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  1. bhunterED

    Bear poachers

    The penalties these two scumbags where given is BS and should have been way more. What makes it even worse is it's another jab to the face for us hunters with the media. They seem to never report anything good just the negatives, but that's the media on all topics I guess.
  2. bhunterED

    Can you see it?

    My phone Galaxy S8 Active. In photos I can edit and theres an icon for a pen.
  3. bhunterED

    Need to vent.....

    You could always get a bigger boiler. If it constantly runs it may be working like it should but that doesn't mean its efficient, plus if it is constantly kicking on and off it's short cycling which isn't the best for it either. You could put in a vent free fireplace instead of a larger boiler to help offset the demand on the boiler also. I first would have a test for heat loss done though before doing a new boiler or fireplace. Good luck.
  4. bhunterED

    Can you see it?

    No this is in the town of Binghamton. Not far fro Binghamton University
  5. bhunterED

    Can you see it?

    I didnt even see it until she moved.
  6. bhunterED

    Can you see it?

    Ont the way to work saw a couple deer needed in the hardwoods si I stopped to check them out. Was shocked at what I didnt originally see.
  7. bhunterED

    Raccoons are mean & nasty

    I use to hunt coon with dogs and they aren't only mean but they are as tough as nails also. I've seen many that have had a few 22 rounds out in them fall 20 ft from a tree and still give an old red bone a hell of a fight. Definitely not an animal I want to have pissed of at me.
  8. bhunterED

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    I compare a law to a law. One is definitely more serious than the other. I have a life but thanks for the concern
  9. bhunterED

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    I'll agree to disagree. You have your opinion and I have mine.
  10. bhunterED

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    Your right, things may not always be as they appear. I've had the law called on me while hunting coon. But this is known and there are witnesses to collaborate. All this being said I'm sure nothing will come about from it but at least I know I did my part in trying to be a better outdoorsman according to our states written laws.
  11. bhunterED

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    Listen I started this to simply make a rant and state what I was doing. I didn't ask for anyone's thoughts as to what I should do or not. I made my decision and have stood by it. I dont ask for others approval or blessings. I'm not trying to take the guy over the coals but what's right is right and that's it no more no less. I'm not looking for a social media mob to handle my battles as most are keyboard cowboys anyway. I have kids as well and have and will continue to teach them to stand up for what's right, not turn your back to problems but face them and fix them, treat others like you want to be treated, have respect not only for themselves but for others also. Trust me I'm scared to death for what the future has in store for my grandchildren and those past them. I'm not looking to start fights or wars but I won't back down from them.
  12. bhunterED

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    I didn't ask for anyone's agrrement. Call the law have them do their job I really dont mind.
  13. bhunterED

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    The law is the law. I dont trespass
  14. bhunterED

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    As in my original post I have already stated what I was going to do. Some may call me a rat or a snitch. I'm fine with that it's no skin off my back. As also stated previously I was raised and taught to do and stand up for what's right and that's what I have and will continue to do. For all of you who do however want to call me a rat or snitch here's something to think about, so what do you do when your neighbor is molesting some kid, turn your back and mind your own business as so many have said to do, or stand up for what's right and do the right thing?
  15. bhunterED

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    If you want PM me I'll give you my address and we can talk about things.