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  1. Take your meds and go back to your room. How's that?
  2. Not sure of what your getting at? Want to elaborate?
  3. Correct, but that 70% aren't the ones dying from it. Almost all deaths and hospitalizations are un vaccinated
  4. This is largely a virus of the unvaccinated now. The very people that said Jesus will protect them, that Bill Gates and Democrats are putting micro chips in every dose of vaccine. Do I really have to wear a mask now to protect these fools. I mean the vaccine has been around for some time now and we could have vaccinated 90% of the population by now and have herd immunity and eradicated Covid by now if it weren't for these nuts jobs. I received my vaccine months ago and so has my entire family. I believe we just let natural selection do it's thing from here on out. I'm not going to wear a mask
  5. You sound like the one using the broad brush. I have no internet in woke crowd's and or cancel culture bs
  6. Interesting narrative. The rioters were infiltrated by the gov to yell the N word and beat cops heads. Antifa and BLM had operatives working the crowd, all coordinated by Democrats. Wouldn't this be even more of a reason for Republicans to want a thorough investigation. Seems Republicans are doing everything to sweep this under the rug all to save their traitor leader Trump. The Republicans fought like hell to prevent this investigation from ever happening
  7. Some here may be right. It could well have been an inside job to let this crowd of so called Patriots right to the Capital steps and past the gates so the whole thing could be put on camera for Americans to see. But one thing did come out of this. It showed Americans the true color of a good percentage of these hooligans. Showed America the very people who claim to be patriotic "back the blue" God bless America flag waver types are just scum. And it showed these people have no respect for law enforcement and are basically backwoods entitled racist slobs. I also say wack jobs like Alex Jones an
  8. Anyone watch today? Thoughts on nailing the main instigator and holding him accountable? Just wondering.
  9. Went to visit my old aunt in Germany 2 yrs back and you don't see any overhead power lines anywhere. I asked her when was the last time you had a power failure, she said WW2
  10. Son, what seems to be the problem. Would you like to talk about it a bit?
  11. Interested in this. Do they work on battery power/wireless. And how is the data transmitted for viewing
  12. You might as well have your conversation with the south end of a northbound mule
  13. I can tell you one thing new yawkers. I've heard the Fix News noise machine predicting the end of NY way too many times in my lifetime. Remember Glenn Beck and Bill Oreally talking about NYC and NY becoming a ghost town and how we would collapse after 911. Many loyal Faux News minions in Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn couldn't list and sell their homes quick enough on Bill Oreallys and Fox News predictions only to see them triple in value a year later. Never bet against NY. You'll lose every time
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