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  1. My condolences on your loss.
  2. Congrats on the new .410. If it was me? I'll take the Browning, Weatherby, and AR15 on the wall in the first pic, and the Ithica Deer Slayer in the second pic.
  3. Now that's a GTG I would attend! My money's on Dave in the second with a KO. Bar fights and street fights are nothing like learning to block kicks and punches in a dojo under controlled circumstance. You cannot know what the other guy will do. Maybe face to face a few blocks, but what happens when the guy you just put on his ass gets up and comes at you from behind? Real world fights don't have rules, and if you embarrass a but head in front of his friends and g/f they don't always stay down. Real life fights are nothing like the movies, there's no "Spidey Sence" to tell you when someone is coming at you from behind.
  4. I only asked about the scales because I was thinking with just a metal handle, it might get a little slippery once it has blood on it. I was not in any way try being a jerk. That style of blade is very universal. If kept sharp enough you could fillet a fish with it. It should serve you well.
  5. Hey @blackbeltbill , what's the name of the movie? Where can it be seen? DVD? Streaming? Digital DL? Yeah, you, @blackbeltbill
  6. Now we know Bill's a feet guy. The mysteries keep unraveling. I have no respect for Canterbury, to many real people have fought and died for this country for to me to respect a liar in what he did to serve his country. Sorry, two things no one should ever lie about, military service and LEO service.
  7. Not 100% correct. The Bills 2nd string QB Frank Reich did that. He bailed the Bills out of a lot of corners, and he took the Bills through and won many Playoff games. Proving he was as good as Kelly, maybe they should have let him start a SB, we might at least have one win. Then the expansion for Carolina came in. They took a good chunk of the Bills Roster as 'ordered' by the big wigs in the NFL. Carolina never gave time for Reich to get used to the environment and how they wanted to play. One goof and he was benched. Enough about yesterday......... I say SF by 8. No, that's not a bet, it's a "Prediction".
  8. Good stuff in that article. Nice to see folks in other countries teaching their kids this stuff instead of just tossing electronic gadgets at them and sitting in the recliner.
  9. Not hunting, at least nothing planned as of now. Just primitive camping trip early Summer. Hike back in, get off the trail and make camp. DEC site mentions the actual site near CCC Road and Cheese Hill Road, but, as I just mentioned, I'm looking more at off grid style camp. Thank you for some intel, it's very much appreciated. Yes, as long as there's no fire ban in effect.
  10. Are you going to put scales on it or just leave the handle as it is? Looks like it will get the job done.
  11. Thank you for the reply Dave. Much appreciated. I'll get some time in over there and look around a bit.
  12. Just looking for some intel from anyone who has been there. I want to try and get a camping trip in over there. I will get some boots on the ground time in, just curious of it's worth it or not. Cole hill just won't cut it, to many roads dissecting that area, and trails that run almost through home owners back yards. So, looking at a different place. Are there open areas to make camp or is it real think all over the place?
  13. Sorry for the loss of a loved one fasteddie.
  14. I have no idea what I just watched. There was some wonky *** BS in that game! Once again, Buffalo penalties cost them a game. No discipline on that 'O'Line. Now I shift to the Saints for the NFC and Ravens all the way baybey in the AFC!