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  1. Guys thanks for the responses. Under transporting it says "if transporting without a head the sex organs must be intact." When I've field dressed the animal they are never left on- usually the first to be removed and discarded. I will email my local DEC Officer so its in writing.
  2. Guys- I have been following the site for awhile and finally got around to registering! I had a question that hopefully someone can give me a better answer than our DEC did. Due to the location of where I hunt, I want to start quartering deer out and processing myself. The days of hauling out a deer over a mile up and down steep terrain are OVER. My question is: Besides front shoulders, rear quarters, backstraps, and tenderloins, what other usable meat, if any, is required by law for me to pack out. Also, in terms of identifiable sex organs, do those need to accompany the animal if I plan on packing the head out as well? When transporting, will a tag on top of the cooler be sufficient enough to legally tag my animal? I emailed the state and they simply replied with links to their website. Just want to make sure I am in compliance with the law. Thanks for taking the time to respond.Bob