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  1. moog5050

    October 1st

    Would love to shoot one in velvet, but we need to move even further back to get there. Guys in WI are getting it done already.
  2. moog5050

    October 1st

    2012-2013 More Bowhunting Opportunity Bow season in the Southern Zone and the regular season in Westchester County (bowhunting only) will now begin October 1 each year. In the Northern Zone, a new bowhunting season will run for 7 days following the close of the regular season in areas that also have a late muzzleloader season. 2013 was first season with Oct. 1 opener
  3. moog5050

    Tuning question,again...

    They should spin like a top. Perhaps you had a bad arrow or insert?
  4. moog5050

    Someone might tag a stag

    Not sure how one catches one that escaped. Hunt with tranquilizer darts?
  5. moog5050

    October 1st

    2013 or 2014 I believe.
  6. Those dunstans look great. How long ago were they planted? Thinking of adding some to my property. Thanks.
  7. moog5050

    Tuning question,again...

    spin test the BHs Mike. Put them tip down (still attached to arrow) on a smooth surface and spin em like a top. You will know quickly if a tip is bent or there are other issue. Should spin smoothly.
  8. moog5050

    Picked Her Up Today

    Always nice when the new toy performs! Good luck with it Bill.
  9. moog5050

    Warning - Check Those Tow Ropes!!

    Lots easier to just carry 20' of paracord with a loop on one end and caribiner on the other. Loop one end around your wrist and other on the bow. Pull up when you finish climbing. Those permanently attached tow ropes always seem to get blown around and stuck in places in the wind, not to mention the possible breakage. IMHO.
  10. moog5050

    Someone might tag a stag

    This one hasn't even been reported missing by the owner. Good luck to him prosecuting a claim if its killed by a hunter. Heck some hunters might not be aware at least initially that its not a whitetail. Now if you know the farm where it was raised like TC did, reporting it to the owner and letting it run is the right thing to do. IMHO.
  11. moog5050

    Tuning question,again...

    I wouldn’t shoot multiple broadheads at a single spot. Pretty much guaranteed damage. I assume TC is asking if the BH are consistently hitting the same poi.
  12. moog5050

    The Shot That Counts 2018

    top One was first 21yds with compound. Going to fling a few deep
  13. moog5050

    What The Heck Is That?

    Looks like a bear to me with weeds sticking up splitting those front legs to look skinny. Check a pick that is clear. Is there a tall weed in that spot?
  14. moog5050

    The Shot That Counts 2018

    Be careful. Couple days ago I shot a BH and then a FP. Two great shots, except he FP hit the back of the BH in the target and pushed the BH and insert deeper in the rinehart. Pulled out an arrow with no head. Decided to take a loss on the BH rather than cutting open the target. Shoot one, retrieve, shoot the other IMO.
  15. moog5050

    Cross wind shooting

    lol - I know I have sat some windy days where I was more concerned that I couldn't get a good shot due to the tree moving or a nearby tree falling on me. Effect on the arrow was not part of the thought process.