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  1. I like dogs more than most people and would probably smack that smile off his face if I saw that
  2. I'm going to try fasting. I've done it years ago kind of lucy goosey and remember how good it made me feel. As I age I feel like I'm carrying lead around in my gut some days. I'm guilty of overeating and eating because it's just there.
  3. If politicians are so hated and unpopular why are the super wealthy always trying to buy them? Our government no longer works for the people. Many of us here want to believe everything is honky dory because we might feel we are in a pretty good place in life (nice pickup and wife's new SUV, nice house, maybe a boat etc ) but in reality the forces that be are working diligently on getting our goodies too. It's happening slowly, but each coming generation will feel the effect.
  4. Screw all this political crap. The real mushroom hunting is just starting in the great state of NY. And I plan on buying a Harley.
  5. I'm pretty sure deer numbers here in NY are better than NH. I had a good friend move to the Exceter NH area from NY years ago and he was very disappointed at the areas deer hunting. I know some won't agree, but NY is a great state with beautiful wilderness, mountains, varying terrain. Excellent hunting opportunities. Taxes are high but probably not much different from NH. Good luck and welcome to NY.
  6. I love mine. Seat is right there. Throw it on in a second. Has a big pocket that I stick my coffee travel mug in. I sip my coffee on the move
  7. Well that's it for me folks. Packing in my blinds. Putting away my gear. Turkey numbers are down here in South Ulster. Last two seasons are the slowest I've seen. I pretty much knew it would be a tough season with the lack of birds I saw during deer season last fall. I was hoping the easy winter would help things or that birds would move in from surrounding areas, neither happened. So now I look forward to Oct 1 for deer season. Hope next yr is better. I do have hope because the last ten years or so I have seen some great seasons.
  8. Nothing like the quiet of my kitchen on a Turkey Hunt morning. Gonna give it another shot this morning despite not hearing a thing on my last 4 outings. I'm thinking this warmup in weather and Toms looking for a second round at romance might bring me some luck
  9. It's a tough thing. They're like little trusting kids right to the end. Sorry for your loss
  10. Woke up at 2:45 and just decided may as well stay awake. Gonna give it hell this morning. Whew, spring turkey is tough
  11. It was nice and still, great for listening, but that's about it.
  12. Weather not perfect this morning in South Ulster, so I decided to get my Covid antibody test in Newburgh. Not a single bird in the fields, but that's been the norm around here this season. Numbers are definitely down. I saw this with the lack of fall birds during last deer season. As of May 1st I've been out several maybe 8 mornings and have only heard two distant gobbles. I've given up dumb hunting from my blind and pretty much walk the land with ears open. I've been over to nearby state forest and things aren't much different. One thing I did notice on state land yesterday/Sunday morning was there wasn't a single hunter. Well we have a couple of decent days coming up and I'll be out there with ears open. Wish we would finally get some real spring weather. Haven't had to use the mosquito spray yet this season.
  13. I had my first exposurer to Gobbler hunting as a 10yr 14yr old kid with my dad way back in the late 1960s in the northern Windham NY mountains. While working outdoors in the early spring he would announce I'm hearing Gobblers and we're going out in the morning. We would head out in the dark and listen and when he heard a gobbler we'd head towards it and sit by a tree and he would call with a box call, that was it, one old worn box call. He hunted with a Marlin bolt action .22 magnum with a 4 power Redfield scope mounted on it. Not sure if that was even legal back then, but I'm not even sure my dad ever even bought turkey tags or hunted in season either. As far as he was concerned, when the turkeys gobbled the season was on and I remember it being real cold on some of those morning out with him. He took several birds with me in tow and even let me take a couple while he called them in. He'd shoot them right above the back leg and they would drop and flap for a minute and be done. I remember him taking shots at what had to be 80 yds with that Marlin. We didn't wear camo or face covering but he was smart enough to have us wear anything bright either. He had a buddy who used a .222/12 ga Savage break barrel back then. All highly illegal and dangerous today, but that's how things were back then I guess.
  14. I'm at a loss for words