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  1. True Sportsman and Gentlemen. I think he would have laughed at today's fighters entering the ring to blaring hip-hop music and wearing circus costumes
  2. Looks damn good. Ah and real coal, What Men Use....non of that yuppie gas stuff!
  3. Can you make a living trapping today or is it more of a side venture?
  4. Had it happen opening day last season. No blaze just wandering thru my woods 30min after first light kike he owned the place. Saw me and did an about face. I do a pretty good job of posting my property too. Never bothered to confront him. Didn't want to stir things up anymore than he had already
  5. I have my plots further from the house and my clover has really thrived this yr. The wet summer has my plots looking really good now ,but will have to see what the first couple frosts bring. Right now does are in my plots day and night
  6. I'm at a point in life where getting up that 17 ft into my stand requires me to have my wits about me. Especially in the dark. I do enjoy my beers with a brandy follower afterwards.
  7. I was born and grew up in Queens. Almost everyone hunted. Alot of guys own second homes or camps upstate. I think this idea that if your from with the city limits your completely detached from hunting. Maybe your elitist Manhattanittes fall into the your gonna kill Bambi crowd. Don't know, I never fit into that income group
  8. Yea, should be voting for shitbag republicans I guess
  9. I understand that but I'm not about to head into the woods this buck is lurking in and start cutting now. I'll just sneak in one or two days a week to sit in my stand and swap a card at most and maybe get a shot. Did a pretty good job lane clearing back in September. I've spooked bucks like this out of an area by just hunting the same stand for two days straight. They don't grow to this size around here unless their really smart. If all fails maybe the rut will make things happen. I have 6 to 10 or so does coming to my two food plots on a regular basis.
  10. Good buddy if mine died at 57. He was heavy. His 87 yr old dad died 11 days later both of covid. That was back in Feb before they could get the vaccine.
  11. What about a couple tokes on a joint, lol. I gotta say the people who owned the land I live on must have been boozers, I've lived here 15 yrs and I'm still finding pint brown liquor bottles in the woods.
  12. You hunt with a chainsaw. I'll stick to my bow
  13. This buck just arrived at a location that I hunt on my property. I'm not going to arrow a doe and waste time tracking, gutting and spreading scent all over this spot. I'll be sneaking in and out as discreetly as possible waiting only for this very buck.
  14. Say What? Not sure what your implying that we all don't already know. Just stating I won't be messing up an area by shooting a doe now that this guy showed up.
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