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  1. moog5050

    Baiting help

    Easier to just hunt an orchard. Same thing.
  2. moog5050

    Baiting help

    Biz may be waiting at the car awhile when he hunts WNY. Lol
  3. moog5050

    Baiting help

    That's a 10% discounted rate as per bankruptcy rules.
  4. moog5050

    Baiting help

    You ever watch when the feeders go off on the hunting shows. Its seems like every buck in the square mile is there within minutes. I have no personal experience but they sure like pavlovs dogs. Maybe its edited that way, who knows.
  5. moog5050

    Baiting help

    I am glad to see that you are holding to high moral values - your firm will be proud. How about the buck shot with plenty of light but 2 minutes after legal sunset? THIS IS A TEST BIZ!
  6. moog5050

    Baiting help

    So do we consider all deer that feed on crops/gardens/shrubs/orchards non-wild? I am guessing you don't hunt farm country much. In those areas, deer are eating a lot of what man planted - suburbs too. Big difference than the dinner bell at 6pm when the feeder goes off. Again, just explaining my view of the differences but I don't care how others hunt.
  7. moog5050

    Baiting help

    I am not offended but since you asked the difference, at least with the plots we have, its still difficult to pinpoint where you might kill one that is coming to feed. They are a bit too large in bow to kill everything that is feeding. Many a night I sat in a stand on the edge of a plot watching deer feed out of range. Not much different than hunting a crop field edge except smaller. Baiting pretty much assures they will walk in to exactly where you want. That said, I could not care less whether baiting is banned or approved. Oh and baiting spreads CWD. lol
  8. moog5050

    Baiting help

    Is this a trick question? Does it depend on the size of the buck killed? Just guessing here.
  9. Just as an example, I bought a new pse last year and set it up like a shop would - to spec, centershot, confirmed DW, DL, ATA and brace height. Shot it that way and never hunted with it. It shot and grouped ok. Yesterday I decided to start tuning it at 9pm. First bareshaft was 6-8” left of fletched at 20. I then was up until 3am tuning, tearing it down, reshimmed it 3 times until I finally got near perfect bateshaft flight out to 30yds along with fletched and BHs. Could I have hunted with it as it was. Probably and it would probably kill deer. But I was losing a lot of energy with less than perfect arrow flight and I was not convinced pass throughs were assured with mechanicals. Pass throughs are expected now. And it should shoot any BH perfect. It’s worth spending the time if you have the ability.
  10. moog5050

    There are still honest people in the world

    Then we have some work to do at my place
  11. moog5050

    Happy birthday sodfather!

    May all your wishes be fulfilled!
  12. moog5050

    plot results 2019

    Frigid forage is good stuff!
  13. moog5050

    Preseason Trail Cam Pics

    Lots of nice bucks on this thread! Good luck folks!
  14. moog5050

    There are still honest people in the world

    Not only do you wrongfully defame me, you also shoot all the close dogs when we hunt together. With friends like you .....
  15. moog5050

    There are still honest people in the world

    Not sure but pottery barn accepted the dented box return. I did think it was heavy enough that it didn’t need a ratchet strap. Wrong. And I never heard it fly out nor could I see it with the folded tonneau covering the rear window.