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  1. I had this post for about 7 years and it just clicked today. Thanks everyone else for the kind words, Four Season I only have the one pictured for a full mount but the next one that I put down if its bigger it will be next to that one.
  2. Not sure of the species but the only part that was bad on the post itself was the end that had been in the ground and even that wasn't all that bad. The old staple nails are still in it but the fence had rotted away. It's kinda crazy how it's still solid and not brittle after all these years. I was originally thinking locust maybe but there are quite a few chestnut trees around there.
  3. I took this old fence post out of the woods from my grandparents old homestead years ago with intentions of doing something with it but wasn't really sure what. Until today that is. I was looking at my to euro's mounted on plaques and the euro from this year on my tv table and it clicked.
  4. Just curious if anybody hunts or has hunted the NYC watershed properties around Delhi and South Kortright areas. I have to work out that way tomorrow and since I have my permit figured I may check it out.
  5. I use an ozone generator in a sealed in closet. I typically turn it on the night before I'm going to hunt and let it run all night. I have at times noticed the smell myself but can't say its had a negative impact on deer. I can say my sightings and amount of deer I've had in range has increased since I've started using it. On a side note the ozone itself is pretty hard on elastics such as waste bands and what not.
  6. I've heard of a lot of crazy things but this has got to be a joke.
  7. Back when I first came home from the service at the age of 23 i rolled around with a cougar for a few months. I tell you when one gets their claws into they will leave scars.
  8. So I just stopped at the property owner of one of the spots I hunt to fix a leaking water line for him and figure I'm just going to walk out back and see what the tracks situation is with the fresh snow. Literally 5 yards from my stand is a bunch of kicked up leaves with a big buck track heading towards it and a smaller set going from and then I hear it brep brep breep and look up to see a legit stud running a doe around. Since my buck tag is filled I'm hoping she holds out for a few days and he hangs with her or a couple more get ready no sooner than Saturday.
  9. 7P Took a ride up around the hill this morning before work 21 doe out in fields eating most where older doe all by themselves but a few had fawns with them. I sat all day with my son yesterday and neither saw a single deer.
  10. My buddy got this one running a doe Saturday morning in 7S.
  11. No luck. The blood was completely gone as we thought it would be. At one point we had a coyote take off out of some thick brush which made us think he was dead in there but nothing. My buddy is pretty upset with himself for making the choice to shoot when he was bedded down. I just told him we've all made decisions that weren't the best just some of us get lucky and most that I know anyways don't.