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  1. Looks like a low turnout. Results of Genesee Valley Trappers Association February 17, 2024 Fur Auction 16 Beaver- High- $47.00 Low- $1.00 Average- $21.56 26 Muskrats- High- $6.50 Low- $0.40 Average- $3.28 6 Mink- High $8.00 Low- $2.00 Average- $5.79 1- 8 ounce castor- $13.00 8 Coyote- High- $15.50 Low- $3.00 Average- $13.50 18 Red Fox- High- $11.00 Low- $3.50 Average- $8.00 15 Raccoon- High- $5.50 Low- $0.25 Average- $2.65 3 opossum- High- $1.00 Low- $0.25 Average- $0.75 1 Fisher- $43.00 1 Marten- $47.00 1 Otter- $46.00 7 Buyers 13 Sellers
  2. Town of Indian Lake Hamilton County Snowmobile Accident: On Feb. 17 at 10:35 a.m., a group of four snowmobilers were traveling southbound on Indian Lake when the first rider in the group struck a 16-inch high-pressure crack. The rider and snowmobile travelled 73 feet in the air before crashing to the ice, rolling end over end, stopping 250 feet from the crack. An ice fisherman saw the accident and called 911. Forest Rangers Caswell, Lomnitzer, Milano, and Scott responded with Indian Lake Fire and EMS, and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. While responding, a rescue ATV broke through the ice. The two first responders self-rescued. Rangers used snowmobiles to bring the first responders to an ambulance at Indian Lake Islands campground and helped package the injured snowmobiler in a rescue toboggan. The 67-year-old from Indian Lake was transported four miles across the lake to a waiting ambulance. The subject was taken to the hospital with significant injuries. Rangers also helped recover the first responders’ ATV from the water. Resources were clear at 1:11 p.m. Pressure crack on Indian Lake Town of Webb Herkimer County Snowmobile Accident: On Feb. 17 at 12:29 p.m., Forest Rangers Evans, Lee, and Murphy responded to a call for a snowmobile through the ice on Stillwater Reservoir. The rider was out of the water when Rangers arrived, but the snowmobile was submerged. Rangers returned the following day to provide scene safety while a tow operator removed the snowmobile from the water. Snowmobile pulled from Stillwater Reservoir
  3. Sounds like a great trip for the two of you. Like mentioned above be sure you have plenty of bug spray. The black flies and deer flies can be brutal and ruin an otherwise great trip. Please keep us posted and enjoy every minute of it. The Adirondacks are a special place.
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