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  1. OK, Like I said thank you I guess. While I do not agree with the reason this thread was made, you should understand me not wanting my videos, any of them, to be a part of any of this nonsense. I give credit where credit's due, and have no issue being a d*^% either when it calls for it. Like I said, in an odd way I appreciate the bump for my video, but I have to ask, that in the future, you leave me and my channel out of all this BS. I will even say please.
  2. OK, maybe that was a strong word, perhaps "font battling" would be a better phrase? I was just curious why my video was brought into this mess. I just feel there wasn't a need for it. It has nothing to do with anything but the thread I put it in. See why I asked?
  3. Sorry for your loss. I hope things get better for you soon.
  4. TriStar Raptor, 28" barrel with Mod. Choke tube. I can't get other barrels for it, and the choke tubes are way out of my price range. The wrench alone is like $100. With the ML, I can get the early season up North, and hunt a couple areas by me that don't allow rifles.
  5. Remember those days well. When I got into hunting, the areas we hunted were shotgun only, NZ was the only place that allowed rifles for the most part. There was a wonky area out by Schenevus that allowed rifle, I don't remember if it was North or south of Rt. 10, I want to say south, and it was a small area compared to the Dacks. My current shotgun will not shoot slugs to save it's life, it will keep them in an 8" "group" at about 50 yards, not the accuracy I like so I don't use it for big game. I look off and on into buying a used single shot 20GA with an IMP CYN Choke to hunt deer with. Now, I have my mind set to go the ML route instead. From reading on here and many other articles, today's ML's are as good or if not better then some shotguns as for accuracy and distance.
  6. Uh.....Thanks Bill and Stormy... I think... I have no idea why my video would be brought up in the ongoing war with a few members here........
  7. I follow a lot of channels with less then 50 subs. None of them have any videos removed so far. Been following those channels for years. I think some folks just got spooked and took down their content on their own. There's a whole lot of over paranoid people in the world theses days. Just look at your bestie! LOL! It was like the they are going to remove all the gun channels issue. Um, yeah, many of those channels are still alive and well. If you drink the Cool Aid to soon all you have is purple lips and red poop.
  8. Well, if YouTube really is going to take down channels, I will post this video here and hope people get to see it. The true spirit of hunting to me isn't always seeing game, it's all about getting out there. For the first time in a couple decades, I got to spend a week in the Adirondack Mountains in a cabin during deer season. I got a few hunts in, hiked a mountain in the rain, cooked over a wood stove, made a fire using a ferro rod and a knife with nothing but wet wood, started a fire using a ferro rod in the wood stove, saw some awesome views, and just had a blast hunting the big woods, hiking with my wife, and living the cabin life. It may not be 100% what was asked for on this challenge, but, for this season, this really is what the spirit of hunting is to me.
  9. Yeah, this has been a rumor for a few months. They just made an upgrade to make sure people aren't posting videos that may not be suitable for children. Pretty sure it's going to be based on content. I may be wrong. I have 22 subs, and while I have a few talking head videos, I have more that are about making fire, hunting, and camping. A couple of my talking head vids are about fire craft. If they take down my channel, so be it. I won't die, and I certainly won't have meltdown. There are other options for folks who want to post videos for free, you just have to look around. If they take my channel down, and I still want to continue to make my videos, I will spent the lousy $15 a month to once again make my own site on a secured server.
  10. You read it, but do you practice it? I doubt it. Ever sleep alone in the woods with nothing more then a tarp and a wool blanket in any of you outings? Start a fire with a flint and steel? Bow drill? Ferro rod and a knife? You can read books until you know every word cover to cover, unless you practice what you read, you don't know jack. You should know that, you have written books. If people don't use what you wrote about then they will not know how to make it work. Yeah, I would figure you to be the kind to follow a liar who said he did things in the Military he never did just to be on TV. He's a media w$%^@! Mors would run circles around this man! Do you get out and do any of the things Dave teaches on his channel? We're not talking driving up to the Dacks for a day just to take a pic of a trail head and guardrails, I'm talking back woods camping. Make fun and disrespect the man all you want, Mors will always be a legend, a real legend! I apologize for making a thread about a great man. From now on I will just post useless videos, and talk about hunting rattle snakes and mountain lions in NYS.
  11. You might enjoy his books and videos Bill. It may not be in your wheelhouse as most folks on here would rather have three gallons of gas to get a fire going then use a bow drill, flint and steel, or even a knife and a ferro rod to make fire. Take a break from those $200 Turkey Hunting books and read up on being an outdoors man for real. I don't mean that as an insult Bill, but start expanding your horizons.
  12. This is the link that was sent to me via E-Mail from a buddy, I sincerely doubt this is a hoax. https://www.facebook.com/KaramatWildernessWays/
  13. He might be gone, but his spirit and soul will live on with all the people that learned from him. I wish I had read more of his teaching and skill set. He is a legend, and always will be.
  14. I thought you would have had more class then this Dan. Ball busting is one thing, but this crap with folks posting about wives and g/f's in this way is flat out insulting and rude. But hey, as long as you get a laugh right?
  15. Just took this pic. Snow was heavy and wet, so it settled a lot yesterday. After the storm passed today was mostly sunny so it settles a lot more. I would say over all, at the peak, we had about 24" here.