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  1. NYS Senator Todd Kaminsky Sent from my Cray X1 using Tapatalk
  2. Hit it right above foreleg downhill and slight quartering (see pic). My son used my Kimber .300WSM on him. 150grain Winchester deer season ammo. Took one hell of a deep breath and good prayer. Double lung hit with no exit. Used the same rifle on my elk in 2006 with same effect. Deer never took another step. Was DOA when it hit the ground. Must admit I was leaking tears walking over with him. The stuff dreams are made of. So proud!
  3. Son's First Deer! 8:20am in 4O at 80 yards. It was a bruiser. Followed a doe out into clearing this morning. He actually asked me if it was a shooter when I glassed him. Double lung drop. Couldn't be prouder of my young man. Regards and good luck to all. ------
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