been the case just first time dealing with a flight since this all started. Only bonus is easy parking I guess.
  2. My buddy picked up that ARP barrel and we built an upper. Very accurate gun. I think you will be pleased. The standard block should be fine. I have all the parts but the barrel sitting around. I will build one at some point.
  3. Thanks. Please ask lotto to pull 983 - not everyday but most.
  4. 859 yesterday? Just confirming so I know I am checking correct numbers.
  5. Just bought new appliances for the kitchen and posted these two on Craigslist. They really are a good deal so figured I would post them here just in case someone is looking and needs either: GE 30” gas stove, fully functional and in good condition. $150 whirpool 36” refrigerator, countertop depth, fully functional and in good condition. $150 Both are bisque in color and will sell the pair for $275. Rochester NY area. PM me for more info Thanks
  6. That looks horrible. I think you might have convinced Ana Bob! internal temp on that strip?
  7. moog5050

    Mount back

    Looks great as is!
  8. Thanks all. Who knew all the male underwear models are born on June 20th. Weird.
  9. Crown vetch? Looks like great stuff for deer.
  10. Charles Finney - small Christian School