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  1. Looking for the above bullets for reloading. Thanks!
  2. Mec 650 12 ga. reloader. Extra bars and primer feed. Works great. $175. Mec 600 jr. 16 ga. reloader. Several extra bars. Works great. $100. Both for $250. Live near Binghamton.
  3. Yes I do. Actually have 2 of them. Would let them go for $50 each or both for $80.
  4. 2 Bags of Clay Buster 500/bag 28ga. 2 Bags of Winchester AA 250/bag 28ga 7 Bags of Remington 250/bag .410 6 Bags of Winchester AA 250/bag .410 3 Bags of Remington 250/bag 3" .410 Askings $100 for all or will separate 28 and .410 bags. Live in Owego, NY.
  5. Big wide 14+ ft. Spectrum boat with solid trailer. Solid floors, no leaks. 9.9 Johnson with electric start that runs great and recently serviced. $1900/OBO. Also, this is listed on the Binghamton Craigslist. Will email/text more pics if needed.
  6. Gun ready to go for up coming muzzleloader season. All you need to get started. Make offer.
  7. TTT. Any offers? Now shooting .45 SML so no need for .50 cal.
  8. Clean, lightly used .50 cal. TC Omega Z5 blued w/black synthetic stock. Scope mount included. Only been used with Black Horn 209 and cleaned promptly. Bullets/Powder/Sabots include: 1 New bottle of Black Horn 209. 1 about 1/4 full. 150 Remington (Barnes) Copper Solid 290 gr. bullets/sabot combo. 88 Magtech 225 gr. Solid Copper bullets .451 dia. 38 Speer 300 gr. soft point .451 dia. 100+ assorted sabots MMP 50/.40, Knight HP .451, Harvester Crush rib, Hornady 50/.44 $400 or OBO. Live near Binghamton.
  9. What kind of bait do you use to suck them in like that? They are definitely looking for something under those leaves.
  10. You must feel ALL fish should be caught on a dry fly. too??? What does your choice and skill level have to do with someone else? Not sure, does elitism breed ignorance or is it the the opposite???
  11. Just because people aren't getting caught, doesn't mean there aren't violations. I believe someone once said "In football, a penalty is only a penalty if it's called..." There several variations on cheating and illegalities.
  12. Actually I can knock an arrow in my compound within seconds. I've missed and then killed a deer with a second shot. There is very little chance of a second shot with the noise of a crossbow (both shooting and re-cocking). Advantage bow. Plenty of violations with regular bow. Mostly they involve shooting before or after legal shooting hours or baiting. Since you can't hear the shot, does anybody know what time the arrow was really released? BTW, when is a bow "loaded"? I know of numerous people who shoot at first light and dark, neither of which is sunrise or sunset. Fewer people in the woods, no noise, how are the CO's going to catch them? The person would have to admit to the violation to make it stick. I use a compound no problem, but have no issue with crossbows. Like I said before, it is no different then being allowed to use rifles in what used to be shotgun only areas.