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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow hunters. Clouds moved out and it's a beautiful morning to be hunting.
  2. Last year was my first with the crossbow as well. Would like it more if we had an early muzzleloader season in the SZ. Typed that as I sit in the woods with a crossbow.
  3. Slow crossbow opener so far. Was watching an eagle fly around over the thruway, but no deer seen yet.
  4. Breezy here, light gusts of about 15mph. Just enough to blow the rest of the leaves down keeping my head on a swivel wondering if its deer, a bear, coyotes, or leaves.
  5. Last morning to hunt for me up here. Still be at the cabin through Monday, but 90% rain tomorrow and 80% Sunday. Almost positive I just saw my third bear in the dacks.
  6. I'm about 500 yards from where I was yesterday and it's dead caml again. No wind, barely any song birds. I walked the perimeter of the marsh down in a gully on the way out yesterday and it was high. I always cut fresh tracks in there and usually kick something up. Nothing doing yesterday.
  7. Super quiet and a very warm 40* in my little spot up north this morning.
  8. Anyone else out in the mud this morning? I have a lot of standing water inside the hub blind. Should get interesting once the sun pokes out and the skeeters get moving.
  9. I was out yesterday, and between rain on Sunday and the humidity the trees I was sitting under were dripping on me like it was pouring rain. It was warm, but once my pants got soaked it didn't feel so warm. I bailed at around 8:30. My pack is still damp. We had to help my FIL built a shed yesterday and it completely wrecked my back and knees, so this heat wave won't bother me much as I'm out of the running anyway.
  10. My condolences on the loss of your father @Just Lucky
  11. Let's go. Good luck to my fellow deer hunters out here this morning.
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