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  1. Small 3 point down passed on bigger this year but this was my last weekend out and needed meat
  2. I saw a 4 point at first light after doing a bit of calling 10 mins later my uncle sees a 12-14 point but couldn’t get a shot off was moving to fast beautiful morning out so far
  3. Just posted earlier about my encounter today been pretty active on our cameras also
  4. Well should’ve just killed a monster doe but a coyote spooked the group of two maybe seconds before I could shoot then missed under the coyote thought he was at 37 ended up being 42 yards was shaping up to be a good morning...
  5. Watched a doe give off her two young ones around 4:45 hoping this last hours productive
  6. Back at it again 1 doe that stayed outside of 50yrds on an oak ridge this morning. Well see if tonight will have a little more action.
  7. Slow slow and slow start in 9P. Couple does in daytime but all the bucks on cams are just before sunrise or just after so far. Couple 8s and one 9 pointer but nothing during daylight yet