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  1. Maybe that is what happened. Will the real hoaxer please step up so I don't have to look over my shoulder each time I am in that woods. Who knows; mine could be on that tree next
  2. I can't sit in a tree with those kind of winds especially with a climber. I too have seen quite a few deer during windy days from the ground. I have never shot one from the ground with a bow. Maybe I should give that a try since I have tried just about everything else.
  3. Kind of windy this morning so decided to do a little snoop around in a woods that I haven't hunted in a week or so. I spoke with one of the guys hunting it on Monday and he said only one small button buck had been taken and not a lot of deer had been seen. Not a lot of travel sign but in addition to the previous rubs I found some new ones have showed up an there are some really large tracks around. If the winds ever settle down I may take the climber and give it a try with the bow later in the week.
  4. Actually they looked like one could have been a coon(raccoon) and another a fox skull, they were not all deer but definitely a strange thing to find in the middle of nowhere. Makes you wonder what kind of people are roaming them thar hills. The fact they could find the same tree over and over and would keep going back makes me wonder about the person and what their motive might be.
  5. I too enjoy the rifle and what it offers. I am lucky to have a very accurate shotgun that is nearly as accurate as my rifle to a point and just find it more practical in the woods. The last deer I shot was with a rifle and I like what a rifle offers as far as accuracy and distance. But honestly with the amount I of deer I have seen the last two gun season I may as well leave them both home and just carry a slingshot.
  6. I have one of each but use the rifled gun most because it is very accurate and good to about 150 yards.
  7. If I am not bow hunting I use a shotgun 95 % of the time. To me using a rifle in the woods is useless since most of my shots would be a 100 yards or less because of the terrain and my shotgun can easily do that. I only use the rifle when hunting open areas where I could get a long shot. I only have a couple of areas I can do that and don't hunt them much. I hunted a part of 9h for a couple of days located in Erie county and that is still shotgun only.
  8. Trust me...when the little one arrives Mama will be calling the shots a lot more
  9. Don't forget...Biz (and the Mrs.) has a little one coming in January
  10. Total Hours: 105 compared to 91 in 2018 Bow 37 hrs./22 sits Gun 68 hrs./27 sits Deer Seen Bow: 28----Gun: 12 All were to far away, after hours, or before hours. 40 total for 2019 compared to 88 in 2018.
  11. DEC Reminds Successful Hunters and Trappers to TAKE IT, TAG IT, REPORT IT With big game hunting seasons upon us, DEC would like to remind hunters who take a deer or bear to report their harvest. In addition, trappers who take a bobcat, fisher, marten, or otter must have the animal pelt-sealed by DEC staff. Reporting your deer or bear can be done via phone, the DEC website, or mobile app. Call a DEC regional wildlife office to make arrangements to get your otter, bobcat, fisher, or marten sealed. Hunters and trappers play a crucial role in game management. Data collected from harvest reports are used to track populations of game species and to ensure that hunting and trapping opportunities are sustainable. Reporting your harvest is not just the law, it’s an important tool in wildlife management. So, if you have success this fall – TAKE IT, TAG IT, REPORT IT. Reporting Your Harvest: Online: By phone: 1-866-426-3778 Mobile App: For download information, see
  12. Started the day with 18 degrees and a 12 degree windchill. Spent most of the day in the woods just coming home to shed some clothes after it warmed up to 40. Howling winds all day 20-40 mph. Sad to see it end but glad it is over. Hear the last shot a 5:10 on the way out . I might try to get out with the bow if we get some decent weather but it doesn't sound to good at the present time and I need a break for a couple of days. Sitting back and reading the bible with some crown royal. Congratulations to all of those that were able to fill some tags this year. I did come across something interesting today. Sunrise, Sunset, and todays find:
  13. Just one more can do it. I have been going through the same thing.