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  1. Ended up seeing a total of 5 deer. Had 2 more does feeding about 50 yards from us in the tower stand but unfortunately I didn't have a clear shot due too the layout of the field and not having a good shooting lane in that direction so they got a pass tonight. Edited to add: That doe was killed with a Hand loaded 150gr Winchester Power Point bullet with 44gr of Hodgdon 4895 powder and CCI rifle primer. So fun to be doing my own reloading again and seeing the results in the field.
  2. Finally made it out for my first sit of the season with my son. On the way to our stand at around 3:15 we came up on some does feeding in the field. Made a 230 yard heart shot with the 308 And dropped her. Now spending the rest of the rainy evening sitting in our tower stand waiting to see if we can get a shot at a buck.
  3. I didn't realize this got posted it already and just posted in in the trail camera area
  4. I was messing around on YouTube today and found this. If this is legit its a crazy testament to just how tough these animals we chase are. Any ideas on the cause of injury? I was thinking probably a car or a combine in a corn field? Sorry @cynthiafu I didn't realize you had already posted it elsewhere before I posted this.
  5. I killed hundreds of pigeons growing up with BB guns, 22's and various shotguns on our farm. Never ate any but they are fun target practice
  6. You could out of the vertical ones. The front would be difficult however because of my long arms lol
  7. Forgot to post pictures of the stand pretty much complete. I used pieces of old vinyl siding to close it in. I made vertical windows in the corners with camo cloth windows that can be closed. Any thoughts on whether I should camouflage the siding to blend in better? I am planning on painting the whole interior black at some point to hide movement within better.
  8. Walmart in Leray was the same last night. A few boxes of birdshot left but thats it
  9. Finally got around to building a tower stand this week overlooking one of my prime spots. It's not completely done but it's getting pretty close. Planning on closing it on a bit more and possibly adding windows so a buddy heater keeps it nice and toasty inside. Used an old tonneau cover as the roof since I didn't have any roofing metal available and lined the floor with carpet. Should make an awesome place to take the kiddos hunting with me. Although I think I might be even more excited about it than my son if that's possible
  10. I should note I also try to take down all my stands at the end of every season but I still like the heavy duty straps for security. Ive been known to sleep in the tree many times (wearing a harness of course) I definitely would not want to wake up hanging in my harness cause my stand failed.
  11. Climbing rated carabineers work great. I think HSS sells them as well.
  12. What do you guys consider an adequate strap to secure your treestand to the tree and trust yourself to stand on 20ft in the air? I've noticed many treestands being sold today have very small straps, I personally have almost always used straps rated for around 10,000 lbs on my treestands. It's overkill I know especially since I wear a harness but most of the straps rated in the 500-1000 lb range I have trouble believing that after sitting in a tree for several months in the weather they will be as strong. What are your thoughts?
  13. Finally got around to checking some cameras and found at least one decent buck running around. I'm happy to see at least one buck on the farm! Hopefully I get a crack at him when I take my 4yo out with me