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  1. Sounds like she was ready early Lomax. Keep those eyes peeled!
  2. No it was not. 1 yote and a fox after it was running away because someone couldn’t help their dad find the safety in time!
  3. Well they are starting move daytime. I really should get out there at some point.
  4. Wow, dad was buying his own beer. That is a travesty. I make my kids pay for all my beer - that's what summer jobs are for. My house, my rules! lol
  5. Resided on my property first year I bought it. It was my second season hunting. Tagged out on a lesser buck (but my first wall mounter) in bow not really knowing better. I should have really just focused on this guy. He ended up chasing a doe right in front of a blind in the neighbors field day 2 of gun season. Dump shot. Live and learn.
  6. I know most don't like any v-max on deer, but my buddy swears by them with his 6.8 spc2. Says they are always DRT. I am still nervous to try a bullet like that on deer.
  7. I haven't dyno-ed it. Others that have the same truck and mods tuned by the same tuner that have dyno-ed are around 580ish whp and 610ish lbs peak. Considering that its rated at 450 SAE hp (maybe 350 whp) stock, its a huge difference. I assume I am over 700bhp based on approx 20% drivetrain loss. I am also running E50 fuel but have a slightly less aggressive although still solid 93 tune that I can use when needed (ie no E85 available to mix in). I wouldn't push it further on stock internals. Other than some fine tuning with the E50, project is complete. Nice looking truck. I like the color. Did you supercharge it? I had a silvy SS that was as quick, but didn't have the top end power. It was supercharged with a little NOS mixed in. I recall a high 4.3 0-60 with that truck. That was my first foray into stupid fast trucks and I did the work myself except the final tuning despite not knowing anything about engines when I started. Not sure how I didn't blow it up! I will try to toss up a photo later.
  8. Go for it. Who doesn't need extra power you will never really need. lol
  9. Nah - not a fair comparison. That 3.5 is not tuned vs a supercharged 8. My 0-60 was 6.5ish before the tune and is now 4.4. Huge difference. Thats the great things about the 3.5TT - it don't cost much to make it very fast.
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