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  1. I do hunt some private land. Some of which I do not own and the owners like to hunt it on the weekends. Out of respect I stay out so as not to interfere with their hunting. The adjoining properties also get quite a bit of pressure both bow & gun. I always make it a point to have some areas of state land and some seasons spend the majority of my time there based on sign and crowds. I don't care what time of year it is, I would just prefer to hunt in an area with less hunters whether it is private or public. I am not suggesting other hunters hurt my hunting. I am just more intere
  2. I enjoy bow hunting and the preparation it takes to be confident in taking a deer during bow season. I personally have no interest in crossbow and if given a choice would probably just gun hunt. I have a brother-in-law that bow hunts but can't wait for full inclusion simply because he feels it is easier and doesn't have to put the time in practicing and scouting. He sits in pretty much the same tree stands in the same places every year and feels that the crossbow gives him the opportunity to shoot farther with less effort. Me on the other hand realize my limitations with a compound
  3. I suspect in the future if we still use paper it will will be black with white ink.
  4. I am a lot of things but a racist is not one of them. I take a person for what they are and how they act not their nationality. An ass is an ass regardless of ethnicity. Your ability to twist things to your way of thinking and trying to make everyone else think that way never fails to amaze me. I would be more afraid of people with your way of thinking than of myself. I can reason with myself and defend that reasoning. You on the other hand are good at calling other people racist while using the term "white trash" quite freely. For now it is a free country so to each their own.
  5. I did a little research and it appears for whatever reason that vehicle has TWO thermostats. I think for starters I would go back to whomever replaced the "thermostat housing" and verify #1 were there thermostats in the housing & #2 were both installed. Apparently you can purchase just the housing and can purchase the thermostats separate. Probably not the answer but it could be a place to start.
  6. You are really dumber and more narrow minded than I thought you were. Now go sit back, relax, sip you Kool-Aid, take a deep breath, and read what I wrote. Never said a word about racist theory, or minorities. I accept who I am maybe it is about time you accept who you are and stop calling people you don't even know racist, simpletons, and whatever else you can come up with. And no I am not bowing at your feet.
  7. We live in Ontario county and they live in Erie County. When my daughter first got her permit I went to the clerk with her and they put mine on her permit no problem. I just put a new pistol that she bought on mine in Ontario county with just a receipt of purchase from her. The only thing that needs to be done is complete a pistol/revolver amendment form which can be had here: PPB-5 REV (ny.gov) a receipt or copy of and submitted to the county clerk you reside in. I believe Erie county is only taking mail in but Ontario county is in person.. Not sure about any of the o
  8. Showing your narrowed mind view again. I never said a word about believing the theory or hating Jews. Just stating that believing in one is not worse than believing in the other. Maybe you should have some more Kool-Aid.
  9. No worse than believing Biden will do what's best for the country.
  10. Absolute must...... All my pistols are co-owned with my wife, daughter, and am trying to get my son-in-law who just got his permit to put all or some on his. No way I would want the state to come and just walk away with them. What they do with them is their choice but least I know they will be in good hands.
  11. The easy, cheap, and probably most definitive means to solve this dilemma would be to get the laws/codes changed to require ALL restroom signs/doors to look like this. Wouldn't require making a choice based on how one "identifies". Maybe a third door could be added to read: "Versatile_Hunter(s)"
  12. He sure resembles Max.....but just enough different. The picture showing his left side looks like he has a good size lump on him. Could be the picture but I hope you have checked it out and there are no concerns. I hope he makes you happy but then again how could he not when he seems so content. Good luck with him.
  13. Don't be to hard on them.......they had to wrap that up so they can get back to the covid relief package that Americans so desperately need. (according to them)
  14. 2020 New York Whitetails (nyantler-outdoors.com) Also a new non-typical archery record and possibly a new typical archery record. New York Whitetail Deer Hunting (nyantler-outdoors.com)
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