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  1. Looks like a hate crime. Rightwingdingaling Nazi. Shot mostly black folk
  2. Sorry for all your recent losses and your not alone on this. I know what your going thru Cuz and I'm sure others here feel the same way.
  3. I can tell when their within a couple hundred yards and when they're close enough to be ready to position myself. But that's about it
  4. Not hunting this season do to zero birds. Did get up and sit at the woods edge and listened, not expecting to hear gobbles because haven't heard anything all of last month. But did listen for shots and didn't hear a single shot either. Just confirming the complete deadness here in my area. Never thought I'd see the day. I'm at a point even if I did hear one now I wouldn't even call it.
  5. Just wondering if anyone here hunts Gobblers in the Shawangunk /Gardner regions, towns like Wallkill, Pine Bush, Walden, Crawford, Cragsmor. Like to know what you guys might be seeing, including last deer season turkey sightings and so far this spring. Not looking to move in on anyone's areas just a general consensus of numbers.
  6. My son did his in Ulster county and got approved for full carry in 3 months. Awesome New sheriff
  7. Funny how guys like you bash media news for being fake and biased but then when you find an article that suits your narrative you put all your stock in it. LMAO. Just come out and say it. Your a Putin lover and enjoy seeing this huge super power killing people in a much smaller sovereign nation
  8. Problem with posting crossbow legislation alerts on this forum is you alert just as many anti crossbowers who will quickly follow suit and shoot off emails too. Better off keeping it on Facebook groups like NYCC. The antis get weeded out and booted there.
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