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  1. Steve D

    Coyote hunting

    Should be a good night. To windy here to give it a try but they should be out and about with this storm coming in. They have been on the move the last couple of days. I missed one yesterday afternoon in the field behind my house about 10:00 am Good Luck
  2. Steve D

    Over/Under On Weekend Snowstorm?

    Weather for Opening Day STier Gun 2018 phillifan22 posted a topic in Deer Hunting Since I’m likely the only meteorologist on this forum, I’m gonna do this thread with updates every day or two. We probably won’t know for certain until next Wed or Thu (11/14-11/15) because of the active pattern we are in. November 7, 2018 71 replies 4
  3. Steve D

    I’ve had it!

    Then you would be getting the tickets, spending time in court, and paying restitution to the dog owners. At an average value of $1000 a piece, lawyer fees, and who knows what else that could be a pretty pricey proposition.
  4. Steve D

    I’ve had it!

    Not true but I am not going to argue it because it makes no difference to me. I have seen where tickets have been issued for just being there. A landowner can request a trespass charge/ticket for anyone who is on your property and not wanted. More than likely the ECO/Police will try to talk you out of it but if you insist a ticket will be issued whether or not a "posted" sign is in place.
  5. Steve D

    I’ve had it!

    Posting property in NY is only a tool to show your property boundaries and to warn others not to trespass. Trespassing on any property you do not have permission for is considered unlawful and subject to a ticket. You don't have to "post" your property to protect it from unwanted visitors. " No. Trespassing is illegal even on unposted property. Instead of posting, a landowner or other authorized person may issue written notice to another informing them that they are prohibited from a property. The notice must contain a description of the property, what restrictions apply (hunting, fishing, trapping) and the person or persons prohibited from entry. It should be delivered by certified mail or other processes to prove that the person was served. At any time, anyone asked to leave the premises, posted or not, by the landowner, occupant or other authorized person, must do so immediately" "A trespass is an intentional, wrongful entry onto another person's land, without the owner's permission and without a legal privilege to do so."
  6. Steve D

    I’ve had it!

    Regardless of what the laws says most ECO's realize it is almost impossible for a owner/handler to stop a dog that starts a track on one property from taking it to another property. More times than not there will not be any tickets issued UNLESS the ECO can established that the dog owner released his dogs on property they do not have permission for. If a hound is running off game(deer) that is a separate issue.
  7. Steve D

    I’ve had it!

    One experience I had: While running coonhounds on 150 acre parcel I had permission for the dogs ran across a 10 acre parcel that was posted real tight. I stopped at the line and waited for the dogs to come back. They all came back but one which was the old dog. I didn't worry about him because he always came back. I got back to the truck and a sheriff was waiting for me and accused me of trespassing. When I explained what had transpired he informed me that the landowner had grabbed the dog and locked him up in his barn and he wouldn't release him until I was arrested for trespassing even though I never stepped foot on his property. It all got worked out but it was a real pain. Coyotes have a tendency to cover some ground while being chased and it is not uncommon to have them go 8-10 miles when pursued by hounds. If the owner(s) of the hounds goes on your land you can have them issued a trespass ticket but there isn't much that can be done about the dog(s) unless they release them on your property. It is a common complaint among landowners in areas where coyotes are run with dogs. Most houndsmen will try to obtain permission in areas that they hunt but there are a lot that do not and most houndsmen will not tolerate their hound running deer. Sounds like you have a crew of wanna be coyote hunters invading your space. If you call the sheriff enough times they will move on to greener pastures.
  8. Steve D

    Happy birthday erussell

    Hope you have a wonderful day and are stocked up for the weekend.
  9. Introduced 1/14/19: S1412 - Summary Relates to establishing additional requirements to purchase a firearm, shotgun or rifle; requires a person to apply for a hunting license prior to the purchase of a shotgun or rifle; establishes additional requirements for all firearms, shotguns and rifles including taking a five hour gun safety course and exam, passing a shooting range test with 90% accuracy, providing notarized proof of a passed drug test and mental health evaluation, providing proof of purchase of firearm and ammunition safe storage depositories and passing a criminal background check. S1413 - Summary Relates to requiring social media and search engine reviews prior to the approval of an application or renewal of a license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver; requires a person applying for a license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver or a renewal of such license to consent to having his or her social media accounts and search engine history reviewed and investigated for certain posts and/or searches over a period of 1-3 years prior to the approval of such application or renewal; defines terms. S1414 - Summary Establishes certain crimes relating to the criminal manufacture or possession of an undetectable firearm, rifle, or shotgun Brooklyn Senator
  10. Steve D

    Southeast/ region 3 meet up

    An probably as smart as one
  11. It is about time all you Trump haters start facing the facts. There has been a "wall" in some shape or form since 1990. In 2006 congress approved spending to improve and expand it for protection. The "migrants" have continued to find ways around it or under it and continue to smuggle drugs and illegals into the US which we the taxpayers continue to pay for. Trump is trying to replace and improve the wall to prevent the continued flow of drugs and illegals into our country. Read the following and look at the amount of money we spend supporting other countries and say there is not money to spend to boost our security. This is purely political and the dems. will do anything to make the current administration look bad to improve their chances of taking back the white house. How much does the United States spend on it? Given the many agencies, funding methods, and categories of aid associated with U.S. foreign assistance efforts, estimates can differ. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS), which uses the broadest definition of aid [PDF], including military and security assistance, total spending was roughly $49 billion in 2016, the last full fiscal year analyzed. This accounts for about 1.2 percent of the federal budget. Since taking office, President Trump has sought deep cuts in foreign aid spending, aiming to slash nearly a third of the budget. In his 2018 speech before the UN General Assembly, he said, “Moving forward, we are only going to give foreign aid to those who respect us and, frankly, are our friends.” Congress, the branch of government that sets federal funding, has so far disagreed with the president, largely maintaining existing levels of funding in 2017 and 2018 budget deals.
  12. So why not just post the price you are looking for so people don't have to guess/