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  1. You know what's even more amazing is that people buy into the rubbish that knuckle head in the video is spewing
  2. I stand corrected. Gates only owns 0.027% of Americas farmland. But I'm still pissed at him for putting those micro chips into the COVID Vaccine he fooled everyone into taking.
  3. Last few years I thought about sitting out the bow season, but the chilly mornings we've had snapped me out of it and have me saying to myself, whatta you nuts. I do like the crispy cold mornings for deer. Funny because I'll sit out in May calling Gobblers in 70 degree weather getting eaten by bugs and not care.
  4. Bill Gates owns 1/4 of 1 percent of Americas farmland. The movement against America's farmland is nothing new and started long ago when corporations started buying up Family farms back in the early 1980s and way before. Now the agricultural giants/Wallstreet own the majority of the farmland that we receive our food from. Yep and that includes alot of foreign influence. Gates although very rich still has nowhere near the money to buy enough agricultural land to support the theory that he's planning on somehow starving the masses.
  5. Interesting how those who call people who received the Covid vaccine sheep want to be treated with a drug for Sheep,lol
  6. My point is I'd rather see money go to education that giving billions away to corporations in the way of tax giveaways. Mango reduced the corporate tax rate with the same old promise of trickle down. Buts there's always money for wars and billionaire tax breaks
  7. So because your state passes bad laws you wanna stick it to fellow hunters by charging them 4 or 5 dollars a round. Nice. Not that it matters your misguided revenge scheme won't bring you many customers
  8. With smokeless once sighted in for the season I leave it dirty till the end of the season. Muzzleloaders are cleaned after sighting and when I head out I keep the barrel oil free nice and dry
  9. Had a Sheridan Blue Streak with a 4 power scope on it. My old man couldn't figure why I needed a scope on an air rifle and rolled his eyes. Then after making some money I bought a German Weihrauch and that thing was bad assed in .177. Good times
  10. We're in a good old fashioned draught no Doubt. By the end of August we'll get rain, fall will roll in and everything will great by Oct 1
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