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  1. Uneventful weekend for me. Saturday I did see a dozen or so doe with fawns. Had a little basket rack 5 chasing a doe around and that was it. At 3:15 Saturday my dad text me this as it's standing 75 yds from his porch before following a doe down to the river bottom. I wasn't able to make it out today but maybe I'll have to run out to dad's after a short day at work one day this week.
  2. Good luck just this past weekend some of the mature bucks in the area (7P) started seeking and chasing pretty hard so I bought a frozen bottle of the doe estrous. I had a 4 point and 6 literally 5 yds away from a wick and could've cared less. I'm going to stick with just using evercalm and hunting the edges of doe bedding areas. I will say that at least it didn't spook them.
  3. The neighbor started cutting his corn Tuesday as I pulled in this afternoon he was making his last pass. I figured with the storm coming in and the fresh cut corn I'd see something. One squirrel was it. On the ride home I saw the backside neighbor and he said at last light a buck outside his ears and tall, at least an 8 crossed his field and was headed up into the woods I'm in. Hoping he hangs in there until Saturday but not seeing any doe I have my doubts.
  4. There are no protocols at my place of employment. If your sick stay home if your not then come to work. Thankfully we're treated as adults capable of making our own decisions.
  5. This working thing is really getting in the way of hunting.
  6. I wish you luck. I had pretty much the same thing happen but the deer was more so quartering towards last weekend. My arrow buried to the fletching, the deer immediately bolted on impact but slowed to a trot and out of sight. I know there's a big difference from 1/4 to and away but that steep angle can make things happen. I found my arrow about 400 yds away from shot bit no bed between. Never found the deer and haven't really stopped looking since. I sincerely hope you have better luck than I did.
  7. If it's the grey sludge stuff the neighboring farmer to my parents said it's literally human $hit from treatment facilities downstate. I have to say it smells nor looks anything like cow manure.
  8. Anyone know of someone with a tracking dog in Broome county.
  9. Sat for a few hours this evening until dark. Had a buck grunting back and forth with me and I could smell him but never got eyes on him. He definitely had a deep grunt to him, maybe next time. Did shine a mature 8 nosing around a doe last night.
  10. Unfortunately for Bill these weren't turkey scratchings.
  11. So after this mornings sit I decided to still hunt around the opposite side of the property since I haven't been over there since before the season opener. On my way out walking down the logging road I found a spot where I could get in and out easy and somewhat quiet with the climber so I put a mock scrape down. Well I pissed someone off. After a short lunch I grabbed a camera and the climber figured I'd sit on the mock scrape as kind of a scouting sit. As I get to the scrape I'm thinking this isn't where I made it W.T.F is happening. Besides that one there are 5 new scrapes now and the mock scrape I made is just shredded.
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