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  1. I use a .22 mag quite a bit. It is a pretty good caliber out to 100-125 yards. I have a bushnell 1.5-6x 40 with a lighted reticle for hunting at night. Unfortunately they don't make it any more. Before putting a lot of money in a scope I would see how the rifle shoots without a scope. If it shoots tight groups go with a good scope. If it doesn't shoot tight groups you are wasting your money on a high end scope. .22 mags. also have a tendency to like a certain kind of ammo more than others. You may have to experiment to find the kind the gun will like. I was lucky and got a tack driver but mine is not a Ruger and is a semi-auto. Hope it works out for you. It should be easy to find a scope in your price range that will do the job.
  2. Steve D

    Should be a good one

    I hope you are right for his sake. No hair on the nose, real thin in the neck and hind quarters. I have seen a lot of deer this spring and none look as drawn out as he does.
  3. Steve D

    2019 Lawn Thread

    Neighbor 10 cuts me 3. Way to wet to mow but he keeps at it. I love the pretty brown ruts in his yard
  4. Steve D

    Should be a good one

    Don't know if it's just me but that deer does not look healthy at all. Skin and bones and losing hair. Definitely the beginning of a nice rack if he lives long enough to sprout it.
  5. For most, this past winter didn’t appear overly harsh for whitetail deer. Several mid-winter thaws reduced snow depths, and overall temperatures were slightly more moderate than prior winters. The Winter Severity Index (WSI) map confirms these assertions. WSI is calculated by adding the number of days with a snow depth of at least 15’’ to the number of days when the minimum temperature was 0°F or below. However, there are many other factors that play a part in a whitetail’s ability to withstand winter conditions. Here are some reasons why this past winter may have proven a bit harsher than indicated by the WSI: Limited natural foods in the fall—Portions of NY experienced mild drought which lessened production and nutrition of grasses, forbs, and soft mast (berries, cherries, apples). Then, hard mast (acorns, beechnuts) production was lower than average as well, so many deer went into winter with reduced fat reserve. Early snow— November’s snowfall was double its average. Deep, heavy snow blanketed much of NY, hampering deer movements to late season food sources. Bucks burned more energy searching for does during the rut as well. Seemingly, most deer pulled through despite some mortality reports. Hopefully this winter serves as a reminder to the importance of managing deer herds and habitats for a sustainable future. Cutting brush, opening the canopy, and removing adult does when necessary facilitates healthy deer populations. Consider ways you can improve habitat quality through forest management and creation of young forest to better equip deer to withstand New York’s dynamic winters.
  6. We have our own problems right here in the states: CA Advances Bill to Allow Bosses, Co-Workers to File Gun Seizure Orders 05/7/19 7:30 AM | by Chris Eger Tweet The California Assembly on Monday advanced a bill to add school faculty, employers and co-workers to the list of people who can ask a judge to take away someone’s guns. The measure, AB 61, passed the Assembly in a Democrat-heavy 54-16 vote and now heads to the state Senate. It would greatly expand who can file for a Gun Violence Restraining Order in the state under California’s so-called “red flag law.” Law enforcement officers in Los Angeles seized more than 1,000 guns from a Bel Air mansion on Wednesday after receiving an anonymous tip.
  7. Steve D

    2019 Lawn Thread

    Neighbor's 8th cut!! My second cut
  8. With NYC being 68% democrats and the entire state being 57.4% democrats I doubt it would have an impact on the electoral college other than to possibly reduce the number of delegates the "state" would be assigned. I am sure by splitting the state into two or three "states" would affect the delegate numbers.
  9. The only possible benefit I could see is it would eliminate the need to use our pilots and planes. It would create a possible situation where we could "sell" them planes instead of giving them planes and pilots. They did the same thing for Vietnam but gave them the planes. Unfortunately they lost it all to the communist before they were in a position to buy their own.
  10. More than likely it will not. The other movement to separate NY city from the rest of the state and make it a separate state has not gone anywhere. Lawmakers from downstate NY know that a good part of the revenues to fund their circus comes from upstate New Yorkers and will never support anything that would effect their lifeline. It would take the will of the people to make a change and as we have clearly seen the "will of the people" just isn't there.
  11. Sadly it is a true representation of what has occurred in NY over time. The number of businesses and factories that have closed or moved elsewhere is phenomenal. The lousy weather we have here is so bad no one wants to stay as Cuomo would say.
  12. To early for that. They have other details to work out. I think it is like a fart in the wind but they have gotten this far
  13. Hopefully the ticks will get him
  14. You can now sign a petition to split the state of New York into three autonomous regions. State Assemblymember David DiPietro (R,C,I-East Aurora) created the petition . The petition says that a lot of taxes from upstate New York are being invested into New York City. "New York City has taxed us out of our homes and our businesses. Our values are ignored and our resources are shipped downstate where we never see the benefits." The state would be divided into three regions: New Amsterdam, Montauk, and New York. Each region would elect a governor and have its own legislature. There is also a proposal in the state assembly. You can read the proposal here . Petition link:
  15. Steve D

    Feud within.....

    NRA President Wayne LaPierre Re-Elected Unanimously After reports of a 9-hour NRA Board of Directors meeting on Monday (April 29), most of which was behind closed doors, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre was re-elected unanimously, according to the American Rifleman. Meanwhile, Oliver North is out as NRA President, and Carolyn Meadows was elected as the new NRA President: