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  1. I promise not to tell anyone................. For the right price of course.
  2. I like the set up. I hope you kill whatever deer you like that comes your way out of that stand.
  3. If the Bills' only win this season was against KC I would be a happy guy. Who won their last meeting again? They have met 48 times with Buffalo at 26 wins and KC at 21, and one tie.
  4. Does your reputation precede you? All you WNY boys who head down to the city to hang with those boys who snort their 'cold and sinus medicine' and all.
  5. I licked as clean as I could get it.
  6. To actually add context on my part to the thread, my arrow weight with inserts, vanes, nock, and tip/bh are 388.3gr. Used the wife's baking scale a while back to check.
  7. WOW! That's not very mature in itself to post a PM to the pubic. It should have been enough to just state your beef, not blast that out in public. Seriously dick move!
  8. I was planning on it this year. Then I got a nasty boo-boo on my trigger finger so I'll miss this and the SZ bow opener. This cold snap has them moving a little more then usual here around home, so up north I'd bet they will be moving more. Good luck if you head up next weekend.
  9. Can't believe this years trip is only a month out. Looking forward to it as I have at least gotten to see the lay of the land in a few areas. I know it's a year later and things change, but last year was blind, and this year at least I know where to start.
  10. Maybe they would if you posted more about hunting then political bullshit 95% of the time. Just sayin'.
  11. WTF! Who's breeding all these political trolls? Is there a shortage of bridges or something? Did the C19 evolve into some screwed up virus affecting the drinking water? Too many people with too much time on their hands making more useless accounts just to get attention and ruffle feathers? Man, they seem to be crawling out of the drains like cockroaches. I'll just leave this link here for the OP and move along: https://huntingny.com/forums/forum/4-new-york-hunting/
  12. I started using Herman's during the Spring turkey season, 400grams Thinsulate. They were pretty comfortable for hiking from one place to call to the next. I also have a pair of 800gram for the colder temps this fall. Prices range from around $60 - $200.
  13. I can no longer be involved in that type of thing. If things at The Academy are getting that far out of hand I suggest you practice more. Drop me a PM on how you want to handle the slugs though.
  14. If they are rifled slugs I may be interested. I have 4 boxes of Vitol Shocks left I'm using in the 301, that shotgun loves those things. Let me know what you want for them and I can check what funds I have left. Thank you on both accounts. 6 months here, I didn't have a choice If I wanted to still be walking the Earth. The only time I miss a cold beer is around the camp fire. But I'm getting used to it.