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  1. How many are aware of this?
  2. bhunterED


    I was sitting in traffic on the Tappan zee Bridge heading to the city for work. My inactive duty reserve end date was on 9/01/2001 and if it hadn't been for my wife being pregnant with our oldest I would have signed the papers to go again.
  3. bhunterED

    People dumping on state land.

    Just got off the phone with DEC officer the phone numbers have been confirmed as well as the person whose number it is.
  4. bhunterED

    Football concussion advice

    Well I'm glad to hear that your teams follow that program, it's a great model IMO. However it is a brutal physical sport but I do love the game even though it takes me a little while to get moving in the morning. My oldest son started playing flag football when he was 4 and this year as a senior decided he didn't want to play anymore. I miss seeing him on the field but he said it just wasn't fun anymore. Anyways I wish you and your son the best.
  5. bhunterED

    Football concussion advice

    11 years old with 2 concussions already is definitely not a good thing. I would definitely be getting in touch with a dr or two. I do have to ask as I was a youth football coach for 8 years. Are the kids being taught proper tackling and blocking techniques?
  6. bhunterED

    People dumping on state land.

    It's almost as if these people work harder at dumping this stuff illegally compared to what it would take to go to the landfill. I did receive a phone call today from a DEC officer and we had a nice discussion. They should be in contact with me again tomorrow I was told so I'll keep you posted.
  7. Why is it that people feel as if it is ok to dump their garbage on state land. I'll keep my thoughts to myself as I don't want to offend some with the language that would be used. I will say though that the ones who decided to dump on Bobell State Forest aren't very intelligent as they left stuff with phone numbers and such exposed for anyone who may stop to see. I have to say I don't hunt public land for deer but have in the past and still hunt some public in spring for turkeys. Regardless it pisses me off to no end that people feel as if it's perfectly fine to dump their shit wherever. Well if the person that dumped the shit on Bobell State forest is reading this I would advise you to maybe go pick up your shit and dispose of it properly before the DEC gets there if they haven't already. And don't worry I won't accidentally post your phone number anywhere.
  8. bhunterED

    Return of growth buck..

    I know this isnt the deer that had the growth but crazy how similar they are.
  9. bhunterED

    #1 hunting point

    My personal #1 is to teach my kids to just enjoy the opportunity to be out in the woods, to listen to the world wake up, to put everything else in life away for a little bit and be in the moment.
  10. bhunterED

    Clean antlers.

    I see the deers back and you can also see the top edge of the ear in the lower left corner of the pic.
  11. bhunterED

    Happy birthday bhunterED !

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes.
  12. bhunterED

    Bear poachers

    The penalties these two scumbags where given is BS and should have been way more. What makes it even worse is it's another jab to the face for us hunters with the media. They seem to never report anything good just the negatives, but that's the media on all topics I guess.
  13. bhunterED

    Can you see it?

    My phone Galaxy S8 Active. In photos I can edit and theres an icon for a pen.
  14. bhunterED

    Need to vent.....

    You could always get a bigger boiler. If it constantly runs it may be working like it should but that doesn't mean its efficient, plus if it is constantly kicking on and off it's short cycling which isn't the best for it either. You could put in a vent free fireplace instead of a larger boiler to help offset the demand on the boiler also. I first would have a test for heat loss done though before doing a new boiler or fireplace. Good luck.