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  1. Atsko makes some pretty nice water proofing repellents. They work and won't break the bank buying them. It works on most fabric and it doesn't make quiet clothing get noisy. Might be worth looking into to make some of your current gear water proof. https://www.atsko.com/clothing/ I used it on a jacket for when it;s pouring and the dog needs to go out and it help up for about a year, it would have worked longer but I didn't have enough to saturate the jacket like you're supposed too. I use it one our tents as well and it holds up for a few years before I have to re apply
  2. Are you heading out for this?
  3. If hunting around the time of a full moon seems to bother so many people, maybe they should start hunting with pants on, or better at least make sure your hunting buddies are wearing pants. Problem solved, wearing pants = not a full moon.
  4. That's a great price on AA's. If I had a place to store them I might have ordered a few packs.
  5. This was pretty much the way I thought about it after a few minutes. As I said it was just light and shadow playing tricks. It was pretty cool in a way at the same time, I don't know if a trail camera would pick up that type of thing and make it seem like it did through my eyes. It's also things like this that keep me going into the woods both to hunt or just spend time out in nature. You never know what you'll see even if the surroundings make you have to think for a minute. Or, maybe it was aliens.
  6. So anyone who chooses to wear a mask is a left wing democrat, and can go "f" them selves? Hmmm... Well, I'm not a left wing nut job, nor am I some over the top right wing basket case that feels everyone has to do things their way or they are stupid or what ever. I think I'll go sit in my yard with a mask on just to piss some people off. Maybe I'll even take a picture.
  7. Or those with issues understanding things could just not post seeing they don't seem to have a grasp on this particular concept. Or better yet, people could read the banner for the site and let it sink in a little. The logo doesn't look like this:
  8. That was a pretty cool read, thank you for sharing. Not a lot of appreciation for a good axe in this day and age, it requires work and fair amount of skill to fell a tree with an axe. Long ago the only wood processing tools I had while camping were an axe, a hatchet and a wedge. Chopping long downed trees into workable sections was how we got much of our fire wood. These days I do lean more towards my Fiskers Bow Saw to cut longer logs, even took a buck saw I made on one camping trip this year. The saw doesn't kill my back as much as the axe does, I can use more of my shoulder
  9. I knew/know it was just the weather, it was just one of those times where you stare and blink simply because of the situation. My eyes were saying "Whaaa?", and my brain was saying "Ya gotta love fog and low light.". I will say, I have seen a lot of really wonky things in the woods this year so far though. I think the oddest was watching a turkey chase a red squirrel- that was something I had never seen before.
  10. I was out this morning doing a bit of scouting. While standing on the edge of a clearing I watched a buck walk past just inside the wood line on the opposite side. It was a bit foggy, but I swore that deer had no velvet left on his antlers. I know it was just the lighting and the fog, yet it felt like it was late September with the temps being cooler then normal for the time of year. I would have loved to get a picture but by the time I blinked away the thought of too early for the antlers to be done he was gone as fast as he showed up. It started that spark finally ( just haven't
  11. Yet here we have a 5 page topic about politics, in the general boards where it doesn't belong, while threads about hunting on a hunting forum barely get past a page or two. I swear, I don't know whether to laugh at some people or send them a care package of MRE's so they have some food for the end of the world as we know it. But, I would like to thank you for making my point perfectly, all this political talk where there should be more hunting talk is very toxic, very toxic indeed.
  12. Man, you do enjoy talking to yourself don't ya.
  13. Our cabin has been booked for a few months now to hunt the NZ the last week just before the regular season opens up there. Once again it will be me and my bow trying to connect. I think I'll be trying a different area this year on a couple days, the area me a few friends camped at back in May looks worth checking out. Then it will be a few weekend hunts up in the NZ with the wife on some private land for the regular season.
  14. The wallyworld I used to get my tags at usually has a stack of the reg. books, but the computer is always down so you can't get your tags. How's that for ironic?
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