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  1. In reading over the document it appears to me that they were anticipating the state trying to work around this by expanding "sensitive places" and they made it clear that the state cannot just blanket declare public spaces as "sensitive"
  2. Thank you and No kidding!! I never could've imagined how much it would change!
  3. Father's day came early this year and very unexpectedly Wed night at 8:58pm, Caysen Joseph joined us at 35 weeks and 3 days, Weighing in at 6lbs 19¾" long. Spent a couple hours in the NICU for monitoring but so far has been doing well and finally were able to come home today. Momma is doing good as well even with the unexpected induction for preeclampsia and big brother and sister are thrilled.
  4. @LawdwazI logged in and saw the title of this thread and thought you were calling me out Gotta agree tho, These fuel prices and economy F-ing suck! 2-3 years ago I was working making about 1/2 what I make now and was doing great financially, Now i'm making a lot more and still have to do a ton of OT to scrape by every month...
  5. I always do my own oil changes, Im wanting to learn more about turning wrenches on my vehicles to save money and be more self sufficient so lately ive been tackling a few larger repair projects as well. If my garage was heated I would be doing my U joints currently but I really hate the idea of freezing my butt off while doing work on my vehicle. I also cleaned and rebuilt my first carburetor for my snowblower last week.
  6. Fresh venison heart for lunch, sliced and soaked in cold salt water in the fridge overnight to pull the blood out. Making half smoked hickory honey and half garlic butter parsley both pan fried.
  7. Not necessarily nuisance, just a few off the farm. We always have a lot of deer and try to take at least a couple every year.
  8. Took the wife out for her first sit of the season tonight while the kids were at the grandparents. An hour later she had her first and second deer tags ever punched! Made great shots on both.
  9. Just saw the first doe movement of the morning. Running like she was being chased so we'll see.
  10. No movement yet. Steady rain snow mix until around 8 but it's tapering off now. Fingers crossed
  11. I've never had much luck with it either but I think there's also a science to it and not just blindly grunting or smashing antlers together
  12. What do you guys think, rattling antlers for an afternoon sit or no?
  13. I wore my chest waders into the stand this morning cause I knew the swamp would be too deep for my boots
  14. I'm just hoping my stomach growling doesn't scare them away LOL also it's pouring rain so that puts a little damper on it
  15. That gives me the motivation I need to stick it out through my growling stomach lol
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