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  1. DirtTime

    Personal attacks

    You can't post videos! You are to scared to show your face! Also, after a comment I and a few others made to you in a certain post, you stated, "I will post what I want!". So carry on cowboy, but do me a favor, the next time you are in the ADK's, take your pic from more then 10 yards off the road! If this was a crack at my channel, then you don't pay attention! There's NOTHING on my channel proclaiming me to be an "EXPERT"! Let's see you man up and do what I did in my last video! Nut up or shut up!
  2. DirtTime

    Personal attacks

  3. DirtTime

    Personal attacks

    87 pointer with a .177 air rifle!
  4. DirtTime

    Back in the day

    Back in the day, we didn't have the internet! We got off our asses and went outside.
  5. DirtTime

    Personal attacks

    Iv'e told you this before, and now I will say it again! If you don't like this site then sign out and don't come back. We all know why you wont, you are a glory hound and love the publicity. You love the attention, just like your new BFF Stormy. You like to cry 'Poor Me", but you have also in a round about way threatened people, posting "You would not say that to my face! " can be taken as a threat. Which brings me to another point, in that thread you like to bring up, you state you will not go back at people ( I can't remember your exact words, and I am tired from spending most of my day in the woods ). Man, you just cant stop feeling sorry for you. Which makes me not feel sorry for you. Bill, I honestly hope you have the Spring Turkey Season Of A Lifetime! All I ask is quit acting like a Democrat and whining about everything. FYI, I almost was going to drop your UN from OG in this post Bill.
  6. DirtTime

    How would you rate yourself as a turkey caller ?

    -1,435,524. I did have more success last year with my calling, but not enough to seal the deal with the bow. So, because I love to torture myself, I will be hunting mainly with the bow again this Spring season. I want the feeling I had from last season when that Jake came in but just not close enough. This season, I want that feeling and hopefully seal the deal on a bird with the bow.
  7. DirtTime

    Hunting Crows In The Woods?

    Woods near me are a mess. Plenty of mud, and even still holding snow and ice. I didn't have much luck locating signs of turkeys on either of the places I hit today. I have another month to scout turkey, and a couple weeks to do some crow hunting.
  8. DirtTime

    Hunting Crows In The Woods?

    To try and get this thread back on track, I'm still going to get my scouting time in tomorrow. At this time for my area, the weather looks OK for Friday in my area ( yeah, forecasters have been spot on the last few years ), so I may try and give it a shot then. I honestly appreciate and thank the people who have given advice. Not a big time crow hunter here, so I always appreciate solid advice.
  9. DirtTime

    Hunting Crows In The Woods?

    At the risk of this being a "Personal Attack" and taking a ban, I want to thank you for adding nothing to this thread, or what it's meant for. You like to whine when people derail your threads, but you have no problem doing it to others. Please, go take more pics of you and your hats and stop crapping on actual hunting threads. Good Day To You Sir!
  10. DirtTime


    I have my FB set to show when people post new topics, but then I pick and choose what to look at. Nothing shows up on my main page. Stuff like this video is exactly why. LOL!
  11. DirtTime


    It's wooly! Don't ask that! I thought about it as well but knew better! Too late now.
  12. DirtTime

    Hunting Crows In The Woods?

    I live in Up State NY. Albany County. Robhuntandfish lives out near the lake, not me . LOL. Thank you for information though.
  13. DirtTime

    Hunting Crows In The Woods?

    I wish you would keep your back and forth with these guys out of my threads. Thanks and have a nice night.
  14. DirtTime


    WOW! I didn't bother to read any of the comments on that video, I know where they will go. LOL! Who does this? I would have laughed my a$$ off if that tree rat sprung to life and bit that dorks lip half off! That would have been entertainment. Just sayin'.
  15. DirtTime

    Hunting Crows In The Woods?

    So apparently they prefer the company of those liberal downstate Democrats in large metro areas. I hope they keep that mentality. I don't want to have try and choke Parrot meat down my gullet. LOL!