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  1. Yes. Turtle soup is great if made right. Never shelled one myself but watched many do it, looks like a PITA.
  2. Is that Stormy second from the right? That's the only one from this site I could see showing up wearing that outfit. Holy jerky man!
  3. I had feelers out here and a couple other places. I got a good deal on a Gobbler Stopper. I sent a PM to Nomad and if he still wants to get rid of the Nikon in a few weeks I'll take it for my Axis.
  4. I took nothing to far. A lot of what you post has to tell of "close encounters" or that you were ready "for a things". You post that crap no one else. Clues are on sale at Walmart right now. It was a realistic statement based on how YOU react to other people you meet in the woods dude! Jesus!
  5. @Nomad , what are the odds the rings will fit a picatinny rail? I plan to put this on a Savage 301 20GA Turkey Obsession. That's a great deal, let me check the bank account and with the wife on this one.
  6. I need to put a scope on my newest shotgun, and I would like to stay around the $50-$75 price point. Everything I come across is either way over that or reviews say the scope fails after a few shots. At first I was leaning towards a red dot, but now I think an actual reticle might be a better option for both turkey and deer without taking the scope off after the Fall to use for turkey in the Spring. Do the masses have any assistance?
  7. I had no idea you were a horse. I would like to get down there one day. Everyone I know who's been tells me it's a great place too see. Maybe I can talk the wife into the trip next year.
  8. This was brought a few times on here. This was March of 2019 and you even replied to it Bill. https://huntingny.com/forums/topic/50474-food-plots-on-public-land/ DEC regs on the topic: https://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/7197.html If I read this right the only way it's legal to plant on state land is to help the natural habitat, and a permit is required (?). So just tossing throw and grow doesn't sound legal. As I said in the link above, even if one was to do it, there would be a concern about others hunters locating the plot and hunting over it. What are you going to do if that happens? Beat someone up for hunting a public plot on public land?
  9. I've been known to spout off like a volcano. Then I learned to shut up and scroll on by over the past year or so. As for this "debate" with crossbows? I gave up on that as well. Life's too damn short to spend the day arguing about it seeing I do not have a dog in the fight. Actually, even if I did have a mutt to put up, I still don't have time to piss in the wind and wonder why my shoes are wet.
  10. The one without daily pissing matches, YouTube mini, Hong Kong Phooey chatter, the WWE, and no daily dose of political BS for the end of Western Civilization as we know it. I have come across a few, but they pale in comparison to actually going outside. Maybe I'll just make my own and talk to myself.
  11. Same shit different day around here I see. I'm going to petition that the only hunting implement allowed at all any more is a blow gun. There, you want a challenge, you have one. Just don't inhale.
  12. My area within 5 miles? Still not to many seen except in yards near town. 30 minute drive in the evening and they are all over the place. We put up a fence around the garden this year just in case, waste of money. With the feral cats and coyote's even the tree rats seem to be scarce this year. To bad the coyotes won't eat the cats.