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  1. DirtTime

    WHO'S WHO HERE NOW??????

    Stupidity and posting crap that no one cares about will get you, let me put this to you in your words ( also Bills Words if you read back enough ), get you "attacked". You just don't stop playing the victim! You are a victim of your own creation! PM me your addy so I can send you a block of smoked gouda to go with your whine.
  2. DirtTime


    A great beer I enjoy. I knife I am starting to really like, and my EDC ferro rod.
  3. DirtTime


    Been a while since I posted in this thread.... Maybe I will hit the store and buy a beer noone likes and offer a toast! LOL.
  4. DirtTime

    WHO'S WHO HERE NOW??????

    I'm me, you are you, and Stormy is now Hunter007. This thread is actually sort of entertaining in a f^&^%$ up sort of way.
  5. DirtTime

    WHO'S WHO HERE NOW??????

    You sure about that Bill? ANYONE HERE? A buddy and I have a hiking trip planned to scout out a potential buschraft/back woods camping weekend. Not inviting you for the camp in September, but I will sure open an invitation to you for the hike on 8/10. If you are up for it shoot me a PM and I will give you the location. It's in my neck of the woods and I think there may even be a woods road or two for to to explore. Just putting this out there. You did say anyone, but I am sure what you really meant was anyone who will be willing to hike where you want to hike.
  6. DirtTime

    Does you survival gear work??

    Hiking that far doesn't always mean you are going to be 7 miles deep. You can walk as far as I mentioned and really never be more then a mile from where you parked. Quartering the deer will take a lot of weight as the bones and pelt make up for much of the weight on deer. Have a plan in my head, but that plan really has nothing to do with if your gear works.
  7. DirtTime

    Man Arrested For Shooting Down A Drone.

    This was back in 2015, and already brought up and discussed here. If I remember right all charges were dropped.
  8. DirtTime

    Does you survival gear work??

    What I am carrying on that trip to the ADK's is still very light weight. Like I said, it may seem like a lot, but it really isn't. For me it's all about peace of mind. I won't be just stopping by a trail head to take a pic, there are no trail heads were I'm headed. I will most likely be strolling about 5-7 miles out per hunt on that trip. That may not be as much as some can do, but that's my goal with a back that after 5 miles is screaming in pain, but I want to push it, so I am being prepared if my back gives out and I can't walk back. I again want to mention relying solely on gear that needs batteries or even solar power isn't a good idea. But, I digress, I can explain why this is, but I can't understand it for you. I prefer carabiners to secure a tarp shelter, mainly because they can serve multiple proposes. It takes time to develop a kit that works for you in this type of situation, trial and error, this was a great piece of gear, this sucked, that was great, that sucked..... Set up your gear for where you hunt/hike and the terrain. Sorry, again, I am going to say this, don't just read books, get and practice those skills. I know, "broken record", but ya know what, this is one broken record that might save your live.
  9. DirtTime

    Does you survival gear work??

    He tried, he failed, miserably I may add.
  10. DirtTime

    Does you survival gear work??

    Panic is deadly! You have to remain calm and evaluate your situation. On a side note, if you get lost in an area with no cell service, your phone will die looking for a signal pretty fast. My thoughts on using only new age gizmos in a bad situation, once the batteries die, you just have a tool that doesn't work anymore.
  11. DirtTime

    Does you survival gear work??

    Yep that works. Just make sure you are not lost for an extended period of time. You keep playing with that belly and hungry people may take notice and you might be next on the menu. Nothing says food like someone with a big belly and bunny suit LOL! This can work, and I have done it but only for a very short term situation, walking back to my car situation. It's not a good idea in a long term situation. You can develop 'foot rot', which is about as much fun as as having a mule kick you in the face
  12. DirtTime

    Getting Out ( Pic Heavy )

    Let me know what you have in mind for a hunt and we'll go from there. Your a good guy Dave, and I would enjoy a deer hunt with you.
  13. DirtTime

    Does you survival gear work??

    I have a week long deer hunting trip in a remote part of the ADK's coming up the end of October. I am not hunting areas with marked trails or "woods roads", so I need to make sure I am prepared for this trip. Below is a pic of what will be in my pack. There will be a tarp as well, but I didn't take a pic of that because I want to try and buy a US Military Poncho to reduce weight if money allows. I also just realized I did not take pic of the flashlights. The little black plastic container in my first aid kit, it had the usual items and also two space blankets, some fishing line and split shots, I do have to re-wrap it with Gorilla tape as an added item for a splint or a to seal up a nasty cut. A compass..Duh! A few slabs of fatwood for tinder, this stuff burns hot and for a long time! Plain ole' cotton balls. A couple tea candles. Para cord. A couple carabiners. Some tent steaks ( oh look, they are still dirty, that's what happens when you actually use gear! ). My knives and ferro rods. A small folding saw. My mess kit. Water bottles. Some small rations of food. This may seem like a lot of useless gear, but it all fits in my day pack and weighs just about 15#'s. Not much weight really. I don't take chances in unfamiliar territory, and I don't just go 5 feet from the road and snap a pic, so I am making sure if something goes bad, I will be good for a day or two until people find me. Here's another tip, if you get seriously lost in the woods, don't move! Stay put and set up a camp, learn how to make a debris shelter! Bright tarps and ponchos will also help people find you easier. Another tip, as has been mentioned a couple times in this thread, go out and practice using your gear! Set things up in your yard and dial things in! If it doesn't work in your yard, it isn't going to work when you need it the most!
  14. DirtTime

    Does you survival gear work??

    I know what every item in my pic is, and the circumstances where one would be better over the other. But seeing you still aren't answering the question I make the assessment you have no clue. Keep typing. I go out and do, not just post other peoples videos. Does he? What point? Can you tell me what the items are in my pic William? To both of you, stop taking turns humping each others leg and go primitive/backwoods camping for at least a night, then come back and chime in. You make a cute couple but it gets old fast.
  15. DirtTime

    Getting Out ( Pic Heavy )

    I be one of those guys you showed a few areas with buck sign. I just don't hunt there anymore due to the morons dropping bait here and there. I remember you telling me about that old house and the foundation being there and that was sort of where the land you speak of starts and the state land ends. I still plan to try my luck at fishing that pond this Summer, and maybe even some frog hunting as the tad poles were pretty good sized. I enjoy hiking that area because it seems to see less traffic then the other trails most days, and I hate crowds when hiking these days. Just getting to where I'd rather be out there then 'talking' about being out there. Life's short and I ain't getting any younger LOL.