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  1. I tried posting like 20 times while actually being in the woods, and it just kept freezing on the "Sending" screen. Not a peep this morning either.
  2. At least you guys are out there. I'm not able to get back into the woods until Monday- if the weather holds.
  3. No gobbles but a few deer passed by. First hunt of any kind since moving to the new area. Good luck too anyone else out here this morning.
  4. Good luck to all the hunters hunting the 2024 Spring turkey season. Be safe and enjoy the time out.
  5. I was hearing some gobbling in the woods behind the new house a few weeks back, but not a peep in a while.
  6. The 2024 Spring Turkey Season is almost here. Post up those live from the woods pictures and reports. Maybe @fasteddie would be so kind as to pin this? Got the turkey chokes on the shotguns and plan to pattern Wednesday. Good luck out there, everyone. Be safe and shoot straight.
  7. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A PISTOL PERMIT TO BUY A SEMI AUTO RIFLE! You can add it to your pistol permit or get the semi rifle permit on its own if you don't have a pistol permit. ppb-3-08-22.pdf (ny.gov)
  8. They are being given more rights then we have as well. Look up the Supreme Court judge in IL that ruled it was OK for an alien who came into the country illegally and was arrested three times on illegal possession of a gun that he has a right to defend himself and carry a gun with no permit or background check. Yet, we here in NY have to get permission to buy bullets.
  9. That law went into effect way back in September of 2022 and was discussed here a lot. The ammo background check is part of that bill but it took them a year to get a system up to do the checks. If you don't have a pistol permit you need to get a permit for the semi auto rifles.
  10. It's been that way for close to a year now. When the ammo background checks went into full swing they were already making moves to be out of the hunting gear industry and had been starting to liquidate all of it. The same way Gander did. The anti-gun movement is in full swing all over the country. The frustrating part is my wife got another gift card for the place last year for Christmas again so we have to use it. Camping and fishing gear and then I hope to never have to step foot in the place again.
  11. The hunter stereotype is changing. It's not just social media glory hounds, it's the new age hunters and the sort of lack of respect for anything attitudes that's making it harder. I remember loosing private land due to other DB's long ago. Some was original owners passing away and kids not wanting hunting on the land, some was other hunters doing stupid things, and yet still others were just the owners no longer wanting others wandering around their land. This really isn't a new phenomenon, it just seems to be happening more these days. I am sorry you lost the property, that always sucks.
  12. Well, as for wearing them on the back, it's only in the SZ, and if you read the changes it states we have the option of showing license verification electronically. So maybe wearing them on the back in the SZ is now going to be optional? I'd call and ask but the past few years calling or emailing the DEC is like waiting for a turtle to get to the top of a mountain while it's going through super glue. If the turtle even shows up.
  13. Those have a snap strap on the back, I also have a few with double straps. My hunting packs all have MOLLE webbing so I just weave them on, I also use a bottle bag set up with MOLLE webbing instead of a pack sometimes. If you don't have any MOLLE or straps on your hunting pack you can always sew a piece of nylon on. Just make sure you measure your tubes or w/e to be sure they fit in the pouch. Anything with MOLLE webbing is great for hunting as it allows a lot of versatility in adding and removing stuff. Last year for Spring turkey hunting this was my set up for the entire season: That rig carried extra ammo, my thermos and a cup, calls, TP, spare knife, and some snacks. Lighter and easier then a backpack.
  14. I shoot an inline 50cal, so I use these types of speed loaders, but with two compartments: https://www.amazon.com/Muzzle-Loaders-Magnum-Speed-Loaders-MZ1617/dp/B08KWN79CT/ref=sr_1_13?sr=8-13 They fit great in these MOLLE pouches that can be attached to anything from my packs to my belt. https://www.amazon.com/TRIWONDER-Tactical-Cigarette-Military-Battery/dp/B08F7SDZPT/ref=sr_1_2?sr=8-2
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