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  1. Cool picture and encounter. You don't see them often anymore. I haven't seen one in a lot of years.
  2. I ended with 20 days hunted and had plenty of action this year over the past 6. heard a lot more birds, got eyes on 4 I called in but would not get close enough for a shot. Yesterday culminated in a tom shock gobbling from a twig I stepped on and then playing back and forth for about 5 minutes until he went silent. Three hours later he showed up silent where I knew he would, the other side of the field 180 yards away. I got up and tried to cut him off to no avail. I saw plenty of deer, called in a couple foxes and a coyote. Called in a turtle (not really, but he made a good partner for one morning). I'll take a season like this and tag soup over sitting in a chair staring at an electronic. Hunting is the most fun thing to be frustrated over.
  3. Not everyone ran away, some of us had stopped posting much here before the new forum was even created. Something to consider, and I've said this on the other forum as well: Stop all the hen pecking. This silly forum war is like those movies and TV shows with all the old ladies sitting around the hair salon with those things on their head worrying about and gossiping about the shop across the road. It's not making either site look good. The bottom line is if you don't care what's up "over there" then stop going over there (said that "over there" about ripping on "here" too ). It's pretty petty. Let it go people, just let it go! Go outside and do something worthy of posting here and maybe people will reply. The hunting posts bottomed out when the other forum started, something else to think about.. << Lightbulb Meme>>
  4. Didn't want to end the season on an odd number so I'm out here for the final day. Not expecting any action but you know what they say about the couch..
  5. This is my 19th morning out here, and today is a wrap for my season. Don't think I'll sit for more than a couple of hours. Had a few birds come in but not closer than 70 yards. Seen a bunch of deer, a turtle hunted one morning with me. Stare down with a coyote one morning.........
  6. To pause and give a moment of silence for all those who served and gave their life for this country.
  7. Noone else turkey hunting around here? Got a couple of decoys on sale last week. Third time out seeing what the fuss is about. Nothing magical happening here.
  8. Heard some gobbling way off but it's quiet now. Good luck to the other hunters hunting today.
  9. I've never gotten sick the way you describe, but I've gotten nasty headaches and extremely sick to my stomach from the smell of liquid manure. They use some nasty chemicals to make that stuff.
  10. I've hunted in the rain probably 8-9 times over the past three years. All I got was wet and had to clean and dry everything out/off. Never even saw a squirrel on most of those hunts. Hunting in the rain with a bow or a ML when you don't have a blind or tree house to sit in sort of sucks. I only do it when we've been up north and rent the cabin because I go there to hunt so I hunt. At home down here? I don't go out if I can help it. I know it can be prime time for deer, it's just not my cup of tea to be out in the rain.
  11. Had some gobbling earlier. Another hunter came through and it's been quiet since. Giving it another 30 minutes or so then tapping out if it's still quiet.
  12. It's very hard to say if the turkey population is on a decline. Even the DEC's polling numbers are skewed because they generally only poll certain areas, and rarely anything in the NZ gets a mention. In some areas there are fewer birds while other areas are steady, and yet different areas the population is booming. Just because one place has numbers declining the area 10 miles away might have numbers rising because birds are relocating due to predation or the ever growing population of development. I really think it's just the birds moving from one area to another for whatever reason.
  13. Good luck to you and your boy @WNYBuckHunter.
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