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  1. @blackbeltbill, a bunch of us have tried to help you with taking pictures to post, so maybe a visual aide is in order. Top good, bottom bad.
  2. I contradicted nothing. At 18 years old, that guy knew exactly what he was doing, and he could have come from a rich family with great parents and still committed this. Have a look around, not all the dimwits who commit these mass shootings had bad parenting. So again, I ask at what age do the parents stop being blamed for their children's atrocities? Everyone gets ticked off when a gun company gets blamed when a criminal uses a gun to commit murder, but it's OK to blame a parent when things go south with their adult aged kid?? C'mon man! If you go to the doctor for gall bladder removal, and he removes your penis, you don't blame the medical school, you blame the DR. I get so tired of repeating myself around here, this comes across as a retaliation crime. If groups A&B want to do bad things, other groups who are getting tired of it are going to start doing bad things too. In real life, if you kick a hornet's nest long enough, eventually those hornets are going to do something about it. I don't agree with it, or like it, but I have enough smarts to see a duck for what it is. You want to blame someone, blame the asshat that committed the crime.
  3. ^^^^ This! Not only is he looking good on paper for lowering taxes and holding dirty politicians liable for their actions, he comes from a pretty pro gun area.
  4. If I kill a turkey, I'm going full moon with the bird for the picture. Then every time you call me an ass in the future, I'm going to post that pic over and over.
  5. Look, I feel bad for the families of the lives that were lost. That said, here's the bottom line, that kid was old enough to know right from wrong no matter who influenced him. The mental health finger is just another blame sometimes, just like mommy and daddy issues. I'm not saying this isn't the case sometimes, but it's being used as a crutch as much as blaming the gun for the shooter's crime. Mommy didn't let me breastfeed till I was 40, so I'm going to go insane and commit an atrocity, or, daddy made me sit on his lap till I was 50, so I'm going to build a pipe bomb. The issue is this word is too soft and lenient about things like this. Yes, parenting should be the #1 source of preventing these crimes, but at what age is a kid supposed to start acting like an adult and assuming responsibility for their own actions? 16, 18, 20, 30, 50, 100?
  6. You like to fact-check, so yes, in a very direct way. Obama was a martyr, and spewed reverse racism all the time. The current state of racism lays largely on that guy's shoulders. He was the top dog and was giving the push for riots (let's not call them protests, they are riots), and was a driving force for what the BLM and ANTIFA factions have evolved into. He was for defunding police and the military and had a big part of the huge surge that has taken. He tried to make the present day seem like hundreds of years ago when people of color were being held back by the white man, when in fact he of all people was the President of the United States and should have been pushing for "minorities" to get an education and make something of themselves not incite riots. He is a huge part of erasing the history of this country. I could go on.......... Right there taking Obamas sausage while grabbing his ankles and yelling "Give it to me you stallion!" was the current POS in charge, so things have devolved into a race war. I don't care how anyone tries to spin it, that's just the reality of the USA right now. As a side note, it's funny how the left wing nut cases won't accept these facts, but have a hard on that Trump incited the storming of the capital. I really don't have anything else to say. You simply cannot remove the blinders from people who have glued them to their face.
  7. Actually, that line from Blazing Saddles was a spoof as it was originally from The Treasure of Sierra Madre in 1948.
  8. I don't mean to be harsh, but this is flat out the result of the race war Obama started. You'd have to be pretty blind to not know things like this were bound to start happening. I've been saying for years this sort of thing was coming, and here it is. Guns aren't to blame. If you're going to call it mental illness, then start calling ANTIFA and the BLM "movements" the result of mental illness. Some people want a civil war, and it looks like they will get it sooner than later. Wait until the abortion rights activists really get going. They already warned they are going to get militant with their "demonstrations" and "protests". It's a huge shit sandwich and guess what! We're all getting a bite, whether we want it or not!
  9. A month ago it was down close to $4 again here. Now it's back up to $4.69-4.89. It's ridiculous. The dipstick in charge of NYS was supposed to put some wort of freeze on gas, but it takes effect in June. I guess we'll see what happens.
  10. I called it around 10. Black flies getting between my glasses were starting to annoy me enough I was ready to tag one of them little nasty buggers. This is already getting frustrating, can't afford to keep driving 20 miles one way for nothing.
  11. At least fishing you catch something, even if it's just bait. Two and a half hours sitting might be time to do a loop up around to the field I was avoiding for this morning.
  12. Switched from a wood striker to the acrylic. Humidity made the wood not work. There's a crow that's decided to piss me off and is making a racket 15yards from me. If it was in season....
  13. Different route. Off fields in the woods. Damp out but not bad. Using the glass today, soft talk and even flapped my hat around. Geese down in the marsh, song birds are nice, crows yapping but Neary a turkey sound except me.
  14. Good point. Are Bill and I the only ones out today?
  15. Only crows again. This is crazy, it's a real feel of 72.
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