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  1. Phill can say what ever he wants. I happen to prefer the same portal he does. He has made a ton of money for A&E and they have increased his bottom line I am sure, BUT, in regards to the show, he works for them. If one of my employees was saying things to my customers that I thought would negatively impact my business I would can them in a second. Actually I don't think what he said will keep any one from watching that show, probably just make more people tune in. But, like I said that's A&E's choice. They definately have an agenda. I wonder what thier reaction would be if someone who works for them was spouting pro gay stuff. I doubt they would get fired. It's really funny watching people get their panties all in a knot over this.
  2. My brother in law along with my nephew got this one with a super black hawk 44 mag opening day afternoon. It's nice to have a new kid in deer camp and as excited as he was after the hunt I think he will be back again next year. My father, his grandpa would be so happy!
  3. Looking for some opinions. Should I use Hornady 240 grain XTP hollow points or 240 grain round nose soft point projectiles in my 44 mag. Some writers claim that solids work better as they may go right through leaving a bleed out hole on both sides of the animal, while hollow points create shallow wound cavities. Any thoughts?
  4. Last year was my first year hunting with a pistol. It's a 629 performance center. I used 240 grain Hornady XTP on top of 23 grains of IMR4227. The sight it a trijicon RMR. Really helps out the old man eyes and works real well in low light. 42 yard shot and he didn't go far. I really like not carrying a 8 or 9 pound rifle and having my hands free.
  5. I had a friend who had one of those. Except it was chambered in 270. He let a friend of his shoot it one time, and he put the gun right up to his face to look through the scope. Before my friend could stop him he pulled the trigger and just about nocked himself out, and split his forhead open. I guess it took a few stiches to close it all up to. That's what I call a serious eye relief issue!
  6. That's the sight I was thinking about putting on my 44. I seem to have issues with locating the red dot on the Trijicon when I am sighting a target. Kind of like when you are using a rifle with a scope and you are either too close or too far from the scope. You get that tunnel kind of effect. I know it's not just me because I have had other people look through the site and ask "where is the dot". Maybe I will hold off on the aim-point. It's one I have had for several years. It sits on a 30-30 and is pretty good for that gun.
  7. Speaking of red dot scopes, you guys that use them, what are you using and how do you like it?
  8. The recoil is alot less than my other 44 and I can't notice any difference in noise level between the two either. No I didn't wear hearing protection while hunting and yes I should have because all it takes is one unprotected shot to get my ears ringing for hours these days. I always wear protection while target practicing and I have to figure something out for hunting next year.
  9. This was my first year hunting with a handgun. Last winter I got a Smith and Wesson .44mag . I realized early on that there was no way I could use the iron sites because of my eyes so I topped it with a trijicon rmr red dot. A buddy of mine gave me an old Herters single stage press and I started reloading for it last spring. Practiced all summer. It's really nice to have your weapon in a shoulder holster as opposed to carrying a rifle that seems to weigh twice it's weight at the end of the day. Any way, this was the result on opening morning. A little spike buck. He's not a trophy but he is mighty tasty!
  10. First deer with a pistol. A spike buck I took at first light on opening morning with a S&W 629. Used reloads with 240 grain Hornady hollow points and 22 grains of IMR4227.
  11. Got a spike buck opening morning with my 44 mag pistol in area 4g. First year pistol hunting and first deer with the pistol. Needless to say I am very pleased. I love it when a plan comes together. Any one else connect in the general area of Gilboa Conesville?
  12. Hello all. New to the forum. Been hunting area 4g for along time. Right now I am living for the 20th!
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