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  1. Wanted to hunt a field edge, wind and feeling like crap so back in the blind I was in yesterday.
  2. Buddy says he saw a doe but no shot. I had a fight with a large spider, I'll call it a draw but it walked away. Blue jays going bonkers.
  3. Buddy just text me, lost his release on the walk in. Says he'll use fingers.
  4. I'm in and hoping the rain passes by. Sitting in my hub blind. Good luck this season to all out there.
  5. I got a 4S DMP, but won't be able to use it. I have to have a bunch of procedures done that I've been putting off and can't put them off any longer. So late October and through November I may not be able to hunt much. If anyone wants the DMP and is willing to come and pick it up, it's theirs.
  6. After waiting weeks with no reply to emails sent, I called the Director Of Fish And Game, Jacqueline Lendrum. This is what the Governors' Office is telling her to tell people. I was informed of: Any state owned land in the Adirondack Park or Catskill Park that hunting has been allowed on will still allow hunting (for now). Going forward, any new land the state acquires will probably not allow hunting. So as an example: If you hunt the West Canada Lake Wilderness in the ADK Park, you can still hunt there. If you Hunt Slide Mountain in the Catskill Park, you can still hunt there. Just passing this information along for the hunters. Now, I'm going back to finding better things to do than hanging out on this forum.
  7. Hey, I'm just trying to tell people be very careful of the wording. The Adirondacks isn't a reserve or preserve, though some areas are, the entire area is classified as a park. Do what you feel is OK for you. This isn't in NY, but I'll leave this here for the folks who think getting a knock on the door is ridiculous or can't happen here.
  8. DirtTime

    The Itch

    Not yet. I have to head out in a couple of weeks to check blinds and most likely repair the ones morons kick down. I'm sure that will make me itch.
  9. I'm not saying anything. The morons who made the laws are saying it. The background check is already in those laws and will go into effect on 9/1/22. None of us like it, but these are the facts, not some opinion I made up. As for enforcement, I think a lot of people are writing this off. I think a lot of it can and will be enforced. No judge or LEO is risking a pension to give gun owners a pass for carrying a firearm where they aren't supposed too. This isn't the SAFE Act where a blind eye can be turned on some things and no one would be the wiser here, people. It's time to wake up and realize they are actually coming for us and our guns. Make no mistake here, the NYSP Commissioner is backing all of this. I used to think this sort of bullshit would never happen. But we now have to have a license to buy a modern sporting rifle, background checks for ammo, and as those laws stand right now they have successfully banned hunting certain areas with firearms. People need to stop underestimating how far the anti's are willing to go. If they're willing flip off a Supreme Court ruling, you think they give a crap about us? Time people pulled their heads out of the sand and took notice that this is happening.
  10. If you own land and allow others to have a firearm on that land in any manner, you have to post signs. So it's private land that the owner allows the public to rent cabins on. So they need to post signs if they will allow guests to have firearms on the land. Just like a restaurant, general store etc. . If you own land and plan to allow others to hunt the land, you need to put up signs stating you allow firearms on your land. The landowner themselves do not have to do any of this if they don't allow others to hunt the land. You have to read the whole thing and pay attention to the wording, it was written like the SAFE Act, so it's not fully stated exactly how all this shit is going to work. They did that purposely, so they have a broader range to drop the gavel on us. It really surprises me how many gun owners aren't paying attention to this in detail. This isn't a parking ticket, these are felony charges if the laws aren't followed.
  11. Will do. I just got an email back from the owner of the place we rent the cabin. He had no clue about any of this. I replied with a link to this mess and simply said I just needed clarification so no one risks felony charges for having a gun where we can't have a gun.
  12. Seeing these new laws affect hunters using rifles and shotguns as well, I'll add this here. I have permission to hunt the bordering private land we hunt in the ADK's. I've only hunted that land a few times, but always call the owner each Summer, who resides in a different part of the state. I made that annual call last night. He will not allow hunting the property this year because he won't be able to make the trek to put up the posted signs and the signs stating firearms are allowed. So even thought I don't hunt it often, I just lost 80 acres of land to hunt on. I have not heard back yet from the place we rent the cabin each fall if they are going to put up signs stating they allow firearms on the premises. I have also not gotten an email back from DEC with any decisive answers abut any of these new laws and how they are going to affect hunting the ADK's. I am pretty glad I went ahead and picked up the ML last year, at least I can use that and not run afoul of these over the top stupid laws. This is a fucking nightmare. Sorry about the language, but that's what this is. There's no way this will be overturned in time for this year's hunting seasons. Or maybe not even next year's seasons.
  13. I did not join, but I did send a donation to GOA to help fight this. Anyone who plans on not complying isn't going to show up at any protest to bring unwanted attention to themselves, so I'm not seeing anything like that going on. What else do we do? I don't have a ton of money to donate to this, because all the crap is making me drop my savings on buying things now before it gets really out of hand. Just to make a rifle compliant, I sold stuff and used money for a trip I had planned. We have three choices: Not comply and face serious charges. Move to a free state. Sit in the middle and eat the crap sandwich, hoping the SCOTUS reverses all of this. The whole any park issue and that phrasing which includes the ADK's is a huge problem. I honestly doubt they even realize the Adirondacks is considered a 'park', because they are clueless about the outdoors and probably meany city and town parks, but with no distinction, we have what we have. I ain't pretty, but I'm too old to go to prison and become part of Big Pappa's harem. I'm buying ammo when I can, but it's getting scarce again. Haven't been to the indoor range in a few weeks because I don't want to waste what ammo I do have. They are just flat out being childish, and a lot more people are seeing it now. The fact is we need a change here in our government because it's plain to see just how far the left is willing to go on these matters. We need a Republican governor and as much as most of us will be voting our part, I don't see it happening. This is NY, and some might not like this, but it's a fact that the whole state is dictated quite literally by downstate. If you love your guns and want to lower taxes, vote right.
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