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  1. I've heard of a lot of crazy things but this has got to be a joke.
  2. Back when I first came home from the service at the age of 23 i rolled around with a cougar for a few months. I tell you when one gets their claws into they will leave scars.
  3. So I just stopped at the property owner of one of the spots I hunt to fix a leaking water line for him and figure I'm just going to walk out back and see what the tracks situation is with the fresh snow. Literally 5 yards from my stand is a bunch of kicked up leaves with a big buck track heading towards it and a smaller set going from and then I hear it brep brep breep and look up to see a legit stud running a doe around. Since my buck tag is filled I'm hoping she holds out for a few days and he hangs with her or a couple more get ready no sooner than Saturday.
  4. 7P Took a ride up around the hill this morning before work 21 doe out in fields eating most where older doe all by themselves but a few had fawns with them. I sat all day with my son yesterday and neither saw a single deer.
  5. My buddy got this one running a doe Saturday morning in 7S.
  6. No luck. The blood was completely gone as we thought it would be. At one point we had a coyote take off out of some thick brush which made us think he was dead in there but nothing. My buddy is pretty upset with himself for making the choice to shoot when he was bedded down. I just told him we've all made decisions that weren't the best just some of us get lucky and most that I know anyways don't.
  7. Just got back in and the storms that rolled through where pretty intense. We stayed up on the high side of the creek bank (opposite side of where the deer would have entered) and just slowly walked looking into the bottom for his glowing nock. About 200 to 250 yards into the walk we spotted the nock, sadly it was moving not very fast at all but moving. It almost seemed as if it was trying to stay with us but just shortly behind. I definitely feel he got one lung but I know they can go a long ways with just one lung. We pulled out again and he will be going back at 1st light.
  8. In 7S my buddy just shot a huge 8 that was bedded with a doe. He walked up to within 30 yards of him and he wouldn't get up. My buddy drew thinking that he would stand up but he just kept laying there so he let it fly. Says he hit high and near shoulder area. He followed blood for a ways and at last blood he said there are chunks of lung in it. I told him to back out as he probably one lunged him with the blood looking the way he described. The deer was headed down into a creek bottom he said you could see in the leaves where he was dragging his feet and stumbled a few times. After we are done with taking our kids trick or treating we're going to go look. I'm thinking he'll be dead in that creek bottom and hoping he didn't fall down and lay on his side the arrow with the lumenok is on.
  9. Jeff Balmer in the Binghamton area is the best there is around these parts for deer IMO.
  10. Awesome good luck and cherish it cause man the time flies by next thing you know he will be 18 and ready to start his own adventures.
  11. Where abouts did you live? I'm just off River and Kattelville Rd's. I've got a son that's a senior daughter in 10'th and a son in 7'th. I coached youth football and wrestling for a while also when my oldest was younger.
  12. Yes at Sweeneys you can take the whole deer. How long you been out of the Forks? I've lived there for the last 14 years. I'm sure we probably know some of the same people.
  13. Was just in Apalachin tonight to get some jalapeno and cheese snack sticks and summer sausage made.
  14. Ok so here's the story. My day started straight out crap, my regular spot has been challenging this year to say the least. I have limited ways to access is the biggest problem, it's a deep ravine at the back side with a few draws and points on my side that I usually hunt with 44 acres of standing corn on the opposite side of the ravine. The deer have been coming onto my side of the ravine fairly early to bed so I figure get there before they do well at 5:15 this morning I bump deer. Ok not a huge deal get to my stand climb up my bow rope somehow gets wrapped in my backpack so climb down untangle get in the stand and relax. Just before sunrise I start to cool down so I'm going to put my jacket on reach to my back to unbuckle my coat and hit the wrong buckle and listen to my bag hit every climbing stick and the ground coat still on the bag as well as my binoculars, and range finder. Ok take a breath and just slow and easy get down and grab it but first rub the sleep out my eyes and wouldn't you know my damn contact pops out. So here I sit trying to use my spit to put my contact back in my eye still have to get my bag and stuff so they what the hell I'm here it could be worse just listen to the world wake up. I sat until 10:30 not even a squirrel. I get out call a buddy see how he made out and rant for a bit. We make plans and head out to a piece of his just about 6 I see some movement in the corner of the field I'm next to and here goes this deer up the edge away from me I grunt he stops and looks but keeps going I hit the doe bleat same thing I gave a snort wheez he stops turns around and comes my direction but of course is trying to get down wind and does next thing I know I hear foot steps and he walks directly under my stand and stops 6 Yds out where I sent one. I clipped his spine and got a lung and he dropped right there so I put another one in him to finish the job. Easiest track I've ever had and thanks to a good friend for picking me up.