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  1. The guy that made the video is a member here, his username is @OldBrian. I'll be doing close to the same thing the end of next month, but we won't be using a hot tent because none of us have one.
  2. The call I bought is made of poplar, with a maple top. Poplar is very soft and doesn't do well in not so great weather. It expands and shrinks a lot if it's not stabilized in some way. I think I'll try some very light colored stain on the very top, sides, and bottom. I wasn't planning on doing the inside or the bottom of the lid. I thought about just using clear wood hardener, but I would say the odds of that altering the sound would be pretty high because that stuff actually changes the wood to a certain degree.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Have you done this Bill? I'm just curious as to how you think it would alter the tone enough to present a problem. Which is why I asked if anyone had actually stained the outside of a box call, to get an answer if it would alter the sound or not.
  4. Gee, thank you for the clarification, I would have never figured that out on my own. I guess 'cause it's in the general area its OK to mask racism and push political agendas. After all, isn't EVERYTHING inherently classified as 'general'? Again, thank you. Without people like you posting definitions the world might stop turning. You get one blue star.
  5. I picked up a Quaker Boy box call recently, it's been a long time and I don't remember box calls being so loud. I guess I got used to the more subtle tones from pot calls. I was wondering if anyone has ever put a coat of stain on a box call? It's unfinished so I would like to add something to the exterior as a way to protect the call from splitting or cracking in changing weather conditions.
  6. If you looked there are a bunch already, but you have to step away from the politics to find them.
  7. It's still not in the right area, because people aren't smart enough to post political crap where it belongs. It also doesn't matter where it's posted, when you log in and look at new or recent activity this is the crap that shows up first. Get a friggin clue!
  8. I don't think you'll see that from most of the political crew. Spring turkey season is just around the corner and nary a word from most of them. They will continue to turn this forum into a bubbling pool of toxic slime. You can't log in here anymore and see a hunting thread at the top of the list, you have to look for them through the bile, and it was that way during most of last years deer season from most of them.
  9. If you're going to make a grand re-enterence you need to be wearing the pink bunny suit. Nothing less is acceptable from the man the myth the legend. Welcome back.
  10. A 20GA is just fine for turkeys. I like #4 or #5 shot if using a 3" magnum shells, #4 if using basic 2 3/4" shells. To roost birds I prefer a locator call, either a crow call or an owl hooter. I usually just try and locate the birds with either of those and then listen while scouting early in the morning. Over all roosting doesn't do me much good, on public land you can locate the roost the night before, get there the next morning only to find someone else is in that area.
  11. You need to start making your own videos to put on your channel Bill. You have the camera on your phone and a decent tripod is only about $15. Or you can lean the phone against a tree to record.
  12. Here's a one stop shop for all your political needs! I appears they have it all, from conspiracy theories to the mail man is spying on you! Best part is there's no silly hunting threads or hunters to get in the way of your reading pleasure. I have no affiliation to this this site and never will, but some of you need to go there, I think you'll be in heaven without us hunters clogging up the politics. https://debatepolitics.com/
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