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  1. C'mon man! Everyone knows that's over kill on deer. .222 is where it's at. Some bruiser bucks taken! Congrats to everyone who punched a tag. Heading out after the rain stops to get some still hunting in. At least that's the plan.
  2. Nothing. A doe that came in from behind me blowing and acting like a snotty little bi$#@ forgot to bring her boy toy with her. Does that count?
  3. Sorry about your buddy. My condolences you and his family.
  4. I have always made sure to have ammo for my guns. I might have to drive an hour to find it but if I have too I have too. I'm hearing a lot of places are out of reloading materials as well. But I don't reload so no personal experience.
  5. Grab these now before I change my mind. Sitting for two hours this morning with my 400gram insulation made me start to rethink selling these.
  6. Please lock this up. All gone, they go buh-bye to a different state.
  7. Congrats! Glad the misfire didn't muck up the hunt for you and you got a second chance.
  8. I'm getting rid of a lot of gear I don't use or need. Herman Survivors in Realtree 800G insulation. Size 9. Brand new in the box never worn, tags are even still one them. $55 pick up Albany NY area. If I have to ship them add $28 due to inflated holiday shipping costs on over size packages.
  9. Forgot to say location. Albany area. But can ship, and have a PP account for transaction if shipped.
  10. Pretty sure I know where you are. I have to drive into Albany in a little bit, I'll wave as I drive by. Good luck.
  11. Recently finished reading Horace Kephart's Camping and Woodcraft, and I'm just about 1/4 of the way into Mors Kohcanski's Bushcraft:Outdoors Skills and Wilderness Survival. I was very surprised that the Kephart book revolved around hunting a lot. Tracking, skinning, processing, and even cooking wild game. I'll be buying the second volume soon. I also want to pick up a couple books by Nessmuk. His canoeing the Adirondacks book and his camping and woodcraft book.
  12. Boker Magnum Drop Point Deer Hunter Gerber SB 2.5 Mossy Oak Locking Multi Tool Paid $60 for the Boker last March, $30 for the Gerber last January, and $15 for the multi tool last April. So lets say $90 for all including shipping. PM me for any questions or to set up the purchase. I have these listed on a few other sites as well.
  13. Two questions: 1) Can I keep the gun if I catch it? 2) If so, can I go on a hunt with you the next time you do this?