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  1. Congrats TF. Glad to hear all is well.
  2. Good luck with the new career. You will always have options as nurses are always in high demand and its a field that just keeps growing. Healthcare ain't going away and can't be shipped overseas.
  3. If they are simply seeking, the baaaaaa is my go to. But hard chasing, yep I have yelled STOP at the top of my lungs and they usually still pay little mind.
  4. Sitka stratus is ideal. Maybe a used set in that range. I don’t even hesitate to wear them in rain.
  5. OK - well I will admit to being very surprised that Clint does his own grocery shopping.
  6. To be clear, you are also to cease and desist from mentioning me in any thread that is titled sausage extravaganza, sausage fest or the like. Should you persist, I have been authorized by myself to commence legal action. Let your actions be guided accordingly.
  7. Lake placid is a cool town with some things to see.
  8. Korean BBQ meatballs, roasted carrots over ginger rice. Little sriracha cream sauce drizzled on.
  9. Plus you need to break them all in so they shoot the same. I usually rotate at least two for this reason and keep a second tab in my pack.
  10. Wait, I thought trump said we could just shoot up some household cleaning fluids. Did I screw up with windex?
  11. exactly what I shoot. He even made me a larger tab for my fat paws. They last forever too.
  12. For brassicas, this stuff has not let me down. https://frigidforage.com/big-n-beasty/ Always grows great and draws from the start of green up through late season, at least at my one parcel - the other parcel, they have too many other options and brassicas are really not preferred
  13. 14" spread? Sounds like one of our bucks! lol Have fun!
  14. Easy fix - leave the choke on?
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