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  1. When I had a truck, I slept in it a few times. Piece of old carpet and a foam pad to keep the ribs of the bed liner from making it painful. Backseat of a car a few times, as well as the back of a station wagon. Ah, the good old days...... I prefer a tent and a cot these days and planning things out better. Been thinking of a hunting trip to VT for maybe 2022 or 23. A couple places I'm looking at have lean-to's which would give a dry place to sit and keep items like coolers under in bad weather, but the plan is to sleep in a tent. There was a thought of renting a van but,
  2. Well, there's a few options here.... Keep a bucket next to your chair. Put a TV in your bathroom. Don't watch the jackass on TV. Easy fix for that illness.
  3. Rose was banned from baseball for gambling and betting on games, including the Reds which he was the manager for. He volunteered and accepted his fate to cover up and not allow the facts to become public knowledge at the time. They came out in the wash though, and it doesn't matter how good he was, those violations and crimes put him where it belongs, banned from the sport and the hall of fame. I say the same thing about all the other major sports athletes that commit crimes, they should be banned, jailed, and never be allowed to the Halls or any other status of praise. Including B
  4. I always love watching the sun come up in the morning. I enjoy it the most while hunting and camping, being out in the woods to see it never gets old to me.
  5. You can't explain that to some people. On average there are are 5-7 does birthed each Spring to 1 buck. When those numbers go unchecked you get way more does then bucks. That's anywhere. When you think about how most people really don't hunt the eastern ADK's much farther then lake George, the numbers are going to be a lot different the further north you go and the less pressure they get. Also the further north you go the less factual data there is on deer numbers because there's less people around to do the DEC's job for them and report activity. Once the deep snow hits the deer
  6. Hunting from the ground adds a few unique challenges that the tree surfers don't have as bad. You need some sort of cover, a man made brush blind, a store bought blind ( unless you can leave the pop-up/hub blind out there they are a PITA to carry in set up and carry out for every hunt. ). At minimum you have to set up tucked into some brushy cover making sure you have room enough to twist and draw the bow. A few years ago I was tucked back into some brushy stuff and when I drew on a doe my elbow hit and snapped a dead twig, it sounded like a gun going off to me and the doe bolted l
  7. They are yarded up way before that. They are yarded up in some areas by the early ML season. I highly doubt it will "destroy" the herds. The doe to buck ratio in most of the areas where the highest population hunt are highly out of whack. DMP's being allowed every few years would not hurt the deer population in the ADK's.
  8. My balls are titanium and the sack is kevlar. So yes, I have and still do on occasion shoot in my home. Refused to be one of those "I don't have anyplace to shoot my bow." squawkers. I don't shoot towards any windows and have a good backstop of a wood door, so anything bad that could happen shooting an arrow down my hall can in a basement just the same. At max I can get almost 18 yards. As for the original question: Nah! You haven't lost it @cynthiafu, you caught the bug.
  9. Seriously? The NZ in this state gets crapped on more then an outhouse seat in an alcoholics only camp ground the morning after a Genny Cream Ale party. No DMP's in most areas up there, and now this? WTF! Yay for the SZ though.
  10. Little bit of a sore topic right now, not sore in angry, just a bit of sadness and unknowing. With our pup being in the condition she's in our annual trip might not happen this year. Have to put the pup first and any large spending second right now. Plus, depending on how fast the cancer spreads she may not be able to make the trip. Fall is a long ways off. So right now I have no plans. Maybe getting in better shape. I'll be getting a weekend of turkey hunting in the big woods this Spring, a first for me hunting gobblers in the true big woods. Looking forward to the exp
  11. This is one reason you get the crap you do around here. I read what @wolc123 posted in that other thread, and I didn't see him flying off the handle, he presented some facts about a guy you seem to feel is some sort of hero and in reality was a POS. He didn't agree with you and you are calling him out in another thread. Learn to take the higher ground sometimes man! As for that last quote by you Bill, you are the king of posting mundane threads here. THE KING! So you must be bored and lonely a lot to seek out some of the videos you post here. There was no reason for this tre
  12. 2K? I could get 3-4 for that on a normal day. These days, one might get a couple boxes of ammo for that. Lets see....... An AR15 in .223 for my wife. For me? A bolt action with a wood stock! I love the guns I own, but I want some walnut in the mix. Most likely in either 7MM Mag or .270.
  13. Fini. Time to find better options to make the sale, and if it doesn't sell so be it. Can a mod please lock this up @fasteddie ?
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