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  1. Steve D

    Cut cable !

    I run four tv's off an antenna and am able to pull in about 40 plus channels. I hate commercials also and If there is something I want to watch I record it on one of these and blow through the commercials. They run about $50.00 at Walmart. They record to a flash drive so you can watch it on tv or a computer. Not as fancy as direct tv or dish but they serve the purpose. A 32 gb flash drive will hold about three hours.. I bought one for up stairs and one for down so I can watch it on either tv. One months' satellite bill more than covered the cost. The nice part about these is they come with guide which you don't get with just an antenna. You don't have the diversity of cable or satellite but it is a hell of a lot cheaper.
  2. Steve D


    An Invasive New Tick Is Spreading in the U.S. The Asian long-horned tick was first identified in New Jersey last November. The species now has been reported in the suburbs of New York City and as far west as Arkansas.CreditJames Gathany/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention There also another virus to be concerned with called "powassan disease" Contrary to popular belief ticks do not die off because of the cold: If we have a cold winter where temperatures stay cold long enough, tick populations will be lower the next year. ... Some species, like the deer tick, which is primarily responsible for the spread of Lyme disease, can tolerate colder temperatures.
  3. Steve D

    Propane Providers

    I dropped Griffith a few years ago because of that reason. After checking around I found that the so called "hazmat" fee is no more than a delivery charge. I just paid my propane bill this week at the office and inquired about the current market price and was told it is currently $2.399 so at minimum they are over charging you $1.05 per gallon. I am currently paying under $2.00 a gallon. There are better deals out there so it pays to shop around. If and when you change... Griffith will also charge a fee for picking up the tank and removing any propane inside that they will compensate you for at a reduced price. I put a lock on the tank so they couldn't deliver any more, used almost all the fuel, and when it got low, had my current supplier come in and install their tank and fill us up. As a rule the best time to get a decent price is late spring or early summer. Get locked into a price for the upcoming season. Some have a pre-buy plan at a reduced price and there are other options available. Our current supplier is owned by Noco and they have been pretty easy do deal with for the last 3 or 4 years we have had them.
  4. Steve D

    Did You Know

    Latest update is up to 56:
  5. Steve D

    Just A Topic For Discussion

    That may apply to fixed stand hunters but guys like myself that use a climber and move around a lot; I don't think it does. I have witnessed it a number of times sitting in different areas with a climber. Also with a climber you are not always in the same tree each time. My trail cams say different. After the second week or so in November 95% of the movement is at night with cams located in the same location that were catching day time pictures in prior weeks. If something is nocturnal, it belongs to or is active at night. ... The adjective nocturnal comes from the Late Latin nocturnalis, which means “belonging to the night." I am sure every area is different but that seems to be the trend here.
  6. Steve D

    Just A Topic For Discussion

    I agree different environments and other variables in different areas will cause different reactions. If the surviving does (and bucks) are passing this "survival tactic" down to their fawns I would be more likely to think that it is somehow in the breeding. I really have doubts that a doe can "teach" a fawn to look up but who knows.
  7. I agree but somewhere in a dark room probably in a basement some geek is crunching numbers and doing an analysis on big game hunting, small game hunting, varmint hunting, waterfowl hunting, turkey hunting, etc. and reporting the amount of revenue obtained by these activities to the powers to be. Until there is a significant drop in revenue from these activities I doubt there will be a impact on hunting in the near future. Hunters, trappers, and fishermen are still generating enough revenue to stay in the game. We may have to share more with other groups but have a solid foundation for the time being.
  8. As long as "hunting" continues to be a source of significant revenue for government it will be around. The group(s) of hunters generating the most revenue or potential revenue will receive the most benefit in forms of relaxed restrictions and season dates. More reason to stick together and support each others interest. QUOTE: Fishing and hunting are long-standing institutions in the United States. Not only are they hobbies enjoyed by millions, fishing and hunting are important contributors to the country's massive outdoor recreation economy. Consumer spending on outdoor recreation contributes $887 billion to the U.S. economy, employs 7.6 million Americans and generates $125 billion in tax revenues. More than $63.1 billion in retail spending can be attributed to fishing and hunting, while the two industries employ nearly 483,000 Americans, with salaries and wages of more than $17.8 billion as disclosed in the Outdoor Industry Association's 2017 report
  9. Steve D

    Just A Topic For Discussion

    On 11/18 Grampy Wrote: grampy 11847 Elite NY Hunter Members 11847 7963 posts LocationAltamont,NY Posted November 18, 2018 On ‎11‎/‎18‎/‎2018 at 6:00 PM, Jdubs said: Too much snow for them? I don't think so. We've hunted in much more. Got a lot of tracks. Made during darkness. So the deer are here. Just seems like for whatever reason, they flipped the switch to nocturnal? I responded with: Steve D 1986 Elite NY Hunter Members 1986 2273 posts LocationOntario County Report post Posted November 18, 2018 On ‎11‎/‎18‎/‎2018 at 6:05 PM, Happened here last year also. I have a theory on that but it would be a new topic to bring to light probably after the season if I can remember or someone reminds me. Well I got reminded and thought it might be worthwhile to kick around: I have a theory that probably some if not most will disagree with but thought I would throw it out there for discussion. I can remember when deer would walk through the woods especially during rut with its nose to the ground or looking ahead and never looking up making it relatively easy to stand, draw, and shoot. I also remember a time that right up until gun season it was pretty common to see deer moving during the day time. Over time I have noticed that more and more deer are showing the tendency to look up and that nocturnal activity increases significantly about the second week of November and decreases around spring time. Based on numerous hours and days of personal observations in addition to trail camera activity I believe it is the result of breeding. Deer that don’t look up and move during the day time are more likely to get harvested. Deer “born” with the instinct to look up and possibly a “nocturnal” gene will survive longer, breed, and pass those genes on to their offspring resulting in more nocturnal deer with an instinct to look up. More daytime movement could be contributed to shorter days in the winter and longer days in spring/summer but I honestly believe it is more genetics that has caused the noticeable difference in movement especially during deer season. Thoughts??????
  10. I think a lot of this dissension germinates from not experiencing, understanding, or trying to understand the season or sport one is pointing fingers at. This part is particulary true:
  11. I think that applies to this forum as well.
  12. DEC Announces Rainbow Trout Sampling Dates for Finger Lakes New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Regional Director Paul D'Amato today announced the dates and locations for the annual sampling of the rainbow trout run in Finger Lakes tributaries. This year, sampling is scheduled for: Thursday, March 21, 9 a.m., at Naples Creek, just north of the village of Naples, Ontario County, at the Rt. 245 bridge; and Friday, March 22, 10 a.m., at Cold Brook (Keuka Inlet) in the hamlet of Pleasant Valley, Steuben County. DEC is conducting the sampling to aid in the agency's ongoing assessment of Finger Lakes fisheries management practices and to provide up-to-date information for the opening day fishing forecast. During sampling, data will be collected for each fish, including length, weight, sex, and spawning condition. A scale from the fish is used to determine age and growth rate. Sampling results will be available to the public at the DEC Region 8 Fisheries Office prior to the April 1 opening of the "inland" trout fishing season. Anglers wanting to fish for trout before April 1 are reminded that trout fishing is open year-round in the main bodies of the Finger Lakes. Directions to Naples Creek: Sampling will start at the Rt. 245 bridge, just north of the Village of Naples. Rt. 245 joins Rt. 21 just north of the village. The Rt. 245 bridge is approximately 0.2 to 0.3 miles from the junction with Rt. 21. Directions to Cold Brook: From the Avon DEC office, go south on I-390, continue Southern Tier Expressway (Route 17/ I-86) south to Exit 38 in Bath. Turn left off Exit 38 onto Washington Street (Rt. 54) and continue straight through light at intersection of Rt. 415, turn left (north) at next light following Rt. 54 (Liberty Street). Continue on Rt. 54, approximately six miles to Pleasant Valley. Turn left onto Hammondsport-Pleasant Valley Road (County Rt. 88). Sampling site is at stream crossing, approximately 1/2 mile.
  13. Steve D

    Snow Geese??

    I had a huge flock fly over the house yesterday in 8h. It was a pretty sight seeing them silhouetted against a blue sky.
  14. Not planning to lock mine either...just passing the word for those with young ones and that may or may not be interested.
  15. Jerry, I am not a lawyer or claim to be able to interpret some of ways these laws are written. You could very well be correct. The media is reporting that it means that if you have someone living with you OR visiting under the age of 16 they(guns) have to be locked up. I would be willing to bet most lawmakers would be unable to give an explanation of the intent or how it is to be enforced. They are just finding more ways to waste our money.