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  1. Made it out for a morning sit. 40 degrees and a little foggy. Had a basket rack come out of the corn @ 35 yds. right front of me on the way in and saw two others in the field that I couldn't make out what they were. In about 1/2 hr. the fog rolled in big time but was all gone by 8:00. Got down and walked a little bit and found a small scrape and a fresh decent size rub just inside the woods.. Great morning to be out
  2. I saw that one but I didn't need something that fancy. Anything I need is in my pack and I know where it is. I hate looking through pockets and it seems the more I have the more stuff that's in them. I like to go as light as possible and only carry the necessities.
  3. The one I purchased does not have pockets: It is similar to this one:
  4. My climber is a Muddy and the arms on the upper section fold down making the stand virtually flat. I like the stand but the "factory seat really sucked so this year I bought a replacement summit seat. I have not tried it yet because the season is early but it folded up nice. I am with you and would not even consider it if I had to remove the seat every time. That would be a royal pain. I also added another strap so I can strap my pack right to the climber. It has added some weight but the stand is pretty light to begin with so I hope I can live with it. Here is my set up which looks very similar to yours.
  5. I think the "up concept" came with the intent of not having the quiver collecting brush, leaves, water, or whatever. It also gives the arrows a way to fall out of the quiver since they are not likely to fall up in your scenario. Interesting concept.
  6. If your feet sweat a lot the first layer should be polypropylene socks. They wick the moisture from your feet into the wool or whatever you are wearing helping your feet to keep dry and warm. I own several pair so I can switch them out often. Reasonably priced and easy to find. An example:
  7. Made it out for an afternoon sit. Had a single doe come out of the woods at 6:00 and started feeding. Never got closer than 60 yards. I didn't want to spook her by getting down so I stayed a little later than I planned and had the pleasure of walking out to this.
  8. sportswoman noun sports·wom·an | \ ˈspȯrts-ˌwu̇-mən \ Definition of sportswoman : a woman who engages in sports
  9. Yesterday 10/5 was a perfect day to hunt but I decided to blow it off to do something else that is important to me. We have a favorite spot in the Adirondacks with a lot of history and decided since the forecast didn't look to promising for the upcoming days....some other upcoming obligations....the leaves at 80%, to take a day trip. It was a beautiful day with lots of color with some great scenery and good company. There are plenty of reasons to go but it could more than likely be the last hoorah for one of us so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to go and I don't regret it a bit. Even hiked to and climbed a firetower.
  10. He sure don't look like he could drag one that far. Did you help with that to??? Good job!
  11. Unfortunately tradition has gone by the wayside. The good ol days. Hope you sell your set
  12. Just hope he isn't a "first time" bow hunter shooting his first deer. I cry when that happens.
  13. Zackary Grazioplene arrowed this monster on 10/2/2019 in Genesee County... Town of Oakfield, NY
  14. Maybe it will show up here. Good source to check out some big bucks taken.
  15. Sharp broadheads are a MUST. They were designed before the high speed bows started creating pass throughs with the intent of having them continue to cut while the arrow is still inside the deer and it continues to walk or run after being hit with an arrow. A broadhead kills by hemorrhaging not by shock. The sharper the broadhead is...the more it will cut if a pass through does not take place. Anyone hunting with dull broadheads is asking for trouble and is not doing a deer justice.