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  1. Congrats. Now you have to live a new life in the outdoors, study up on "It's A Jeep Thing".
  2. Opened the 16th for NZ. Ends the day before the regular season for the NZ on the 25th. https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/28605.html
  3. Nice pup. I got a kick out of the shopping cart pic. Classic!
  4. Still awaiting a pic of stormy's new jeep. But the new pistol pick makes it worth the wait.
  5. Just some ball busting. But I'm glad my pain makes you want to eat pop-corn and drink soda.
  6. Me? Stormy? I know I have had some posts that aren't on par, but seriously? Thanks for that one. It went through the cup. Excuse me while I go get ice and some Advil to alleviate crotch pain.
  7. Started doing some of the pack out today. Plan was to wash hunting cloths and treat with Sawyers. Ma nature slapped that down. Double checked to make sure everything's in my hunting pack that needs to be, first aid kit, knives, compass, hot hands, blah blah. Put my maps in zip lock bags to keep them dry if I am out or get caught out in the rain. Swapped emergency blankets from my larger fire kit to the first aid kit, and made a super small EFK, and leaving the bigger fire kit home. Made sure to add my wife's blaze orange hunting vest in the tote with my hunting clothing so she's seen when we go hiking. Went back over the list of food we are taking from home. Made a new list of things I still have to do. Got all the proper paperwork for the dog out and ready to go. Starting to debate which deer rifle to take if I go out for the 26th. One swings a little better, the other is lighter. I don't shoot at running deer, so now I am hemming and hawing, LOL. Those good type of butterflies are really starting to rumble the closer Monday gets.
  8. Looking like more of two trains smashing into each other then a derailment. Weather is looking a bit snotty a few days. Really hoping the rain is evenings or over night. At least it should be quiet walking through the woods.
  9. NO! I can never convey this more profusely, NO! You two need to stay downstate!
  10. Crossing swords? That's just so wrong! Can we please keep the love affairs that have blossomed from you folks drunken GTG's out of this! Thanks. As for getting the deer out, already covered this somewhat. I will most likely have to quarter the deer and pack it out. I will take plenty of video and pics to make sure DEC knows what the deer was and that it was legal and I had tags. 3 points on one side, no does. I really am not happy about having to keep the bucks organ in a cooler. If that's what I have to do then that's what I'll do. We rented a cabin, the cabin has a fridge with a freezer, so once processed the meat will go in the freezer. Yes we have access to ice to fill a cooler we brought with camp meat in it, so will use it to get the meat home safely from a kill. Not sure how much more I can convey this one.
  11. WATER PROOF MATCHES! Pretty sure you have them but in wet conditions these help.
  12. WAIT! If you are lost I will be there Monday! Just stay put and I will find you!
  13. Are there any guardrails near by? I hear they are a great way to get un-lost.