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  1. They had the guy cuffed? Couldn't they just have ankle cuffed him too and sat him up?
  2. Your right about early hay cutting. I passed a hay field a few years back and saw dead poults everywhere. Right on the road squashed as they fled cutting and walked across the road getting run over by cars. My wife was, what are all these dead birds, so I pulled over to check it out and they were young turkeys.
  3. Yes, alot of us have become spoiled being able to walk out our doors to hunt turkey. I myself have hunted nearby state land last season. I didn't score but did have some calling interaction. I'm planning on heading over for some early morning coffee, ears open by the side of the road scouting next week.
  4. My breakfast was Spam and Eggs with a side of grits.
  5. And meanwhile Suffolk County down on the sandbar has a rapidly expanding turkey population. I grew up in what used to be rural Suffolk County, cabbage and duck farms as far as the eye could see, and we used to come up to Orange/Ulster counties to hunt spring turkey.
  6. My dogs seem to have a lack of understanding about where those tasty turkey cutlets and venison loins they love originate from
  7. Yep, it seems turkey numbers can be very volatile. In the last say decade of declining numbers I do recall one or two seasons where things perked up and I thought, hey it's back to normal only to be disappointed early in the season and following fall.
  8. Thing is hear nothing seems to have changed. Yote population is down, locals doing a great job of keeping them in control. Last couple winters haven't been that bad. Here I am retired and the birds are gone. When I used to head out to work at daybreak just a light tap on my truck horn would make 4 or 5 birds sound off a few hundred feet in the woods. Oh well?
  9. Yes that area of the state that you hunt seems to hold a good population. I have family in lower Orange/Rockland and they have birds in their yards, fields and just abi everywhere.
  10. I've seen a steady decline here in lower Ulster upper Orange. Only 10 years ago I had flocks of 60+ birds walking under my fall deer hunting bow stands, and would see large groups cruising thru when I was out during rifle season. The numbers have shrunk to maybe one sighting of 5 or 6 birds in the fall and this last fall absolutely nothing. I'm sitting out now a couple mornings a week as the sky lightens as I do every pre season listening and all I'm hearing are owls. I'm more than alittle concerned.
  11. I don't agree. I'm not worried about my right to hunt or own firearms intended for hunting. No Vegan will take away your hunting privilege.
  12. Back in the 60s my old man used to blow their backs off with a .222. From what I know now I think that was overkill. A .22 mag would fit the ticket perfectly. No head shots. Right straight up the leg 2 inch's below the back would take the spine out, no big mess, and breast meat you can't eat. Never liked pulling lead shot with the feathers it pulls thru in my Turkey cutlets.
  13. Yes, they were a constipated group. I only checked in now and then. I was booted from the one you linked
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