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  1. Yep. There's also Benson which isn't more then an hour really. An hour and a half and you have Siamese Ponds, Jessup River, West Canada Lake........................
  2. We had heavy rain most of yesterday. The wind kicked up around 3AM and has been blowing and gusting all day. It's over at the port scrap yard. They say it's under control but they can't seem to get it out. I bet the wind isn't helping get it put out so it's going to keep going. It started in a scarp metal pile.
  3. Ever notice how many of these videos are from folks in the south? I wonder if that "mountain brew" has anything to do with it? I hear that apple juice packs a punch.
  4. If you're open to public land there's a ton of it within' an hour of Saratoga.
  5. It's been burning since around 6AM and they are saying it will burn al night and into tomorrow. Plastic and all sots of chemicals in the air right now. I smelled it taking the dog out and walked around to make sure it wasn't someones house. Checked the news and this was the deal. I would have been hunting this morning but the belt on my SUV started squealing bad when I started it this morning. Instead I guess I get to keep the news on in the background to keep a watch on this.
  6. This has been stinking up the area for hours and it's still going. https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/State-assessing-acrid-smelling-smoke-from-16567709.php
  7. Looking forward to the trip report. I got back yesterday from a week of hunting an hour south of where you were.
  8. Sorry to hear that Larry. I hope you and your wife get better soon and have a full recovery.
  9. That's a wrap. Had a great week up here. Wife wants to drive out to Blue Mountain Lake for lunch so time to start the walk out.
  10. Toting the 7mm-08 today. It was a lively 31* when I headed in this morning. Last day up here so here's to hoping.
  11. Back where I was Tuesday near those rubs. Messed up the back yesterday so not walking far today. Rain made the walk in quit. Already had a red squirrel piss me off.
  12. Still hunting before the serious rain comes in. Jumped something in the swamp but only heard it take off. Going to start the loop back out. Only about a mile out but it's sprinkling now.
  13. Same area as yesterday because on my way walking out I found some fresh rubs, so I set up about 60 yards away from them with a swamp 200 yards to my right. 54, 3mph wind. Calling for rain tomorrow and Friday morning. Seemed like it took forever for it to get light out here this morning.
  14. Sent the wife a text letting her know I'd be heading back to the cabin in about an hour and for the he'll of it checked if I had internet. Yep. Little breezy up here but nice morning. 3 does and a spike on the drive over, not even a squirrel in the woods.
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